Jeremiah 20 & 21 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | January 21, 2023

Jeremiah chapter 20. And pasture son of emmer the priest who Is also chief governor in the house of Yahuwah heard that Jeremiah Was Prophesying these words what words Jeremiah 18 19. read your Bible or Watch the video from last week or do Both together at the same time And passur struck Jeremiah yumiyahu the Prophet and put him in the stocks that Were at the High Gate of Benjamin which Was by the house of yahuwah And it came to be in the next day that Pasture brought Yumi Yahoo Jeremiah out Of the stocks and Jeremiah said to him Yahuwah has not called your name pashore But magor misavive For thus said yahuwah see I am making You a fear to yourself and to all your Loved ones and they shall fall by the Sword of their enemies will your eyes See it and and I shall give all Judah Into the hand of the king of Babel and He shall Exile them To babble and strike them with the sword And I shall give all the wealth of the City and all its labor and all its Valuables and all the Treasures of the Kings of Judah I shall give into the Hand of their enemies who shall plunder Them seize them and shall bring them Back And shall bring them to Babel and you Pass sure and all who dwell in your

House shall go into captivity and enter Into Babel and there you shall die and Be buried there you and all your loved Ones to whom you have prophesied Falsehood So thus far in Jeremiah Jeremiah is Telling the children of Judah the house Of Judah hey Um y'all better get your poop in a group Where Dad's gonna get mad and he's gonna Whoop everybody's butts and they're like No no we're good we're good like no that Said Uh walking my ways be obedient to my Words do what I told you to do or things Are going to go terribly bad for you and They're like Jeremiah shut up Don't tell us what to do we're good Dad Loves us we're his chosen ones it's fine Jeremiah's like I don't think you're Paying attention I don't think that word thinks what you Think it means essentially And so now yeah I was like yeah yeah you Didn't listen House of Judah you're gonna get smoked So the things that Jeremiah has been Warning them about warning them against Are coming to pass As we'll see here in 20 and 21. Yes we'll be done assuming I can Actually read this word this morning and Not trip over my own tongue Verse seven o yahuwah you enticed me and

I was enticed you are stronger than I am And have prevailed I have been ridiculed All day long everyone mocks me for when I speak I cry out proclaiming violence And ruin because the word of yahuwah was Made to me a reproach and a division Daily Whenever I said This is Jeremiah Speaking to yahuwah now Let me not mention him yahuwah nor speak His name again it was in my heart like a Burning fire shut up in my bones and I Became weary of holding it back and was Helpless For I heard many mocking fear on every Side exposed they say yes let us expose Him all my friends watched for my Stumbling saying he might be lured away So that we Prevail against him and take Our revenge on him in other words even Jeremiah's closest friends are like Really speak in the words of yah I don't Expose expose him yeah let's see if this Guy's a fraud But yahuwah is with me like a mighty Awesome one therefore my persecutor Shall stumble and not Prevail they shall Be greatly ashamed for they have not Acted wisely an everlasting reproach Never to be forgotten Yeshua says in the gospel of Matthew I Believe it is the only unforgivable sin Is the denying of the Holy Spirit Unforget all sin is forgivable brother

The only unforgivable sin from the mouth Of Messiah Is the denying of the Holy Spirit what Exactly does that mean Well that said deep enough rabbit hole We could spend an hour or two on that in A separate video But for example here if Jeremiah is Speaking the words of yah if he's Prophesying with the spirit on him and These people aren't believing him his Friends aren't believing him that's Unforgivable An everlasting reproach never to be Forgotten AKA Unforgivable literally Means we need to pay attention To The signs and the Wonders and the Prophets that the father puts in front Of us not speaking and again and I want To be perfectly clear about this never Put me on a pedestal never ever I'm just A guy freezing his butt off in Eastern Oklahoma right now okay Never put me on a pedestal I am but a Man If there's any good thing in me it's Because of yahuwah or Elohim not because Of me right so I'm not saying take Bear's word as gospel I'm not saying Taking any man's word is Gospel until Perhaps when end times roll around and There are prophets walking the Earth

Again But we have the word of yah in front of Us written by the hand of the prophets We have yah made flesh also considered a Great prophet amongst the house of Israel Yeshua Well you ought to do what they tell us To do And we ought to be obedient to that Urging of the holy spirit because if We're not it's literally unforgivable They shall be greatly ashamed for they Have not acted wisely in Everlasting Reproach never to be forgotten But oh yahuwah of hosts trying the Righteous and seeing the kidneys in the Heart the inward places let me see your Vengeance on them for I have revealed my Cause to you Jeremiah a prophet of God if you will Then you have to God you have to say it Like that if you're going to be Preaching in the south A prophet of God yahuwah you Elohim Jeremiah A man of God got his own book a very Important book In the Bible So important that all as Gentile Believers who are under the New Covenant AKA renewed Covenant that comes from Jeremiah 31 yeah it's so new it's in the Old Testament how's that for uh Slap in the face

Jeremiah This man of God Is cursing people is calling yeah To curse these people but oh yahuwah Hosts Trying the righteous And seeing the kidneys in the heart the Inward places let me see your Vengeance On them for I have revealed my cause to You Um yeah That's totally biblical because we just Read it in the Bible And also that power and authority It's in you if you're walking Righteously what is righteousness Luke 1 Verse 6 blamelessly walking in the Commands to the best of your broken Ability you're trying to do what Dad Told you to do and what your brother Yeshua walked out for you to do so that You can see it You can absolutely do that Judge and judge righteously according to The law see he says to yah o yahuwah of Hosts trying the righteous hey be it Your will father if these people are out Of line Seeing the kidneys in the hearts you Know they're inward places let me see Your Vengeance on them give them what They deserve an eye for an eye a tooth For a tooth right Give them what they deserve for I have

Revealed my cause to you David in the Psalms cries out over and over yahuwah Destroy your enemies yahuwah do I not Hate what you hate with a righteous Hatred Yeah Don't hate brother just love just be the Love brother shut Up and read The Bible Read it all of it all of it don't cherry Pick verses don't just read the Gospels Read all of it and you know what and Even if you started in the gospels good Read all of the gospels read all of John And tell me the Father's Law has done Away with read all of Matthew Tell me the Father's Law has done away With read all of Mark and tell me that Yeshua didn't keep the Torah Read all of Luke and tell me that there Aren't four Witnesses now because in the Mouths of two or three let a thing be Established which is Torah that there Aren't four Witnesses now that make it Absolutely clear that Yeshua was the Word made flesh and the Word was the Torah and in him there was no sin and Sin is lawlessness therefore he wasn't Lawless So read all of it right Yeshua says Whatever you bind on Earth shall be Bound in the heavens and whatever you Loose on Earth shall be loosed in the

Heavens AKA you have power and authority In the name of Yeshua What you ever wondered about why that is Because the father yahuwah put his name Into Yeshua you ever think about that so You have power and authority you just Must wield it righteously and so notice Here Jeremiah is saying oh yahuwah of Hosts trying the righteous and seeing The inward Parts the kidneys and the Heart let me see your Vengeance on them For I have revealed my calls to you my Cause is righteous their cause is not Hey could you go ahead and smoke check Those guys for me I know I know doesn't sound very Christian at all and the reason it Doesn't sound very Christian is because Christianity is no longer based upon the Bible Oh I said that out loud didn't I Choose this day whom you will serve as For me and my house We Shall Serve Yahuwah or Elohim Not the pastor the priest the rabbi the Doctrines the dogmas the Sunday morning Church teachings the motivational health Help self-help beta meals beta male Speakers behind the podium Not those people what did y'all say Don't subordinate your Eternal Soul To somebody who's on equal footing with You You are subordinate

To yahuwah your Elohim the Lord your God By the blood of his son God made flesh Yeshua Messiah not to any other man on The face of the Earth Period the end But I digress immensely verse 13 sing to Yahuwah praise yahuwah for he has Delivered the being of the poor from the Hand of the evil ones cursed be the day In which I was born let the day not be Blessed in which my mother bore me Jeremiah's little little lamentationy Here Let the man be cursed who brought news To my father saying a male child has Been born to you making him very glad And let that man be like the cities Which yahuwah overthrew and repented not Let him hear the cry in the morning and The shouting at noon because I was not Slain from the womb so that my mother Should not Not have been my burial site and her Womb forever great why did I come forth From the womb to see toil and sorrow and Spend my days in shame Quintessential question here Mr yumiyahu Feeling a little sorry for himself now Because his friends have turned on him Expose exposed they say He says yahuwah smoke these guys Um who don't believe in me who don't Believe in you but also wow Why did I come forth from the womb to

See toil and sorrow to spend my days in Shame this is the quintessential Question of life Why Why do I exist why are things tough why Do bad things happen to good people Ecclesiastes 12 verses 13 and 14. Let us hear the conclusion of the entire Matter Fear Elohim yahuwah God and guard his Commands not Jesus's commands not Buddha's commands not vishnu's commands Not Rabbi hayam Ben Mendelson's commands Not the Flying Spaghetti monsters Commands fear Elohim and guard his Commands for this applies to all mankind All of it well we're under the New Covenant we don't have to do that Anymore all mankind this applies to all Man kind All of it You know who wrote Ecclesiastes King Solomon the son of David who built the First temple in whose bloodline you find Yeshua Who is prophesied to be mashiach Ben David the righteous King who sits on the Throne of King David who restores Israel Which is what you're grafted into as a Gentile believer in Messiah to the Father by returning to the law aka the Torah and doing righteousness AKA Blamelessly walking in the commands of Yah all of which is hidden in black and

White in the Old Testament concerning All the Prophecies of who the biblically Prophesied Messiah is Solomon King David's son wrote this Passage let us hear the conclusion of The entire matter Yeshua Jesus's great Great great great great great great Great great great great granddaddy Fear Elohim and guard his commands for This applies to all mankind all of it Even you grafted in Gentile believer in Messiah for Elohim shall bring every Work into right ruling including all That is hidden whether good or whether Evil yah's keep and score don't sweat it Don't sweat the the petty stuff and Don't pet the sweaty stuff right Why so compare contrast that with Jeremiah's lamentation here why did I Come forth from the womb to see toil and Sorrow and spend my days in shame Let us hear the conclusion of the entire Matter fear Elohim and guard his Commands for this applies to all mankind Oh to fear Elohim and guard his commands Master master what is the greatest Command in all the Torah Matthew 22 Verse 36. To which Yeshua response there are two The first is you shall love the Lord Your God yahuwah your Elohim with all Your heart with all your soul with all Your might this is the first and Greatest command

And the second is like unto it love your Neighbor as yourself on this hangs all The Torah and the prophets love the Lord Your God yahuh your Elohim how does one Love yahuwah your Elohim the good news Is he wrote you the good news literally The good news go forth throughout all The nations and spread the good news of Yeshua Messiah the good news is he tells You how to love him because if you Decide how you're going to love him You're the Elohim now you're God now You're telling God what you're gonna do Rather than God telling you what you're Gonna do How do you think after we just The smoke sessions that yahuwah is gonna Pour out on these people who don't do What he told them to do how do you think He feels about you telling him how You're going to worship Him Um Are you really loving Yahoo with Everything you've got Deuteronomy 6 Verse 5. the greatest command in all the Torah per Jesus If you're making concessions Um Well I know it's hard to it's really Hard to get on get to church on this day Well I know that eating this thing is Wrong but is that really with everything You got really No it's not

Yeshua says and it's a quote from Isaiah These people are near to me with their Lips I love God with everything that I've got But their hearts are far from me that's Why here in Jeremiah Jeremiah says hey You yahuwah are trying the righteous and Seeing the kidneys and the hearts the Inner part the inner parts because it Doesn't matter what your lips say it Matters what your heart condition is are You near to yah or not So Jeremiah in verse 18 of Jeremiah 20 Why did I come forth from the womb to See toil and sorrow because you're a man And from this point forward after Adam Falls from grace in the garden which by The way original sin was transgression Of the word of God you ever think about That They sinned because they transgressed The word of God Yet somehow we forget that throughout The entire remainder of the Bible that Sin is transgression of the word of God Argue that one with your pastor on Sunday morning see what he can come up With probably bull crap is my been my Experience over a dozen different Churches over a dozen different years After Adam was kicked out of the garden He all made it clear from now on you Will earn your bread by the sweat of Your brow the blood of your hands toil

And sorrow That's why original sin are you saying Original sin yeah yeah I am I am Because we all this is the condition of Man we all experience this and spend my Days in shame why yeah why Ecclesiastes 12 13-14 again let us hear the Conclusion of the entire matter fear Elohim and guard his commands for this Applies to all mankind for Elohim shall Bring every work in the right ruling Including all of his hidden whether good Or whether evil Sounds a lot like revelation 22 verse 14. I'm the Olive and the top the beginning And the end the first and the last Behold I come swiftly to reward each man According to his works For Elohim shall bring every work in the Right ruling judgment Justice behold I Come swiftly to reward each man According to his works Including all that is hidden whether Good or whether evil Let's see if we can plow 21 real quick Transgression of the word of yah looks Like the following The word that came to Jeremiah from Yahuwah when King Sadiq Yahoo Sent to him peshore son of malkia and Zephaniah the son of mayasaya the priest Saying please inquire of yahuwah on our

Behalf for Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon has started fighting against us Oh snap here it comes it's getting Serious So The king of Israel and the priests come To Jeremiah and they say hey bro can you Talk to Dad and see how he feels about The fact that uh Nebuchadnezzar the king Of Babel Is coming here trying to smoke us could You see what dad thinks about that That's what's going on here It might be that yahuwah deals with us According to all his wondrous works so That he would so that he Nebuchadnezzar Withdraws from us But Jeremiah said to them Say this to siddique Yahoo Thus said yahuwah Elohim of Israel Oh there's that dirty little word again Elohim of Israel Not the non-denominational evangelicals Not the Catholics not the Mormons not The Pentecostals or any other in the Charismatic movement not the lutherans The Baptists Nope the Elohim of Israel See I'm turning back the weapons of Battle that are in your hands with which You fight against the king of Babel and The kazdem who besieges you outside the Wall and I Shall Gather them inside this City

And I myself shall fight against you With an outstretched hand Yod with an outstretched hand Underline that every place you see it in Your Bible The yod the outstretched hand Yeshua Yode Yeshua I myself shall fight against you with an Outstretched hand the same outstretched Hand that brought them out of mitzrayim Into the Promised Land Right because of their obedience but now Because of their Disobedience Yaz like Don't even bring weapons to this war Because I'm gonna knock him out of your Hand and oh you want me to be on your Side no I'm fighting against you Because of your disobedience And I myself shall fight against you With an outstretched hand and with a Strong arm even in displeasure and rage And great Wrath It's okay A little sin is okay A little Sunday worship is okay A little bacon After before uh before church and a ham Sandwich afterwards is okay A little Pagan worship on Christmas and Easter is Okay a little love the sinner hate the Sin is okay A little toleration of Abominations Like transgenderism and homosexuality And all this other garbage is totally Okay A little false Doctrine and Lawless

Teachings which is literally the Destruction of the church The working of Satan for second Thessalonians 2 is okay just a little Bit of this a little bit of that a Little bit of man's teachings rather Than God's teachings is okay A little Bit of literally denying Yeshua because Of your doctrines and dogmas of men Because you skip over the most important Words in the gospel to reinforce your Own doctrinal Is okay Until Dad shows up And I myself says yahuwah shall fight Against you with an outstretched hand And with a strong arm even in Displeasure and rage and great Wrath And I shall strike the inhabitants of This city both man and Beast let them Die of great pestilence and afterward Declares yahuwah I give Sadiq Yahoo the King of Judah and his servants and the People and such as our left in this city From the pestilence and The Sword and The scarcity of food into the hand of The king of Babel Nebuchadnezzar Into the hand of their enemies and into The hand of those who seek their life And he shall strike them with the edge Of the sword he shall not part of them Nor spare nor have compassion and you Shall also say to this people thus said Yahuwah

See I set before you the way of life In the way of death Where have we heard that phrase before Whoever stays in this city dies by the Sword by scarcity of food and by Pestilence but whoever goes out and Shall go over to the kasdim the Babylonians who besiege you is going to Live and his life shall be a surprise to Him Why Because by going to the Babylonians it's The acknowledgment that we have earned This through our disobedience I'm going to stay here and try and fight For my way of life which is anti-yah Against all of his teachings and Instructions his Torah Oh yeah you could do that and you'll get Smoked You'll get smoked mind you some of the Things that gets the house of Judah Smoked here or what you would probably Consider minor infractions Burning incense To the wrong God Ever thought about that one worshiping On the wrong day or in the wrong place Not in the place where yahuwah chose to Put his name but elsewhere Hmm Yup The teachings of men priests who have Been raised up because they essentially

Bought their Commission Rather than the teachings of yahuwah as Preserved by the Levites in this case Mm-hmm Mine are infractions right and y'all's Like no I'm going to destroy you you Stiff-necked people I will destroy you Pestilence and The Sword and the Scarcity of food Yeah Plague disease Warfare and famine I'll Wipe you out for your disobedience Except for those who humble themselves And go into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar King of Babel Because this is an acknowledgment that They were wrong Humble yourselves admit yourselves admit To yourselves and to yahuwah confess if You will That you should have done what he told You to do Verse seven again And afterwards declares yahuwah I give Sadiq Yahoo the king of Judah and his Servants and the people and such as are Left in the city from the pestilence and The Sword and the scarcity of food into The hand of Nebuchadnezzar King of Babel Into the hand of their enemies and into The hand of those who seek their life And he shall strike them with the edge Of the sword he shall not pardon them Nor spare nor have compassion

You also say to this people thus said Yahuwah see I set before you the way of Life and the way of death whoever stays In this city dies by the sword by Scarcity of food and by pestilence He just told us that two verses ago foot Stomp here Don't you love technology My point here was he just told us Two verses ago That yeah whoever stays in the city dies By the sword by scarcity food and by Pestilence Footstop do I have your attention now Are you paying attention But whoever goes out and she'll go over To the kazdem The Babylonians who besiege you is going To live and his life shall be as a prize To him you'll be so thankful that you're Still alive you'll quit taking for Granted all this other bull crap that Gets you smoked in the first place For I have set my face against this city For evil and not for good declares Yahuwah it is given into the hand of the King of Babylon he shall burn it with Fire And to the house of the king of Judah Say hear the word of yahuwah O House of David thus said yahuwah render right Ruling in the morning and deliver him Who has been robbed out of the hand of The oppressor lest my wrath go out like

Fire and burn with no one to quench it Because of the evil of your Deeds See I am against you o inhabitant of the Valley Rock of the plane declares Yahuwah who are saying who would come Down against us and who would come into Our dwellings nobody could take us we're Judah And I shall punish you according to the Fruit of your Deeds Declares yahuwah and I saw Kindle of Fire in its forest and it shall consume All that is around her And I shall punish you according to the Fruit of your Deeds Are you paying attention to what Dad has To say now If then Deuteronomy 28. Foreign And it shall be if you diligently obey The voice of yahuwah your Elohim to Guard all his commands which I command You today That yahuwah your Elohim shall set you High Above All Nations and all these Blessings shall come upon you and Overtake you if you obey the voice of Yahuwah you Elohim Blessed are you in the city in the field The fruit of your body the fruit of your Livestock the increase of your cattle Your basket and your kneading Bowl when You come out and when you go in

Yahuwah causes your enemies to Rise Against you'd be smitten before your Face Yahuwah commands the blessings on you And your storehouses and in all which You set your hand and shall bless in the Land which Elohim is giving you Yahuwah does establish you as a set Apart people to himself he has sworn to You if God yahuwah has sworn to you If You guard the commands of yahuwah your Elohim and walk in his ways And yahuwah shall make you have plenty Of what is good Yahuwah opens to you his good treasure Yahuwah shall make you the head and not The tail And you shall only be on top and not be Beneath if you obey the commands of Yahuwah UR Elohim which I commend you Today to guard and do Verse 15 and it shall be if you do not Obey the voice of yahuwah your Elohim Deuteronomy 28 again To guard to do all his commands and his Laws which I command you today that These are the curses that shall come Upon you and overtake you cursor to you In the city and in the field and your Breadbasket in the kneading bowl and the Fruit of your body cursed is the fruit Of your body your children are cursed The increase of your cattle in The

Offspring your flocks are cursed you're Cursed when you come in when you go out Yahuwah sends on you the curse the Confusion and the rebuke in all that you Set your hand to do until you are Destroyed and until you perished quickly Because of the evil of your doings by Which you have forsaken me declares Yahuwah So this is what The house of Israel I'm sorry the house of Judah is Experiencing in Jeremiah 20 and 21 the Transgression of the father's word which Has led to the curse of them going to The Babylonian exile And the Babylonian exile is actually a Blessing because everybody who stays in Jerusalem is getting killed by yah for Their transgressions But I'm sure he's totally fine with you Doing whatever you want to do no biggie Right Yeshua himself Says our God is not the god of the Dead But he's the god of the living Abraham Isaac and Jacob Jesus says our God is the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob You know where you find those people in The first 70 of this book That nobody reads anymore So therefore they're in no way aware of The promises the covenants the

Agreements that are made between the Father and his Chosen People Israel Which is what you as a gentile believer In Messiah are grafted into which is who Yeshua I come first but for the lost Sheep of the House of Israel is sent to So everything that yah says If then all of those if then statements If you diligently obey his voice you Will be blessed if you do not you will Be cursed that stuff's super real And you can take him at his word Which is called belief Or you could Whatever I don't think so I'm gonna do what I Want to do which is called unbelief To which I would encourage you Uh check your fruit Check the fruit of the obedient people Around you And I don't mean how nice was the car That you drove to Sunday church in I mean how filled with meaningful work And meaningful relationships and Myriad Inexplicable blessings is your life Because most people on Sunday Are so empty that they don't know if They want to off themselves or go to Church today And they're crying out to the father Asking them please God In The Name of Jesus why won't you answer me why can't I hear your voice

And Isaiah tells us your sins have Created a separation between you and yah We know from Proverbs that yahuwah does Not hear the prayers of The Sinner What is sin First John 3 verse 4 sin is lawlessness How would you start with a little bit of Obedience because he who can be trusted With little can be trusted with much And work that little bit of obedience Into an incredible relationship with the Creator of the universe Rather than continuing to in Babylon and do things your way You're welcome to do that but don't be Amazed when the creator of the universe Shows up and utterly destroys you for Your disobedience I'm going to Trend in the other Direction Being blessed so immensely beyond Measure that I can't explain it Because of my feeble attempts as a man To be obedient to the words of the Creator And that's where Grace comes in I cannot do it perfectly That's why we have a messiah But shall we sin all the more shall we Be Lawless all the more so the grace May Abound No God forbid You continue to break the Torah just Because you have Grace who said that the

Apostle Paul shall rule of Tarsus I can't do it perfectly that's why I Have a messiah but I can try And if you diligently obey the voice of Yahuwah your Elohim Then you will be blessed Righteousness Luke 1 verse 6 is Blamelessly walking in the commands of Yah what does blameless means mean it Means you're doing it to the best of Your ability and understanding and Accountability and understanding Rise and fall together the greater the Understanding you have the greater level Of accountability you have The inverse is also true Which gets back to heart condition if You knowingly do things you know you Shouldn't do you're just asking for Dad To whip your ass So don't be surprised when he does Bless y'all shalom