CQB/PDW Version #?

By | January 21, 2023

Hey what's up tubers this is the shtf Hunter I want to talk to you about this Little guy right here today uh this is My CQB slash PDW AR Um this is the Tail hook arm brace that's about as Close You know this thing well This is what it looks like what it's Extended but anyway I will start off by telling you I am I probably will be uh SBR and this with the aatf Because I I mean yeah the ruling stinks And uh but I've already got you know Suppressors so I'm you know I'm already On the radar and uh you know I got Videos out there me with with uh These Arm braced AR so So I will be registered in this one I Was at the SBR but uh I just want to Talk to you about some of the changes That this thing's been through Um so I'll take this to a CQB class down In Tennessee about a month or two ago And uh I learned a few things and when I Went down there I wanted I actually had The uh Primary arms three power micro prism on Here this is a I found this primary arms Micro prism one power at a local Sportsman Supply And uh

But for CQB reasons I switched it out Because I didn't want a lot of magnets You know three power magnification ain't A lot but it is magnification And uh you know this It's been a teenage Barrel I have Actually Chrono this gun firing 55 grain Bullets It it Chronos at almost 2500 feet a Second with a With this little teenage barrel and uh You know I heard people talk well you Gotta think when you get out there to Longer range is a 55 grain Barrel but You are oh 55 green bullets gonna be Flying about as fast as a 22 Mag Uh when you get out about probably two Three hundred yards And uh so I've decided to limit this One's range And just use it for like CQB or a Personal defense weapon which is small You know compact uh It does have a not stick light on there And uh these non-stick lights are Actually pretty good I like them now I Also added an angle I think it's called Starks angle grip or So If you get this asbr I guess you put a Vertical grip on it right after I get This sbr'd uh If your SBR and she switches out with a Real stock but

This this thing's pretty solid I would Just keep it the way it is probably but Uh one thing I did learn in the class This is a Magpul bad lever And like when it was supposed to have Our bolts locked open And this just applies to if you were Training and they won't have you both Locked over a lot of times laid against My body armor and the body armor would Uh activate the bad lever and close the Bolt uh nobody yelled at me for it but But I just A little here thing here uh I got I do Run the single point sling on this gun But uh all in all this is a really cool Setup one thing I might be doing in the Future is trying to Get the quick detach uh muzzle brakes For my for my uh suppressor Anyway uh I thought I'd come at you Davis Little video about my CQB uh PDW 556 one more uh one more thing I Almost forgot I've been watching uh People talking about these short barrel Guns and what the plea police are Actually using heavier bullets at these Closer ranges and I guess give more Better terminal ballistics so in the Future I may be trying to buy some Heavier grading bullets Oh yeah and Going from there but right now it's I'm

Running a 55 grain bullets and zero for 100 yards or one thing I have noticed About this one power micro prison The targets are actually smaller than Than they are to Both of my to both of my naked eye The Target in this one power prism is Smaller than if I didn't have any Magnification I don't understand that But Okay anyway this is the ESX TF owner I'm Out