ALERT: They’re Planning Something Big

By | January 21, 2023

Folks Canadian prepper here hope you Guys are having a great day Unfortunately I'm about to ruin it this Is going to be a quick video just to Keep you apprised of the situation so You can be ahead of the World War III Defcon curve okay we have Moscow Erecting missile defense systems on Their rooftops they've been doing this For a while not only that they've been Outfitting their civil defense Infrastructure with the provisions they Would need to ride out an extended Disaster if you don't know the Moscow Subway system is very extensive and it Doubles as a nuclear bomb shelter as Well I also have an email from somebody With connections within Russia that Indicates that the mobilization is in Fact underway so according to this email We have some family acquaintances who Live in Russia one of them is a family Doctor who practices in central Russia She has told us that the second Mobilization wave is coming and that she Is on the list this means she will be Drafted even even though she is a woman This concerns my fears that the second Mobilization will occur it's just a Matter of when and they need doctors on The front lines absolutely there are Many people the rumor is are not a label To leave the country as a result of this Upcoming draft so just another

Indication that this war is rapidly Expanding now we have some video footage Here to show you so this is probably in Your way so this is one of the pan sear One air defense radar system this is Being deployed not too far from Putin's Actual residence now I have my Suspicions that Putin hasn't been Staying at that residence and if he is It's probably dug in really deep and There's probably some sort of subway System that connects it to God knows Where okay that's the thing that not a Lot of people realize about secret Bunker systems is that well the entrance To that bunker may be obvious to Satellite imagery and to your Adversaries where you go underground is A complete mystery okay so you can Tunnel into one place like let's say you Tunnel into Cheyenne Mountain who knows Where those Subway channels go Underneath there maybe they go miles and Miles away okay speaking of subways of Course the Moscow subway system does Double as a nuclear bunker for their Population I believe they have one of The most extensive Subway a Systems that doubles as a bunker in the World now that's just one video we also Have video here of it actually being Erected on top of a Moscow building And then of course here is the The actual gun right here

Okay so imagine you're in Moscow and You're seeing this right now What kind of thoughts do you think are Going through people's heads When they understand that what this Means what this signals is that the war Is about to get crazy okay there are Some analysts who speculate that this Next battle that's about to take place Could see the deaths of hundreds of Thousands of people and it's going to Draw in the world now many people took Issue with the fact that I said World War III started last Friday that's fine Because World War III started long Before that people sometimes just look At the titles and the thumbnails and They're not willing to actually engage In the con with the content for more Than a minute because of course we live In the area of sludge content and people Are very impressionable the reason why We use those titles I'm not going to get Into it again because I do believe that This situation is a cause for alarm Because the implications are World War III and nuclear Armageddon and there is No hyperbole in saying that at this Point in time now I want to talk about This tank issue okay There are a few theories That I have and I'm sure other people Have floated as well with respect to why This is such a big deal but what you

Need to understand and what's not being Talked about the most important thing as They Prime the masses to accept the Sending of heavy armor even though the Masses are completely oblivious to most Of this and quite frankly could probably Care less anyways Uh they are training the ukrainians on The leopard tanks so while Jeremy's you Know him and hawing about well should we Or should we send these tanks they're Training the ukrainians on the tanks and Not only that get a load of this Boris Pistorius the new German defense Minister has said that they are Preparing to potentially deliver the Tanks rapidly if the go-ahead is given He announced that he had ordered a Nationwide tank inspection to determine The number of pieces of the equipment The country has in stock both in the German armed forces the bundeswar and at Industrial warehouses it's that of Course also would include all of the Leopard tanks that Germany's allies have Been given or have purchased over the Years who are more than happy to give Their inventory to Ukraine to fight on The front lines because for them they Are concerned that Russia's sphere of Influence will increase if they're able To take over for the entire country and They likely would of course that's not To say that Russia wants to take over

The entire country now the question is Why on Earth Are NATO and the United States so Reluctant and hesitant to give tanks to The ukrainians that really is the Question well there's a few reasons the First reason is they worry about Imminent escalation to nuclear war That's not one of the reasons that you See here okay what I think it might be Is because they must be realizing that The ukrainians are getting a an immense Amount of military training they're Shedding a lot of blood but what they're Getting is an immense amount of Experience in combat they are arguably Second to only the Russians the most Powerful military in and I mean on paper And definitely before the war started They were the most powerful military Numerically on paper next to the Russians so could it be that they're Actually concerned about some sort of Rogue elements within Ukraine Potentially You know doing their own thing and could They be concerned that Ukraine becomes Too powerful if they're given all this Technology and weapons the next thing of Course they're concerned about is Russian capture of this technology and Backwards engineering it so if the Russians capture a tank and of course Tanks are used for relatively close

Combat so it's not uncommon to capture a Tank in fact it happens all the time so It's almost a given that if you send in Abrams and leopard tanks a few at least Are going to be captured now they've the Workaround with this is that they're Giving older stock that's not updated With all the new gimmicks and software And all that stuff of course that comes At a diminished capability in terms of Their performance on the battlefield so It somewhat defeats the purpose but they Don't want to hand over their best tools To the Russians which will inevitably Happen even if you get a broken down Take you can see how it works you can See how it operates you can troubleshoot Its weak points and that's really bad For NATO if they ever have to go up Against the Russians the other thing That they could potentially be worried About is the Ukraine Russian Alliance Potentially now this might seem like Insanity to some people but just imagine A world 5-10 years from now when you Know this has all worked itself out we You know hopefully it's not post nuclear Armageddon at that point But imagine a world where Russian Ukraine formed some kind of Alliance Okay now in that situation if if the Ukrainians have All of this old NATO technology that of Course empowers the Russians and that

Puts them on par so all of NATO's Secrets then become known to the Russians so it's uh I understand why a Lot of people are just like yeah send in Everything we got but the military Generals are hesitant for a reason they Don't know if there's Rogue elements That are going to be turncoat in this War I'm not saying that is the case I'm Just saying these are things that you Have to factor in you also have to Factor in that Russia is going to Capture this technology you also have to Factor in the escalation which I haven't Even written here because it should be Obvious the concern that it's going to Escalate and that there's also Logistical issues as well which is what Lloyd Austin had cited so there's really Five reasons logistical issues Escalation you can't even Rogue elements Russian capture and Russian Ukraine Alliance which is the total Wild Card Which may not happen for a long long Time but remember there are Russian Speaking people and just like the Korean Peninsula They speak a very similar language they Share very similar cultures and it's not Beyond the realm of possibility that Someday the South Koreans and the North Koreans unite and they become a Superpower unlike the world has ever Seen before in fact I think that was the

Premise of a video game that released Was released probably 15 years ago or so That predicted that the this new North Korean unified Korea I should say of Both the North and the South they had Detonated an EMP over the United States And then of course they staged an Invasion anyways it's possible so Those are some things to consider now in Terms of what the United States is Sending this is important too because in Spite of the fact that they're not Sending that other stuff they are Sending a hell of a lot so they're Sending the nasims they're sending eight Avenger air to systems 59 Bradley Infantry fighting Vehicles 90 armored Personnel character carriers 53 M reps 350 Humvees 20 000 artillery rounds and It goes on and on and on three million Rounds of ammunition and that is just This one package just one 2.5 billion Dollar package not counting the other 100 billion in military aid that they've Received from Europe and the United States and of course some of that is Covered here on Al Jazeera but this is Actually kind of outdated because this Is from October but the ukrainians have Been given a lot of technology and the Last thing you want to do When NATO is so divided is give up all This technology now if you look at the Broader geopolitical picture with

Germany and the relationship between the United States of course Germany in some Ways is still in occupied territory Ramstein Air Force Base is a military Occupation in some ways you have the Nordstream incident which has all sorts Of red flags around it and is a very Suspicious incident upon itself still All the information is not understood About it there's a withholding of Information with respect to that and Evidence so of course there's a lot of Speculation okay that the United States And Germany's relationship is tenuous at Best a lot of people think that the Germans are having their arms Twisted Into sending their technology by the United States and uh you know they've Said basically well if you you send some Abrams we'll send some of our tanks and Which basically means that it's a green Light for other countries to send their Tanks the U.S claims that it's a Logistics issue that it's getting them Into the country now the concern would Be That if they were to start sending these Tanks into Ukraine of course from Russia's perspective going back to the Reason why they're installing air Defense systems from their perspective This means that NATO is a legitimate Target I guess there's something about Tanks which is a certain escalatory

Threshold it's a red line Is that because it's a game changer in The conflict maybe maybe not some people Think that Western tanks aren't even Suited to this sort of terrain in Ukraine at all because it's so muddy and There's so much topsoil and they're too Heavy and things of that nature I don't Know enough about that to comment of Course it is Winter the ground is Relatively Frozen so if there ever was a Time that these things would be Applicable it would be now of course if The ground is soft that means the Likelihood of them getting stuck in the Mud is much much higher and if they get Stuck in the mud there's a higher Possibility that they're going to be Captured by the Russians so these are All things that need to be factored in Okay Um what else do we got going on here so The U.S treasury And John Kirby has decided to designate Russia's Wagner group as a transnational Criminal group notice how they're not Using the term terrorist organization Which they easily could and they're Blaming all the connections with The North Koreans now and the Iranians They're linking it to Wagner because It's a way around avoiding nuclear Conflict what do I mean by that well John Kirby today is talking about how

There are some satellite imagery of rail Cars coming from North Korea sending Ammunition probably artillery shells to The front line to be used by Russian Soldiers but they're saying now that They're sending this stuff directly to The Wagner group so this privatization Of the military-industrial complex kind Of absolves nation-states of entire Culpability for these actions and it Almost creates a bit of a buffer zone For the whole escalation of nuclear war Because then you can say that well we're Not fighting Russia a nation-state who Wields the nuclear weapons we're Fighting Russia's privately contracted Group the Wagner group so we can Target Them specific quickly so are we entering An age then or are we going to see Perhaps the United States get wise to This and say you know what let's just Send in a bunch of mercenaries black Water or whoever else and we're not Gonna it's not the USA it's not the US Military so it might not escalate to the Strategic level obviously they're Probably doing some of this already There's a lot of mercenaries on the Ground that's clear as day to anybody Paying attention but just recall that The reason why Biden said he would not Declare Russia a state sponsor of Terror Because it would effectively be a Declaration of war because there's a lot

Of obligations militarily that go along With designating someone a state sponsor Of Terror a nation-state I should say so They're reluctant to do that so they Chicken out and they say well it's Actually the Wagner group who is trading With the North Koreans not the Russians They're probably going to say the same Thing about the Iranians it's a nice Workaround to try to hold build these Other countries to task now there has Been another fire at a Russian oil Depot And it looks to be an active sabotage This is widely being reported across Ukrainian media why this is so Significant with the increased attacks On our own power grids here in North America Is it means that these sleeper cells are Being activated all over the world to Conduct these acts of sabotage Behind Enemy Lines and according to Ukrainian Pravda the fire was reported by the Russian defense Ministry so there is a Possibility that the fuel was intended For military purposes now of course They're never going to admit to these Sabotage activities because that would Be potentially giving away information About who is actually perpetrating the Ax and could potentially you know out Themselves but I'm sure the Russians are Wise to the fact that this is going on And it's probably going on here and it's

What happened between Latvia and Lithuania recently so we're going to see These attacks on critical infrastructure Only increase there's a huge war and Huge escalation in this war coming and People need to be prepared it's uh it's Not going to happen overnight you know This is something every day that it Doesn't escalate to the tactical Nuclear Level or to the nuclear test level or What I think is going to happen is just Going to be some accidental nuclear Discharge because people we get so that Defcon level ratchets up so high and People are so hair triggered with the Nukes that something happens Accidentally and that is what triggers Nuclear war Take every day as a blessing to just be Able to prepare more and there's some People who are like I'm burnt out of This and this and that one that's fine I Mean you should be enjoying life anyways I have a channel that does this this is My job okay to inform people so I don't Expect everybody to be entirely consumed By this stuff I aggregate this Information so you don't have to so you Can get it in one place you can prep and You can enjoy the rest of your life you Don't have to be entirely fixated and Obsessed about this 24 7. but it's good To know and it's good to be ahead of the Curve and right now it's not hard to be

Ahead of the curve if you pay a modicum Of attention to the things going on in The world to Alternative news media Websites of course watching very Critically and skeptically because There's always political agendas Everywhere so it's important to try to If somebody is pushing a political Agenda and they're also giving you Information something I never ever do on This channel you should be suspicious That's why I actually like the channels Like Full Spectrum Survival who never Get political on the channel if you Watch Brad he never gets political same As City prepping they don't get Political on their channels they just Provide you the information and you are Free to come to your own conclusions on How you want to deal with that Politically and Factor it into whatever Ideology you practice now this is Something else we got these this is the Year of the chat Bots people think chat Bot harmless what's a chat bot these are More than chat Bots guys if you haven't Been aware of the developments in Artificial intelligence and chat gbt and Their competitors with Google deepmind You need to be paying attention to this Because it is getting scary and it is Going to have implications if you're a World War III bro you need to be paying Attention to this as well because

There's huge ramifications for uh Propaganda there's huge ramifications For the intelligence and information war That is happening and there is also the Possibility that the people that you are Talking to online aren't even actual People we're well past the point of Many of these chat Bots passing the Turing test for the most part Now the reason why this is so scary and I knew that Google was going to come out With something crazy I think Chad gbt May be like the MSN Myspace of this Whole thing it was popular to start but I think Google is going to blow it out Of the water of course they're also Working on Quantum Computing and you mix Those two things we get into dangerous Dangerous places now guys I want you to Take a look at this picture okay What do you notice about this picture What do you notice about this picture Does anything seem off to you about this Picture Here's the thing guys These ladies right here They're not real people they've never Existed ever These have been completely created by Artificial intelligence all of these Images Are 100 percent built from scratch by Artificial intelligence Look at that how uncanny it looks

There's there's a certain feeling you Get like you know it's real like this Girl has never existed before but look At all her unique features now how these Algorithms build images like this is They will look at thousands possibly Millions of images and then you'll type In Make me a picture of a girl or some Girls at a party and this is what it Puts together and you'll notice if you Look really close at these images There are some real subtle imperfections So this is drawing from a data set If God knows how many photos And you can see that there's a lot of Similarities like the cheeks are a Little Rosy a little too Rosy a little Too plastic almost and uh but let's take A look at a couple more the reason why I Bring this up is because we're entering The era of deep fakes okay now you Probably noticed something really weird About this one and uh that's the fact That she has an extra finger here Okay and This You have to really play this tape Through a few more years okay you're Going to be interacting with things like This online they're not going to be real People do you understand the Implications this might have For

Geopolitical instability This is potentially What could push a lot of countries into Going to war with one another you might Ask yourself how is that possible well If you get a million of these chat Bots All active online trying to foment Rebellion within a certain country you Think you might even be talking to Somebody in a video conference and They're not even a real person okay you Could have one person and this is just Gonna create a whole new market for Scammers and Um yeah it's just it's a Brave New World That we're entering with this type of Technology here's another one This one is pretty creepy as well isn't It And of course you can see there the dead Giveaway is in the immense amount of Fingers that this person has so this Ai And I almost wonder if they do this just To So you know it we're still in that Uncanny valley just to Not freak people Out too much to show you that it's not As smart as it is and remember that the Programs that we are given are not Nearly as good as what's available to Central Intelligence to the NSA To DARPA and a lot of these other Military Research firms okay

This is probably the creepiest of all It looks almost alien in a way You know what I've always said and Somebody's going to steal this and make A whole documentary about it But in science fiction movies they Always overestimate the hardware and They underestimate the software So you see in the only one that didn't Do this was The Matrix But in many movies whether it was Star Wars where you have the Death Star and The software is the equivalent of like a Few buttons on Darth Vader's chest or Something like that but they we always Underestimate the software in sci-fi Because it's much harder to visualize The software it's easy to visualize a Big spaceship or a giant Mech robot or You know something mechanical something Physical but it's very hard for us to Foresee how virtual reality and Artificial intelligence are going to Merge to create a universe likely within Our own minds I mean it's probably going To be some sort of blend between the Matrix and Total Recall when they create Some kind of neural interface that is Going to allow us to interact with Significant others or who we think are Significant others in in The Matrix Because when it boils down to it a lot Of our experiences are just Neural neurons firing synapses okay if

Just like when you have a dream and it Seems very real there's not much Different it's just like in The Matrix Okay so they can very easily Subdue a lot of people with this and a Lot of people will take the blue pill Make no mistake people are already going To take it already I guarantee most People will take it I mean it's just you Know there's going to be pockets of Resistance But people will take it so just a heads Up on that guys let me know what you Think about this in the comments section Below and if you want more information On this AI stuff mid-journey that's what It's called you can just go online and Google mid-journey photos artificial Intelligence party girls and I'm sure Some other search results will come up There as well thanks for watching guys Don't forget to like comment subscribe If you enjoy the video the best way to Support the channel is to gear up at before I ever Was uh YouTuber I was a prepper and my Life goal was to have a store where I Could compile the best survival gear the Highest quality stuff so that people did Not get ripped off and get left out There in the field when they need it Most with crappy gear so go check it out Links in the description thanks for Watching take care