Top 25 Cheap Items Now to Hoard for SHTF

By | January 20, 2023

Guys there's Preppers we tend to Purchase a number of things to make us More prepared in case we have any kind Of emergency it doesn't have to be a Zombie apocalypse or a dystopian future You know it can just be an everyday Situation power outage you know there Are different things that happen bad Weather we may be traveling there's a Number of things that we try to put Together and have stocked up for a rainy Day today we're going to take a look at 25 items that are cheap that are Typically just everyday items that I Want to recommend that you stock up on Because in a shtf situation these are Going to be invaluable today it's like Ah whatever I mean this is just Something I use man if you run out of That thing it is going to be vital and So we're going to check out 25 items That you need to stock up on that are Cheap but it'll be worth its weight in Gold in a grid down situation all right Guys number one on the list and this is One that I just have been doing for a Long time is Bic lighters and you can Get them in these five packs makes it Really easy they're right there at the Grocery counter and so it's really easy To pick them up I'm a big fan of Bex They just seem to work more than others So I like to have a redundancy and we Have these in different places in our

Junk drawers I have them in my EDC packs This is just one of those first starters That is simple it's the easiest to use It's the most convenient I would Recommend having other sources because The Bic lighter can go out that little Wheel can corrode or you can run out of Fuel so having multiples makes it really Just smart and easy to do you've always Got fire at your fingertips or your Thumb so fire is one of the most Important elements that we have in Nature and it's important for survival So just make sure that you have a lot of Lighters All right next we have toilet paper and We've seen what happened when covid First hit toilet paper flew off the Shelves here lately anything that Happens people just run grab toilet Paper one thing about it is it's bulky It's big but guys there is no real good Substitute for toilet paper there is one And we'll look at that in a minute but This is the best option and so going Ahead getting your toilet paper and Stocking it up that is the key and guys It's not super expensive again it is Bulky but it's one of those things guys That's the best out there for keeping Yourself clean and the next best thing To keep yourself clean are wet wipes and You can get the small packs I like to Keep these in my bags my go bag my bug

Out bag these are invaluable they keep You clean and guys one thing you need to Think about with survival and whether It's a natural disaster or whatever you Find yourself in is you want to get Yourself clean you want to keep yourself Clean and so this is a great way to do It it can be used as toilet paper but it Can be used for a lot of other things And there's a lot of properties with wet Wipes that are antimicrobial it will Help keep you sanitized and guys really That's one of the big problems in a Crisis situation is people can get sick Because they're just dirty and they end Up putting their hands in their food in Their mouth this would just help keep You clean and you don't have to have Water you can use it just like it is zip Ties zip ties have a bazillion uses to Them and guys it just helps keep things Secure if you're trying to repair Something if you want to put a tarp up There's a lot of things you can do with Zip ties they come in multiple colors They come in multiple sizes and Different thicknesses and so this is Something that is one of those just you Can have so many uses for it the zip Ties are one of those things that I like To keep around you can buy them in bulk Packs which I highly recommend but if You buy them in the smaller packs you go Along you can just kind of add these up

And zip ties come in handy for so many Things so zip ties a big plus now I like My coffee and I like it just fresh Ground but if I'm in a crisis and I just Can warm up some water and throw in some Instant coffee it is wonderful if you Can't have any coffee at all so I keep Little packs of instant coffee also tea Bags and this is a really one of those Things that just gives you that little Boost when you need it and has that Caffeine in it so it keeps you going and Even if the power's out I can heat up Some water on the fire and I can fix my Coffee or my tea socks socks are the Number one requested item from homeless Shelters and also from thrift stores Things like that socks are rarely Donated because socks typically you wear Them out you throw them out so having a Lot of x extra socks again it's just one Of those things that you could really Need and guys you've got to protect your Feet now you know these kind of socks Are not necessarily the kind that you Want to jump on with the beer mugs but You know having some good socks you'll Need summer socks but you can also stock Up on winter socks Band-Aids one of the Things I really like to have around I Mean it makes it so easy if you have a Minor cut or even a little bit of an Aggressive cut typically with Band-Aids You can treat it you can cover it it

Keeps it clean and keeps it from getting Infected here we even have some Neosporin that's applied to the Band-Aid But that's just one of the things that They offer there's a ton of different Choices a ton of different sizes now These are a little bit larger so you Know I like to have that more capability But the smaller ones are great too and Then of course you just have a few but Guys there's a ton of different choices With Band-Aids and they're fairly Reasonable when you pick up a small pack So it's one of those things that you can Stock up on and you can and have them When you need them and you will need Them And guys with that some antibiotic Ointment or Neosporin I mean that is Great to be able to protect those wounds Because again you've got to be able to Keep infection down and this is a great Way to hedge against that so your Band-Aids are great but this really Helps to keep you healthy and this can Also be used as a fire starter bar soap To me bar soap is one of the best to Have a lot of people use the liquid soap But I like bar soap I've subscribed to Dr Squatch I love this I got started on It because of their incredible Commercials but this is an all-natural Soap and it really is an excellent soap This isn't a commercial from them I'm

Not sponsored by Dr Squatch but I do get A lot of this soap and I love to have it Stocked up of course you know you have Your standard Ivory soap or different Type soaps but one of the things about Just soap in itself is that it keeps you Clean and guys in a bad situation when You you just want to clean up there's no Substitute and so this gives you the Ability to keep yourself clean it's a Little bit of a morale booster but guys Again keeping clean is very important in A shtf situation boot laces or shoelaces And there's a number of different kinds I mean they've got the corded kind that You find in a lot of boots but they also Have the leather type shoelaces and There's a ton of different lengths sizes One thing you can use though is paracord Paracord works for a lot of boot laces So that also works but having boot laces In the right lengths now with the Leather especially you can cut that trim It however you want to so I would Purchase the longest size you can always Tie off the rest of it so having boot Laces is something that honestly I don't Think about a lot I do consider my Paracord to be a substitute but if you Have standard boot laces it's just going To hold up really well so boot laces Inexpensive great to stock up bomb Bleach obviously this is Clorox but any Bleach that's unscented one of the

Things about bleach is it keeps your Area clean you can wipe things down it's Going to kill germs but also you can Actually treat water and water could be One of those important things if we have Any kind of disruption where bleach is Going to be vital and you know bleach Does a lot of things but definitely for Cleaning purposes and again non-scented And you can get these in different sizes But stock up on bleach it is very Inexpensive and it's one of those things That's just a basic and when it comes to Batteries I mean that's pretty Self-explanatory we can always use Batteries of course Double A's Cr123s Triple A's are good to have the Nine volts great there's so many uses For these and then I always stuck up on The 2032 batteries and these are for Most of your Optics and a lot of other Things and rechargeable batteries work Great but these have a 10-year shelf Life so that's a great way to be able to Store these for an extended period of Time and batteries are not cheap but if You buy the small packs they're fairly Reasonable and then as you continue to Buy them up and you know you can build Up a nice inventory of batteries and one Thing that I use is what they call the Battery Daddy and it fits a ton of Batteries in there it has a charger with It I did a review on it that is just an

Excellent way to store your batteries so There are options to be able to store Batteries and just rotate them out and That's one of the biggest things you Want to do hand sanitizer again works Like soap in a sense keeps your hands Clean during the 2020 this stuff became I mean almost impossible to get and so Having some hand sanitizer set back is Just smart and you know you can buy it In a much smaller container so it's very Reasonable just to pick up we keep some Of these around and then we have the Smaller ones as well so not necessarily Just for 6 thickness but also to keep Your hands clean and this is just a Great way to do it and you don't have to Use extra water with soap you've got to Add water to it if water scarce this is Going to be even a better option now This is all under one item you have your Toothbrushes guys just stick some Toothbrushes back we do that we keep a Lot of toothbrushes ahead because again There is no substitute for a good Toothbrush also we keep our floss picks And this way you know if we need to get Something out from our teeth but Oral Care is going to be really important Because it affects a lot of your body When you don't take care of your teeth With old toothbrushes you can use them To be able to clean things and scrub Items and so we always keep the old

Toothbrushes around to do that of course A no-brainer is duct tape I personally Like Gorilla Tape there's 100 mile an Hour tape which is military use this Stuff has a thousand uses and duct tape Can do repairs you can use it to tape Things up I mean it just gives you so Many different options and so having to Duct tape it's fairly reasonable easy to Stock up on you want to make sure that You keep it though in a good environment So it doesn't you lose this core and it Starts to degrade and deform so keep it Out of the heat keep it in a room Temperature place you know that has less Sunlight and this will last for a long Time but duct tape I mean guys we all Know the advantages so make sure you Stock up on just more than just one roll Ziploc bags very reasonable easy to use Tons of uses sealed things in them and It does seal here now this is just the Sandwich size there are some more sturdy Bags but I mean guys there are 280 bags Here it gives you a lot so you don't Necessarily have to store up a whole lot Of these bags but it gives you something That really with this press and seal it Makes it so easy to be able to put Things away organize things keep them Out of the elements you can protect your Phone you can do a lot of things with Ziploc bags and so this is definitely One of those things that you need to

Have on hand and guys a lot of times With this kind of stuff we have them Around but we have a limited Supply so The things that you're going to use on a Regular basis go ahead and jump up and Just invest in having some extra stuff And it could really come in handy on a Rainy day Kleenex one of the things About getting sick if you use paper Towels or even toilet paper Kleenex are Made to be able to keep your nose goes Clean but also it's soft enough to not Rub it raw and so Kleenex are one of Those things it can be used as toilet Paper if you had to have it but I really Like to have kleenex around especially In the winter time so having some Kleenex put aside it's just one of those Things that while it's not mandatory and There are other things you can use this Will help keep your nose from just Getting raw and because your diet may be Down and you're not really eating as Well as you should you know your Immunity system may be down some so you Could get sick possibly easier so Kleenex great idea now we just did a Video on salt guys you can't live Without salt we have to have it and you Know and iodine is also one of those Things that we really have to have in Our diet now the one thing about iodine Salt is that the shelf life is only five Years with standard salt table salt

Without iodine it's indefinite shelf Life so you know it's one of those Catch-22s but having salt whether it's Sea salt table salt or even like some of The specialty salts like the Himalayan Pink salt this just gives you that much Needed Salt you can put salt down on Your steps if it's bad conditions and of Course you know it does flavor your food It brings out flavor but again this is An essential mineral that you've got to Have and a lot of times when we talk About low salt doctors and health or Kind of low salt low salt you've still Got to have salt we talked about wet Wipes we talked about Clorox or bleach This is something that we find that Makes it so easy to clean and so with The Clorox wet wipes it's one of those Things that we keep around all the time And so and that's part of this 25 items Are things that you're using on a Regular basis and this to me is a more Convenient way to keep things clean and We use these bathroom kitchen floors Have spills on the floor and it just Keeps it clean so I love the Clorox Wipes they're just great but they're of Course other brands there are 75 wet Wipes in here and it kills 99.9 percent Of viruses and bacteria This is a great thing to stock up on Heavy Mill trash bags and I mean Industrial commercial strength trash

Bags construction site trash bags these Things are the Beast and they're very Heavy they're made to put different type Harder objects in without tearing and so I typically buy these at Lowe's Home Depot we did a video about the multiple Uses of these type bags there was a Survival expert a few years ago that was Asked if you only had one item what Would it be and he said a heavy Mill Trash bag you can use this for shelter You can collect water you can collect Items you can carry things I mean They're just so many things and you can Get rid of trash or whatever so heavy Metal trash bags they go in every pack That I have and all my family and so This is one item that I consider vital And so we buy it in the big rolls it Comes in big rolls and so this is just a Great way to have these trash bags put Aside we don't use these for every day We use these for bigger items but man They really come in handy feminine Hygiene products products whatever you Use up on it ladies I mean that's one Thing that you don't want to be without Men you don't want your ladies to be Without it so whatever you do make sure That you stock up and some people you Can use these for some sort of bandage But you know it is limited use for that But it's definitely something that you

Could use but having feminine hygiene Products stock them up have them put Back guys while this is not a necessity Candy is one thing that helps to lift The mood when it comes to chocolate in Particular I mean there's a lot of Things it creates a dopamine effect Which helps you to kind of calm down and So you know having a little bit of Something to be able to try in a Stressful situation it makes it really Nice it's just a nice break and of Course chocolate is one thing but There's also different hard candies Whatever that you like just have some Stock back it's not something that I Would stock heavy on but it's definitely Something to have around because if you Need it I mean it's there are some People I'm not really a big chocolate Guy but there are some people that just Can't live without chocolate and there Are a lot of benefits to Chocolate but Again also different type candies Something just to give you a break Chapstick chapstick guys you get those Lips dry you get them chapped maybe You're not getting enough water maybe It's cold weather and your lips crack A ChapStick is just one of those things That's cheap easy to stock up on whether You go with just the basic chapstick or Even some of the lip balms and of course There's a lot of other options one thing

About chapstick as well is that it is Flammable and you can use it as a fire Starter so having chapstick should be in Your pack anyway it can keep your hands From getting chapped as well and you Know even your face so chapstick Definitely a big plus now one big one is Propane bottles these are one pound Propane cans I mean they're used for Camping hiking doing different things Coleman lanterns different stoves I have A Mr Heater Buddy these go in there They're about five or six dollars a Piece of course you can get the bigger Containers as well but stocking up on These they last for years and so there's So many different uses especially in an Shtf situation and so these are great to Have I like to put these back so if we Ever need anything we've got it right Here I mean this can give you heat it Can give you light and it can power Different things and again it's one of The most stable type fuel sources that You can put back and that's one of the Big pluses even for safety and guys is a Bonus this is something that I've done a Video on about keeping liquor for shtf And there's a lot of reasons definitely It's great for Community it's great for Socialization and two people that really Drink a lot they're going to really Crave liquor and so and of course There's a lot of different types of

Course this is Crown but these small Mini bottles are fairly inexpensive They're easy to pack away and it's just One of those things medicinal purposes Man if you've got a really tough cough You add a little honey to it you know It's going to help and so having some Liquor set back even if you don't drink There's a lot of purposes and uses for Liquor so guys down in the comments Below if you have some items that you Really feel that are fairly inexpensive But that you can stock up on and that Are cheap now but in a bad situation are Going to be worth its weight in gold Then put that down in the comments and Guys these are easy to buy now they're Simple you know I do it on an everyday Basis I'll pick up a pack of matches or You know lighters or maybe some kleenex Or different things that you know I know I'm going to use and then I have those Stocked up and again when something Happens I'm ready to go be strong be of Good courage God Bless America long live The republic So zip ties a big plus a big plus But it'll be it's it'll be worth that Okay Now we talked about what So boot laces a big plus no I don't say Big plus