There’s a Wockit in my Pockit

By | January 20, 2023

Good morning Bear Nation it's day 97 According to Bob stay 97 Vegas is confusing I'm losing my voice From trying to yell over the sound of The music at the Mirage last night oh my Gosh trying to talk to the arfcom people Which means that I'm not doing the brief This morning I warned you that it was Not gonna happen this week you said it Was possible yeah so you had a prior I posted it on patreon what you need to Know is that the world's just as stupid As it was yesterday so keep doing normal Things yeah without food and buckets Yup Promo code shot two three and uh have a Good life do that go have a good life And we're gonna try and survive uh the Apocalypse that is Las Vegas Nevada the Shop yeah do what ma said Uh one more day we're gonna try and Survive one more day then this spot and Then we GTFO and we go home and eat Sheep with people we love So That's it that's all I got that's the Brief for today bye