Leaving a Tent up for 2 Months in the Winter- Checking on Damages and Complete Takedown of the Camp

By | January 20, 2023

Hey guys how are you doing Happy New Year This will be the first video I've shot In 2023 We actually just got back home we went Down to Windsor for vacation and to Visit uh family through Christmas and in That time we got dumped on with crazy Amount of snow I got my snowmobile stuck Uh probably up to my armpits and snow And all the while the semi-permanent Camp has sat there and I have no idea Whether it's standing or not we got a Ton of heavy snow and then a ton of Light snow and then it melted and then Rained so we're gonna go check it out Today if it's still standing we're gonna Take it down and call it good because It's been up for over a month if it's Ripped we're gonna still get it out of There so we have to go check on it today I tried to check on it before we left Before Christmas and I got my snowmobile Stuck in the guy's yard before we got Even into the bush proper so I went back There yesterday and snowshoed and it's Okay I can probably get the snowmobile In there now with the amount of snow That's gone but I didn't go as far back As I need to we're gonna take the Snowmobile but we don't get stuck [Applause] There's more snow supposed to come and I Got to take advantage of the somewhat

Warm weather what we have [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Oh Winter's here What do you think Bud All right we just pulled up here Um you wait here a minute bud so let me Show you the scoop [Applause] Yeah Okay this whole tree was under snow and You can see yeah this is my old truck Here and I got buried I got this far and I got stuck again Right here and it was very very Difficult to get out I actually had to Get Um Because I rode the snowmobile here I had To get will to bring my truck here and Pull me out with the truck we actually Got caught on this this tree but these Um like this didn't even look like a car Those were all buried And this was buried so the snow was down Like Considerably down but that said I don't Want to get stuck out there so I'm going To go walk I'm gonna snow shoot I'm Gonna bring my snowshoes with me on the Snowmobile regardless but I'm going to Snowshoe down there and set up my camera

And blow past it because I don't want to set it here and then Start going and then stop to have to get My camera again because stopping is uh What I've come to learn not your friend When it's in the dicey situation in the Snow Foreign [Applause] [Music] All right [Applause] I think we might be okay So we can certainly just Snowshoe back There But there's so much gear and it's pretty Far And I have these machines you know and I'm old Still almost up to my knees here All right hopefully you're gonna see me Whizzing past here in about two minutes Hold your horses I'll speed it up for you Okay I think we're gonna be okay I'm telling you the snow is not like This A week or so ago Check it out we had steak the other Night we had leftovers so we freeze Dried it it's actually like ribeye hold On look it goes to Shredded uh just like those liver treats So you can buy for the dogs

[Applause] Oh buddy All right now that we're pretty Confident about the snow not getting Stuck Uh I'm gonna head down to the end Try to turn around real quick and make a Spot to turn around do a couple laps That way I'm confident Uh On not getting stuck in the snow and Then we'll go check on the Semi-permanent camp and Unsemi permanent at on Kaiser Permanent it [Music] Okay all is well and I took a really Quick sneak peek at the tent I think It's standing man I don't know if There's rips or anything but she looks Like she's standing let's go run down Check her out [Applause] A Moment of Truth here All right Remember how much snow there was last Time Not this that's the tent She looks golden Now I'm sure there's some sag and maybe Even a rip or two oh okay that was tied Off to it so we'll have to see what Happened there if it ripped out or just

Stretched but look at that I'm taller Than it now Oh my goodness poor tent neglect neglect All neglect all the time Oh my goodness Well what do you say folks Start at it or what Huh Oh my goodness oh it's the heaviest like The heaviest poor tent Nor tank four tanks oh my gosh this is Gonna take a minute Oh yeah she's Taught as a drum skin Look at the fire Pit's completely gone Wolfie's half under the snow digging it Out Huge snowfall Multiple snowfalls Really oh my God Oh and it didn't rip I don't think It didn't rip Oh my goodness nortez Not your tent Nor town Holy smoke Oh my goodness This is intense I gotta get my shovel This is wild What a testament I guess now is as good a time as any to Tell you guys that we're giving 10 off All nor tent products on Robinette

Outfitters So if you're looking to get yourself a Ball and proof tent look no further Well the shovel weighs three times as Much [Applause] Here before Christmas and clear this all Off Would not have this story About how Surprised I am that this is still Standing with no rip Which is pretty crazy I told I probably told you guys nordan Even emailed me and was like Joe you Can't really leave that out there Without uh keeping tabs on it Told Joe yeah it snows deep man quite Deep All right Holy smokes but it's time to move on to Something else right like I did this for Like a month two months whatever however Many videos five months out of it or sorry five videos out of it Um I'm sure you guys are probably getting a Little Tired of that so We will Continue on to something else It was a cool little experiment look at This cool little test And I had a lot of fun out here

And it was somewhere where Wolfie and I Could go and I wasn't worried about him Running around We had A nice spot here And I can still make some Camp here I just gotta get this tent out of here But I like it I don't want it to get Ruined I don't want to push my luck look At this Guys I'm digging her out This is big time Foreign Oh yeah wow the tent's all the way I'm Standing on the tent right now actually It's on the ground quite a bit Pretty hot Pretty warm Look at this all snow all the time Everywhere right He dug down to his bone that was under The snow That's pretty awesome Foreign Trying to be careful with this shoulder On the tent too Oh man so much snow but well let's try And get inside Dry inside no snow at all Come on where are you hello zipper a Little zipper that could there you go Okay [Applause]

Oh look at that a bunch of firewood Oh look how much it shrunk with all the Snow on it Oh my goodness guys So one person now She's right tight against here oh wow Yeah yeah Wolfy's uh blanket is completely covered Okay it's time to get this out of here For sure yeah Wow Look how much So there's like the level there's Probably like two feet difference and I Swear to go out of this half of this Melted there's so much snow Does not do it justice at all Yeah this is a good camp This was a good camp Ing tear down Oh yeah nice I brought the duffel bag Early on oh look at that all my stuff's Here all my stuff's here You're stepping inside my backpack oh All right That's for that Oh boy We gotta have this Caught to deal with Well you found another bone did you Look at that So much snow So much snow Yeah like this freaking back wall man

Wolfie's blankets actually stuck Holy crap there we go Ah that's a lot of snow Holy smokes Sure is [Music] So loose anyway This has got to come out and it's been On the toy side Let's wait like a tiger I'm gonna have to make two trips I think Back to the trip Oh boy yeah there's gonna be an issue Maybe we do that part at home eh maybe We leave that attached for now yeah There's no good night out so I just want To make sure there's nothing under here Actually that I need or want or don't Want Parts of the forest I think that's fine Okay we'll just leave that attached Because this is all oh as you can see Soaked inside we're gonna have to do a Good drying job at home in front of the Fireplace So I'm gonna go run a load back up to The truck there and uh I'm sure Wolfie will follow me but we'll Leave you guys here just so I don't have To mess around with the camera too much She'll return Well it'll be cool to see the footprint Of this after Uh

Against the Stark whiteness of the snow Speaking of which again my freaking Glass is on Is bright Okay we'll return [Applause] Thank you Oh I lost something You don't care to come with me do you Well hey you don't even care hey buddy Oh boy So I did put a lot of effort and time Into this area I will come back and Build like a Ford or a camp here or Something like that I just again really Do need to get this taken down before it Gets ruined I don't want I like it I Don't want it to be ruined So That's what we'll do That's on there Hmm Okay See reflector pad thing worked out Pretty well as well just to keep it kind Of neat and organized in there Tidy as it were we really should be able To just pop this off there we go I got a big wire brush at home that I'll Use to Scour the inside from all the creosote There we go It's really actually not too bad

Lots of hot fires Yeah not too bad Wolfie oh there you are good boy Oh there's some there's some in this Part But again I've seen it way worse than For much shorter of a time frame Hey good boy okay so in here there's a Spark arrestor you can really see Where It builds up in there but that's the Whole point of this thing right Okay so That's that maybe we'll try to get the Tent down Put this over in the uh I'll go grab the Sled and put this in the sled for now We do want to get together with Doug for A camp pretty soon We've been chatting on the phone just Want wait until the holidays are done I think we're gonna do a hot tent thing So that's kind of cool haven't camped With Doug and I don't know man a year or So I can't remember one Beauty Again [Applause] I still gotta uh Clean the stove out but I think she'll Still get the tent down Okay I think what I'm going to do

Is take one pole down Oh wow I still have a ground sheet in Here If that keeps on giving all right I'm Gonna take one of these poles now and See how she goes Or not So I thought I would just be able to Push this Silver button and have it come down oh The pole cracked Okay Okay Well that's not the worst thing in the World Check it out the carbon fiber pull and I Do have aluminum poles at home still Carbon fire pole cracked so much weight On it pushing down okay fair enough fair Play fair play to the snow Okay let's see what we can do here Holy smokes man Foreign I can't get it off Okay okay well we're gonna figure out Something else We have to do with the Joe way we Certainly will The hole's already broken But uh Prefer to get it down properly Okay that's it She's in the ground There we go oh my goodness and this

One's fine this pole Okay wow CT turn me All right Should not be so difficult now I still have to find all my tent pegs And quite buried Trying and try and actually uh get them Out of the frozen ground too Poor tent Joe proof though I'll tell you That much God All right It goes for quite some time onto the Ground Got so sagged out Oh wow oh my goodness guys Holy smokes where is the tent where does It end Oh my God Foreign Oh my goodness Okay there's the end there's the end There it is a steak Oh yes got it out okay look at that Great success I am happy about that that would be much Harder pull it out of the ground okay One down like 45 to go sweet There's another I found another Craziness Okay Two Two ton of pegs oh

Oh I'm breathing heavy See the warm one No way Not yet Oh Man Whoa I don't know man I do not know To know Oh God All right Oh I heard a little bit of a rip that's so Good Oh Thank you What is holding you on still Pull this down The pole is down repeat the pole is down Laughs Of course It's just comical at this point right [Applause] Yes yes Oh boy Almost Oh wow That was some pressure man it indented Indented the top of that cap there And like I said Crack the bottom but that's okay Oh boy That was a lot of work believe it or not Foreign

Guys I'm Gonna Leave the old flag out here Because I will come back I promise oh Look at that that's the first time I saw It flying properly Oh Yeah so anyways You can see here the depth of the snow And again like I said we lost tons Foreign The footprint that we had here like Obviously some snow has caved in but Like One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten eleven about 11 of my feet Pass this way and Six seven eight eight or nine this way Possibly sleep a couple people toshing Uh we'll uh Cooper never end up getting out here Again who's Christmas time lots of stuff Going on but I just can't leave it up to Wait any longer he has contacted me we Are going to get together soon it just Is how it is right now but uh leaving The flag here leaving the wood here Leaving the wood storage here I am going To take my buck saw that I made Because oh am I My my saw case Because I like it I'll take the blade let's do that right Now we'll take the blade out of here so That we don't

Mess up the tent on the ride back to the Truck Oh you guys made these Buck saws yet I implore you it's fun thing to do I promise it is Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this Series uh it didn't get as much play as I had thought it was going to but that's Okay we'll try something else Um I enjoyed it I enjoyed it quite a bit And uh I'm happy I was able to come here With Wolfie and And try that new tent and stuff so don't Forget I Rob an Outfitters 10 off all The nor tent stuff so go check that out And I think that's until I don't know For a little bit longer it won't be Forever though so if you're interested In it and go snatch it up there's two Different versions of the north tent and Lots of the uh extras all the inners and All that fun stuff so You guys have a good day Have a good New Year and stay good and I'll see you guys very soon with a new Type of video Bye All right Wolfenstein From here bud It's good from here Good boy On that first trip out I lost half my Year halfway I would do the old double back

Come on What oh my God boy you were Here All right I remember All right He's my good boy that's the Wolfie dog He's my good boy and he likes to eat Freeze dry steak We also oh sorry we also had a spiral Ham for uh Christmas there and New Year's and we rehear Sorry freeze-dried That so in a future episode I will be Testing out Re Constituted ham as strange as that Sounds I promise it sounds strange to me Too Your steak awaits Come Good boy