90% Don’t Know These Urban Survival Secrets

By | January 20, 2023

What we're doing today is we're just Stressing the importance of knowing your Surroundings knowing your community you Know there's a lot of people I think Nowadays in particular who just don't Know their neighborhoods now if you grew Up in your neighborhood you probably Know it quite well because you walk to School as a kid but it's also important That you know the broader surroundings And you know the places of interest if Things were to get weird if things were To get squirrely do you know who the Problem people are in your bra imagine Yourself in a disaster situation you're A few weeks in who are the people on Your street that are going to be Problematic who are the people in your Community that are going to be Problematic where are the hot spots Going to be Foreign So there's two ways to look at post Collapse Scavenging everybody's gonna go For the low hanging fruit first right so Everybody's going to go to the Convenience store the drugstore the Grocery store places they know they're Not gonna go to the Lesser obvious Places a way to avoid the mob is to Simply start further down the supply Chain so the further down the supply Chain you go the less resistance you're Probably going to encounter so we're

Talking about train yards shipping yards Consolidated distribution centers places Where items and food is distributed from As opposed to the end retail outlet [Music] Grocery stores will be cleaned out in The first three days grocery stores only Have enough food on hand for about three Days of shopping they get resupplied More frequently Than People realize they Don't keep any inventory in the back Anymore because we have something called The just in time delivery system which Means that because we have such an Efficient logistical system while the Grid is up places don't need backroom Storage anymore there was a time when They actually needed storage in the back But nowadays when store runs out they Just reorder something and it's quick But as soon as that supply chain hits a Snag then there's big big problems so We're just going to drive around and see If we can find potential places of Interest if ninety percent of people die There's going to be a lot of stuff Laying around and you want to know where It is you want to know where the most Important things are So up here we have a little bit of a Solar in installation if this place was Ever abandoned after shtf you would have A lot of Floral voltaics So this is where I'm coming to charge my

Tesla after the shizzy hits the fizzy Those solar panels are putting out zero Power because they are completely Covered in snow but that is going to be A very very valuable place if things get Bad Now this building right here I've always Thought that this is an amazing Apocalypse Building look at that Building that's like concrete very few Windows on the sides you have a lot of Overhead doors that you would have to Maybe seal up that's a very nice Building for fortifications you already Have barbed wire the windows in the Front are just the the administrative Section of the building But all around there's very few windows And it's a very strong building on the Roof of that building you could put Solar panels and nobody would be able to See but so one thing with solar arrays Is you don't really want them on the Ground you want them kind of out of Sight otherwise they attract tension Right you could keep watch because it's Nice flat roof you know you could do a Lot on the roof itself yeah that's just A very very ideal building For shtf Another thing to be aware of is nature Reserves and public land you definitely Don't want to be tiptoeing around Somebody else's property when the grid

Is up or especially when the grid is Down if you go on crownland map viewer You can actually find all of the Publicly available hunting spots if you Go and Google hunting spots within your Region there's likely going to be a map That shows you different places that are Open access places that you can use for Recreational activities or hunting Activities these are going to be areas You can access if you're trying to fish Or hunt set up traps but you're going to Want to know where these places are and You're going to want to go and Scout Them out it's worth venturing out for an Afternoon and just driving around these Regions to get to know them if you have To go and Hunt it's going to take you Gas typically to get to your location Unless you're already in a rural Community any of your traps and your Bait set up you're going to have to go And get it so you're going to want to Know the closest possible regions that You could do that in if we're talking About hunting post-disaster crossbow or Bow is ideal but you don't want to be Firing off a shotgun or a large bore Rifle you don't have to draw attention To yourself don't do that storing food Now it's the hundred to one rule it's Way easier to just store food now I know Like hunting and DIY and all that stuff Is great it's great to know

But the fact of the matter is I can go Into a wholesale store and drop 40 bucks On a bag of rice that will provide me The calories I need to survive for a Month do you realize how long it would Take you to get that from nature it Would take weeks if you're lucky [Music] So if you're looking for diesel fuel to Siphon after shtf we're talking about You know there's no more rules there's No more you know police and all the Police have died then you go to these Places with these big trucks like right Here that's where you're going to be Able to siphon diesel yeah so all of Those trucks have diesel in them and They have a lot of diesel in them It's diesel man better feeling sick dude What's wrong with you guys anyway oh man We're sick from all the gas we've been Stealing we should be better in six to Eight days though boy and Trevor that's Highly illegal you shouldn't be stealing Guys Cory and Trevor so that's a place Where not a lot of people are gonna Think to get fuel that's what we call a High hanging fruit it's basically fuel Storage without the mobs of people There's no electricity the pumps aren't Going to work the pump gas you know Those places are are going to be Hazardous places to be because everybody Is going to be going there at the same

Time yeah like a gas station like this I Don't know exactly what the the average Capacity is it's probably not that much Unless they're getting resupply Something like this is going to run out Real quick The benefit of having a diesel is it Lasts a bit longer than gasoline not as Many cars run on it so there's going to Be a lot more diesel when the shizzy Hits the fizzy than gasoline available If we're really talking about end of the World as we know its situation the semis Are not going to be running they're not Going to be running heavy equipment but All that diesel is still going to be out There most of these uh fuel storage Reservoirs they have a like a cap that That's usually concealed on the ground Somewhere it's usually locked so you'd Have to like bust that open you'd have To have a long siphon hose that you Could send down there if you use Something like a water pump and just a Long hose kind of like what we showed on The channel before you just stick that Down there and Free gas You didn't hear that from me though I Would never do such a thing I would never encourage you to do such a Thing I need to make that clear I'm Talking we're talking about life or Death

And Grandma's dying and the kids are Screaming and you have no other choice But to steal hundreds of gallons of Diesel what we're seeing here is Gentlemen filling up the tanks with Diesel these trucks are not going to be There when the shizzy hits the fizzy This guy's like oh no not again Because this happens every day to that Guy There's going to be a lot of fuel supply At airports obviously but because They're such important places there's Likely going to be too many uh Government agencies and a large military And police presence there so you're Going to probably want to avoid spots Like that [Music] It's the rule the simple rule of thumb If you have to evacuate you live in a Major city in your mind you're thinking What's the fastest way to get there you Need to think the opposite the fastest Way on your average run-of-the-mill grid Up everything is going fine it's not the End of the world day is going to be the Absolute slowest way when everybody hits The road at the same time you don't want To be stuck on some freeway off-ramp Which is what's going to happen because That's the way everybody's been trained To Go you need to think about back Alleys train tracks think about what is

The slowest way for me to get to work in The mornings you can actually drive on Railroad tracks if the streets were like Totally congested and nobody's gonna Think about this because everybody's Going to be thinking roads now you're Probably going to need a larger Four-wheel drive vehicle but it's Definitely doable avoid the major Corridors at all costs [Music] The best way to support this channel is To support Yourself by gearing up at Canadianpreparedness.com where you'll Find high quality survival gear at the Best prices No Junk and no gimmicks use Discount code prepping gear for 10 off Don't forget the Strong Survive but the Prepared Thrive stay safe