Limited Finances? Here’s How to Prep in 2023!

By | January 19, 2023

In this video I'm going to cover five Strategies that you can actually Implement today to help you on your Preparedness Journey even when finances Are tight and at the end of the video I'll also provide you with a quick list Of 20 tips and tricks for prepping with Limited funds along with two Downloadable free guides to help you get Started so definitely stick around for That so let's go ahead and jump in Step one decide your timeline the Starting point I always encourage is Starting out with three days of Preparedness namely having food on hand That doesn't require for a refrigeration And also making sure that you have water Now once you've got enough food and Water on hand I would encourage you to Stretch that to a three week Supply in Just three weeks we'll get you through Almost every natural disaster that has Occurred in the United States history But three months would be even better And that would help carry you through Disasters that we've never seen before We're increasingly hearing about these Once in a generation once in a hundred Years once in a thousand year storms in Events on a more regular basis along With tax and our infrastructure and Challenges with Russia and China that Seem to compound daily so I would Strongly encourage you to shoot for a

Minimum of three months of preparedness So once you achieve three months of Preparedness a year really becomes much More attainable as you're kind of almost There and it's just a matter at that Point of scaling up your food you're Also beginning to Hope learn ways of Incorporating these preps that you've Been working on into your daily life Such as eating what you store and Storing what you eat and we're going to Talk about that a little more later the Point here is to decide your target once You make that decision it's really time To move to the next step Two focus on the pillars so now that we Have a time frame that we're aiming for Let's begin to focus on the core pillars Of prepping Food Water Energy Medicine Knowledge and thriftiness now those last Two I'm going to touch on a little more Later but with food start slowly when You go to the store for example you can Buy one extra can of soup of tuna or Meat or chili or vegetables and then set That can aside then look at the Expiration date on the can to get the Product with the most extended shelf Life and if you see a cell make sure to Check the expiration date to make sure That it's not old already but maybe buy Two or more cans or even a case again Depending on how great the cell is Always take advantage of Dills the

Important thing about canned food is That you only buy what you are used to Eating it's easy to go to the store and Look at items that you've never Purchased before and you think you can Eat those if there's a disaster Situation I don't really recommend that Also you want to pick up soups and Vegetables and while they may not be Calorically dense they'll provide a Welcome variety and a sense of comfort To you in your time of greatest need and Just beyond canned food try to look at Dry Goods like hard beans lentils rice Amaranth barley popcorn and other hard Grains and cereals they can be easily Stored on your shelf for extended Periods of time you can start off by Focusing on food and if there's a Disaster food will be the most highly Sought after commodity that is not Easily obtained once the stores are Picked clean next you want to focus on The second pillar which is water start Here and later as your budget permits Upgrade to something like water storage Containers when I personally got started Years ago I went for a five gallon water Storage containers that I could put in My closets and over time I moved up to 55 gallon drums that I currently have Stored in my garage and also you want to Have the means to filter treat or boil Your water to purify it and make it

Drinkable water is really critical to Survival and you can only survive around Three days without it so don't take that For granted as for the other pillars of Energy and Medicine you really have to Assess your needs and requirements here If for example you have equipment or Medication that you need for life Support and health and if you didn't Have it you'd be in Jeopardy you Genuinely need to secure the medicine And energy that you're going to need to At least keep yourself safe for three Days at a minimum and I'll post a link In the description section to a video That I did in the past where I went Through in great detail explaining how To determine your power needs after a Disaster now regarding medicine everyone Is at a different place with this issue I know the medical community is Increasingly making it hard for people To keep much of an inventory on hand Personally but I would encourage you to Chat with your physician about this So in summary focus on the pillars of Food water medicine and energy when You're just getting started and you'll Likely be fine if there's some type of a Disaster I've got videos covering each Of these subjects and I'll post links to Them in the description section below if You'd like to watch and learn more on These various subjects step 3 make a

Budget and plan Now that we've determined a timeline and Priorities it's time to build a budget And start planning a budget really makes All the difference when money is tight As it really defines every dollar that Goes out and informs you on how much you Can spend on your preps make sure There's a some type of guide or book or Plan that you're using whether it's Susie Orman or many of the other ones Out there but the key is to form a Budget and to follow it and I'll post a Link to the book that I use in the Description section if you want to check It out it did make a big difference Again the key here is to have some type Of plan that you can actually follow Also you want to check out our free Recession proofing guide which is a Great way to harden yourself off from Economic downturns fiscally that covers Practical approaches to saving money so I encourage you to start there if you Can again it's a free guide then you can Look at our introductory Preppers guide To form a plan to get moving between Forming a budget using a recession-proof Guide and then following our Introductory Preppers guide I think These things these tools will really Help you get started and I'll post links To both of these free guides below Step 4 change the way you live and eat

You need to learn to prepare and cook The food that you're storing eat what You store and store what you eat I said This earlier and would spring right Around the corner I would highly Encourage you to start some type of Garden no matter how large or how small Sometimes I bring in bumper crops of Some vegetables and I really learn about The low yielding plants and I try to Figure out why they produce so little And I realize I can't survive solely by Growing my own food if everything were To fall apart I just don't have enough Space to sustain myself and my family But as we've been covering on the Channel lately we're working on small Garden setups for small spaces we've Already done several videos on this and We'll be doing more in the coming weeks When Springtime hits I hope that you're Going to be prepared because we'll be Starting off taking the information that We've been doing and we're going to Begin to implement that to show how you Can practically use this information to Set up Gardens on a back patio we're Going to be showing you how to do this In small spaces my Point here is this That you can't wait until disaster Strikes and then be instantly the expert On all things finally I would encourage You to change the way that you're living Your life if you're sitting on the couch

Get up if you can go for a walk a hike Or exercise if you have a sedentary life At all this is the day that you need to Change that get up and stretch increase Physical activity leads to physical and Physiological changes in your body's Chemistry this is a good thing it can Change your perspective and help you Build a survivor's mentality Step five turn off the lights and go Camping Once you have low budget prep for a few Months it's time for a trial run to Understand your preps and harden Yourself off to adversity go ahead and Run the emergency evacuation drill for Your family flip the power off of the Main breaker to your house for the Weekend and document what you would do Or do differently after that experience And assess what you may have overlooked Planned an overnight camping trip or Pitch a tent in your backyard with just Your bug out gear your practice session It doesn't have to be that dramatic it Can be simply turning to your food and Water preps that you've been putting Away and committing to eat and drink Only those for three days that simple Exercise will teach you volumes about Your supplies and the gaps in them the Key is putting your resources your Knowledge and Skills in the practice Here's a takeaway you don't have to be

Perfect in fact you're going to want to Fell here and there to understand where The gaps in your preps are this is about Putting forth a little effort Periodically this is where the Transformation into the prepper you Decide and committed to to being early Earlier really happens 20 quick tips all Of the things that I just explained can Be done even with the most limited of Funds but I also want to leave you with 20 quick tips for prepping with little To no budget so here they are super Quickly number one use BPA free unused Soda or water bottles for water rice Bean or grain storage number two grow And eat something even if that's just Sprouts on the windowsill number three Cook your own food so you learn and save Money number four dehydrate some food Number five learn to forage hunt or fish In your local area then process and eat What you've gathered number six invest In a good map and learn how to read a Compass number seven build a bug out or Everyday carry bag number eight build Your pantry one can at a time number Nine build a great first aid kit one Item at a time number 10 repair recycle And reuse containers anything and Everything number 11 get rechargeable Batteries and devices and it means to Charge them without central power number 12 learn to save seeds and start a

Windowsill Garden number 13 form a Buying Co-op to get more for less and Split it up number 14 buy one bag of Rice dry beans and a few Ramen with each Trip to the store 15. buy one extra Canned good and one bag of pasta per Trip to the store 16. don't throw out Gently used shoes or sneakers put them In your bug out bags stuff with extra Socks 17. buy zip ties bungee cords a Paracord and a tarp they're amazingly Useful 18. stock up on garbage bags and Wet wipes 19. have emergency mylar Blankets in your bags finally 20 pack New small gains for your kids and a deck Of cards that's just a quick list of Ideas and no particular order and as I Said you can get thousands more preps in Place with little or no money I'll link In the description section below some Core videos that we've done on this Subject over the years for your further Viewing and the reason I'm doing a video Like this is now the time that I think That we really need to prepare for the Challenges with the limited time that we Have that we face in the future what we Can clearly see coming on the horizon The world is not going to be sunshine And Roses tomorrow again as I often say On this channel I'm not a pessimist I'm A realist and I can see like you that we Have some challenging times that we have To go through and you may feel that way

As well hard times ahead are inevitable In the decisions you make now the preps You put in place right now they're going To really see you through these Challenging times no matter your budget Or circumstances you can develop a Prepping mindset and begin your prepping Journey with even a limited budget and I Encourage you to do so hopefully this Information helped you you and as always Stay safe out there