What Is My Favourite Bushcraft Knife?

By | January 18, 2023

Yes guys this is a whole big heap of Knives But which one is my favorite Stay tuned Wow Wally here and Bruno and Bruno get Yes so Bushcraft knives guys are Survival knives I'm just not really Going to I'm not really going to Put a label on these guys But knives that are used in that sort of That sort of thing and not and for that Sort of Bushcraft survival type Situation guys they come in all shapes And sizes right and I have lots of Different ones okay so a lot ranging From The absolutely massive you know Condor This is this is the Bushcraft purring I Think is what you call this one okay you Know corn down and size two the Chris Kane companion But I got gloves on it's very cool you Guys you know which is similar in shape You know there's there's something going On here that that you can see this this Is my preferred ship the purines type Ship guys down to you know your three Mil thick Three and a half mil tree mil thick your Two mil thick guys you know your your Condor uh Cap heart

And down into your your uh your Mora Knives as well guys your uh cam sold Cam's oil I think you call this guys I Have lots of names I also have some Fighting knives and and uh hunting Knives and stuff like that as well I Guess but Over the years I have used a fair few Right And I just want to talk about Which of these are my favorite and why Okay so Here's the thing This this is this is a small part of my Collection okay and these these ones are Just here because they they serve a Purpose for this video and not they show Different types of names so I'm going to Very quickly discard these What was that brittle don't you take That knife on this one okay It's gonna be a quick video guys And I am going to move the camera So this is what it boils down to it Boils down to my most used knives okay And uh like a lot of you guys uh you Know there's there's a story and there's A journey through all this and how you Get to a certain point is that a stick For me to throw Bruno is it Oh You want it This is where somebody is screaming now Going Wally draw the stick draw the

Stick draw the stick so So I like a lot of you guys I would have Started off using more knives and and Actually more specifically I want to use Halt the first knives a lot guys which I Found to be quite like I found him to be The same if not better quality than the Mores and cheaper okay so on a fair Range out there now this was before Maura really started getting into the Bushcraft side of things and having Bushcraft specific knives and stuff like That then they were down the road of Shred names uh I think I had an schf9 For a good while a brood of a knife Absolute brute very similar to As far as I can remember similar to this To to the companion okay But as you get more and more into these Hobbies and into every any hobby guys Your your your tastes become a wee bit More expensive and uh I got into custom Knives and got got a couple of knives Made for me and stuff like that And then I was in a shop in a in a hunting shop That I used to do a bit of a bit of Workout with a friend of mine and uh he Said there's a knife there you might Like and this is the knife right here Guys and this I do I I don't know if it's my favorite okay But this

My ass is going to be freezing Everything's frozen down here guys This is the Spyderco Bushcraft UK okay I I'm not gonna go into how this was Designed or or Or war came from and all that jazz Because I don't remember okay this is a Four mil thick Scandinavian ground Camera's focusing on the dog Uh it's a scandi grinder a Scandinavian Ground uh full-time knife okay the the Most amazing thing it's not the most Amusing thing one of This knife right oh let's put it like This I was in the shop I said oh that's Nice your mind says put it in your hand And I put it into my hand gate and as Soon as I held this knife in my hand I Went I need one of these names okay I could have it four years maybe okay And I have never replaced it okay I have Never gone looking for another knife Ever right this is the one that I can Use for um Absolutely I've used this for everything Absolutely everything guys it is It's not a Custom Knife But No it's just it's not a Custom Knife It's it's a it's a it's a factory Produced knife okay but it is excellent Unbelievably good anybody who has one Will swear by it guys and I I am the

Same it is just it's just fantastic I Know it has the Spyderco holding it that Is a little bit pointless okay but this Handle is just something else it really Really is now the main fall downfall on That knife is the sheath is terrible Okay this is an aftermarket sheath that I got made for this okay so these retail At the time I think the retail for Around 200 pounds okay no I was really happy with that knife and I Was using it a lot and what I did find Guys is that uh before before I set up That this separate Channel I didn't do a lot of knife reviews Because I didn't want a different knife I didn't need one I didn't feel like That oh no I need a different knife to Try so it was a friend of mine Steve McDermott said to me he says he says you Gotta try this I was I was going down This primitive route I was interested in Cap heart knives and stuff like that and Probably had watched a Revenant or Something like Daphne had read it you Know so I was interested in that Frontier style package you know with With the Bell pouches and all that jazz And I got a couple of cap Hearts to try And I ended up I bought bought two one Being the the Condor this is actually Evie's knife which I just found to be a Very small knife and not really suited To what I needed guys but this is this

Is the the K Bar cap heart or the BTS 62 Okay and this is a knife that I never Would have tried until Steve said to me You got to get your hands on this and See what it's like now in the beginning It wasn't for me okay the handle is too Skinny and the blade is too long Um But What I have found in using it guys is That it is a class knife it really is It's it's it's just really nice in the Hand even with gloves on not not that This isn't you know this is the this is Still nice with gloves it doesn't Doesn't make any difference uh guys It's just it's a really nice knife you Know and there's so much history Involved in these cap heart style knives Do you know what I mean like so uh you Know going back to to to the Frontiers Man and stuff like that as well and Probably before that you know In fairness you know all that guys are Very very capable knife uh it doesn't Doesn't have the doesn't have the ground Down spine or anything like that for Striking feral rods you know because That didn't have feral rods back in Those days uh it is a full flat ground Probably full flat ground would Secondary battle I don't know if you if If you guys would describe it as that But uh it is very capable it makes

Really nice feather sticks it it it it It uh it buttons quite well I know I Said it ah get along get Wally okay Button yes or no in the comments guys The handle even though it is thin it is Not uncomfortable it is a knife that I Have used all day it's it's it's it's Very very good The sheath is excellent as well guys it Doesn't come with this dangler that's Something I would cast from dangler that I just picked up they're about 12 quid Uh so two very very capable names and Two quite different knives okay Different than thickness different in in In in in grained do you know what I mean But uh and different in profile But which one is my favorite that is the Question which one is my favorite I don't know I'm thinking about it now I Had an answer when I was leaving the House but now I am not so sure Right I I have to make a decision on This case I am going to say that my Favorite Bushcraft or my favorite knife Out of all the knives I own is the Spider called Bushcraft UK Why I don't know it's it's a nice knife the Boat excellent knives guys it just You put it it's it's I think it's just When you put it into your hand you just Go And it's as simple as that thanks for

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