Solo Hot Tent Winter Camping in Sub-Zero Temperatures

By | January 18, 2023

Well did I pick a day to come down I Um don't have the truck at the moment It's in for some work so I had to park Righty edge of the Woodland and walk Everything in and I decided to do a camp With a load of Kit I don't know why it's Also pretty flooded down here walking Through all that mud and water on the Way in was quite challenging but um I'm Here now as you can see got all my gear Here gonna get set up in this location Just because it's not as far as other Locations to walk to and um yeah get Going This is actually the first video I've Recorded since my last Camp um last Week's video was already in the bank Um as you know I broke the camera on That last one so it's been being Repaired and it's done nothing but rain Since then so that's why it's so muddy Out here but this is all my kit I've got A cop bed I've got a new sleeping bag to Try out the back there is uncompressed And a new tent as well plus a stove and All the normal gear Foreign Gray out here today There was meant a snow but uh I think It's more likely to rain to be honest So just putting the poles together for This tent there's a few of them Um this tent I mean looks from pictures Very similar to my nor tent the Gammy

Six but I think this one's a bit of a In-between size like the gamey four and Six but obviously this is a pomoly so We'll try it obviously cheaper but is it As good I have to do a comparison at Some point I've never seen the setup process of This tent before but I'm assuming it's Similar to the Gammy Um some pretty chunky pegs to be honest Aluminum Should be good Well there's kind of guesswork here with These poles So we'll see what happens Right that's roughly pegged out and one Two three poles in so we'll see how that Goes when I put them in Foreign Okay that's up but I'd say don't pick it Out first um unlike with the no tent I Need that kind of flex to go up first One was a little bit of a struggle but Um now for the ones that go around One thing I've noticed that these D-rings on the strap are pretty handy While putting it up if I get rid of that Mud They're a good Pull while you put it in it's the Appropriate hole I think these ones Pretty good on the inside holes Um it's my guess Foreign

But you have to bear in mind the price Difference between them and everything Seems to be doing its job and you know Nothing's under too much strain or Anything Um just need to look at the rest of it Really Okay this looks like a vent yep the Velcro So this one should be on the other side I'm guessing Here we go And one more Okay here's our ZIP We've got a mesh on the inside there Right well there's three doors on this The alternating panels with the um the Vents And you can stand up but hunched over in Here so like I said not as big as the Gammy six but uh a bit bigger than the Gammy 4 I believe a bit of mud but uh It's pretty spacious Let's roll these back and um I've got The inner and the ground sheet I think I'm just going to use the ground sheet Because it's not summer I'm not worried About bugs or anything This is quite interesting on the tie tie Outs for the door Put it through if I can and then you can Actually tighten them I don't think I've Seen that on a tent door before Right this should be the ground sheet I

Hope Yeah that looks about right And we've got an area Of fire resistant material which is Going to go here because that's where The stove cap is And this should just clip on To the edges And then all these points can be Tightened up With the straps I'm using the traveler stove I think It's called Which is the non-collapsible one I Really like it walks up to like a mile Or so because it's still light but uh You don't have to put it together Foreign Just have to put this piece on And then I can put the chimney on I've Not got to roll that when one with me Today I've got one of the uh Fixed ones [Music] Foreign One more section that's a little low for My liking There we go better I've folded the ground sheet under so It's only for half the tent I kind of Didn't realize because I'm using the bed I've actually torn the bottom Of the tent before using that so I Thought best not to this time

Foreign Foreign Pump To do this This is the new sleeping bag I was Talking about sent to me to try out I Believe it's going to be on a Kickstarter soon it's by Big Lou Big Lou Something like that like big Igloo I Guess but it's made with airgel which is Apparently Um some kind of insulation that NASA Have used on the miles Rover and stuff Like that so it's not down or anything Like that but it goes down to something Ridiculous I think like minus 40 or Something like that so before I'd give It a go I've got this and I've got a Blanket as well a quilt by them Um this feels different though this is Like a soft PVC coating or something it Feels like um very strange I did just Get some moisture on it so we'll see how It coaches that Um my only concern feeling it and Looking at it is um Kind of condensation oh it's even got a Like a thermometer in it And my van Gogh went pillow which is for When I'm not hiking too far nice comfy One almost like a full-size pillow Foreign Get on with processing some wood I need Some for a campfire and for the stove

Later on as well Um Yeah and I'll show you a bit more of the Tent inside as well Looks like the vents And the inside open up So you can close them off open them up Depending on if you want that airflow Which is obviously good with the stove Close it for the moment And you've got another one of them tie Out so like these tie outs Up on top you've got a bit of a gear Hammock as well so you can easily dry Stuff out which is quite handy One thing I'm not too sure about is why This only comes out to here and not the Whole section because most stoves have Chimney at the back whereas you've got All this space So yeah that would be better but um It's better than nothing obviously much Better [Applause] Foreign Nice big piece of rubinia that I've got Left down here I should do Foreign Foreign [Applause] They're starting to rain here but uh I Can always cook on the stove if I Absolutely need to But it's not been hard yet just keeps

Trying Foreign Just had a bit of a downpour but I think It's over now I had to zip up the tent Because the edges of the bed were Getting wet needs to be more in the Middle really but I need to be getting In and out for now I'll move it a bit I've got some smaller stuff for the Stove here I think it's Birch It's been moldy at one point or wet at One point but uh Seems pretty dry now I've got this new knife from a BPS Knives Ukrainian company and it's got a Ferro rod with it so Might as well take this opportunity to Break it in Coating off of this And I've got some Tinder card Here Which I'm just going to fluff up Well that throws some Sparks It's already caught this bit And get some of this kind Foreign 's going well they're nice dry wood It's good to be back out I hate it when I'm stuck in That was a week and a half or something Like that I mean I've been out but obviously not For the night not filming and stuff Yeah

Actually a little bit of a sunset in the Top of the trees a little bit of blue Sky Before it sets Nice to have this uh fire going though a Little bit of warmth it is cold today Coldest day in a while since that snow I Think it's going to be minus three Tonight Last I looked it did say there could be Some snow but We'll see if there is there is there Isn't there isn't Got some um honey mustard chicken to Cook tonight which I'm rather looking Forward to because I'm quite hungry Kind of missed lunch today We're also looking forward to getting in The tent later getting that warm and Snug I will get a bit of condensation because I've lifted back the um the ground sheet So all that moisture is going to kind of Evaporate and hit the tent but uh See what it's like it's got some venting A couple of nice pieces of oak the Rover Body Adirondack shelter just had to Wander over and Bought them Well it's lightly hailing it did come Down A little heavier But it is hailing That's a start bring on the snow

Fire's still going well though Time to build this fire up with all this Howl coming down Although things have stopped right this Minute You may be able to hear the winds got up And it's hailing Just come down there it's kind of coming In waves so if I'd come in the tent Watch the fire and Drink some neck oil When in doubt grab a beer Oh Here we go It's not too bad because it's hail it's Not you know soaking you through and the Fire I've built right up so that should Be okay for a minute maybe it'll pass Maybe it won't If it gets harder I'll just light the Stove and cook on that Chilling down though Quite a lot of coals here so it's time To spread them Pan a bit of oil in it Foreign 's not hot yet [Applause] Time to get these flipped Nice and crispy on top Just started snowing halfway through my Cook here But uh It's quite gone I've got

Some mustard Whole grain [Applause] Honey With some white vinegar [Applause] And this is some chicken stock paste [Applause] [Music] And Water Sauce is really starting to thicken now Well here we go this looks bloody lovely I had a quick taste of the sauce out There and it was very rich very nice Oh come on chicken come on chicken It's hot and sticky That is good I've come in here it's Snowing out there it was sleeting and Then it turned to snow So if I come in here Fires nearly out anyway I've got some wraps to go with this as Well Beer number two that was absolutely Delicious I'm really glad I did that Today absolutely loved it and the wraps Helped as well just the right amount of Food Oh dear but yeah I think it stopped Snowing I'll have to go out and have a Check in a minute do my washing up and Whatnot Um I did want to update you guys uh if

You saw before Christmas I released the First batch of my limited edition uh Leather patches Um logo patches kind of like the other Ones but leather really Deluxe and nice I'm ready now after a busy end of year To um release the second batch so They're available as from this video Going live so get to to Order one of them comes with the sticker As well just like the normal patch does And thank you guys to the people that Already did order them thank you very Much All right seeing as I'm in here now I May as well get this stove going just a Couple of fire Lightnings in there Foreign It is super cozy in here I love this Stove Both because I don't have to put it Together and because it's got a fire Grate in there as well Yeah it is Beautiful in here It's been about an hour so I think we've Probably got enough Heat A nice cup of tea Thank you That's me and the new Sleeping Bag give This a good old try I think it might be A bit hot if the what they say is true We've just been sat here looking at the Stove really it's gotten quite late

After a couple of Cups of Tea I'll see you guys in the morning Foreign Function S Just have to break down a few bits of Wood just to get this fire going Properly the bigger bits weren't taken From the firelighters Oh just popped outside in this little Frosty around the bottom of the tent or It's frozen what was on there from the Rain and that Oh Well the stove's going well now it's Starting to warm up take this jacket off In a minute and hat Um I only actually slept in my Long John Bottoms and my t-shirt last night this Sleeping bag yeah it worked really well Um and there was no moisture in it no Condensation that I could tell And for a mummy bag it was quite roomy As well pretty impressed Um yeah I don't know what it does at Minus 40 but minus smart I don't know Said minus three nearest town so minus Four minus five here I guess Um yeah it was good very nice Um Yeah I'm gonna warm through and uh Probably do some breakfast Okay pans on and a little oil And while that warms up I'm just going

To process some of this gonna avocado I've got shallot instead of an onion and Some lime here some other bits and Bobs You can probably guess Huevos rancheros A bit tricky to do with one pan but We'll manage Fish And they can go in there With that I've got some black beans [Applause] [Applause] All that cooks I'm just going to prep These Just going to slice my All I'm ready around the way It's unusual Another skin of the stone still there Foreign Foreign Some cheese Over this As we're nearly done I'm just going to take that off And hopefully they won't stick but warm Up my tortillas Oh so right here we go Two tortillas lightly toasted We've got our salsa Our black beans And now two eggs A bit of cheese there Nice squeeze of the lime already Squeezed it on the avocado so it didn't

Brown And some beans And I suppose we should go for this Do love black beans A little bit of that as well Well that's a big mouthful Um Oh that's a good breakfast It is a lovely temperature in here at The moment Just the fire's gone out but the coals Are in there Hmm Do you love some huevos rancheros And variations of it It's a very brisk morning the floor is Crunchy with the frozen leaves the frost Oh dear but uh I slept well I've got the Energy from that breakfast as well it Was lovely but yeah as I slipped through The night basically All right let's make a start on this Foreign Foreign Right that is me all packed away Got a couple of trips up to the car Unfortunately but uh I'll put a camera Away for that and I'll leave you here Thanks for watching guys don't forget Them patches available now at and I'll see you all Next week goodbye for now