Origin USA Heavy Hoodie Review

By | January 18, 2023

Will you do a short review of your Origin hoodie I really like what I'm Wearing from the company and live the Made in America part but how's the Product Sure we'll do it right now item six then We're gonna call it a day let me hop off The four-wheeler [Applause] When I was a young warthog all right so This is the origin heavy hoodie this is A size XL it's uh quite large which I Dig Um So like I typically wear a 2X although I've been Um strategically pting my ass into the Ground on the regular so that I would Actually when I was super fat I was a 3X And then down to a 2X and now I'm in That weird stage in between a 2X and an XL where like a 2X is too big but an XL Is a little too tight and I don't really Want to show off all my Jason Momoa Muscles yet So shut up people I'm trying to talk to The people Um now yours when you get it will be new It will not be peppered with hydraulic Fluid and mud like mine is so you're Gonna have to go out and do things in it But um I uh you know you'll figure that out It's got an ample size Hood which is

Important because if you're like if you Work for a living and you wear a hard Hat this will fit over a hard hat which I know for some people is a foreign Concept but for some people it's Absolutely not so that's really good It's got neck snaps right here so you Can close it up like so Uh so if you if you um are facial hair Challenged and you don't have a way to Build a natural Wind Block in this Region you can close this up which I Like it's good to go it's got Drawstrings and I usually tie my Drawstrings into little stopper knots Like that because I don't want you know Two foot of cord hanging down on either Side Uh let's see It's heavy it's called The Heavy hoodie It's really thick Um very very thick it's probably the Thickest hoodie I've ever owned which I Like it's 52 degrees this morning and This is my outer garment so I really Like that it's very thick also if you Burn brush you'll probably get a hole Burnt into your hoodie like so Uh let's see He's got your hand warmer Pockets right Here Right and so Pocket dump Flashlight

Which by the way This is my current favorite pocket Flashlight this is a Streamlight the Streamlight wedge And I like it because this is the switch On and then turbo you hold it forward And it goes to Turbo okay But the switch is very unobtrusive so You're not having negligent white light Discharges in your pocket all the time What I don't like about it although for A lot of people will like is that it's USBC rechargeable okay and so that's Great because you don't have to replace Batteries in it it's great until you Need it right now and you haven't Charged it recently so you there Requires a certain amount of Maintenance And upkeep to make sure this thing stays Topped off but I like that what else is In the pocket bear Set of shears Because I'm me Alternate iPhone Because I'm me Chainsaw bar tool stubby And the stubby is really good if you run Chainsaws that have wrap handles on them Like my ms362 which is my EDC saw 20 Inch bar full chisel Bark Box right Scrunch exactly stubby scrunch and so I Carry a bar tool because I'm on the Homestead and as I said previously I am Engaged in full-blown Cedar murder

And then Um so you got your hand warmer Pockets Here amply sized okay so you can get Your gloved hands in here and that's Great and then it's got the kangaroo Pouch so there's a zipper right here Then it's got a whole nother pouch And so in here Sealocks rapid and you guys should be What's up soe have you tried Surefire Skillets Pro I haven't I guess I should get one Uh and as you guys can tell that this is Not staged for two reasons the first of All is I didn't plan to review a hoodie This morning Um and the second is look at the Condition of these items from being in My pockets okay so I've got celox rapid Hemostatic z-fold gauze here and I've Got an S Mark bandage which is like a uh Soft or a SWAT tee okay so pressure Bandage wound packing right here In my little my little kangaroo pouch And that of course Is augmented by the constant EDC back Pocket soft T tourniquet right so I got Shears and bleeding control on me Um what else is in the back pocket Reload for the pistol these are those Hornady uh critical duty 135 plus piece Pretty good round and then This is Come on there we go

A Streamlight protac 2lx Uh just Uh this takes um Cr123s no 18650s We're going to find out yeah 18650s and This is also micro USB rechargeable or You can put in 18650 in this if you want To keep it topped off and this is just a Really good but really basic Um tail switch light Double tap for strobe or just you can Hold for intermittent or press the Button and keep it on And so that lives in the back pocket as Well as part of the EDC so and I guess Since we're just pocket dumping all over The place spider coat do you see the Wood chips fall out of my pocket Spyderco resilience Great knife Keys Wallet Earbuds Lighter Can you do some videos on chainsaw Cutting Etc Yeah so Um I'm actually going to do a video on Patreon about felling techniques for Trees because it occurred to me on Patreon I've done half a dozen different Chainsaw videos okay so Um that's the origin hoodie this is Their heavy hoodie it's a hundred dollar

Hoodie it's made in America 100 percent 100 percent made in America the the this Cotton comes from the fields of Texas And they produce the material send it up To Maine where they cut it sew it ship It out to you Um and I love it is a hundred dollars Expensive for a hoodie yes is it worth a Hundred bucks absolutely It's absolutely worth 100 bucks I really Really dig it so Yeah recommend for sure recommend and as You can see I've been using mine it's Dirty it's burned it's you know But it's quite roomy it works great and It's warm which is the whole point of Having a hoodie in the first place right So for an intermittent layer It's great it's absolutely great Um chainsaws and then we'll end with This chainsaw