It’s Gonna Happen Faster Than We Thought

By | January 17, 2023

Economists are bracing for another debt Crisis Showdown the world edges Dangerously closer to a full-blown World War forecasters are shocked at the Amount of rain that's falling in the Western states a lot is happening right Now a lot faster than many anticipated And we're going to break down each of These pressing issues in this week's Video and most importantly we're going To explain how each of these will impact You also I'll announce a winner of last Week's giveaway and I'm going to tell You how to enter this week's giveaway U.S debt crisis as a humorous Will Rogers once said no nation in the History of the world was ever sitting as Pretty if we want anything all we have To do is go and buy it on credit America We run on debt we borrow money that we Don't have we print money we ask people To have faith in it and we will the Strong sway over geopolitics because of The strength of the U.S economy that Might change with the debt ceiling Crisis that will be all over the media In the coming days weeks and months it Was assumed that this battle in high Titan rhetoric wouldn't come to a Rolling boil until early spring or Summer but the crisis it's here now Faster than anyone could have imagined It will be a massive issue and two days After I release this video so it's very

Important that you pay attention to what We're about to detail here the debt Limit or the debt ceiling as it is often Referred to in the total amount of money That the United States government is Authorized to borrow to meet its Existing legal obligations including Things like Social Security and Medicare Benefits military salaries interest on The national debt tax refunds and other Payments in the past Congress has always Acted to raise a debt limit and since 1960 Congress has acted 78 separate Times to permanently raised temporarily Extend or revise the definition of the Debt limit 49 times under the Republican Presidents and 29 times under democratic Presidents now in recent years the Threat of voting against this necessary Raising of the debt ceiling it has been Used as a political advice to affect Changes in government spinning habits And other legislative and executive Policies and programs as a United States Secretary of the Treasury warned in a Letter to Congressional leaders last Week failure to meet the government's Obligations would cause irreparable harm To the United States economy indeed in The past even the threats that the US Government might fail to meet its Obligations they have caused real harm Including the only credit rating Downgrade in the history of our nation

Which was in 2011. and the brinkmanship Over such a critical part of the U.S Economy is beginning this week starting This Thursday the treasury will begin Redeeming existing and suspending new Investments in the Civil Service Retirement and disability fund and the Postal Service retiree health benefits Fund and the government security Investment fund of the federal employees Retirement system these early actions Are the treasury preparing for parties To be split on this debt ceiling Depending on which side of the aisle That you get your messaging from this Lifting of the limit is either Completely necessary or it shouldn't be Done at all some will argue that Requiring cuts for spinning is the only Viable Way Forward and others will say That cutting unnecessary spending and Trimming waste in social safety nets Military spinning or foreign aid is the Only possible means forward still others Will argue that voting to raise the Ceiling it shouldn't be a political Weapon it should be routine while the Rest of the time is spent working on Bipartisan solutions to the U.S spending Problem what do you think let me know in The comments section below which is the Right approach or what your thoughts are Now both parties would agree that the U.S has a spinning party that seems to

Be on both sides of the aisle but Getting past the political talking Points the takeaway here is that it's a Big problem from whatever lens or Vantage point that you view it from I Need you my community to know that this Has all the earmarks of exploding into Something even more significant in 2011 When the country's credit rating was Slash we're going to hit the debt Ceiling within days let me say that Again within days of me releasing this Video the ceiling was last raised by 2.5 Trillion dollars in deuce in December of 2021 other than president Donald Trump Both parties will dig in their Hills on This one which will dramatically affect Our spinning and economy even now the Treasury will start to move money around To cover a shortfall on cash flow as This heats up prices for everything will Continue to rise Big Ticket items and Large purchases like cars or homes They're going to be put on hold and Chill the economy you can expect major Shifts in the stock market as investors Seek out stable Investments over Investing in Innovation or Venture Capital Growth if this is anything like 2011 the stock market will likely suffer Mildly and that means the evaporation of Value in people's retirement counts as Well the housing market will suffer from The double blow of a contraction and

Slowing buying inflation will continue To rise to all new levels the economy Will be severely bruised and it's going To take months to recover for some as I Said that's just the pain that we have To fill when we rip the Band-Aid off and Expose the wound for others it's an Unnecessary abuse of power and control That is politically motivated from start To end for you prepare for weeks and Months of wrangling on the hill expect That this might get far worse markets Will react and contract prices will go Up and your dollar will be worth far Less tomorrow than it is today if this Is anything like 2011 you can expect Spending cuts to K-12 schools rental Assistant vouchers Medicare Medicaid Environmental Protections and possibly Even Social Security more what do you Think is it time that we kept spinning Or should we just kick this can down the Road to avoid the potential impacts that It may have on the stock market and Other implications you think Congress Will work together to avoid the Predicament altogether or you hear me Laughing there on that one let us know In the comments below and also tell us What you're doing to prepare for this Potential National Economic slide Russian air errors versus Ukraine in the World This last weekend Russia launched five

Kh-22 missiles from long-range Russian Bombers other missiles were also Launched from Russia's Kursk ablas in The sea of azaz but let's consider these Cage 22s for just a moment they're not Smart weapons an operator just can't Dial in a military Target hundreds of Kilometers away and hope to destroy it They're actually anti-ship missiles that Are being fired on land-based targets They're meant to be fired from the air At a distance of up to 600 kilometers But the closer to the Target obviously The better when fired at a longer range They can deviate from their planned Target by hundreds of meters they also Travel up to Mach 4.6 so Ukraine can't Currently shoot them down it is Estimated that Russia has launched a Little over 200 of these fast and Inaccurate missiles since the start of The conflict there's really three things To take away from this situation first Russia is launching these at such a Distance that they are surely not Targeting specific Ukrainian military Forces they're being aimed at high Population areas and then let Loose as Was a case here the result is massive Civilian casualties with reportedly over 40 dead over 30 unaccounted for and over 70 people injured now these missiles are Meant to cause maximum civilian Casualties to break the Ukrainian

People's resolve it's a hammer of war And not a scalpel the second thing that Stems from this is that it's almost a Guarantee that Western forces are going To ramp up the deployment of Anti-missile Defense systems there are Several batteries that have been Deployed or are enroute previously the Deployment of a defensive missile Shield Was a line in the sand for Putin there's No doubt that he will increase the usage Of his stockpile of these missiles Because he has them available and has to Use them up before missile Shields are Deployed that can shoot them down even When they're traveling at almost five Times the speed of sound sending tanks Was once Unthinkable but has become just Another escalation in advance fears that Russia will make a strong spring Offensive this conflict can use to Escalate to new unimaginable levels Here's the third and most important Takeaway here if the Russian Ukrainian Conflict could be viewed as a powder keg Before it's now a conflict where there's Powder that's leaked out around the keg And lit matches are being flicked over The top of it all on Saturday a third Rocket was discovered in fragments in Moldova the Warhead was carefully Detonated in a controlled blast missiles Landing in Moldova are wildly off Target And this is one of the reasons the

Ukrainian southernmost port city of Odessa has been spared repeated in Missile attacks if a missile goes off The mark there and sells into Romania You could hit some of the 2000 U.S Military troops from the Army Striker Squadron or the 82nd Airborne Division That's embedded with the Romanian Soldiers there if the city of leviv is Attacked in Ukraine's East inerrant Missile could easily sell into Poland Slovakia are hungry any significant Missile blasts in these downrange Countries would undoubtedly bring an Almost instantaneous counter assault Again that analogy of the Leaky Powder Keg would make Carelessly being flicked over the top of It is probably accurate in this Situation We voice our concerns and warn of this Early on in this conflict adding things Anti-missile batteries and other Arminents and heavy equipment is like Spreading more gunpowder around as Russia seeks to strike this new heavy Equipment with its inaccurate missiles The chance for mishaps and errant Missiles it's likely going to Exponentially increase what will be the World's reaction when a Russian missile Strikes an apartment building in Poland Or Ford deployed U.S military personnel In Romania this winter war is going to

Be fought via missiles and drones into The ground sufficiently hardens and Equipment and troops can move again Springs thaw will make ground conditions Impassable and the battle will again be In the air and through shelling for Areas closest to the front lines Casualty amongst the civilian population It's going to increase during these high Periods of air assault the potential for A direct engagement of Western troops is Also exponentially increasing with every Launch you can watch for that also watch For Russia to claim Kiev was trying to Draw the West into the conflict having Not won the war in the early hours Russia is resorting to its typical Playbook Putin intends to draw this war Out into the will of the people the Enemies in his view is broken or only Rubble remains so Vision casualties are Not a factor now I don't expect any Glimmer of news as conflict might wind Down until well after any spring Skirmishes we're going to continue to Monitor this and let you know how it Will impact you what do you think how Long do you think this conflict will Rage on it do you see a resolution Energy There's a brewing energy crisis around The world many of us have been aware of This for some time and have felt the Effects for some time as well you may

Feel the pinch if you have paid a recent Utility bill electricity bills for many Double this past summer now natural gas Bills for many are doubling through this Winter the energy crisis is far far Worse than you're being told and you can Expect us to have a video about this Release sometime around this weekend We'll do more of a deep dive on this Personally and I know this is anecdotal The cost of heating that in my own house It's double this winter and our gas Company SoCalGas has a whole page on Their website that's dedicated to Explaining the rise in people's bills in A glance at the chart of current and Historical gas prices it goes a long way In explaining why bills are higher the Same is true for propane heating oil and Even coal while America fortunately sits On top of all the natural gas that it Could want or need for the next several Decades this energy source is a Commodity so guess what it flows to the Highest bitter if that higher bidder is Overseas the resource flows in that Direction Global demand directly impacts The prices on Main Street USA extended Periods of cold or hot weather tip the Consumption scale aging infrastructure Struggles to meet the high demands of Large populations living in what are now Genuinely inhospitable lands people Living in the Desert Paradise of Rio

Verde Arizona they're now beginning to Realize this as neighboring City Supplier of Scottsdale just recently cut Off their water supply skip showers and Paper plates are now the new Norm unless The rain comes in and hopefully Fades Out the drought worldwide populations Have exploded in previously Uninhabitable and unsustainable Environments and this is a blessing of Science and Technology but unfortunately The old infrastructure and the old ways Of building are not really keeping time With the dramatic shifts in weather Patterns and energy demands this is Further exacerbated by the Russian Ukrainian conflict and the drive for Profits there's also a lot to unpack Here so we're going to do a bit of a Deeper dive on this this coming weekend And you can watch out for that in the Meantime are you suffering from higher Utility bills what have you done about It I would encourage you to check out Our video where we talk about nine easy Hacks to save energy this winter and to Stay warm I'll link to it in the cards Up above and I'll also post a link in The description section below hopefully Save you some money drought you probably Hear reports about California in the Pacific Northwest receiving an Atmospheric River of precipitation over The last few weeks some areas are

Receiving up to over 200 percent of Normal levels of rainfall and the Reservoirs are filling fast but are we We out of the drought while the lifting Of severe drought status it's going to Occur from many areas and the snowpack Will reach record levels we will still Be in severe drought in the Western United States think of it as running on Empty and then pulling over to just put 1 4 the tank of gas in your car it's Going to get you further down the road And it's enough to turn off that low gas Meter that shows up on your dashboard But it's not going to get you all the Way to where you need to go regrettably This rainfall has really done little to Help water supplies for most of it it's Been flowing in the storm drains and Either right out to the ocean or into Rivers that lead to it overall aquifers Remain critically low and it takes time To fill them a dozen or so days of Extreme downpours not going to really Raise the levels enough to eliminate a Multi-decade drown many Western States They need to heavily invest in Underground storage systems if they hope To maintain their Lifestyles it's good News for the present though farmers in The Central Valley who provide a quarter Of the nation's food including 40 Percent of the nation's fruits nuts and Other table Foods they're pleased and

The long soak will be great for their Fields still the consistency of periodic Rainfall as opposed to extreme heat and Dry weather will be their most Significant factor in the months ahead So while this rain is good in the Present and in the short future we still Need consistent and steady rainfall Before officially calling this truck Over as a prepper storing some of your Water supply billing precipitation Collection systems using water and more Intelligent and conservative ways and Having the means to filter and treat Water they're all very important water Is a resource and it will continue to be Challenging for many to obtain at a low Price that's not going to change what a Dozen or so days of heavy rain are you Getting rain or continued drought where You live what's your current and future Forecast let us know in the comments Section below for this week's giveaway We're going to be giving away the SAS Survival Guide to enroll for a chance to Be entered into the giveaway just simply Post a comment below and next we week I'll use a tool to draw a winner from The comments of this video randomly I'm Not going to reach out to you unless Your name appears on the screen next Week I would encourage you to ignore and Report any comments telling you that You've won because it is not me for last

Week's winner of the Leatherman pocket Size multi-tool we use a tool to draw The name randomly from the comments Section the winner was sailor Tom I'll Be reaching out to you shortly to get That sent to you Stories do you have a tell a survival or A story to tell about where your preps Came in and save the day or your life We'd love to know please feel free to Write us an email and send it to we've received Dozens already and we're looking for Even more our community is full of Knowledge that can quite literally save Others we want to bring that out so tell Us what went right what went wrong what Brought you to prepping and what your Best advice is for others that might be Starting out we'll edit the content and Link to change the names and all that so Don't worry about revealing any of your Identity again just simply still send Your story to and We might feature it in the future I would encourage you to start this New Year off by genuinely committing to Prepping for an uncertain future you Know certain future is all but Guaranteed how you weather that future Is entirely up to your decisions that You make right now as always stay safe Out there