EDC 2023 : Multiple Carry Options!

By | January 16, 2023

My ADC for 2023 let's check it out [Music] EDC or everyday carry we all have our Everyday carry you know our phone for Sure our billfold or wallet maybe a Pocketbook a purse and also our keys I Mean those are things that pretty much Everybody carries But as we find ourselves with certain Needs a flashlight is one thing that I Added to my EDC a pocket knife and Different items now we've done EDC Videos for the past few years and this Year I have kind of a different setup so We want to show it now one of the things That I have is an EDC box I showed this Last year but it is a really nice wooden Toolbox and I keep all my EDC items Right there so in the mornings when I Get up I can just pick and choose what I Want to have and it sets me up for the Day it's very organized I don't really Have to think about it I don't have to Search for things and these boxes are at Harbor Freight and they're very Reasonable but a lot of people carry the Same items every day and there's Something about that that can be very Comforting very familiar you know your Gear and then there are those who like To really change it out and have a Number of EDC items I'm one of those People that really likes to have a Number of different things according

According to the situation So we're going to show a couple of Different setups that I use on a regular Basis sometimes you know it's just every Day it's what I'm carrying sometimes you Know I may be going out to eat I may be Going to church and I change up my EDC It's just what I like to do and then There are times where I'm going Somewhere that you know may be a little Different I may need some extra things And so my EDC changes with that guys EDC Is a personal choice it's something that You like you want and what fits you the Best and that's really the big thing About EDC it makes you be you and guys While I have all my items and this is What I like you be you guys here is my Typical EDC this is what I pretty much Carry on an everyday basis but I do make Adjustments and we're going to talk About it first off we start out with the Sig p365 XL I carried the p365 for a Long time I did a review on a craft left Holster they sent it for the p365 and I Started carrying outside the waistband And guys it is a lot easier than I Always thought I was always carrying it At four o'clock inside the waistband or Appendix carry for smaller pistols but I Found that the outside the waistband Holster is so fast it's so comfortable And so now I'm a little bit spoiled but Again I do carry other methods but this

Is my concealed carry I typically carry A an extra Magazine with it I just Didn't bring it over with me one thing Though that's very important and Probably the first thing you should Consider is your belt this is a bull Leather belt from delltechforce.com I've Had this one for about 10 years I've had A couple of others for 12 years and I Wear them every day these things are Just absolutely comfortable and they're Rigid because they have that bull Leather and that's one of the big things You want to make sure is that you have a Good foundation around around your waist Because that holster needs to be stable And so I like the bull leather belt I Will show you another option that I use Regularly as well especially when I'm Kind of dressing up a little bit of Course I have my iPhone and I do have it In one of the Magpul type cases when I Bought this case Magpul had come out With this model yet so I will switch it Out this is more of a generic brand but I love the Magpul cases also a nine line Billfold it's very simple minimal it's Just really easy you have cash where you Can fold it in here and you know I just Like something small in my pocket a lot Of guys go with the metal or carbon Fiber or different types but personally As you can see I'm a big leather fan I Do wear Kydex as well and we'll look at

That now typically I do not carry a Multi-tool but when I do I carry one of The small little sogs this is really Easy to throw in my pocket and it's Small and it's capable but typically I Keep multi-tools off body that's just Part of me and one of the reasons why I Carry so much it just adds more weight Now here is a my knife and I do carry a Number of different knives but for Utility this is one of the Olight or o Knife freeze 2. carbon fiber scales I Really like this knife it's ball bearing Design drop point blade it's that just Right shape 154 CM stainless steel and so I like This for utility now I have a lot nicer Knives that I use but this is one that's Just a utility knife and one that I Typically carry a lot but what knives Are one of the things that I switch Probably more than anything else because I have so many and I just enjoy carrying Different knives for different reasons Now the one light that I typically carry Almost exclusively is the Olight Arc Failed and this is the flat flashlight It's a thousand lumens it's really Bright and and you can get a lot of Light out really quick comfortable to Carry in your pocket deep pocket carry But it also has a laser option and so You have a little green laser the Biggest thing I use the green laser for

Is for our pug he loves to chase that Thing around in fact if I pull this Light out of my pocket he immediately Starts looking for the laser this is my Really number one EDC light I do carry Some others at times and if I want Something really small I mean there are Other options but guys I've been Carrying Olight for over 12 years as my EDC and I know I do a lot with Olight But I just like Olight and I do have a Lot of choices also for my keys I have One of the key bars this is copper it's Heavy it's just what I decided to do it Is heavy and I've been carrying this one For a number of years you can see but Also I have an Apple Air tag this is Something that I've just added in fact Everyone in the family we can keep track Of our our keys it's really easy you're Already being tracked on your phone guys And this just allows you to find your Keys and of course I like the magnets And this was also from Key Bar so if I'm Out in my car and I've got it started But I need to run back into the shop or I need to run into the house I can just Pull this and this magnet is super Strong and then I have my shop keys and Different keys on here as well I'm Really thinking about changing things Out with my keys this has just gotten a Little bit ridiculous but that's one of The things about EDC guys is as you're

Going along what are you using on a Regular basis I mean again for me the Multi-tool is something that I don't Typically use every day and so it's one Of those things I can leave behind and If I need it I've got one handy either In my car my shop or somewhere close by And so this is my everyday EDC all right Guys if I'm going out to dinner I'm Going somewhere nice I'm with the family I want to just change it up I think one Of the things that we've done as a Society as a whole is that we've stopped Dressing up you know people just go to Places the same way and I kind of like To change it up it changes my attitude That's just me I like to do it one of The things I definitely change is the Handgun I'm carrying now this is one of The Springfield Armory emps it's one of The smallest nine millimeter 1911s out There it carries nine rounds and then One in the Chamber so I have 10 Rounds I Have a craft holster again outside the Waistband I really am liking their Holsters and this is a fairly new Holster and I have been carrying this Though quite a bit in fact really other Than the p365 XL I've been carrying this Number two as far as frequency two the Microtech and this is out the front this Is just an excellent knife I mean Microtech is one of the best on the Market and I really love their knives I

Do carry a couple of different ones but This is pretty much the one that I carry On a regular basis and man that thing is Quick to deploy I still carry my Billfold still carry my keys but I Upgrade my arc fail to the all titanium And it actually weighs just a touch more But it's just really nice very dressy And I just like to have this in my Pocket has the black clip instead of the Blue but uh these flights are excellent And the charging capability just throw a Pad on here and you can charge it I love Their lights guys and they're just Excellent and then this is one of the Invector it's a automatic and it is a Dive watch but it's in the all gold it's A little flashy but I get a lot of Compliments for this watch now a lot of You guys don't wear a watch and a lot of That has to do with with the phone You've got your phone you can just go Right to it I mean you you know the Times on their all your information but For me I like to be able just to glance Down at my watch and really I got Started with the invector series because Of nothing fancy he was doing a bunch of Videos on these and I just really like It it's got a good weight to it it's Really nice quality watch and I do carry Other watches and I'm going to show some Of those in just a minute because it's Just one of those things that I really

Enjoy doing for EDC now this is a little Bit different and I'm going to bring This up this is one of the Tangoyankee.com poker chips and this is Something that's just nice to do and the Guys over at Tango Yankee are friends of Mine but this is what you do in this Life matters and then it just says be The one to recognize kindness and when I Have really good friends or someone does Something really nice I keep a few of These in my pocket and I hand them out And so this is something just it's just A little different and once I saw this I Thought it was just incredible so I Ordered a box of them and so I give These out guys I think gratitude is one Of the things that we've really lost in Today's society as well as dressing up And guys you should always be thankful And grateful for those who go out of Their way to help and guys it's According to the situation but there are Times where I want to be even more Discreet and that's when I carry my Standard p365 and then I have a G-Code Appendix carry inside the waistband Holster this is very easy to hide it Stays really concealed and I really like That especially if I'm going places Again where I don't really feel Comfortable having any possibility of Printing one of the things about even Carrying a holster on your side is that

Someone comes up to give you a hug Especially ladies and you know they put Their hand on your waist and there's the Pistol here with the appendix carry you Know it's much less likely to happen so That's when I really like carrying Appendix as far as knife choices I have One of the zero tolerance and this is The 562 it's a large knife I did put Some Micarta scales on here just to Dress it up it had carbon fiber I'm a Big fan of Zero Tolerance knives they're Just solid I mean this is the next best Thing to a fixed blade knife and so I Just really like this and it has the Hinderer lock system these are not cheap But they are definitely worth it and so This is again something that when I'm Dressing up a little bit I'll carry that Or I'll carry my UDT and this is also a Microtech knife it's out the side and This is one of my first automatics but Man I'm gonna tell you what this thing Is fast and I actually end up carrying This one quite a bit you can see I've Been cutting boxes that's what I use my Knife more than any other thing is to Open boxes but uh Microtech makes some Incredible knives and really high Quality and another big favorite of mine Is the Gerber fastball this was made in The USA it's a aluminum scaled knife and It's just really nice quality but for Gerber I mean they're USA brands are

Just even A Cut Above So I really like This one it is super fast to deploy a Little less expensive than the zero Tolerance in the Microtech so it's one Of those that I might carry you know if I'm not really trying to impress And a couple of more watch choices I do Love the BCM watch this is an excellent Dive watch and I have one of the G-Shock Watches and just great watches All right now we have the core Essentials belt I had one out on the Table it was the nylon version the Ballistic nylon this is the leather Version These are excellent belts and I do use These regularly especially if I'm Dressing up and I need that either brown Or black I have a black as well what I Love is the rigidity of this belt and You need that for your holster listen a Standard dress belt is not adequate when It comes to concealed carry because It'll can't The holster it flops it's Just not tight enough one of the big Things about core Essentials and you'll Notice this ratcheting little area right Here and so the more I pull this You can hear it it locks and then it Locks solid and one of the things I love About that is it gives it to that Perfect position and then it has a Little Notch here you hit it and you can Adjust it and just open it up and take

It out and so core Essentials makes Great belts while I had this out on the Table the other version actually I just Failed to mention it so I wanted to Bring this in and show you because this Is a really regular part of my EDC now Guys off body carry something that I Typically haven't done in the past but I've started Kenpo Karate again and I'm Really needing something that I can Carry that's off body but yet I can Secure it maybe in a locker or put it Somewhere and this is what I carry when I go to the gym when I'm going on the Beach you know there are certain things That you just can't carry a firearm and So it's great to have a small little Fanny pack to be able to put things in Or a waste pack now this is the one that I've been carrying to karate when I go To the beach I actually have the Helicon Tex possums and it's a codura type Material it's fde I like it it actually Stands out a little bit less than this Black leather but this is super Comfortable it's really soft and supple But everything fits into this and I have A certain system where I put my phone in The front and so I can keep track of That in the very front pouch I put my Flashlight here in the center I put my Firearm now this is one of the Ruger LCP Max and it's ten plus one this thing is Awesome and I have it in one of the

Blackhawk Tech locks this you form it to The pistol of whatever you're using and This is great just for inside the Waistband I do use this one too when I'm Doing that deep carry Ultra deep with this one so it really Works well I like it in a holster Because it doesn't just flip around and Then here at the very back I drop in my Billfold and I put in my keys and so now I have everything right here and it's Handy when I walk in I've got it I just Set it down I don't have to take Everything off and I come in in my ghee Again if I'm at the gym you know I can Slip this around my waist if I want I Can put it over my shoulder if I'm at The beach which is one of the best Reasons and what got me started or we Have a pool and so in the summertime When I'm coming over to the pool this Just keeps things from being laid out Where everybody can see them and it's Just sitting over to the side I have it Somewhere kind of discreet when we're at The beach we have people that hang Around right at that area we go with a Big group and so they know what's in it And they're just really careful to Protect it but you know you don't want To leave this out where it can get Picked up being off body but at least Have something with you you know if You're in a situation where you just

Can't carry and this to me is the best Solution now guys one thing that I've Been doing lately is carrying a Five-shot revolver in my pocket or on my Ankle or just as a backup and what Really led me to that was I was at Tactical response with James Yeager and Chris Costa was there and we got to Talking about carrying pistols and one Of the things he said was he carries a Small revolver in case he's somewhere Where he gets into an active shooter Situation and he has someone there that He can hand this to revolvers are simple All you got to do is is pull the trigger And so it makes it really easy for Someone that has a little experience to At least have a firearm if not for Self-defense but also maybe to help in a Situation carrying a small Speed Loader Is excellent here I just have just a Small inside the waistband holster but I Typically carry this in a pocket holster On my left side and that way I can reach Right in if I need to and I can pull it And so we're going to do a whole segment On why you should carry a revolver we Won't get into all the details here but You know there's a lot of different Choices for revolvers and this is just One of the Smith Wesson airweights and It's just an excellent little handgun And you know guys that is one option to Think about now for over 10 years I

Carried a Glock 26 and a Jackson leather Work inside the waistband holster and You can see guys I was carrying this at Four o'clock this is a very comfortable Way to carry you don't even know that It's there I love Jackson leather work John does a great job on leather but I Switched to the from the 26 to the model 30s and this is in 45 ACP it fits the Same holsters as your Glock 26 or Glock 19 so it's just right but uh this is Just something that I've kind of gone to Here lately with the model 30s but again I was carrying the 26. really for 10 Years straight that was my EDC but now The that they've got the micro nines It's just more difficult to go to that When I can have a much smaller handgun With more rounds so that's why if I want 45 I want to jump it up some I've got This and it fits into that holster Carries the same and also sometimes I Like to carry my i5t Pro Plus this is a Light from Olight it's a really thin pen Light and I like this size it slips down To my pocket and it's really easy to Carry one thing I do like about this Light too is it makes an improvised Self-defense option if I need it so just Want to kind of show this and guys again With the EDC box there's so many Different things that I like to lay all This out and with the different setups I Have it makes it really easy so have

Your stuff together in one place and one Big thing that I want to mention is guys Carry your firearm you have a concealed Carry permit or you have a Constitutional carry state carrier Firearm guys because you never know when You're going to need it in fact when you Least expect it is typically when you Need it so guys again EDC is your Personal choice there are so many Different options out there where you Can craft whatever you want to carry What's comfortable for you what you use On an everyday basis don't just carry Stuff that people recommend carry what Fits you it's all personal and that's The big thing about EDC guys with what I Have I can switch it out I can change Things out but if you're carrying the Same thing every day again there is Something to be said about being Extremely familiar with the gear that You carry on an everyday basis but make Sure that you have good quality EDC gear Because those are the things that could Get you out of a tough situation give You a better day and possibly save your Life so guys down in the comments below Put in your EDC what do you carry on an Everyday basis and it helps all of us to Just look for different things that we May not have even known about and a lot Of times there are things that we Personally just can't do without and

Those are the things I'd love to see Down in the comments but again EDC Everyday carry it's your personal choice And however it sets up for you it just Helps you to get through life and to get Through the day a little better be Strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic [Music] You know somebody that And you have your wife who's no who's Not okay so one of the big things about Revolvers guys okay There's a different things that you find Yourself