Winter Survival Clothes

By | January 14, 2023

Hey what's up Troopers this is the shtf Hunter I want to do a video tonight about uh Winter survival or winter survival Clothing and some of the stuff I wear I Hear a lot older people say is saying as I get older I keep taking cold weather No more Well I'm the exact opposite I just Learned how to dress for the cold Weather and I thought about show show Y'all some of what I wear in the Wintertime keeps me warm uh but my job Mostly inside job but sometimes I have To work outside and uh the gear I'm Showing you tonight is a lot of it's What I wiring for street clothes I wear To work and I also wear hunting and I Just We're just going to I got several pieces Of extra gear laid out right here when We show you up close but uh This is some of the gear I wear and uh I'll show you pants here in a minute and The boots and also but uh So some of us army guys and X army guys We find equipment we like and we you Know even after we're out of the service We adopt this equipment And that's the same is true with what I've got some of the stuff I got on uh You know a lot of Preppers talk about The gray man Theory but to a train die Somebody to somebody who's

To a trained eye you can tell I'm in the Military this is like the brown polar or Well the brown uh fleece watch cat That's you know authorized a lot of Times in the military on the Army side I Think maybe the Marines too And this coat is a polar fleece or a Polar attack Please coat that the first one I was Issued was back in 2005 in Iraq And I've grown to love these coats the Army has a had a uh they had an Acu Gray Colored fleece and now they have they Currently have a brown color fleece And both of those fleeces are not as Thick as this one is these black ones uh You might be able to find these on and On like Surplus and surplus stores or Some kind of online Army Surplus but It's a Polar Tech fleece coat Um these watch caps I don't know the Brand but you know they are they're a Military fleece this one's been one this One's heavily worn if you see it up Close you can see it's about worn out This is something I I've worried a lot This year this was I still Pandemic gator Uh this one's super thin and stretches And so when it's real cold I'll wear this around my neck and uh if It's the wind's blowing like it was Today I'll just go ahead and pull it up And wear this and stand and stretches it

Breathes real good so I don't get a lot Of moisture right in here Like I do like you do some masks So I'll show you this Right here Yeah I'll never see it so that's the Polar Tech Police coat and uh this is the extra one You know if you They'll probably last you two or three Winners of hard use the pockets on this One got wore out and my flashlight and Stuff was kind of falling out so uh I'll Put a couple pair of gloves in the Pockets and I'll just use this to carry In wood now And this is the one I wear on the street I Um some of the other stuff I I keep in My pockets Just a pair of gloves and a flashlight This is an old worn tried and true Flashlight and uh So that's a couple things this is Usually kept my pocket if it ain't real Cold and On the inside layer I usually got some Type of long sleeve shirt In this pocket I actually have a whole Extra bottle of a Why I don't I don't know I guess Redundancy reasons just in case I leave This or something somewhere and uh hold The dump the dump pockets on this on the

Inside dunk pockets are ridiculously big I always carry a line or two in the Winter time because you know you might Go out to a building Um padlocks or locks get froze You know you strike a match to them or Strike a lot to them warm them up it Really comes in handy in the winter time But yeah these pockets Are ridiculously big the inside pockets Is one of the reasons I love them On this side I keep an extra phone Charger This Swiss tag I got this at Walmart This is the thinner Swiss type one And a couple of pins ink pens and uh Earplugs So [Music] Like I said you know if I'm gonna be Outside for an extended amount period of Time I'll wear uh Uh a base layer these are these actually Politech brand I got it all mixed up Polar Tech brand Um we call them silk weights in the Military But they're 100 polyester and everybody Or you know polyester thermals basically This is your base layer this is moisture Wicking so if I'm out hunting it's like 30 we'll say it's in the 30 degrees 30 Something right in there but I'm out

Hunting these will be underneath all This all the other stuff I'll wear so You so typically I have three layers on My upper body when I'm hunting with the Base layer then I have a long sleeve Shirt or sweater depending on how cold It is and then my polar attack Um And on on the On the bottoms These are Coleman brand fleece Line Pants and uh I started wearing I don't it's been I Don't know how many years ago I started Wearing fleece line but I was buying Wrangler fleece-lined pants from Walmart They're like 25 a pair you know not Expensive and I bought a bunch of them And They just they wore out they weren't Near as I don't think they're near as Good as the Coleman brand I'll show you a little back you got a Little symbol on the back a little Lantern But Coleman uh I got and I could you Could find these at uh Sam's Club And these will work really well for me And like I say these are so you know if I'm hunting I'll have that base layer I Showed you I just showed you home and These over top of them that's what I got Now And

So My job requires me to have Steel Two Boots These are rocky I want to say the inside says Rocky Rangers Um these are actually my second pair of These Yeah but uh anyway these are steel toes They supposed to have like 600 grams of Thinsulate and they got a Gore-Tex liner You can see the Gore-Tex right there Liner so uh These Rocky Boots Like I say they cost about 200 bucks I've never had the stitching stitching Come out of these boots the first pair Of these I wore for almost two years I never had the stitching come out but After about two years of use the uh The tread he basically wore off and I Had to it was getting really old and DX Them So I've had these I think I'm getting close to a year Wearing these and then yeah the leather I didn't didn't treat them right but Anyway So uh From head to toe that's what I wear Um I'll tell you about my underwear just Know my underwear is moisture Wicked Underwear and uh y'all still gonna want

Something to kill polar bears and Grizzly bears so I got this for winter Survival I got this 50 Bay Wolf We're probably going to do a couple Videos on this soon This is a pistol AR this is the tail Hoop arm brace But uh anyway just thought I'd throw That in there So All right This is the SS shtf Hunter Um if you can find one of these coats I Would highly recommend it if you can Find one this winter you know if you can Go to a Sam's Club and find you some of Them Coleman fleece lined pants I Recommend those And uh This is the shtf Hunter and I'm out