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By | January 14, 2023

Foreign Jeremiah Chapter 18. The word of yerma Yahoo Jeremiah from Yahuwah saying arise and go down to The Potter's House and there I'll let you Hear my yahuwah's words So I Jeremiah went down to The Potter's House and I saw him doing a piece of Work on the wheel and the vessel that he Made of clay was ruined in the hand of The Potter so he remade it into another Vessel as it seemed good For the Potter to do Then the word of yahuwah came to me Saying O House of Israel am I not able To do with you As this Potter declares yahuwah you've Been ruined I can make you again Look as the clay is in the hand of the Potter so are you in my hand o House of Israel The moment I speak concerning a nation And concerning a rain to pluck up to Pull down and to destroy it And that Nation shall turn from its evil Because I have spoken against it then I Shall repent of the evil that I yahuwah Thought to do to it if then if they're Obedient I won't destroy them nation of Israel Deep ties here into the blessing of Ephraim Ephraim and Manasseh vayaki Torah portion

Last week's tort portion I recommend you Read it And the moment I speak concerning a Nation and concerning a rainy Kingdom to Build it and to plant it And it shall do evil in my eyes And not obeying my voice it is evil in The eyes of yah to not obey his voice Then I shall repent concerning the good Of which I spoke of doing it If they are disobedient Y'all will not do good to them Deuteronomy 28 read it if you diligently Obey the voice of yahuwah your Elohim Then you will be blessed if you do not Then you will be cursed And now speak to the men of Judah and to The inhabitants of Jerusalem saying thus Said yahuwah See I am forming evil and devising a Plan against you return now everyone From his evil way And make your ways and your Deeds good But they shall say Jerusalem and Judah it is of no use for We walk according to our own paths and We do each one the stubbornness of his Own evil heart Therefore thus said yahuwah ask now Among the Nations who has heard the like Of this the maiden of Israel has done What is most horrible Does the snow of Lebanon cease from the Rock of the field or the cool flowing

Waters from afar dry up but my people Have forgotten me so just just as it's Natural for it to snow in the fields of Lebanon or for Cool Running Waters to Spring forth it is natural for yah's People to remember him and walk in his Ways But his people but my people have Forgotten me They have burned in incense to what is False I always get an image of the sensor at a Catholic mass when I see that They have burned incense to what is False and they have stumbled from their Ways from the ancient paths to walk in The bypass and not on the highway To make their land become a ruin and a Hissing forever Everyone who passes by it is appalled And shakes his head The ruined land You hear all the time uh If my name if my people will turn back To me I will heal their land and I hear People all the time saying see we have To pray for America If my people will turn back to me I will Heal their land Prayer is not simply what turning back Means Return now everyone from his evil way And make your ways and your Deeds good It is of no use for we walk according to

Our own paths and we each do the Stubbornness of his evil heart Do what yah told us to do And it shall do evil in my yahuwah's Eyes in not obeying my voice And then I shall repent considering the Good of which I spoke of doing it So if my people shall turn back I shall Hear their hero heal their land What does turning back mean It's not simply with your mouth Right or with your mind it's doing what You are told you to do what did y'all Tell you to do we have an entire book Full of it and as we've established Previously the concept that we don't Have to do 70 of this book That it is okay to be Lawless to be Criminals To be full of sin sin is lawlessness First John 3 verse 4. Because of the covering of Messiah is Completely anti-biblical it is a false Teaching If you diligently obey the voice of Yahuwah UR Elohim then you will be Blessed And if this book is the word of God and Yeshua is the word made flesh We should do the word of God to turn Back which is exactly what yah is Telling Jeremiah here in Jeremiah Chapter 18. Verse 17 I yahuwah shall scatter them as

With an East Wind before the enemy I Shall show them the back and not the Face in the day of their Calamity I'm Going to turn my back on them let them Be destroyed then they said come and let Us devise plans against Jeremiah for the Torah shall not perish from the priest So now Judah and Jerusalem is like let's Kill Jeremiah because we don't like what He's saying For the Torah shall not perish from the Priest nor counsel from the wise nor the Word from the Prophet come and let us Strike him with the tongue and let us Not listen to any of his words Now as far as the Torah not perishing From the priest and with the council From the wise Doctrines and dogmas of men This is what Yeshua is railing against When he rebukes the Pharisees the Sadducees the scribes the priests When he says blatantly you've annoyed You've ignored The matters of the weightier matters of Right ruling you tieth the cumin and the Anis and the mint but you forgot the Weightier manners Uh 23. Um then Yeshua spoke to the crowds and His taught one saying the scribes and The Pharisees sit on the seat of Moshe Of Moses

Therefore whatever they say to you to Guard guard and do Wait a minute Jesus said To do Whatever the scribes and the Pharisees Say to do on the authority of Moses But do not do according to their works For they say and do not do Matthew 23 from the mouth of messiah in The New Testament Describes and the Pharisees sit on the Seat of Moshe therefore whatever they Say to you to guard guard and do The Torah But do not do according to their works For they say they say they do it and They do not do Don't follow their example but do what They're telling you to do This is religion versus Torah The Torah is true The Torah is the word of God but it's Not What the Pharisees are doing which is Why Yeshua is constantly rebuking them You look at verse 23. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees Hypocrites because you tithe the mint And the anus and the cumin and have Neglected the weightier manners of the Torah the right ruling Justice and the Compassion and the belief these need to Have been done Without neglecting the others

Do all the tour these need to have been Done Justice and right ruling the weightier Manners of the Torah yeshua's telling You telling them you need to do these Things Blind guides straining out a gnat and Swallowing a camel woe to you scribes And Pharisees Hypocrites because you Clean the outside of the cup in the dish You appear religious you appear Pious But inside they are filled with plunder And unrighteousness What is righteousness Luke 1 verse 6 Blamelessly walking in the commands of Yah so these Pharisees and scribes are Not blamelessly walking in the commands Of yah which is why Yeshua is rebuking Them going back to verse 3 Matthew 23 Therefore whatever they say to you to Guard Garden do but do not do according To their works for they say and do not Do They're ignoring the weightier matters Of the Torah blind Pharisee first clean The inside of the cup in the dish get Your soul right so that the outside of Them becomes clean too what does King David say the Torah is the perfect tool For refining the soul Woe to you scribes and Pharisees Hypocrites because you were like Whitewashed tombs which outwardly indeed Look well but Insider filled with dead

Men's bones and all uncleanness So you too outwardly indeed appear Righteous to men but inside you are Filled so this is the rebuke you are Filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness Lawlessness Torahlessness Sin First John 3 verse 4 Yeshua is Rebuking the Pharisees for their Lawlessness Matthew 23 is a good read once you Understand that Messiah did not Do away with the Torah Matthew 5 17 he Embodied the Torah he is the word made Flesh So do what yah told you to do with a I wouldn't even say it's gentle with a Stern reminder from Messiah do what yah Told you to do Therefore whatever they say to you to Guard from the authority of the seed of Moses guard and do But do not do according to their works For they say that they do these works But they do not do them don't follow Their example But do the Torah So back to Jeremiah 18 then they Judah The Pharisees Then they said come and let us devise Plans against Jeremiah for the Torah Shall not pass and shall not perish from The priest nor counsel from the wise nor

The word from the Prophet come and let Us strike him with the tongue and let us Not listen to any of his words Attend to me o yahuwah and listen to the Voice of my adversaries Jeremiah Speaking now should good be repaid with Evil for they have dug a pit for my life Remember that I stood before you yahuwah To speak good for them and to turn away Your wrath from them I'm interceding on Their behalf to you So give the children over the scarcity Of food they didn't listen so now Jeremiah is talking to yah saying so Give the children over the scarcity of Food and hand them over to the power of The sword let their wives become widows And bereaved of their children let their Men be killed to death Their young men be stricken By The Sword In battle Well my God would never do that you Should read your Bible because you don't Understand your God Our God is God he's not make believe He's not a fantasy that's preached from A Pulpit on Sunday mornings he is the One Elohim yahuwah The beginning and the in the end the Olive and the tough The Great I Am And you do not transgress against him Lightly Let a cry be heard from their houses When you bring a raiding party suddenly

Upon them for they have dug a pit to Take me and laid snares from my feet but You owe yahuwah you know all their Counsel against me to slay me do not Pardon their crookedness nor blot out Their sin Sin First John 3 verse 4 lawlessness Nor blot out their lawlessness from your Presence and let them be overthrown Before you Deal with them in the time of your Displeasure To which yahuwah says verse 19 or Chapter 19 thus said yahuwah go and get A Potter's earthen jug and take some of The Elders of the people and some of the Elders of the priests then you shall go Out to the Valley of the son of hinom Which is by the entry to the pot shirt Gate and you shall Proclaim there the Words that I speak to you And she'll say so this is yahuwah Speaking through Jeremiah to some of the Priests and some of the elders Hear the word of yahuwah O Kings of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem Thus said yahuwah of hosts Yahuwah sabayath we've talked about that Phrase before yahuwah of hosts Is like the general It's like James Mattis United States Marine Corps With all the gravitas that that Statement embodies

Thus said Yahoo of hosts the Elohim of Israel the ELO the god of who Israel Romans 11 16 the tree of life that Gentile Believers are grafted into Israel Genesis 32 Israel he who is striving With Elohim he who is overcome with Elohim and he who is ruling with Elohim Striving struggling because we didn't Know we didn't have a relationship Overcoming By the blood of Messiah so That we can be redeemed into the Household of the Master look for look at The Torah of redemption to understand What exactly it is that Yeshua did for You did for us So that you might rule Exodus 19. I shall make of you a nation Of Kings and Priests The whole job of man the reason Adam was Created was to work the garden and guard It To rule and subdue literally that was Adam's job to rule and subdue Genesis 32 Israel Elohim God the god of the Bible is the God of Israel And that is the family you were grafted Into by the blood of Messiah Thus said yahuwah of hosts the Elohim of Israel see I am bringing evil on this Place that makes the ears tingle of all Who hear it because they have forsaken

Me and have profaned this place and have Burned incense in it to other Mighty Ones to other false gods whom neither They nor their fathers nor the kings of Judah have known and they have filled This place with the blood of Innocence And have built the high places of Baal False god to burn their sons with fire For ascending offerings to Baal which I Did not command or speak nor did it come Into my heart False worship They're deeply engaged in false worship Not worship that yah commanded Worship that they took upon themselves In the name of God Oh we're the children of God but we Worship this way that's not the way yah Told you to Therefore see the days are coming Declares yahuwah that this place shall No more be called tofeth or the Valley Of the son of hiddem but rather the Valley of Slaughter And I shall pour out the counsel of Judah and Jerusalem in this place and I Shall Make Them Fall by the sword before Their enemies and by the hands of those Who seek their lives and I shall give Their corpses as meat for the birds of The heavens and for the beasts of the Earth Revelation 19 imagery here And I shall make this city a ruin and a Hissing everyone who passes by it is

Appalled and hisses because of its Plagues and I shall make them eat the Flesh of their sons in the flesh of Their daughters and eat one another's Flesh in The Siege and in distress with Which their life with which their Enemies and those who seek their lives To stress them and if you've read Chronicles kings you're aware that at One time Jerusalem was heavily Under Siege The king tears his garments because a Woman comes to him and says King King I've got a problem he's like What's up And she says I made an agreement with my Neighbor Um Yesterday we ate my son because there Was no food And today we were supposed to eat her Son But she has hidden her son from me and I Can't find him now I've got nothing to Eat And the King tears his garments and Begins weeping It's a fulfillment of this prophecy Jerusalem had turned so far from yahuwah That they were literally eating their Children because of how badly besieged By their their enemies they were and They were badly besieged by their Enemies because they had turned from yah

They lost his Blessing If you diligently obey the voice of Yahuwah your Elohim you will be blessed Deuteronomy 28 if you do not you will be Cursed Verse 10 and you shall break the judge The Jug before the eyes of the men who Go with you these elders and the priests And shall say to them thus said yahuwah Of hosts Even so I break this people in the city As one breaks a Potter's vessel which One is unable to repair again and let Them bury them in tophith till there is No place to bury this is what I shall do To this place declares yahuwah and to Its inhabitants so as to make this city Like tofith and the houses of Jerusalem And the houses of the kings of Judah Shall be as unclean as the places of Tofith because of dead bodies because of All the houses on Whose roofs they have Burned incense to all the hosts of the Heavens The host of the heavens Angel worship You see a lot of this in like modern Christendom and Christianity adjacent Spiritual belief systems the worship of Angels every time an angel appears in The Bible To a man of Elohim They fall on their face and the angel Says get up don't worship me I'm just Like you

Don't worship Angels they are messengers Of yah just like you are Angel The word that we have for Angel is a Transcription of a translation of the Phrase messenger of yahuwah If you carry the word of yahuwah with You in your mind and in your heart and Therefore it spills forth from your Mouth because out of the abundance of The heart the mouth speaks you are a Messenger of yahuwah That's why these angels are like dude Get up I'm not that special and frankly Neither are you we just both work for Yah So we see here as well in Jerusalem Because of all the houses on Whose roofs They have burned incense to all the Hosts of the heavens And poured out drink offerings to other Mighty ones who are these Mighty ones These false gods Genesis 6 verse 4. And then those and in those days there Were giants in the land and Men of Renown Men of renown These are The Offspring of the Watchers The Fallen Angels who come down in Genesis and copulate with the daughters Of men And because of this Unholy literally Union between angels and Men you get People or half people half angel

Who were What the Greek pantheon and the Norse Gods the Norse pagans would consider Their gods right I like to tell pagans all the time They're like yeah well you know you Believe in the god of the Bible I'm like Your God's in there too My God made them And your God is because of this Unholy Union between angels and Men did they Have some cool party tricks yeah Are they more powerful than yahuwah or Elohim not even remotely close they're Half man for Pete's sake Yaz outside of the time space continuum The keys looks down on all of it Including your cute little false god Dude Thor ooh I'm super impressed wow That's incredible Odin ooh whatever Cute story bro But these false gods the Bales the false Gods The Fallen Angels The hosts of Heaven are who Jerusalem is Now making offerings to I'd be pissed Too if I was yahuwah And the houses of Jerusalem and the Houses of the kings of Judah shall be as Unclean as the place of tofith because Of all the houses on Whose roof they Have burned incense to all the hosts of The heavens and poured out drink

Offerings to other Mighty ones false Gods remember Abraham Abraham comes out Of orcasdim Babylon His daddy Um Tarak was the keeper of all of the House Idols for the Babylonian Empire And Abraham smashes all of those idols Read the book of jasher And Abraham is brought out by yah To be the patriarch Abraham Isaac Jacob Jacob becomes Israel Israel the 12 Tribes right one of those 12 tribes is Judah or the yahudim the Jews which is Who Jeremiah is speaking to on behalf of Yah now But Abraham came out of that false System of worship and yet here we are The descendants of Abraham have just Circled right back around to that same Horse pucky and yah's pissed about it Verse 14 and when Jeremiah returned from Tophith where yahuwah had sent him to Prophesy he stood in the courtyard of The House of yahuwah and said to all the People thus said yahuwah of hosts the Elohim of Israel See I am bringing on this city and all Her towns all the evil that I have Pronounced against it because they have Stiffened their necks so as not to hear My words All the evil that I have pronounced Against it

Because they have stiffened their necks So as not to hear my Yahoo's words If then If you diligently obey the voice of Yahuh you Elohim you will be blessed Cornerstone of the teachings of the Messiah If you wish to enter into life guard the Commands and I know that his commands Are everlasting life if you love me keep My commands as I have kept my father's Commands all these are quotes of Jesus The Messiah Who also does not think very highly of The Lawless ones depart from me you who Work lawlessness I never knew you and Then of course you get into Pauline Doctrine II Thessalonians chapter 2 the Lawless one is the working of Satan Foreign Almost as if from jump You're supposed to do what Dad told you To do you're supposed to do The commands the laws the right rulings Of yahuwah UR Elohim and people will say Well there's 613 commands in the Old Testament you can't do all those well You're not supposed to do all of those If you're the not the high priest which You're not nor am I you can get rid of About 200 of those commands Okay if You're not a woman get rid of about Another 100 of those commands if you're Not a man you can ditch about 200 of

Those commands So you're left with a couple 300 of These commands laws and right rulings That you can do That you should do And they're very simple come to me all Ye who labor my yoke is easy my burden Is light there is a yoke there is a Burden for following Yeshua but it's Easy it's good Good It's the Torah and if we believe that This entire book is the word of God that This is God breathed inspired scripture The doctrine of inerrancy codified a 1977 globally by 44 000 different Denominations in Christendom if we Believe this book of is the word of God And God says explicitly in Malachi 3 Verse 6 I'm the Lord yahuwah sabieth I change not Shouldn't we take him at his word we Certainly take him out his word with all These other things The promise to the Seed of Abraham Everlasting life By belief by the way belief is something You do not something you say or think Belief is something you do We certainly believe that he's the great Physician Jehovah yaira you ever hear that Jehovah Jireh the great physician that he can Heal we certainly believe that we have

Authority given unto us the name of Yeshua that whatever we ask in his name Through belief shall be given unto us For the glory of yah we certainly Believe him when he says that Right but is this in an A La Carte menu Is this a buffet where we get to walk Down the line of scripture and pick and Choose what we like and put it on our Plate to make our own pet doctrines and Dogmas AKA denominations no it's not Y'all hates that See I am bringing on this city and on All her towns all the evil that I have Pronounced against it because they Stiffened their necks So as not to hear my words Plural Torah And the word made flesh Yeshua Hamashiach Agree with each other Incredibly If there was no sin in Messiah and sin Is lawlessness First John 3 verse 4. Look it up don't take my word for it Then Messiah wasn't Lawless he kept the Torah perfectly And in First Peter 2 21 we are commanded To walk in his steps That in him there is no sin No lawlessness and no deceit was found In his mouth he never said a word Against what yah said

What are we supposed to do As followers of Messiah If you love me Keep my commands as I have kept my Father's commands John 15. Bless y'all shalom