Cimbrer Cauldron

By | January 13, 2023

Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Across Foreign Yeah happy New Year everyone and welcome To 2023 and Kimber bushcrafts today I'm Out in a Royal Forest actually a new Place I've never been in before and It was because I have Planned to make a trip to a little Lake But when I'm carry out there there was a Lot of Woodworkers cutting down trees so There was a lot of noise there so I Found another place and as you can see This place is very uh Mysterious and so cool so yeah I'm glad you joined me this time I have Some new stuff I would like to show you Something I know that a lot of you have Asked about for many years or a very Long time now it's finally here and it's Not the fireball but something else and Then I'm going to make a Viking meal out Here a really traditional Viking meal That I will tell you about when we come To that States

Now I'm just sitting here Relaxing and enjoying myself The weather is Okay nice you can see there's I don't Know if you can see but there's sun Today and about six degrees Celsius We had a little snow in the in December And then it's uh managed again so There's not much white winter in this Country this year But I like this green forest and I like To be out here Okay Yeah and what I'm going to make today is This uh blood sausage I think it's the same as Blood pudding or black pudding in in England So um And I can see Cornelius is very Yeah You think this is nice And me too You know Nope nope Yep Vanillus not now Oh yeah Let me just have to slice it Approximately one centimeter or Half an inch [Music] Foreign [Music]

Made out of thick blood And yeah there's something in that Some Flour and something so it will be kept Uh Thick Otherwise blood is As you know And liquids From this way you'll be able to make it Like this Yeah and together with the blotch Searches I'm going to make these These are called Green cabbage in Denmark I'm not sure what it's called the Translation say kale Something like that I don't don't know If that is the correct Way to translate it but It's very healthy and The Vikings ate a lot of this Green cabbage quite cold And I'll just fry it on the pan together With the blood sausage Yeah [Music] Looking good [Music] Yeah I think they are done And Just take him over here in my Viking Eating Bowl

Like this And then put the cabbage on Just put some of those over again so It will keep warm And then On top of these Yeah I'll show you yeah so I'm gonna use On top of this I put some honey yeah It's cold today so The honey is very Thick And Nope And it's difficult to get out of this Little box Here it goes [Music] You can use honey or syrup A little bit sweet some use sugar But the Didn't have sugar in the Viking age so I'm sticking on to The good old honey Yeah So great And then some Cabbage Oh yeah I think I'll take this off And look at this A little Viking wheel Yep Foreign

I got some meat from my My son and daughter in the Christmas Present Um Score everyone Okay Yeah And now for the new thing I've got And I'm very excited to show you that You all know Michael throne Approximately 1.5 Liter but Medieval craft that are making these Sent me a new thing Yeah look at this Look at this A small one They say 600 milliliters 0.6 liters but I can have uh 700 Millimeters in this And this is a perfect size for making Coffee and then I could use this for Cooking food in so when I'm out here Making my coffee me or with a with a Friend I'll use this And of course there's a little lid for It Yeah and you see and the most cool thing Is they have listened to all your uh Friendly subscribers that are telling Them you need this little handle so now It is on the car drone and you can just

Pour the coffee isn't that great yeah I Think it's so nice That they have hurt all the good Suggestions and I'm so grateful for Medieval craft they have sent me this So I can show you So today I make my coffee and this and I decided to put my coffee in a birch Back container like this It's a little bit easier than with the Coffee pouch so now I'm going to make my First coffee in this little pot [Music] And of course I put a link in my video Description Where you can buy this Foreign I think it's the same amount of water so I'll put In the same amount of coffee Approximately six spoons of this And see if that's The right Combination but I think so Now I just have to wait and let it Boil [Music] Yeah it's almost boiling foreign Yeah Then I take it off here Let it rests And in a minute I have my coffee Oh yeah And it's just perfect with this little I

Think it's called a sprout So I can pour it out without Spilling And then my little special thing And it's actually whiskey I come in my Coffee Valentine's whiskey is a good choice Because it's a little bit smoke Smoky Taste and I like that Let's go everyone And happy New Year Yep It will keep it hot Yeah and those of you are who are Supporting me on patreon know that Or you could know because I put up a Message on patreon that I'm no longer Uh going to receive a donation on that Platform And it has nothing to do with patreon They are good solution but something Regarding me so instead of that's Patreon I found a new site it's called Buy me a coffee and on this side you can Donate small amounts of money for me if You want to and I also have some kind of Membership or a long time support if you Want to donate the same amount every Month like on Patreon so buy me a coffee it's a new Platform where you can if you want to Support me financially you can use that Of course I put a link in my video Description and on my website so you can

Find it and regardless if you are going To support me like that or not yeah I'm Very grateful for all the kindness and Support you're giving me through your Comments and watching my videos I've turned the 92 000 now and yeah I'm Heading for the 100K and I'm looking Very much forward to that it's been a Goal a milestone for me for a very long Time I think when I turned the 50 000 I think I thought well it's possible for me to Get to 100 000 and yeah it's in my reach Now but so I appreciate all the help you Can give me uh by sharing my videos with People you think could be interesting That and also check out if you are still A member still subscribing for my Channel but sometimes YouTube removes The subscribing from a person I've heard That in some of my comments so please Check out that you're still a subscriber For my channel I will uh be really grateful for that Yeah And a new year And yeah I have some plans of making some videos Together with Tristan and the Martin Some Viking videos I think and also Would be getting making some Bushcraft With you again soon I got some new stuff From maltus that I would like to show You and also something else that is very

Interesting so I hope you'll join me Next time Can you use mine Yeah folks this is all for now I hope You enjoyed this little video My first real video in the new year 2023 So yeah It's been a wonderful day out here No wind there's a little bit noise from The From the rope that is down there I tried to walk in as much as I could But Perhaps you can hear it Yeah Thank you for watching Kimber Bush great We really appreciate that Is that right Cornelius Yeah and then we hope to see you again On the next one bye bye take care Who caught Foreign Foreign [Music]