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By | January 11, 2023

Foreign CEO bear episode two Winning Versus not losing Winning versus not losing There is a difference A lot of people stumble through life With the idea that I'm going to at least Not lose today Without actually having a plan on how to Win the day Win the day being a phrase that Andy Frizzella CEO of first form And uh one of the two gentlemen involved In The arate Syndicate Brings up all the time You should check out his podcast The mfceo podcast as well as real AF And if uh you're not a fan of four Letter words this episode is not going To be for you and Andy frizzella is Definitely not going to be for you but What a shame you're missing out on all That great information because you don't Like a particular sound that comes out Of somebody's face Winning versus not losing The primary difference between winning And not losing that I see And it really comes down to offense Versus defense Is winning is having an offensive Strategy a plan that you can execute on Not losing

Is basically being reactive rather than Proactive Reacting to contact all day all year Old decade your entire life External stimulus happens therefore I go into react mode and I try and Mitigate the damage from this external Stimulus That's way different than I have a plan A well thought out plan that allows me To execute regardless of what the External stimulus is Now I may adjust that plan I may pivot From time to time because of external Stimulus Good example of this small example of This Refuge Medical Warren Ukraine kicks off February 2022 The preposphere goes absolutely ape [ __ ] Okay There's a lot of demand in that sphere Some of it rightfully so So we got kio3 potassium iodate in stock Couldn't keep it in stock Bought that stuff by the pallet Was not a product that we offered Beforehand but it's a product that I Personally have in my own home So we got pallets of it and we sold Pallets of it at a reasonable price While still making a decent profit on it To you and everybody else That wasn't part of our plan for 2022 But that external stimulus because we

Had a plan allowed us to react in an Offensive manner Right Rather than oh my gosh Russia is going To drop nuclear warheads on Everybody Shut the business down there's no point In living anymore I'm gonna go crawl on My bunker and stay there for a year or Two at which point I'll come out and Realize hmm the world's pretty much the Same as it was when I went into the Bunker and having missed all those Opportunities that presented themselves Over that year or two where I had my Head in the dirt literally or Figuratively So winning implies You have a goal or a set of goals We talked about ambition right Abnormal goals require abnormal work Ethic in order to achieve those goals You need to know what your goals are you Need to know what the mission is the Mission at Refuge medical is to save Lives while in service to the father's Kingdom and experiencing the abundance Of his provision and blessing You get to decide what abundance looks Like for us it's not simply profit Driven it's being able to do good work With good people that's meaningful Building good relationships saving People's lives and a big part of the Abundance that we have is not yachts and

Lamborghinis it's land it's sheep It's really strong excellent Relationships with people that we love Right But that's our mission statement Within that mission statement or in Support of that mission statement we Have strategic initiatives Otherwise known as goals things we have To do things we have to execute on they Get us from where we are to where we Want to be to fulfill those ridiculously Optimistic Ambitions that we have right Those abnormal goals So it starts with you of having a goal A mission For your life and if that's too big for You start with today My goal today is XYZ Foreign I track a number of metrics every day How much sleep I got how much I weigh What I ate during the day And I used the notes app on my phone you Can use a journal you can use a sheet of Paper whatever another Andy frizzella Thing is the power List look it up From uh Sean Whalen I got power Purpose Passion productivity these four Different areas of my life that I'm Tracking every day power being what did You feed your body and how did you move

Your body today Purpose what did you feed your mind Today what did you eat with your Eyeballs and your ears today Passion how are you meaningfully showing Up in your relationships every day Right don't just phone it in If you only have 15 minutes to spend With your wife today they better be a Good 15 minutes right if you only have Five minutes to spend with your children Today they better be a good five minutes Don't just phone it in And the productivity How are you earning How are you earning To achieve those abnormal goals power Person power passion purpose and Productivity So track those four things every day So that I'm inventorying my goals and my Actions to meet those goals every day Okay so I have a plan Planning is really important reverse Planning process We talked about in episode one of CEO Bear No peasant [ __ ] Let's say you want to buy land and that Land is a hundred thousand dollars and You've given yourself a two-year Timetable to buy land That works out to roughly a thousand Dollars a week that you need to save

Right That's breaking taking the goal buying The land Which is broken up of several different Action items Save a hundred thousand dollars Identify land be able to execute on the Land right the planning to move from Where you are to where the land is ETC Right so there's action items inside of That goal But breaking that down into bite-sized Pieces thousand dollars a week now What's my plan to earn an additional Thousand dollars a week how am I gonna Do that When I was in north Texas working as the GM of that wood shop We knew we had to get out of debt we Knew we had to move And so when you're in a hole the first Thing you do to get out of the hole is Stop digging So we quit spending money we didn't need To spend And then I told my wife I'm gonna work One additional day per week For me I'm already going into all these People's houses five days a week hanging Cabinets trim flooring stair treads You know custom furniture all this stuff I'm already doing that I wonder if I could run base mold for

Them the answer is yes I can Or crown mold or hang doors or Windows Or whatever And I made an additional twenty six Thousand dollars cash that year working A few hours each day three to five hours One extra day a week When we moved up here and we had to spin Up this Homestead I was working 70 hours A week four days a week 70 hours a week in four days In north Texas plus the commute a few Hundred miles each Direction and then Coming up here working a couple days a Week on the homestead taking the money I Was earning from that 70 hours a week And pouring it into the homestead so That we could buy animals buy fence Build barns fix the house Plumb the well Etc right abnormal goals require Abnormal work ethic back to planning so You need a plan And that plan should be reverse Engineered from what my goal is and then Into bite-sized steps how I'm going to Get there and if you don't have a big Overarching goal for 2023 start with Today what's my goal today My goal today is to eat clean move my Body spend meaningful time with the People that I love be productive right And feed my mind and my soul Okay Start doing that every day until it

Becomes second nature where you feel Wrong if you didn't move your body today You feel wrong if you didn't hang out With your wife today feel wrong if you Didn't read your word and read some Other book today Then you can start extrapolating that Out over the long term the week the Month the year what does that look like But you can't hit a Target you can't see The first thing you do Before you take a shot is PID positive Identification of the target what's the Goal what's the target if you can't see It if you can't identify the target you Can't hit it okay So with your planning while you're Planning you're going to identify Weaknesses your weaknesses Is good There's two schools of thought with Weaknesses the first is you could train Up all of your weaknesses so that you're Not weak in any areas That's usually a Time suck that usually Doesn't work very well A better way to address that is to find People who are better at the things that You're weak at than you are and employ Them whether that's with cash or with Arrangements hey I'm really good at Roofing you're really good at tile I'll Do your roof uh if you can do my tile Right whatever it may be

So barter swap Um or maybe they just love you maybe You've got a cousin who's one of your Best friends who's a tax attorney and You've got questions right But you farm those things out you give Them away to people that are more Believable and more knowledgeable than You are in that facet of life that You're not good at So you're mitigating your weaknesses by Doing that and that's really important Because that ties into What's called the Pareto Principle the 80 20 rule 20 of what you do every day yields 80 Percent of the benefit eighty percent of The profit And the Pareto Principle applies to Basically everything 20 of the people in An organization present produce 80 of The results Eighty percent of your actions every day Eighty percent of your time is only Producing 20 of your results You're burning eight tenths of your time On things that are not producing results Pareto Principle Mr paretto was a mathematician and if You look hard enough you'll find this Principle everywhere So that means you need to identify what The 20 percent is that you're doing Every day That produces 80 of your results and

Then double down on that If you double down on that now you're Spending four tenths of your time forty Percent of your time producing 160 of Your results creating a sixty percent Surplus this requires you to take an Inventory of who you are and what you do And what you're good at and your Weaknesses what you're not good at And then don't do the things you're not Good at In many cases it's better to not do Something than it is to do it poorly Doing it poorly can create way more Headache way more struggle and strife Down the road than if you didn't do it At all That becomes a Time suck in of itself You would have been better off not doing It than doing it wrong Okay so during your planning process You're going to identify weaknesses in Your plan and weaknesses in you that's Going to require you to delegate in Those areas that you're weak And this gets back to the concept that We Are better than me I don't know Everything I can't do everything I don't Want to do everything But I have a team of killers Around me that do know everything we Know everything we do everything we Execute on the entirety of the plan and

So I am 100 out on the Lone Wolf idea Not just from a preparedness standpoint But from life in general people build Teams tribe is a thing One person has never won a Super Bowl by Themselves One person has never built a Multi-million dollar or billion dollar Company One person has never been the research Team that won a Nobel Prize Okay one person doesn't run a country They have teams of people around them And so you have to get out of the Mindset of the I'm the guy I'm the girl It's all me it's not all you and if it Is all you you have to build a team of People around you that you can delegate Your weaknesses to otherwise you're not Going to be able to move forward Down the path towards your goal this is Just a fact argue it all you want it's Just a fact Once you've built the plan once you've Identified the weaknesses in the plan Ending yourself and you've delegated to Mitigate those weaknesses now you need To execute you need to work the plan And again you may pivot throughout the Plan but by knowing what the plan is and The plan supports the goal if you have To Pivot off of due north towards the Goal you can always navigate back to Due North toward the goal because you have a

Plan if you don't have a plan if you Navigate off of due north because you Have to Pivot because some external Factor has caused you to have to Maneuver Excuse the wind I'm not in charge of the Weather Some external Factor has caused you to Have to maneuver if you don't know where You're going you'll never get back on Track you'll end up way over here in the Weeds saying it never worked out I don't Know why it didn't work I'm so lost I'm So exhausted what happened because you Didn't know what the plan was you didn't Know what the goal was you had no way to Navigate you can't triangulate without At least three positions on the map Right And I would submit in your life the Positions on your map are where you were Where you are and where you're going So if you don't know where you're going Most of us have a pretty good idea of Where we've come from the things that Have happened to us the people who have Supported us or tore us down the Circumstances of life that got us to Hear right Many fewer people have a real good idea Snapshot in time of who I am right now First know thyself who am I right now And the I that I am right now is Different than the eye that I was a year

Ago five years ago 20 years ago right so Who I was who I am who am I right now And that's part of inventorying your Weaknesses when you're doing your plan And then who am I in the future what do I want to be Do I want to be thinner Stronger Faster More agile more wealthy live in a Different place have stronger Relationships be smarter be more Spiritual what are my goals what am I Trying to get towards right and so with Those three points on the map you can Triangulate who I was who I am who I Will be But if you don't know what this goal is Over here you get lost No plan no map sheet you can't navigate Okay So by knowing what the goal is True dead North we're navigating this Way if you have to Pivot okay you have To come off to go around an obstacle you Have to maneuver you can always navigate Back towards the goal without clearly Articulating what the goal is when you Maneuver you'll get over here into the Weeds so it's incredibly important to Understand what the goal is that also Contributes deeply to your Decision-making process Should I do this should I not do this Does it support the mission does it Support the goal if it doesn't support

The goal no I'm not doing it should I Eat this entire cheesecake not if the Goal is to be thin and sexy Right should I buy a Lambo not if the Goal is to be truly wealthy See what I mean Should I I don't know should I go to the gym Today well if the goal is to be thin and Healthy and and sexy maybe the answer to That is yes I should ah but my knees and My hips really hurt maybe I need to rest Today right so if that decision supports The goal now you can do a cost benefit Analysis on that decision What is it going to cost me to do it how Do I benefit from it do I move forward So if that decision does not support the Goal we don't even think about it throw It over here get rid of it not important If it does support the goal now we can Examine that cost benefit analysis and Decide whether or not to execute on it Execute on it so you work the plan Last portion here after Action Report AAR Uh examine Learn from the execution phase okay What did we do right what did we do Wrong what did we see coming what did we Not see coming who over performed who Underperformed Learn Then you take those Lessons Learned and

They become a set of principles with it You use in order to execute on the next Goal and then when you set the next goal Whether it's tomorrow next week next Month next year next decade When you set the next goal you now have All those Lessons Learned From the Execution and the planning that you did To achieve goal one that feeds into goal Two and then you go right back into that Planning process for goal two Right we plan out what it's going to Take To achieve goal two we inventory our Personal weaknesses and the weaknesses In the plan for goal two so that we can Mitigate the risk that those weaknesses Represent we delegate in those areas Where we're weak we execute on the plan We learn from executing on plan two and Then we take all those lessons learning We feed it into Plan Three plan four Plan five over and over and over again Now you're gaining momentum you're Moving faster and faster and faster at This you're getting more and more Knowledge as you do this you're getting Stronger as you do this you're building Deeper and deeper relationships as you Do this So the difference between not losing Which is essentially defense I'm gonna Crawl into the bunker and wait for the World to go by because it's scary out

There by the way what makes you think It's going to be less scary in a year or Two when you crawl out of the bunker Than it was when you went into the Bunker There's no guarantee of that All right so not losing is pacifism it's Defense Staying right here hoping that nothing Changes and if something pops up maybe I'll shoot at it maybe I won't Winning Is going on the offense The best defense is a good offense Right Static positions are a monument to man's Stupidity Right Winning is having a plan so you can go On the offensive so you can get what you Need to accomplish those goals whatever Those goals may be they're your goals You set them you figure out what it is That you need to do to build your life Up So that you can be a better you so you Can do a better job at providing Protecting and blessing your household And the people that the father has given You to steward Not losing versus winning Two very different mindsets When his defense won his offense There's nobody

Who's spoken of favorably throughout the History of time who is on defense their Entire life They took mitigated calculated risk over And over and over again And it doesn't mean that That isn't scary at times because it is But change is the only constant in life So you're going to take risks For you Are you going to allow somebody else to Take risks on your behalf The way we mitigate that risk so we can Come out on the other end better than we Went into it Whatever that cycle is day week month Year lifetime The way we mitigate that risk is again Third time last time planning first Inventorying your weaknesses in the plan And yourself delegating those weaknesses So that you're mitigating that risk Executing on the plan learning from that Execution and then taking all of that And feeding it into the next goal over And over and over again My brother stalwart Peacekeeper said the Ooda loop should be an upward spiral Ooda Loop observe Orient decide Act We think of this as a loop like this Right observe Orient decide act so you Act and then after you act You observe Then you Orient on the problem then you Decide what to do about it koa's courses

Of action then you act on one of those Courses of action Than You observe right AAR or whatever It may be Observe Orient the side act ooda Loop Well if you do that properly it looks More like this look at the screen so They're just going in circles Every time you complete one of those Cycles you're moving up a step Observe Orient to side act observe Orient decide act observe Orient to side Act up up up up up up The ooda loop should be an upward cycle So should be the same cycle of these Goals Implementing this process so you can Move further and further down the field Towards accomplishing your goals Whatever they may be That's the difference between winning And not losing not losing is pacifism Not losing his hope and hope is not a Strategy Winning is having a plan and executing On it winning is taking personal Responsibility to do the things that you Want to do that you've decided you need To do in order to fulfill your role in This life that the father has blessed You with that's way different than Sitting around waiting for good [ __ ] to Happen to you It's making good [ __ ] happen

Is it difficult yes life's difficult So I'd rather be I'd rather be engaged In difficulty and be prosperous however You define that Then be engaged in difficulty and be Spit on my freaking Wheels Winning versus not losing I appreciate Y'all thank you very much do me a favor Share this show with somebody you think Needs to see it y'all have a blessed day Shalom