Crispiest Katsu Chicken on a Campfire

By | January 11, 2023

Welcome back it's a cold one very chilly Morning everything was very frosty this Morning I thought it actually snowed but Unfortunately not Um I'm out today another sponsored video Of Hello fresh if you liked these doing Crispy chicken katsu burgers with some Fries and I've got my instructions here I'm gonna have to adapt it a little bit For doing it on a campfire and speaking Of campfires I need to get that going Because I am freezing Foreign Foreign Foreign [Applause] Thank you Let's jump one done and that's warmed me Up quite a lot not just the fire itself But mainly the prep of the fire So while this burns down to some coals I'm going to get some food prep underway Just uh make some wedges out of these Potatoes quite big ones So Let's get that on and we'll just parboil Them obviously you don't have to do that At home you can just put them straight In the oven They'll soften them before frying them Off Okay now for the dressing Got some Rice vinegar

So now I'm gonna ride a pinch of salt And pepper Some olive oil And a little sugar And just give that a bit of a mix I'm gonna hold back a couple of these Bigger leaves Off of these gem lettuces And then I'm gonna just slice some up Hold that back That in our Bowl And then I'm just going to trim up some Radishes I'm gonna do quarters And then I'm just going to pour over That dressing It's going to get a good tell us about So in the same Bowl going to do our Korma style paste which is going to be Some mayonnaise A nice spoon full of honey And our Corner paste And that's just going to get a good mix If you did miss the last video check it Out um that was the last hello fresh one And I explained how hello fresh is the Subscription service now it's not Something that's hard to opt out or Anything like that you can skip weeks You can reduce meals you can add meals So two to five people and they had 44 Menus every month to choose from and you Pick exactly what you want you can go Low calorie meat vegetarian whatever it

Is you want like I said I've been using It for a few months now I'll show you Some of mine I've done at home and it's Just great for them times when you get Home you open the fridge and there's Nothing there you fancy and you just Order a takeaway that's what I think It's for them days of the week when you Come home from work like Works Absolutely ideally now because of this Sponsorship hello fresh have actually Given you guys a discount 60 off the First box and then 25 off the next two Months with code Kent survival 60 which Is a lot of food for a good price plus a Few free gifts they often put things Like a chocolate bar or drink and stuff Like that in there as well so let's get Back to the Cook I've got a chicken Breast here in a plastic bag to bring it To Camp And a skillet cast iron We're going to squish it Just gonna beat this egg into this tray Here I'm going to season that chicken breast On both sides And look at this for prep So we're going in the egg here Keep a clean hand and a dirty hand I'm going to do that on both sides Get it all nice and covered And then that's going straight into The breadcrumbs

And with your clean hand pick them up Just make sure everybody is covered Pan with enough oil to cover the bottom And on with the chicken On this medium high that might be a Little bit low but it's heating up Just want that oil shimmering Just moving it around because one side Of this pan is hotter than the other We will do a couple of minutes each side And then flip that's what it says we're Cooking it for about eight minutes or so Oh look at that Beautiful I've only got one pan with me today so I'm doing the meat and then the wedges And I'll give the meat a little bit of Time to rest because wedges won't take Long until being parboiled but at home You'd have them in the oven and that and The pan so wouldn't be a problem I'm gonna cut our bun in half all ready For our chicken [Applause] Foreign Already in the pan just going to throw In some of them wedges Maybe not all of them for this And just seasoned with salt and pepper On here we're going to add And nice crispy wedges And very quickly I'm just going to toast That bun off I'm going to put a good dollop of the

Sauce on the top of the bun And then Baby gem lettuce leaves Like so When I first stop I've got my eye on This crispy wedge here I'm just going Straight in that sauce whoa Oh that's delicious Try out this dressing Wow that is Tangy Okay Here it goes Um Here we go Proper tuck in now you may notice the Hats back on Hmm It's getting a little nippy out here I'm gonna tear off some of this Chicken just so you can see it Is Crispy and lovely Hmm Well if you liked this recipe this meal There's plenty more like it over on Hellofresh like I said I've been using It for months myself now and it's great For them times When you've got nothing in the fridge or You know you're tempted to order a Takeaway Link with discount down below check it Out and I'll see you guys on the next One goodbye for now