8 X 8 Tarp Tent – Thornhill Ultra Heavy Waxed Canvas Tarp

By | January 11, 2023

Wow Wally here not you Bruno Guys Christmas is over Christmas is over Uh it's it's it's windy It wasn't raining until like 30 seconds Ago when I decided I was going to turn On the camera uh but look I have to eat it by it uh tarp here from Uh from Thornhill Ultra heavy and I Would just want to have a little play About with it and I want to see what It's like as a tarp tent okay Institute I'm playing with tarps as you can see I Got a few tarps out I'm just sort of Just sort of checking over everything And making sure it's all right and guys I had been thinking right you know the Weather's bad it's winter it's it's like This The 9th of January today I was close I Was going to say the sex it's only three Days that's not bad for me uh okay so You know a tent tarp is a very handy Thing now if you guys want to see more Videos on 10 tops and stuff like that I Have loads of them and I have loads of Different topology videos and I'll link Your playlist up here or up here or Whatever happens with that guys uh you Know what I want to see What this is like and how this will work Okay so let's get it on let's get it set Up And of course everything is still the

Way it was from the last time so it's Going to be full of ropes and everything I need to get rid of Bruno will you stop Leaving sticks everywhere Come on Okay you don't do it come on I cleared This spot and then you're leaving sticks On it Okay so prevailing wind is coming from Straight behind the camera guy so I'm Going to set it up with the back of it Just right where you's are at the moment I'm going to move you guys okay so I've Set it up like this I'll open it out and I want to keep my Center seam running Straight from here to here now I'm not going to be too concerned about My flaps Don't need my Ridgeline And as luck would have it it's starting To rain okay so I'm going to pull it a Little bit this way just to clear a Couple of tree stumps I'm going to Peg Out one two three and then I'm going to Play with it from there [Applause] Foreign Guys I'm going to see a seven pegs Maximum for this probably five okay Pull it tight Ish Don't be panicking too much about Getting a tight gate because If you can always adjust

What I'm going to do here Is I'm just going to bring this in not Be enough there's a crease there where I've been folding it okay so I'm going To bring this into where the crease is And I'm just going to Peg it down there As well okay and that should give me Enough space to get uh to get it to get A wok and pull up in underneath it Keeping it tight Roughly to about there Okay I'm on the other side Now The other two pegs guys are just for the Sides here and as I said I don't know if I'll need them They would be here look Right no Let's get the pool in There's not gonna be a lot of stretching In it Okay that's not bad that's not bad So we're Limited Because there's no tie out Point here Guys you're limited in in what we can Fold back Do you know what I mean so on the normal 10 tarp you'd be pulling these down to The side like this and you'd be tying Them back like that but I would say that if you Have a couple of options here I can tie This off You might do that

To bring that a wee bit more forward I Think Let's take this out with something just Real quick Guys that's not bad Anybody know what do you think Don't be licking me don't be looking Come on Guys that's not bad right just shows you Even even without all those payouts I Went out all the you know multiple tie Outs which would be another one here you Know that you can make something like This and it's it's uh pretty simple to Do goes together really really quick you Know even though even though I make These look hard you know they're Actually quite simple what do you reckon For a Bruno loves them because he gets To be in the woods and stuff guys uh and You know and this this thing is Bomb Proof and this this material is Absolutely bomb proof you know so you Can put more attention on stuff than I Have here But anyway just wanted to check see how It would work that works thanks for Watching it's dear Frosty No come on do it