Winter Survival Vehicle Hack

By | January 8, 2023

It's winter time you're about to run out Of gas maybe your car's broken down you Need to stay warm one of the best things You can do is try to position your Vehicle so that the front of it is Facing towards the Arc of the sun this Is going to allow the sunlight to come In through your windshield and start What we call passive solar heating now The goal is to try to keep that passive Solar energy in the vehicle for that we Need to insulate our Windows we're going To take our pre-cut thermal reflective Liner and we're going to put that up Against the back window It's minus 10 degrees outside and it's Perfectly warm in here so long as the Sun's shining this is going to work when The Sun goes down that's when we're Gonna have hope that we had prepared our Wool blanket our emergency blanket and Maybe even some Furs and this is why you Should always have a backup heating Supply in your car