Winter Proofing Your Bushcraft Gear – Waterproofs – How To Use Nikwax

By | January 8, 2023

Foreign Wow Wally here I'm Bruno guys winter Proofing your outdoor gear this is Another installment of winter proof in Your gear guys and this time I want to Talk about waterproof jackets okay and I Want to talk about what I use how I do It guys and why I do it as well okay Stitching For this I'm going to use Nick Wax Tech Wash on TX direct washing okay now I use Neck wax because It's what I've always used and I find it It works very well and guys I have never Actually used any other product now I I Worked in a shop that used to sell this Stuff way back and this was the first Stuff that I ever remember seeing that Was being used for waterproof and Breathable uh outdoor gear okay and it's The waterproof waterproof and breathable That is the key here uh a lot of times When I worked in outdoor shops guys and Remember like it like I've been an Outdoor I've been involved in the Outdoors and outdoor and Shop Instructing and Salon gear and stuff Like that for a long time 20 odd years Well I'm not even sure The most common thing that people say to Me That I've heard in shops is people Saying oh you don't wash your waterproof

Jackets you don't wash your Gore-Tex Jacket guys that is completely wrong Okay any jacket that has tacks on it any Jacket that has some sort of a membrane On it guys it needs to be washed and it Needs to be reproofed Once a year I'm going to see it once a Year guys I sort of can get away with Once a year uh for trousers and jackets Yes for my trousers and stuff today Where are my waterproof weather membrane Trousers they definitely need it more Often and you'll see here guys I have Two jackets I have two garments here I Have a parallel Uh a Paramore jacket this is this is my Old uh Moton rescue issue jacket case and it Actually says uh analogy waterproof by Neck wax okay neck wax And these uh are my Ridgeline trousers Guys now these get bargained they get so Dirty compared to this code do you know What I mean so the trousers might get Done a wee bit more often all right now The way these things work guys and I Know we explained this in in my Footwear One Is that by Washing it guys you are enabling the Breathability of the material to work Properly and as the breathability that Helps shed water through those membranes And Trudeau's tax things okay by using

The by re reproofing it then guys what That helps is it adds a dwr I think it's Like a durable water repellency or Something like that guys and that Enables the water to bead and run off Your your coat or your trousers which Helps The waterproofing obviously okay guys it Is very simple to do this you just bring Them in the washing machine at the Recommended temperature either on this Or on the bottle whichever one is lower That's the one you follow okay first Thing I like to do guys Is you see all these little toggles and Ties okay I loosened all them off so That there's no creases in the material Okay especially around the wrist because The rest on on your jacket is always Going to be the dirtiest area all right Close up all the Zips zip the whole Thing up Measure out the amount that you need put It on the washing machine and stick it On So this is the tack wash that we start With first case because we want to Re-proof A clean garment there's no point Reproving something that's dirty okay Give It Away Shake okay so this is in 150 milliliters Maximum of two items in the washing Machine use 150 millimeters

Milliliter Shari wash according to cure Label right of two different things from Two different companies so I'm going to Check both labels and see which is the Lowest and that's the one I'll work to You should be about 30 to 40 degrees 40 degrees 30 degrees okay so we go with the 30 Degrees Foreign Okay Make sure there's nothing in it Check to make sure that this is clean Pop them in Oh Let's you can You can go to delegates or you can go to Syntax guys I really find it doesn't Really matter lower your temperature to 30 degrees Pour that stuff in on top guys And then we go we put this to quack gay So that's just a quick Spin and then Start You just let that run of course when That comes out or when that finishes Guys then I'm going to add in TX direct and I'm going to follow Exactly the same procedure it's pretty Straightforward now what I like to do Guys when it is done is I like to take It out and put each garment on a hanger And what I do is I put a pole across my Shower and I hang them in my shower guys

And just let them drip dry naturally Okay and for me it works a hundred Percent or every single time and I have Been washing my outdoor gear guys and Reprinted my head go here for 20 years has to be 20 years guys okay And you know you you'll be amazed at how Much of a difference it makes to your Coach you know or or to the water or Palancy of your Outdoor Equipment Getting so look If you have a jacket a tax jacket a Waterproof jacket that is not Functioning correctly By A bottle a bottle of this okay and give It a whirl and see how it works guys you Know instead of just going out and Buying a new jacket okay Jasper guys thanks for watching