When Ammo Runs Out After SHTF…

By | January 8, 2023

When the ammo runs out Hand Forged steel Will reign supreme after it hits the fan You're gonna need to keep your ax sharp To cut wood to keep your house warm and You're going to want to keep an edge on Your Blaze that will make Marauders Think twice today on the channel we have The Canadian knife maker showing us how To use one of the best multi-purpose Sharpening systems for all your survival Tools I have a feeling this is going to Be a great learning experience and we'll Probably get to hack a bunch of stuff up As well so let's get to it [Music] [Applause] All right man thanks for coming out This is Darren he's not only a knife Maker but you're also now a fur maker Because we connected you with fernan the Fur guy and uh you're now going to be Making the mitts yeah so I'm gonna be Making the mitts and the hats and the Hats on behalf of King first so I'm Pretty much The Apprentice of uh the pad One yeah That's what he likes to call me you're a Knife maker by trade and that's why we Brought you here to show us how to use This machine here today this water Cooled sharpening system it's a tormec T4 this is the Bushcraft variant these Are the ones that we have in stock right Now it's pretty much the same machine as

This but it's a different color and I Believe you get a different assortment Of jigs it's green camouflage you lose It in the woods so you could use it Nobody's gonna be able to see you we Also have a variety of different jigs so We pretty much have a jig for every Possible job before we start I want to Show people you gave me this knife and I Was like I I couldn't believe that you Were going to give me this knife this is A handmade Rambo Bowie knife this thing Is an absolute monstrosity it's actually Called a rambui bramboy yeah okay It makes me want the apocalypse to come So I can try it out it's so powerful When you have that in your hand you do It's like the He-Man sword or something You know he grabs it and he transforms Into something else [Music] [Applause] In response to that of course there's a Tradition I guess that I have to give You a coin oh so I'm going to be giving You this silver coin I don't know how Much it's worth maybe it'll be worth a Lot someday but thank you but I also Want to give you something else as well These are two 10 ounce bars of silver What so I'd like you to uh I don't know Maybe you'll be able to smelt that into Something maybe you'll be able to make Something out of it I'm definitely able

To make a guard out of it Do whatever you want thank you sir thank You appreciate it the the steel I use For these knives like there's a lot of Better better steel to use for knives But this one is CPM 154 stainless steel So it's pretty much made with mad Scientists over Crucible adding some Some of this some of that yeah and they They make bars out of it and then I draw My my design on it I cut it I make the Teeth and I grind it so to make into the Shape that you see here I've been taught By a guy who learned how to make knives With the maker of the knife in the first Blood movie Wait a minute the guy who made the knife For the Rambo movie Thought the guy who taught me okay okay Well that's close enough that's nice So you're two degrees of separation from Uh Stallone yeah what you're saying yeah Exactly cool hope he sees that knife hey I call it the rambui knife because it's A mix between obviously the shape of a Bowie and the shape of the Rambo knife And the first ever Bowie knife that was Ever made at the coffin shaped handle so I introduced that in this knife with the Coffin shaped guard this is a bronze Guard I made it from a 75 copper and 25 Tin that's bucks at the Elder Barrel Stabilized and died handle that I got From Rob's Wildwood on Instagram this

Knife is a few years old already yeah And you see it's not super sharp yeah Because I've been cutting trees smashing It into the ground some rocks and stuff Looks just like new yeah it's got The Perfect Balance so you don't get fatigue When you use it too yeah this design is Like a been working on it for more than Eight years so where can they get more Information on that night so he's a Canadian underscore knife maker and you Can reach me there directly like through DMs and stuff [Music] First we gotta get this machine ready to Go we have to Prime the machine with Water yes so basically you have to soak The wheel completely it has to be Completely soaked with water and Apparently out of the box they are not True so you need to use the the grinding Stone to make it perfectly flat with the Right angle We'll fill the water and until it kind Of seeps down a bit and then we're gonna Put the turn this 180 degrees so the Water goes down at the same time as it's Soaking up water so you see the water is Like is yeah it's already stirred in There so you do that a couple times like 180 degrees That way if you go back here you're Gonna see the water and the on yeah When you feel it you try not to put

Water right on the center because that's Kind of your gauge it's starting to be Full you see on the inside here starting To be on All soaked So I don't know what's the science Behind this but when the the stone is Dry it just breaks down into into dust Crumbles yeah you see you used it before Yeah and it was only grinding in that Spot and that spot is lower higher lower And both sides are kind of lower than The middle so what you want to do Is make it straight yeah there's no jig For this so you kind of have to eyeball It and you're gonna feel it when it's Kind of being uh touching all the way so All the marks you made is going to serve As a gauge You put down a fair amount of pressure And not too much to break the machine But The the problem with the with the wheel When it's not straight like you can't go Right at the uh at the edge of your Sharpening I see what you mean yeah it Has to be consistent Foreign ER already you want to turn off the Machine because the water makes it look Uneven So right now we see All that is straight from here to here It's now taking longer and longer

Because you have more area to grind but We're almost there I'm going side to Side to speed up the pro the process a Bit Yeah so right now because of the the Surface of the grinding stone here like What you have is the And a coarse finish on the on the Grinding stone so that's perfect when You have a like fully Dull Knife almost No Edge on it you can rebuild the edge The fine is for kind of uh polishing Well it's going to bring it to maybe 200 400 grit with that side so and the Leather is more for honing that's even a Finer polish right yeah that's a finer Polish so should we put that stuff on There oh yeah we should do it do this Right now all right so this is pretty Out pretty dry out of the box yeah so if You try to polish with that it's just Gonna make dust Oh oh nice well what I see them doing They actually have it spinning they have It the the way I prefer to do it is make Sure like every spot okay it's full you You're the expert so well it could be Faster to do it while it's spinning but I don't want to like yeah catch my Finger in there or just like I want it Perfect so that that's pretty good yeah So after when we're ready to surface we Have to wait like it's drinking oil so This is pretty much an abrasive paste That's uh it's a really fine grit yeah

So you can pretty much achieve a mirror Polish with that if you're patient Enough okay put some in there one thing I lack but Some patience yeah There's an old saying if you want to do Something quickly slow down all right so Right now we're pretty much ready to go But we need to put some clean water yeah There's all the filings from the stone In there okay so I will do that Not too much because it's gonna get out Oh yeah right the bigger models have the The magnet neodymium magnets okay put on There so it keeps the water clean all The findings go in there and then when You clean it it stays solid one part Yeah [Music] The first thing we have to determine What size of wheel this is so we know Because it's written on the on the Papers there that's a 10 inch wheel yeah What you're given with this machine is a Angle set So This adjustment here is pretty much the Size of the wheel that you're going to Use so this one goes from 10 from 6 to 10 150 millimeters is 6 inches 250 is 10 Inches yeah exactly yeah so this is the 10 inch model yeah so it will you you Start at 10 inch okay because it's a Grinding stone it's going to get smaller

And smaller as you're grinding and Dressing it and all that stuff so you Have to periodically measure this Stone To be in accordance exactly to match it With that that's only if you want to be Extremely accurate with your angles this Is pretty much new so we're going to put It well it would rest it a bit so just Just a hair under 10 inch this one here So we determine this knife Yeah it looks like between 40 and 20. Okay so we're gonna Set it real quick to maybe 25 so that's The angle of the grind it pretty much The secondary Edge that we're gonna put So for a big knife like this you need The pink knife jig And the big jig the big jig that one Right here so again Try to put it perfectly perpendicular To the knife Tighten the small one on front and then The big one in the back It's going to make it stiff right here Oh I'm putting the uh the place where The edge start to go up towards that Here So now I'm gonna figure out the angle needs to Go up yeah I just want to put back the Same Edge I had right here yeah this is Perfect So that's that's a perfectly set angle There

For the shape of the knife [Music] So we're going to turn this on Make sure this doesn't turn on us right Here You started [Music] This is an art It's an art to sharpening nice So you see here because I hit some other Steel I got some some big chunks there That are That I have to grind through So we can see right now that the angle Is pretty good So we just need to do a couple of long Longer passes there Putting a lot of pressure but not too Much So I don't stop the wheel Rambo would be proud of you man Using all the surface of the stone you Can tell that you made this knife the Way you sharpen it yeah you know you Could tell you're very familiar with I made a lot of those feeling in your Your head and stuff Oh I'm all the way to the edge right now This went pretty fast there's still a Bit of a ding there we're gonna try to Get it from the other side Do the same thing [Music] I'm gonna try to leave you with a razor

Sharp edge on your knife here So you can feel the Burr all the way Here It's missing some some sharpening right Here so I'm just going to go ahead and Do a bit more Right here You don't have to go all the way Through except for just removing some of The the markings that the wheel is doing Putting more pressure away I want the Bird to appear That's like a Bend Yes exactly for the kindergarteners up There That's Ready straw And when you're strapping you're doing The opposite of grinding like this you Go going away this side so you want to Polish The Burr off of the knife This is good enough to cut paper but Should work Gastritis Almost That's pretty good Let's get that this is gonna be messy That's what she said Not bad Do you have an ex-husband Okay well think of him when you're Cutting this in half Okay ready

[Music] Ouch Just looking like it Bravo good job good job All right think about something that Makes you angry Not me Forget our paycheck again Nice That's a good reaction How about this Throwing this at you [Music] It worked really yeah What a mess Who's gonna clean that I gotta call the Cleaning ladies This is one of our most popular axes This is the halterforce agdor so I'm Gonna sign this we're gonna sharpen it And then we're gonna sell it for like 10 Times the price just kidding but the First person who orders a halted fours Is going to get a signed outdoor With a fresh sharpened Edge from our Resident career Dubois But we're gonna make it sure All right let's do this I'm Gonna Make Some Noise here that has to be snug in There You see here that's uh that's almost Like perfect the perfect angle for this Okay straight but Motor skills required yeah you won't be

Able to do that your first time I think Oh I've been using the turmeric for for A while so I I know how to use it yeah You see we've been all the way through And I've just put a secondary Edge on This yeah so I need to go to the tip Here and here it's a bit hard with that Jig I'm just gonna freehand it while I'm Right here Using all the surface of the Stone That you're evenly breaking down the Stone Yeah that way you don't you don't have To address it as often Normally you're not trying to make Razors with X so You don't go that yeah yeah that much Into it starting to get a brewer here so Just another pass and then I will go on To the other side That looks freaking sharp dude So right now I can feel the Brewer all The way here so we need to polish the Beer off on this dropping wheel So again I'm just gonna freehand it So you see you don't have to spend that Much time on the strapping wheel it Works really well well we're not using The machine the way it's supposed to be Used too for that but we're unorthodox That's for sure it's starting to get Sharp So again if I try to shave with that it Should be able to shave you have no hair

By the time this is it You see that that is pretty it's pretty Good just pretty sure I even cut myself Here for an apple you just cut yourself Yeah I didn't even feel it so Must be sure yeah there's no one is sure If you cut yourself you don't feel it For an ax You know what you don't need much more Than that I'm not gonna complain That's pretty sick man awesome well okay Guys so the first one who orders this You're getting this signed by me and the Canadian knife maker okay well I want to Thank you for coming out showing us how To use this machine and if you guys want To get this act signed by the Canadian Knife maker Canadian prepper be the First to place an order after this video I got my Beaver mitts and you also Make these what would you call this Bushcraft hoodies Bushcraft hoodie so This is uh wool and we got the rabbit Fur on the inside of this thing you can Get your Bushcraft tormec sharpener you Get your Bushcraft hoodie you get your Round Bowie you get your ax you're good To go pretty much set up and I want to Thank you for coming out check out Instagram hit up the Canadian knife Maker if you want one of these custom Made ramboi knives there's a bit of a Lead time but these take time to make Alright guys thanks for watching don't

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