RED ALERT: Something is VERY WRONG Here

By | January 8, 2023

Hi folks Canadian prepper here this Might be the most important video I do Of 2023 so please stick with me I Received an email from a medical Professional who provides a compelling Argument that something is being covered Up in China with respect to the Emergence of a more lethal virus Possibly a new virus altogether now Before I try to disseminate all of this Information I got like 15 tabs open here I got notes there's a lot of stuff I Want to play you this clip by Fox News And this is the only Real media report I've heard of this Idea I know there's some Rumblings but It's definitely not at the Forefront of Legacy Media so let's just play this Clip for you I think that's right David and part of This is the Chinese legendary use of Secrecy and even deception to get ahead It's historically part of Chinese Culture so what I'm worried about is That there's something that the Chinese Know about this new covet virus that They have that they're covering up They've been very sensitive about Telling the press the last several days That they're in touch with the who but Apparently they're not really providing The whho all the new variants then we Have President Biden today saying he's Worried okay so they go on to take their

Obligatory jobs at Joe Biden that might Be the least of our concerns if what This medical professional who sent me This email if what they're saying is True now it's important that we started There because he basically sums it up is There something that we're not being Told now we are being incredibly Complacent I'm talking about our Governments and our media in terms of Holding China to account with respect to The numbers because clearly there's a Discrepancy between what we are seeing Okay In China in terms of hospitals being Overwhelmed people tripping over bodies Coffins Crematoriums being lined up around the Block clearly there is a discrepancy Between what the CCP is saying with Respect to the fatality numbers and what We're seeing with our own eyes yet it Doesn't appear that we're holding them To account at all and this is all right Before China embarks on their Great Migration okay before Chinese New Year's Billions of flights are going to be Taken there's going to be a lot of Traveling so whatever is there is going To spread now the theory put forward by This medical professional in this email He's incredibly concerning in fact it Gave me chills okay when I first read This because it all made sense now that

Doesn't mean I believe it 100 doesn't Mean that you should take it to the bank 100 I hope that somebody who has more of An epidemiological background or perhaps A science background or a medical Background can come on and try to break This down and hopefully debunk it Hopefully this is nothing but this may Well be the Black Swan event of 2023 and Recall I made this video two months ago end of November early December when I said this Could be the Black Swan event of 2023 Because what was happening at the time Is you had these massive protests taking Place all of the western media was Cheerleading this all the while I knew That what this meant was that the virus Was going to spread like crazy and Nobody was paying attention to that Obvious inevitability at that point in Time that if you have all of these People Protesting in the streets in very very Tight groupings large numbers that Clearly this was going to explode sure Enough it has hundreds of millions of People now have this virus and it's very Likely that some estimates put the death Count between 1 million and even as high As up to 20 million now if this new Strain whatever it is that's causing This white lung issue if that's Has an even higher fatality rate then

This could be incredibly problematic one Of the reasons why it's going to be so Problematic is because there's going to Be a lot of resistance to any sort of Measures that are imposed by the Government because the government blew Its load too quickly with respect to its Overreach with respect to this issue Everybody you know is pretty much fed up With all of the restrictions so now if Something actually serious and I'm not Saying that you know covet wasn't Serious but if some you know higher Fatality rate Contagion comes along people are going To be far more resistant when in fact They should be even more compliant so Let's just play a little clip here from China in Focus okay The latest stray known as Omicron rarely Attacks the lungs but now doctors across China have been reporting the white lung Phenomenon again Sometimes in as much as 20 percent of Their patients some have reportedly died At the same time funeral homes across The country are overcrowded these issues Do not line up with the experiences Other countries have had with Omicron So this is why they think that there's Something else going on now is it the Wild version of the virus the original Version of the virus that's still Circulating is it a new more deadlier

Virus because what she didn't say is That there have been some accounts that Up to 40 percent of people who've Contracted the white lung version of This have actually died so if that's True and of course you can never really In the early stages of anything you can Never really speculate too much but we Need to be vigilant with respect to this Because what is happening Is almost an exact replay of what Happened in 2020 even in terms of the Timeline started in January the media Was in denial okay anybody including Myself who spoke out and said hey this Might be a big thing uh was being shot Down and then March came around Everybody flipped the reverse was true If you didn't think the sky was falling At that time then you were called to Denyer or whatever it was at the time so I have a feeling that the same thing is Happening right now now According to this medical professional They suspect that this might actually be A different virus altogether that China Is trying to cover up okay now we gotta Play a few more Clips uh China is Reopening talked a bit about that data Point so we know that whatever is there Is going to spread the thesis that They're putting forward in this email The summary of it is that China is trying to dilute the serious

Illness with this less serious Omicron Case to try to cover it up now we're Going to break it down what exactly is This virus they're talking about well It's it's interesting to say the least Let's just watch a few more clips though So we can provide a bit more context and I really hope John Campbell or Chris Martinson makes a video about this Because uh I I'm not really that good at Trying to compile all this information Okay uh let's just skip ahead here okay Let's go right here what worries Governments around the world is the lack Of transparency of data from China we Speculate that governments of various Countries are afraid That a new Mutant strain with a Relatively High fatality rate has Appeared in mainland China once this Strain crosses the Border it could be Another Global disaster Because Japan's data can be found online Some Chinese and Mainland China have Conducted research and found that Mainland passengers carry a new virus Variant cm2 it's already been detected But it has never appeared in the Official Chinese data The Chinese government announced Internally Let's uh let's watch one more Clip from this actual video White lung is becoming a buzzword White lung refers to the whitening of

The lungs which is one of the signs of a Serious lung infection and was found in Many of the new coronavirus patients in Wuhan in early 2020 industry Professionals believe that this outbreak Includes not only the Omicron strain but Also a mutated Delta strain but it may Be more than that as time passed Chinese Doctors were alarmed by the increasing Number of people Contracting the virus For a second time those who have become Positive again face more serious Consequences if this is a conversation So they go on to share a conversation Between two people one of them saying That you know when I got it the second Time it was worse because my immunity Was compromised now again not an expert On this as far as I know though the Original concern with re-infection of The original covid strain whatever it Was was that if you get it a second time Your immune system might overreact There's a term for it it escapes me Right now somebody will write it in the Comments section below but this happens Because your immune system overreacts Now they're saying that the immune System is practically you know shot and Then you get reinfected within a couple Weeks and that's when it hits you hard Regardless it appears that something Else is going on let's listen to one More clip before we carry on here

Lee The spreading speed of this virus can be Described as mystical in less than a Week after the restrictions were lifted No one works in the company the streets Are empty and everyone stays at home Which is completely beyond our Understanding of the disease those who Didn't wear masks were positive those Who wore masks were also positive those Who went out became positive those who Stayed at home also got positive even The paralyzed are elderly okay now why That's important is because There's a theory circulating that Perhaps the CCP wants people to get this Virus as fast as possible Now I've speculated that you know they Either wanted to have complete lockdown Have complete control or they just Let It Loose they try to hit the peak as Fast as possible whether they exceed the Curve or not or they exceed their Hospitals capacity to deal with the Overwhelm or not so there's a theory Circulating that and I'm not claiming to Believe this at all I'm just putting it Out there that maybe they've even spread It somehow because what she's saying is That people who stayed home have been Entirely locked in their homes have Still contracted this now could have Circulated through the air system if You're in an apartment building they're

Suggesting that maybe it's in the water Supply there's a variety of theories Circulating I think perhaps one of the Most Parsimonious explanations is that you Had all those protests and the thing Just spread like wildfire but this Doesn't explain the white lung phenomena Right now this is where it gets Interesting Okay so According to this individual There was Earlier I believe it was in 2020 okay Canadian scientists who have now gotten Fired Sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months Before the RCMP was asked to investigate Now these viruses that they sent were Ebola and hanipa virus and they were Sent there for some sort of research you Know it was it was for the purpose of Research anyways it wasn't like some Clandestine thing it was you know for The purpose of research nonetheless they Weren't supposed to do this now as it Turns out there was a virus that emerged In 2021 And this uh This is a kind of hinipa virus And it's like a the sister of a Geneva Virus from what I'm told by this medical Health professional that is now Circulating there okay and it's not as Fatal as the hanipa virus which could

Have a fatality rate of up to 60 percent Which would map on well to the 40 Percent of people who are dying with the White lung infection Um It's concerning because this was sent To China by Canadian researchers in 2020 Or it was maybe it was 2019 I think I Can't remember the exact date it could Have been in 2020 anyways So we we know that the Wuhan lab was Genetically manipulating deadly NEPA Virus expert testifies at the Senate Hearing and that's information is all Available on the U.S state Department's Website so this is U.S government now This is not just speculation and these New sources are credible mainstream Media news sources okay So we know that there was some sort of Manipulation of this virus at the same Time so if there was a leak was it just Covid that leaked or was there something Else as well now here's where it gets Into the realm of okay you got to be Kidding me maybe more than one thing Leaked and maybe something else was Leaked in order to cover up something That was leaked that was more lethal Because you remember when the whole Thing broke out I mean China was locking people down I mean They were putting people in the backs of Vans they were building these makeshift

Prisons where you were literally behind Bars if you were found to be infected With something communities were locking Down they were guarding the gates of Their communities with weapons I mean it Was Mad Max people were getting welded Into their homes why would you do that For something with his innocuous a kill Rate as what we've now come to know as You know SARS Cove 2. why would you do That for all that something serious more Serious must have been occurring Potentially again this is speculation But what it points towards is that right Now even Fox News admits that maybe Something is going on that is trying to Be covered up the theory they're putting Forth is that potentially China is Trying to get as many people infected as Fast as possible In order to dilute the fact that there's Something more serious circulating which Is not beyond the realm of possibility We must also understand that we're in The age of hybrid Warfare we're in World War Three right now I know a lot of People don't agree with that designation But that's what I viewed as we're Entering a multi-polar world the Tensions between China the United States Russia Ukraine and NATO are as high as They've ever been higher than ever Before so we also need to entertain the Possibility that there is bio Warfare

Going on in the world and that this Multi-polarizing of the world is going To increase the potential of that Because we're entering an era where There is a battle for technological Supremacy because that's going to Dictate who rules the world in the Future it's all going to come down to That and a centerpiece of that is Taiwan Okay the Chinese could be making a move On Taiwan any time now another theory is That well the Chinese just want to get This over with before that window of Opportunity for doing a land Invasion Invasion of Taiwan which is somewhere Between March and April Because that's when the Taiwan Strait The seas are most settled and Accommodating for such an exercise they Want to get it out of the way before That happens and China is just trying to Infect as many people as possible or Open the floodgates so that they can get Past this peak and hopefully reopen Their economy in full and not have to Deal with a war and covet spiking at the Exact same time But there's been a seemingly lack of Media attention being a paid to this Issue Which reminds me very much of what we've Seen happening in early January 2020 Where you were almost shunned for Suggesting that this this is a serious

Thing I remember distinctly January February 2020 maybe until later half of February Everybody was downplaying this thing Right everybody thought it was just you Know it wasn't going to amount to much It wasn't going to spread you know you Have it this week you don't have a next Week type thing and sure enough those Same people flipped like a light switch And if you didn't have your mask on After that you know you were right next To Lucifer himself in terms of your Ethics so I think that something is going on I Mean obviously I can't say for sure but I would hope that somebody who is more Well-versed in presenting this type of Uh analyzing this type of research and Presenting it I'm from a psychological Background so I'm not from an Epidemiological background I can't break This down necessarily and and connect All the dots so I hope somebody can and I hope you would provide your insights In the comments section below I just Want to make sure that there's nothing I Missed here another thing to consider Though is that You know And I've always long since suspected if This virus was so weak why would China Shoot itself in the foot economically Because we know that there are negative

Health outcomes associated with You know a bad economy with that low Standard of living that comes with Processionary times so why would China Shoot itself in the foot three years Running And you know [ __ ] its economy and Limit its output for three years Over something like this when they could Just unleash it on the population get it Over with You can't tell me that it was just oh Because we didn't want to be embarrassed By the International Community I don't Think that that I think that they're More logical than that and even when you Look at The Chinese demographics okay So this is the Indian demographic what You want and this is an age treat Basically so You know people age zero to four Ideally you would have the bulk of your Population be younger because you don't Want a aging population because of Course the young people are the ones That pay the taxes they're the ones that Consume they're the ones that stimulate Economic growth so if you have a Population like this this is a growing Developing population this means that Their economy is going to grow however With China you have a situation in which The demographic spread is not

Very good for future prospects because You have less young people than you do Old people so you would think if the CCP Was concerned about future growth that They would let the Boomer remove her run Wild Boomer remover I'm talking about Coven because it would take care of some Of the old people right sad to say it's Just what it is uh maybe they thought That that would be the case now Hopefully Because this is the same situation in Europe In many developed Nations Japan is like Wildly you know uh there's way more old People than there are young people there Hopefully by the time we have to deal With these problems there's robots to Take care of the old people and Automation somehow you know takes up the Lack of Human Resources due to the fact That nobody's having kids anymore Because everybody's just swiping and you Know living their best life right let's Not get into that but uh because people Aren't having as many children the Future means that future economic growth Is under threat so you would think that There would be incentive for China to Want to thin the herd a little bit at The top of this pyramid But they tried their best for three Years to prevent anybody from dying so It seems but

I think we can ascertain from the lack Of transparency on the part of the Chinese government which is so obvious And it's kind of scary the fact that we Are not holding them to account in the Way that we very well could I mean Tensions are high between China and USA Right now we should be pulling no Punches with respect to scrutinizing the Numbers that are coming out of there but All you're hearing is crickets now I'm Interested in hearing what your theory Is or if you have any other information That might corroborate debunk fact check Whatever you got put it down in the Comments section below let's try not get To get too carried away with the Conspiracy stuff because we don't want This video put in the crosshairs but I Do think it's very important that you Share this video you get this Information out there so hopefully People in the know can pick it up and You know basically weigh whether or not Uh the information I've presented is uh True or false because I'd like to know a Part of preparedness is awareness and That means being ahead of the mass media Curve the the mobs of mass media they Come late they're the ones that load up On toilet paper and are getting in Fights at the grocery store for what Remains we don't want to be that that's Why I make videos like this in the first

Place because it's important that we're Ahead of the curve and unfortunately We're living in a Age where the more information that's at Our fingertips the harder it is harder It is for us to discern what's what let Me know what you guys think in the Comment section below thanks for Watching don't forget to like comment Subscribe if you enjoy the video Canadian prep row