I Can’t Believe it’s Real. Massive Nuclear Bunkers Being Built for Super Rich

By | January 6, 2023

Okay so at first I thought this has to Be a joke there's no way in hell a Company based out of Switzerland is Building 100 million dollar Subterranean Fortresses for the ultra Rich to ride Out the apocalypse while the rest of us Catch a million degree sunburn there's No way in hell this has to be parody This has to be some side hustle of the Onion or some other comedic troop but it Is in fact real today I'm going to be Reacting to the website and their demo Video and disclaimer I've skimmed the Website I've skimmed the video so it's Not going to be a 100 percent pure Reaction but mostly I tried to save the Experience for me and you guys to enjoy Together or to criticize together which Is what we ultimately might end up doing As you can see it's presented in this Very American psychoesque Bourgeois Package with the mission statement and All the rest they've basically ripped Off koyana quatsi which was a sort of Documentary musical I've believe it was Directed by Francis Ford Coppola but Don't quote me on that back in the 70s And the irony in hypocrisy here is that Koyan aquatzi was meant to represent Life out of balance that mankind had Overstepped his boundaries that we were On the brink of destroying ourselves That's what quasi represents meanwhile You have people like who are buying

These hundred million dollar bunkers With five meter tall ceilings in crystal Chandeliers in places to put their Artwork or the cause of this arguably or At least their excess certainly is not Contributing to being a part of the Solution so anyways let's read their Mission statement let's look around the Website let's see 100 million bucks We'll buy a guy nowadays Uh the antithesis of equilibria is Coyona quasi the term defines personal Turmoil and life out of balance Unfortunately The Human Condition is Prone to a world brimming with the Unpredictable it sure is which is why The Richer building apocalyptic bunkers Or 100 million dollars and you know what I think guys I think that this is Probably for the petty bourgeoisie this Isn't for the big dogs this is for like The paper billionaires not the cash Billionaires I'm sure that Bill Gates And Bezos have their own private Contractors for all this stuff anyways Let's Carry On The Swiss are Masters at Building bunkers they have the best Bunkers optimum's first priorities Protecting what our clients cherish most The ones they love And they're worthless pieces of art that They're not going to be able to eat After it hits the fizzy even the Strongest face the whims of uncertainty

The strongest because you know the Elites are the strongest even the ones Born with a silver spoon in their mouth And guys I'm not free market you guys Know I have a store on Pro Freedom Pro-free market so this ain't some Communist ranting and envious of the Rich people this is a prepper thinking About how dumb a lot of this stuff is on This website from a survival standpoint But let's just carry on and hopefully The Richer this dumb because then it Will be easy to take their stuff when it All hits the fan I'm just kidding I'm Prepared I don't need still anybody's Stuff But for those of you who do this is your Opportunity volatility is everywhere but The fortunate can aspire to the Comfort Found in the safety and protection of Ophidim I don't know what Opera means But I guess it means something important So let's see what this is all about yeah Look at this so Exquisite isn't it So Exquisite the marble flows oh look at That Okay uh let's see Ultra Luxury fortified Underground residences what could you Possibly need something like this for in Times of austerity I wonder if they're really preparing for Social upheaval so they can Retreat to These lavish layers while the rioters Cannot penetrate the four I mean they

Got indoor growing anyway let's just Watch the video I'll quit talking I'll Shut up Did you notice That that was like three times the size Of their house Now I understand that their house has Probably multiple layers But it's like they're being more Excessive in the apocalypse it's all About extending privilege that's what G McPherson always talks about right Anyways And see what kind of car they got a Bugatti they got a cyber truck looks Like uh Mercedes Some other stuff I'm not much of a car Guy but the Cyber truck I mean I can mess with that I do have One on order hopefully Elon can get it Together and pump those out before he Gets canceled but that's pretty cool But look at this Do you need that is that the most Efficient solution I don't think so That's what I mean a lot of this is just Frivolous Is that necessary And the thing is do you want that You know don't you want something manual In case the power just goes out in case They they cut you off somehow from your What I mean they have internal Power Systems here but really

So I mean I don't think these people Stand a hell of a chance of survival and If you do have your own private security How do you know That they're not just going to take you Out when this all goes down So you know if you're rich you got to be Very careful man that's why you know one Thing that I heard somebody say is that Rich people don't travel in limos Anymore they travel in Vans because You know you don't want to flaunt it Right if you got it you don't flaunt it Especially today so this is why I Thought this was a joke but I guess it Isn't It whoa How big is that TV Is that for real I mean Look how small that person is and just Imagine the chaos that's going on Outside as they're watching or playing This video game just imagine imagine Being of the mindset of a person who Thinks this is okay like this is morally Justified for you to be sitting there Playing your gigantic screen eating Caviar well people eat each other Above ground anyways sorry guys Yeah Need the pool need several pools I understand the Green Space it makes Sense you'd want to have a green space

For psychological well-being I think That would go a long way if I ever had Money to buy a bunker like this I'd be Putting a lot of plants Even ones that are non-edible will go a Long way for the Psychological comfort You do that upstairs [Music] Right Okay Now I guess you could make an argument That this is at once it's the most Eccentric And least At the same time because There's some sentiment to it right which Is why this is kind of more important Than the big TV if you're going to have To choose between preserving some of Mankind's finest works and a big Television set go with this instead but Is it really necessary when you're Talking about surviving the apocalypse Probably not even though they're Marketing this as a safe place to Retreat we all know what it's for come On Expressions in perfect condition and is Built to the highest security standards Freedom is the possession of those with Courage to defend it Pericles Hmm I wonder what they're trying to tell us

There The rest of us won't be free oh look at That Wait wait a minute That's a lot of gold That's a hell of a lot of gold each one Of these gold bars has to be worth A few million dollars at least In the very least And I don't know what they got going on Here but precious metal storage what Else do they got in here Artworks Okay Is that like what is that propane is That some kind of Natural gas or what is that Some air filtration They got some diesel generators The Swiss are well known for their air Filtration systems Atlas survival Bunkers That's what they swear by the power Generators provide The blackout I hear that Russia is going To be building these mini nuclear Reactors I'm quite certain that they Probably have some of those in their own Bunkers and it looks like all of the Fuel here is internal so they're not Relying on Renewables which is actually Kind of smart if you're trying to keep a Low profile and not reliant on you know The the surface

So they got food storage here Aquaponics Air Reserve A bunch of other things Operate Autonomously Staff kitchen so you're still going to Have a staff in the Apocalypse So they have it looks like they have Lithium batteries here As well And that's uh I mean depending on what the Configuration is that's not a lot of Lithium [Music] A big thing like that Might be able to power the average home That's about what like four or five Tesla power walls so you know you're Talking about powering a normal home for Maybe a few days so I'm guessing that You know in combination with the diesel Whatever else they had going on there if That was some sort of water filtration System or something to that effect Possibly propane I don't think they'd Have propane in A bunker I think it was Ron over at Atlas who told me that you never put Propane in a bunker as an energy source I'm gonna guess that it's not propane Probably diesel is what they're running Of course diesel has a limited shelf Life but I'm sure these people won't

Live long anyways Be quite honest they're going to kill Each other down there [Music] Like imagine being inconvenienced by the Stuff that's made to keep you alive oh This water it's obstructing my view of The television set In the silent dependability as the Movement in a Swiss watch Okay now this is kind of cool I'm liking this this is probably among One of the better things they've shown Here It's very difficult to grow food indoors You need a lot of light and that light Requires a lot of electricity so how They're planning on powering all this For a long period of time I don't know You're going to need a whole lot of Diesel but apparently they got the Square footage so We actually tried that earlier this year To grow food indoors we use the Combination of passive solar energy and The light from lights it's very Expensive and it's difficult growing Indoors if you can grow indoors it's you Can grow stuff anywhere a lot of people Say no it's it's actually easier to grow Indoors because no you have to control All the variables you got to pollinate You got a water you got to eat all this Stuff put it outside nature takes care

Of it for the most part To withstand Volatile and civil threats this is Security wait Ballistic Environmental and civil threats so Ballistic we know what that is that's That's Nuki time Um They didn't say biological or they said What was it biological climate Environmental Environmental so I guess you could Construe that as Bio-contaminants and civil defense Threats so they're talking about The Purge it'll protect you from The Purge So what you're watching here is like a a Prequel to The Purge You should never have to sacrifice a Damn thing even in the end of days Well I tell you they know their Market That's for sure they know their audience Ultra Luxury fortified underground Residencies We're engineering technology and Development companies specializing in Ultra Luxury fortified underground Residences we create spaces that are Totally Secure and utterly discreet yet Sumptuously appointed an entirely Bespoke all underground within your Domain I should have did that all in an English accent

Strange this is strange Very very strange Well if you need any more proof guys There you go Let's look at their models so they have The model La heritage And this is the Heritage Mall I'm going To step down off my Podium here because It's just easier for me to You find yourself in a magnificent space Ceiling soaring almost five meters Overhead opulent handcrafted glass Chandeliers just what one needs When people are screaming for dear life Outside It's unbelievable the architect's vision I mean I'm not am I sounding like a Hater I probably am I should stop hating I hope they live a fulfilling existence In their coffin And they're very very lavish caught Coffin Linear linear now separate celebrates a New contemporary luxury aesthetic light Minimal spaces appear effortlessly Almost distinctively exceptional So what's the difference It's just This one looks more okay yeah it's more Linear it's more uh it's less curvy See I'd be going for the curvy because You'd want to simulate like that nature Is round man is very linear You wouldn't want to bring linear that

This this is the kind of setup that will Probably make people go nuts You know they need to take the advice of Uh Like you know Submarines and astronauts You want to design things in such a way Where it's not going to make people have Psychological problems and start killing Each other What about the futurist A futurist that's pretty cool that's Kind of a combination it looks like It looks like Avatar or something on That ceiling there Yeah see I mean just give me a room a Big big room with a lot of stuff in it And you know I personalize it a little Bit because hey You want half the battle is Psychological when it comes to Survival And you might think to yourself ah you Know I don't need any of this I don't Need any you know windows to the outside Or elaborate pieces of art but You know it that might be the one thing That keeps you sane but myself Personally I just load this place with Plants I probably have some of those TVs Like they've had in the the other uh Bunkers what is that called again I Can't remember they were building these Bunkers in these retired missile silos

For a while I don't know if it ever Really got off the ground no pun Intended Um But they had these screens kind of like This one here and it just showed Pictures of the outside to provide you a Bit of a psychological relief from the Cabin fever of being stuck in a bunker Now realistically if there was a Full-blown nuclear war you're only going To be in this bunker for two weeks to Four weeks tops That's according to Ron over at Atlas Survival however if your home is going To be ransacked which it will And this is actually pretty smart if I Was a rich person this is very very Smart the problem is is that The contractors who build this it's Going to require a lot of people to Build this So you're going to have a lot of people Who know all the ins and outs and all The weaknesses So you'd have to have a plan for dealing With those people and most certainly They do I'm guessing that uh the rich are Probably a lot more proficient in Firearms and they got all the toys right They got all of the twenty thousand Dollar thermal optics and sentries and All the rest

So they'll survive Shelter technology for peace of mind Yeah they really know their Market Very nice website Maybe I should you guys think I should Contact them And just see if they'd be willing to Send me One of their top tier bunkers for review Or maybe they'll just give me a tour Actually no they wouldn't because no Rich person would let me on their Property especially after watching this Video I don't blame him I wouldn't either man Um who was it that that video Dan Pena He I think it was London real who did an Interview with Dan Pena and he was Talking about he has this like castle And he was talking about you know when The hordes come for him after the Apocalypse he's going to mount a 50 cal Up there and just start mowing people Down at the time I was like okay that's That's pretty mean but I get it I Understand it you know it's all relative We're all going to do the same thing in Our own way when it all comes down to The wire hopefully people will help each Other out and uh spread that Humanity as Far as it goes but everybody has a Breaking point I guess let me know what You guys think about this in the Comments section below and uh if you had

A billion dollars would you get Something like this done what would your Ideal bunker look like your ideal Hundred million dollar bunker I'm really Curious to hear your thoughts on this Thanks for watching guys you take care Canadian preparo