7 Prepping Items Worth More Than Gold

By | January 5, 2023

Going to discuss seven edible items that Will be used as currency if and when Money becomes worthless first item on The list is Coco it is only grown in the Southern continents when Intracontinental shipments stop there Will be no more cocoa in North America Next is instant coffee because regular Coffee goes bad instant coffee is Freeze-dried coffee that can last for Decades up next are seeds now seeds are Probably the perfect barter item they Have the highest density to Value ratio Thus are very easy to transport up next Is salt back in the day there was no Such thing as Refrigeration so if people Wanted to prolong the storage of their Food they needed to use salt alcohol Like salt has been used as currency Throughout all of history it's going to Last a long time and it's multi-purpose Up next is sugar sugar and salt have Been referred to as white gold now up Next is honey it lasts forever and it Has numerous health benefits