Solo Hot Tent Camping in Winter

By | January 4, 2023

Foreign Foreign Welcome to this beautiful mixed Woodland On quite a beautiful day actually last Three days I think over New Year have All been very very wet so everything is Sudden the streams are running quite Strong but uh so far it wear dry today Sun's out blue skies and it's looking Quite wonderful On a nice day for a camp now today is Doing a bit of a hot tent camp we've got Some new gear to try out I thought this Was a great location to do it there's Plenty of Ash over here which has died Firewood and I just need to get set up I hope you guys had a good New Year We're back to work now This is a new tent by Molly I've not Used yet and um it's called the Leo 2. I've really liked the look of it and you Happen to have sent it over so we've got The pegs the poles the inner the outer And uh we get it set up it looks quite Interesting Now knowing that this has a removable Inner I'm assuming the outer goes up First and the inner hangs within it I've Not seen it set up just a couple of Pictures of it but I know that uh it can Be set up without the inner and it says That the inner is removable so This is my guess but I'm sure we'll get There either way

[Applause] I've got one final pole which is like The spreader Starts actually all the way down here And on the other side here that's going To pop in here So basically now we have a freestanding Tent which I can move about and position Because of the chimney and then start Pegging it out and sort the inner Foreign As you can see this baby opens right up All the way around even in the stove Area at the front there or the back Whatever you want to call it Um I can see hanging points so I'm going To give the inner a go now so from what I can see this is going to clip in all The way around Into the outer there And then Once they're all in tighten up with the Straps Foreign This is actually looking like a pretty Neat tent this is your stove area at the Front here that could be closed off to Keep gear in or whatever and at the back Here is your inner obviously they're Suspended all the way around and on it You've got um a mesh door and a solid Nylon door as well Vents on the top here And another at the back here behind the

Inner I'm just going to cut an X For the chimney flue I've been sent this stove by a company That sells through Amazon Woods Walker So I'm gonna try that today not a pomoly One this is a titanium stove Just over two kilos And has one of them rolled chimneys Setting this up is pretty simple it's a Folding stove So it just has the clips that you've Seen on other stoves before I'm doing this backwards And on with the lid which has Reinforcements on And that just Clips in in the same way Stove attachment just slots in Twists [Applause] Foreign I've got it guided out because Where it passes through the stove Jack In the tent it's quite low down so it's Quite top heavy but that's about the Shortest one I've got I think which is Seven feet or something plus keeps it Away from the tent but yeah I've used Quite thin guys I didn't use the one That come with the stove though they'd Probably be better because they're white And reflective But um yeah I just wanted them pretty Not visible

Using my amok sleeping pad as it's the One I've got with the lowest r value or Highest r value which is number five Which is fine for the UK Foreign Them up Manually Stuff sack pillow with my thermals an Inflatable pillow and a tiny little Pillow too the stove also has A little shelf there as well A little leg I guess for if there's White on it to look closer at that and On the other side is the window as well You also get a cage for using like a Sauna or to just dry sticks off Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Just got a bit worried because it came Over very overcast so I better crack on Literally Foreign Just got a few Longer logs oh puffed out now have a bit Of a campfire as well Just gonna use my knife to split some Kindling down I've got a load of different size Firewood first second third stage Kindling and some other firewood under There as well plus the smaller stuff for The stove pretty set and it's not even

Dark Yet Well I'm hoping to get some rain tonight Not until after I've had some dinner Though When I get in here and have the stove Going Um Give this a good try out I mean I like the design and it's pretty Well made for Molly do listen to Feedback and they'll branching out into New Styles and stuff and I like this I Prefer this to the stove hat actually Which had a few teething troubles that Are sorted now but um yeah this is a Lovely tent I mean I wouldn't call it Lightweight but it's not heavy uh three Point something kilos but for a hot tent That's not bad at all pretty versatile We're starting to get dark I'm just Gonna use some wood wool Gonna match Put on that first stage Kindle in here [Applause] I can straight away with that second Stage Smoky stuff stamp Unless the file it at least I've not had The best of luck on this trip so far I Mean the tent went up well but um the Camera fell over earlier on and broke The screen So that's going to be expensive don't Have much luck with cameras

For the last one when in the river in Sweden Um also crouched down to fix the camera Or at least inspect it and I split my Trousers At least we've got a fire going oh I can hear the deer in the Woodland Barking Right I've got a little poo sound here And I'm just gonna Oil a little bit And add a little seasoning mix I made Before I came out today A little bit of this little bit of light Salt pepper paprika cumin garlic powder The Usual Suspects And Do the bottom two I'm going to use my tjm Metalworks Beautiful little spit here Quite big for a little Pusan All right where do we go Oh not straight in the middle there That's better And get out by the fire And that's our puson on by the fire About the distance so you can hold your Hand for 10 seconds If we take an hour I've got three potatoes I'm just gonna Double wrap in foil that I've brought With me Put in the fire

Well I've got myself Beaverton neck oil Some leftovers from New Year's So cheers everyone here's to a new year I love that beer Fire is going pretty well now actually So Looking forward to dinner I can see the Moon from here which is lovely Which is the last of dusk now And an airplane Okay Potatoes should be Yeah Some butter that I froze at home There Hot potato Lovely Moment And All we cooked Oh it's a yes Oh that's hot It's hard this filming without being Able to see yourself My second and last beer Oh All right Got the food down here I've got to try This baked potato Do it slow Well you burn them doing that if you put Them right in the file Hopefully has more butter than potato That is perfectly cooked

It's a good meal It didn't take all that long really Obviously a plane goes over as I turn The camera on She's been sat here enjoying my beer Watching the fire burn away the chicken Carcass and the moon when you're light When your eyes become accustomed to the Light It's really bright in here with that Moon Even quite full yet Lovely evening I don't see us getting Any rain though It's a pretty clear skies Foreign Just starting to warm up now the main Door shut but not the outer door See how this stove and this tent though I did want some rain but I can't see it Happening maybe in the morning who knows If we're lucky probably while I'm Packing up The fire's pretty much out out there now So yeah I've just retreated into the Tent for the rest of the evening And get warm Figured out this Clips onto the side Starting to get some warmth [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Up in here now it takes a little bit of

Time because of this separate section Which is single skinned But um hopefully it holds the heat Because it's like you know three panels There on the doors Peaceful evening though A peaceful evening though Just me and Midtown Well it's getting on now I've just been Munching on some steak detective jerky And some extra for Christmas But yeah it's getting late has warmed up In here but I've still got my hat on so I'm probably gonna load that up lay back And chill for a bit and then get some Sleep so I'll see you guys in the Morning [Applause] [Applause] Foreign Foreign Well I slept like a log last night I had Some strange dreams but uh it's pretty Cozy once you're all zipped into that Compartment and had the exact amount of Wood for the stove as well I was Smoldering away Um as I slept just the last of the wood There and then I was nice and warm I Suppose it is triple layered in most Spots the inner so yeah it's going to be Warm good winter tent Um got some rain first half of the night Probably now it wasn't super heavy but

Um a partial rain test Uh just collected some rounds from the Ash over there Um and I'm going to use my stove for Breakfast I've got the old Bush box with Me today I actually forgot I had a new Stove to test but a bit Old Faithful With me As easy as that Thank you All right let's get this party started [Applause] Foreign Foreign Got to be done Finally starting to see existence of the Sun If you don't have one of these Microfiber towels you need to get one For camping they come in useful for so Many different things one bin Drying off your tent So it's easier to pack and not as heavy Foreign And you're still on a lightweight tent Stove this is not a bad option So yeah tiny bit of warping we do have The braces though it really doesn't Matter on these because once you put it On you clip it down anyway But um Yeah she's solid and you've even got a a Small window on the front and one side As well so a pretty good option I'll put

A link for this below the video Foreign 's looking a bit muddy so I've got some Cleanup when I get home Can I attempt to put all the tent just Loose in the bag Um I have some space but not in the Shape of the tent in its bag we'll see Foreign Guys that's me all packed up I don't Normally give a verdict on a one-time Use of a tent and especially in light Rain like it was last night but uh you Can pretty too I I liked it it's quite Novel very different design than I've Used before And uh it's just starting to rain here Now So that was good timing about a 20 30 Minute walk out of here none of Home dry Thank you guys for watching enjoy your New Year and I'll see you well I'll get The camera fixed I guess goodbye