Redundancies for SHTF | Story Time

By | January 4, 2023

Good morning Palestinians This morning we're going to talk about Redundancies well it's morning for me It'll be evening when you see this Because that's how the internet works at Least for us Um I'll begin with a little bit of a Story about life on the homestead this Morning And that perhaps will illustrate why Redundancies when it comes to Preparedness are important a Preparedness or Anything that's um Ha important to you Could be that that completion of a Project or a task or Surviving the end of the world as we Know it So this morning it's a bummy 15 degrees Uh above freezing Fahrenheit which is Awesome because for approximately the Last week here in Eastern Oklahoma it Has been zero or below I believe it was negative 20 ish uh with The wind chill a few days ago and I know Some people are in the wind chill some People aren't but Um when your boogers are freezing in Your nostrils because the wind is Whipping at 30 miles an hour and you Have to feed the sheep I care about the Wind chill it matters to me So very cold colder than the

Infrastructure here in Eastern Oklahoma Is built for for example our rural water Line is buried 10 to 12 inches below the Ground now if you're from the Northern Tier like I was growing up you know hey Man that thing needs to be like 32 Inches below ground Nah they don't do that here Why would you it's Oklahoma Yeah so this morning uh 15 degrees wake Up and um go to the gym 4 30 in the Morning Coming back from the gym my trusty Reliable GMC Sierra 3500 HD goes into Low power mode that's fun limp back to The house Do a little bit of research turns out It's the throttle positioning sensor Also throwing a code for the mass Airflow sensor Fun Times order that well I'm doing my Business on the toilet you know Multitasking right And um So the truck's down it's good times Do my business on the toilet Go to flush Toilet clogs why does the toilet clog Well Our water's been out here as the time This recording for four days our Rural Water Lines froze up uh in fact the main water Line coming from the rural water meter

To the house exploded underneath the House so we have that line shut off Okay well now it appears the uh A sewer line is froze up as well Yay good times Okay Pivot improvise adapt overcome right So Deal with that And we'll just leave it at that deal With that that mess it's fun times Um but luckily one of our frost-free Spigots still works so get some water Cans fill the water cans up top off the Berkey made a pop make a pot of coffee Fill the toilet tanks on the two flush Toilets back up Time to do chores well my son Um was trying to fire up one of the Four-wheelers in order to go feed the Sheep good job boy except He had the choke set wrong and uh being A 14 year old young man is prone to Impatience and killed the battery trying To start the four-wheeler Because again unlike the northern tears And I promise you there's there's Lessons in here for you we'll get there In a moment Unlike the northern tiers we don't have A barn or a shop building to park our Vehicles inside of We will it's on the list After five Winters here it's on the list

So four wheelers down trucks down now What do we do Aha second four-wheeler to the rescue Get the other four-wheeler fired up Cross load from the One four-wheeler that's down Four-wheeler one that's down go feed the Sheep come back to the house Fire up the skid steer so I can push Brush into a burn pile from trees that We took down yesterday Get my Steaming hot cup of coffee Come out here to the team room so I can Talk with y'all So redundancies are important Um Making a note for myself So let's look at Transportation here's Some areas for you Transportation water Food security combo shelter power Medical Intel Etc Where it would behoove you and it has Behooved us To have redundancies I think most people approach Preparedness surviving the end of the World as we know it man from a Standpoint of trying to be as Comfortable as possible When The Pooh hits La ventilator right Comfort is probably not something that You're going to be able to sustain

At the same level that you experience Now while the system is still chugging Along And so mitigating discomfort is one way To approach preparedness but I think Deepening capability is another more Practical way to approach preparedness Four wheeler 2 is not as big or as Powerful as four-wheeler one but it Worked and four wheeler one is not as Big or as powerful as truck A truck wasn't working right So simply from a transportation Standpoint I have my truck it's a great Truck it runs wonderfully except for When it doesn't parts are inbound to Being picked up by Mama Bear this Morning got a brother coming over to Help me work on it it'll be up and Running by this afternoon no biggie Right But it doesn't work right now and are You going to be able to go to the parts Store when the balloon goes up probably Not Okay but mama's car still works awesome So there's some redundancy right four Wheeler one not working battery's dead Oh and by the way the battery jump box Sitting in the driveway next to my Daughter's car completely dead so it's Plugged up and charging now too right But four-wheeler two started because It's mechanical right

Praise the father four wheeler two Started so there's some redundancy there If it didn't start Could I use the skid steer to feed the Sheep is it the best use of our precious Resources including fuel after the bloom Goes up no But will that 12 000 pound tracked Behemoth get back there to the Sheep Because they're in the backpack Backfield right now yeah for sure it Would What if I didn't want to use the skid Store right skid steer or I didn't have One how about a garden cart Love garden carts we have several Pro Tip upgrade the tires from your standard Tube air tires to run Flats either solid Rubber or they make some that have like Little holes drilled in the side of them Whatever Solid rubber Wheels Uh 10 inch 12 inch wheels because they Don't go flat and We've had that experience in the past And they're like 10 bucks a wheel or Something so it's not prohibitedly Prohibitively expensive but garden cart I could load you know hay and water and Feed for the Sheep on the garden cart And I could drag it a half a mile a mile From here to where the Sheep are I could do that right What about a bicycle it'd be tough for

Feeding the Sheep but it could get you Around and last but not least your lpcs Your leather personnel carriers your Feet I could absolutely walk my happy ass Back there and feed those sheep it Didn't but I could And even then redundancy how many extra Pairs of boots do you have are the good Boots or the broken in socks Etc right What about water so the county Waters Froze up Our wells aren't we have three Wells We also have water storage we also have Multiple water points right we have hose Spigots and frost freeze and well heads And yada yada yada So We have IBC International bulk container Water storage we've got 2 000 gallons of Water which even though it's 15 degrees Outside because of the volume of water Is not froze up inside of the IBC totes And we've got a bunch of six gallon Jerry cans not froze up either So that's cool but in your house do you Have bottled water do you have canned Water you know when it got this cold When it first got this cold we knew it Was going to get this cold So we started filling buckets and pots To have water in the house because yes We can carry water from outside the House but it's way easier to get it out

Of the tap right so we did and we've Been using that Another really good really cheap option Is the water Bob Bob water Bob you can Find them on bezos's Fifth yacht And they're like 40 bucks and you put it In your tub and when you know you're Gonna have a storm or it's going to get Below freezing and your infrastructure Is not built for below freezing you fill It up in your tub and it'll hold as many Gallons as your tub does 60 80 100 Gallons and it's got a little hand Siphon on top of it so you can pump back Out of it it's a big plastic bag with a Hand siphon on it you can pump out of The tub into your buckets right So recommend having a couple of water Bobs on hand if you live you know Residential if you have a tub then why Not use the tub right So water Bob you could fill your tub I Would you know depending on how clean Your tub is you probably don't want to Drink out of it but you could filter it You could boil it you could use it for Hand washing flushing toilets Etc Um We also have a pool the reason we have a Pool is not because not just because my Wife wanted one not just because I enjoy Look gazing upon my life in a bikini Facts man it's just facts it's because It holds 8 400 gallons of water and

While there's a layer of ice on top of The pool it ain't froze solid So there's water in the pool And that's why I approved it you know Happy wife bikini definitely Contributing factors but an additional 8 400 gallons of water storage approved And praise the most high we have Creeks On property as well and while there's Ice on the top of the creek the water's Still flowing underneath it so if I had To life or death situation I could get Water out of the creek in fact I have a Brother who's his water lines froze up He lives near us and uh he was walking Down to the creek to dump or dip buckets Into the water to bring water back up to His house so that he could do dishes and Flush toilets and all that stuff so Creeks Rock What about food Well you have your fridge right Eat what's in your fridge And a lot of people talk about what Happens in a grid down situation eat What's in your fridge first right get as Many of those calories in before they Spoil and then your freezer right most Of us have freezers either attached to Your fridge or separate standalones we Have two chest freezers we had three but One of them broke and in the age of Covid getting another freezer is Prohibitively expensive if you can find

Them so we're dealing with two right now So eat your fridge then eat your freezer And then right most people have a Short-term Pantry whether this is a Pantry uh cabinet in your kitchen or It's a hallway closet or it's a closet Off of your kitchen whatever right What we call Pantry one we have a Kitchen cabinet pantry Pantry one then Pantry two we have a long term three to Six month inventory Pantry in the house Right Pantry too see the redundancies here Then you have your food storage your Long-term food storage ideally this is a Year or more of food and every time I Read Genesis 41 I'm like a year is a Joke I think seven years is much better Comma I completely understand that most People get scared when they hear seven Years They're like I'm still working on Putting up three months good put up Three months and I've been prepping Since hurricane Katrina 15 16 years now This stuff doesn't happen overnight Right that talk about redundancies look Behind me I didn't buy all these on the Same day this is a lifetime collection Okay So So this stuff doesn't happen overnight

But it doesn't mean it shouldn't happen Right you should constantly be working To improve your position So then you have your long-term food Storage ideally a year or more if you're Rocking seven years bless you good job And then you've got to look at like Replenishment for your food so this is Gardens Um possibly foraging if you live in a Place that is uh has a low population Density and a large amount of wild flora And fauna uh hunting right and livestock Hunting slash fishing and livestock Although we know from historical data That when things get bad like a la the Great Depression Hunting and fishing was only short-term Viable because the number of people who Began to do that in order to provide Calories for their household uh Increased greatly skyrocketed and so That put a lot more pressure on the Local populations of game animals and Game fish and there wasn't a whole lot To go around Whitetail deer and turkeys wild turkeys Were hunted to the brink of Extinction During that period of time and the only Reason we have those animals today to Hunt is because of conservation efforts That were made during that period to Make sure that those herds And flocks weren't eradicated

It's a bunch of turkeys A Flock a gaggle A murder I don't know what to call a Bunch of turkeys Um There are flocks if they're inside my uh Fence in the front yard got a flock of Turkeys out there they're a lot easier To hunt too when you get them in the Corner of the fence yeah Um what about security redundancy here Well EDC right your pistol your reload Your flashlight Your tourniquet what about your Bump Plan bumping the night plan right that Kind of Builds on the EDC what do you Grab when there's something that might Need to be interdicted in the middle of The night Um your line gear line one line two line Three your War belt your plate carrier Your rucksack Etc and then building on That your team right the the people you Do hood rat with The Boogaloo man if when the balloon Goes up so there's redundancies there as Well Kamo your pace plan primary alternate Contingency emergency this is redundancy And as a general rule nobody gets Outside the wire without a good Pace Plan right how are you gonna talk back To us when things go sideways because no Plan survives contact with the Enemy Right

So what's your combo plan your pace plan For us today it's probably cell phone Right hey JM it's Bob just wanted to Chat with you what's going on right Um And then if it's not Calling or texting How many people even call anymore I know A lot of people do but a lot of people Text now right it's probably apps right Maybe your alternate is apps on your Phone like signal or Zello or whatever Else right And then maybe your contingency is RF Radio frequency Um and perhaps you know like UHF VHF Etc And maybe perhaps emergency is your CV Radio or your HF radio right and BT dubs There's no such thing as secure combo Regardless if it's your cell phone or Your radio Um or your app it there's no such thing As secure combo so bear that in mind Right And then for us interestingly because We're peculiar people we have shofars Shofars these are trumpets essentially That are made out of animal horn and They're loud and they carry and Different notes and blasts and lengths Mean different things the scope of which Is outside the scope of this video But you could think about whistles Perhaps here

Dinner Bell great example Dinner Bell Tried and true tested combo plan you Want to eat you better hear the Dinner Bell right and call me anything you want As long as you don't call me late to Dinner How about shelter redundancy right and Again Concepts here I just want you guys To be thinking about these things it Would probably be worth you getting a Sheet of paper in a pen much like I did I'm making yourself some notes as to What do your redundancies actually look Like right Shelter let's start with clothing Um I mentioned it's been really cold Here and yet and still On the few occasions where I go out into The world I see people who are wearing Like a thin hoodie and Crocs You're gonna die if you leave the house When it's cold with that on you're gonna Die and while I'm no fan of Darwin I am A fan of natural selection Perhaps if that's your your wardrobe Plan for when it's zero degrees outside You shouldn't be procreating And people make the argument well you Know that origin hoodie is a hundred Dollars I can't afford that This jacket that was ninety dollars when You bought it five years ago or whatever I can't afford that hey man second hand Store

Get this jacket all day there for 20 Bucks right and get a hoodie for 10 Bucks No shame in that game Your clothes right so dressing Appropriately before you step outside in The world Your cloak this is portable shelter Um then your house right your how about House probably if you're watching this You have a house or an apartment or Whatever like four walls and a roof Preferably a floor as well you have a House Next from there A different house or more shelter Somewhere else also known as a bol Bug Out location And lots of people bug out for lots of Reasons aside from the world has ended You know with grindstone we do Um disaster relief tornadoes and Hurricanes those people bug out they go To somebody else's house where the Problem isn't right it's a Bug out Location Uh Spider points this is multiple Bug Out locations on a map preferably And cardinal directions away from your House north south east west so if you Had multiple Bug Out locations not Necessarily a patch of land where I can Go Abraham Lincoln mode on this land and Build myself a shelter

But I have friends to the north friends To the South friends to the east friends To the West hey Mike it's bare things Get weird can I come to your house oh Yeah of course right See what I mean so spider points uh your Vehicle Uh you can live a great amount of time In a vehicle so a comment from somebody Recently on a video who said they're 72 Years old and they spent six months in The National Forest living out of their Van and loved every moment of it That's awesome Super awesome Um your bug out bag right your Ranger Roll your wool blanket and your tarp Whatever you got your you know ewcs You know your sleep system cool There's shut there should be shelter Um that's part of cover the five C's of Survival In your bug out bag and then maybe you Do go Abe Lincoln mode you go out to the Woods and you're like you know what I've Watched 4 200 townsends videos and I Feel pretty comfortable with my ax and My sharpening stone building a structure Out of these trees go for it bro go for It The problem with that Brief aside is that most people think When they're bugging out That every time they stop to rest that

They're gonna build some type of Intricate shelter and that's a waste of Time and calories the two most precious Things that you have while you're moving Because the reason we're bugging out is To get from where things are bad to Where things are less bad and or good Right so you're putting distance and Time which are synonymous with one Another In between you and the problem so if You're stopping and burning time and Burning calories to build intricate Shelters while bugging out That's a waste of very precious Resources it also is an indicator if Somebody's following you if every time Right every evening I come up on the Debris Hut or the uh A-frame shelter you Built the night before first of all Thank you I appreciate that second of All I'm now tracking you right you're Leaving indicators everywhere So not not recommended which is why you Should have in your bug out bag a good Shelter system whatever that looks like Uh what about power well we have the Grid right What about uh like a generator 5K 10K Generator that should be professionally Wired into your house or that you have Identified key things in your house that You need to run on the generator and you Have the extension cords thrown from the

Generator to those appliances Um small scale solar like a jackery or Something else like that you know that Provides enough wattage output that you Can keep cell phones charged maybe run a Refrigerator or a freezer Whatever Large-scale solar again getting to Redundancies Um a large array that has significant Battery backup so that you can run your House for extended periods of time Without the grid And I would add to that in some limited Uh instances small scale wind as well Like an xirus 442 a 10K or something Like that Um Or an old Bergie 5K Whatever if it's windy enough there and You have the resources to invest into That go for it right that's still backup Generation all of which is dependent Upon batteries right battery storage is Really important for this uh what about An inverter I have a 750 watt inverter In my truck So if the truck starts getting back to The beginning of this conversation Um which it starts it's just in low Power mode very frustrating GMC thank You so much bear what's the best truck I've broken all of them all of them Um I've done Motors on Fords

Transmissions on Chevys and everything On Dodges so What about the Tundra that's fine if You're a smaller person I'm not Anyway Um Inverter I have an inverter in my truck And and on and on and on right you can You can and should play this game all The way down all the way down for your Medical plan right from having to Tourniquet in your back pocket to a bare Fact in your vehicle to a stomp bag in Your team room to a doctor or a nurse on Your team right like redundancy Intel How do you develop and correlate Intel Right all these things you can and Should do it inventory take a sheet of Paper on your lunch break today take a Pen sit down and just start thinking About all these different areas Transportation water food security Communications shelter power medical Intelligence Whatever else you may have weaponry Right and that goes to security most but Most people in the preposphere geek out About weaponry I gotta have I gotta have This thing with that thing and I like The 10 and a half inch barrel with the War comp on the end of it and this and That and then this can with this trigger And Uh not a pack 15. I much prefer to use

It and then I like a Surefire vampire Who cares I don't care I don't care The fact of the matter is For Shtf for most of us let alone those of Us who live rurally you know out here Where they gotta pipe the sunshine in And those pipes would probably freeze Too because they're only a foot Underground Um anything on this wall One of them and be fine It don't matter it don't matter It matters that you know how to use it Way more than it matters what it is you Know you give me a 45-70 lever gun okay Cool rally around the family pocket full Of shells right 12 gauge 12 gauge awesome From nine shot up toe one and a quarter Ounce slugs right and everything in Between Fabulous From squirrels to Bull Moose sounds good Wonderful Right it don't matter man but people Will focus on this because it It fulfills that immediacy right if You're in a deadly force engagement the Only thing that solves that problem is Better faster harder stronger deadly Force right and so people hyper focus on That but that solves immediate problems Not long-term problems like what are you

Gonna eat how are you gonna wash your Hands after you poo Where Are You Gonna Poo Etc like even that we talked about the Frozen toilets okay well praise the most High I have multiple toilets in my house Also praise the most high on the other Side of this wall is a composting toilet In the outhouse Right so Do an inventory and I'll end with a Little story for you When I was in the wind turbine industry I was invited to bid a project on a Remote island In the Caribbean And I believe at the time there was like 10 people living on this island And some major Hotel Corporation had found this little island And wanted to build a hotel in a Restaurant and you know a tourist Attraction there The issue was the entire Island was Powered by a 40 kilowatt number two Diesel generator and so in order to have Electricity they had to bring in by ship Which is interesting because we'll get To the type of facilities they had in a Moment they had to bring in by ship Diesel fuel And even then they would run the Generator for an hour or two every day And it would power up a very minimal

Grid on the island and during that block Of time people charged their cell phones You know did their laundry whatever Right and that's it that's how it worked Well that is not near enough power to Run a hotel And so Um the developer was interested in Putting up wind because there was a lot Of wind there so they contacted us I bid the job There was no dock I asked I asked the um The guy who was on site there who uh There was a little restaurant Little restaurant And all their stuff came in on on a boat I asked the guy there who they put me in Contact with Um Via telephone Can you send me a picture of the dock So he emailed me a picture of the doc it Was about four and a half foot wide made Of wood Maybe 30 yards long And looked like If I stood on it it might fall apart Okay That's not gonna work So we found this Maritime company that Had these big barges almost like Higgins Boats where the front would flop open

Onto the shore and then you could roll Your stuff off and so we started bidding The job With some really interesting constraints Um You know how many the tonnage how many Tons can we fit on each barge how many Barge trips does it take in order to get Onto the beach what is the first thing That needs to come off the beach the Answer to that is two caterpillar d8 Dozers With winch lines on them so we can get Onto the beach clear the scrub brush Establish a landing and then use the Winch and the winches and the dozers to Start dragging other stuff off of the Barges and I'm talking We gotta make concrete right to put These things in the ground so we've got To bring a portable batch plant we have To bring every ounce of cement that we Need a desalination plant so we can take Water out of the ocean and turn it into Potable water and you know uh Desalinated water to make a concrete Make concrete with Um generators diesel fuel down to the Nuts the nuts that you need to put on The bolts to stand the towers up and I Remember thinking it was like I think it was 3 400. One inch grade eight nice nuts that we Needed

I bid 10 000 of those 10 000. they come In kegs right a keg of nuts And then each keg we didn't put all 10 000 nuts on one barge right building Redundancies into this is the point of The story They were separate there was like one Keg of nuts on each barge so if Something goes down something gets lost Like we still have enough nuts to do the Job with Um because you don't just run to the Home Depot There's no Home Depot The boat that brought mail to the island Came once a month And they would bring mail and flour and Rice and you know Alcohol and all the other things that Humanity takes to to survive Um You know I asked the guy at the little Restaurant I was like so what's there to Eat here fish Cool he goes if you guys want something Other than that like we can get it but It'll take a month to get it It's like okay it's like what about meat And he's like yeah we can get meat I'm Like what kind of meat and he's like Whatever they can get on the boat I'm like huh how do you keep it fresh Because they're just walking onto the Boat and then we kill it when it gets

Here So some some constraints there as far as Planning this job we uh never performed The job we tendered the bed and the Hotel company to my understanding never Developed the island which I think has Its own kind of beauty to itself you Know good Let It Be that's just fine let It be But um It was a really good planning exercise Of having everything where's the guys Going to sleep there's no place to sleep It was going to take about 40 men To do that project okay this means Bringing tents and cots and pillows and Sheets and where are we gonna poo and What is how we gonna do laundry and you Know how many pairs of socks does each Man need to bring with it I mean Planning all the way down And uh it was a really good exercise and It was built around redundancy knowing That we couldn't get I I couldn't get One more sheet metal screw if I needed It not one more that doesn't exist not Coming it might be here in a month Maybe So I would encourage you all first of all Thank you for hanging with me for 34 Minutes but also uh thanks for being Here and I would encourage you all to Inventory today what are your Redundancies look like your

Transportation your water your food your Security your combo your shelter your Power your medical your Intel I appreciate y'all stay warm have a Blessed day shalom