Homemade Bushcraft Fire Starters – 10 + Minutes Burn Time

By | January 4, 2023

So I'm going to do a little bit of uh A project with the girls if if I can get The girls involved in this or not I Don't know I'm gonna try so why have a Couple of different things that you're Going to need for this project come in Box [Music] Don't necessarily need a dog in the House but it helps I don't see I say Okay so It's very simple guys we're going to Make some homemade firelighters stay Tuned Are you hiding even You don't like sawdust why not It's not so dust okay these are super Duper simple guys super duper simple Okay Super duper simple all we do is Right now wait a second We got our egg container We got some uh some noodles the noodles EV they're not going to get into your Eyes Okay Um what we're going to do is we're going To put so maybe half of that let me just Put the camera over here Is we want to get some of this right And we're going to stuff it down into Each one like this Even more okay no stop it stop it right When we have it stuffed down what we're Gonna do is is we're going to put a

Cotton pot Pad balls on top of it like that okay do You understand I'm not doing that much Okay Evie so we gotta stuff it in stuff It in I'm not doing that much I have some old broken up candles on the Go here So I'm slowly Going to heat this you can see that it's Melt not ready on the inside there so I Want to have for lifting that then is I Have a welding glove that I use here for The fire and what I'll do guys is I'm Just going to pour the wax And on top so you can see you get a Little see our lovely uh Guys this is just like a Rollie Um like when you roll up a bandage that Is exactly what it's like okay What do you think of our new uh of our New uh tablecloth hmm it's nice isn't it No it's a tar it's another tarp yeah It's an old rack tarp gate [Music] Like a bird on a tree I'm just sitting here I got time Clear to see From up here The world seems small [Music] We can sit together It's so beautiful

You and me [Music] We meant to be In The Great Outdoors Forever free [Music] Free [Music] [Music] Times you need to go Take a step back you and me We're meant to be The Great Outdoors Forever free You and me Meant to be In The Great Outdoors Forever [Music] [Music] All right You and me And me we're meant to be The Great Outdoors Free You and me Ant to be In the Doors Forever free Free [Music] Foreign [Music]

Okay so this is what I'm gonna do I'm going to Go ahead and pick this up If it's focusing on you Luckily that's not fine well that's a Lot of wax isn't it takes takes quite a Bit of Wax So I'm going to focus going to work on These ones And that is all that's just they're just Old candles it stinks so bad it stinks So bad My fear is not my belly so we're going To give me this we're going to let these Dry and uh then we start wanna fire Because you have the barn stuff don't You don't you Lily Set this on fire 3 29 330 exactly [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign There we have it That is 12 minutes burn time It's 12 minutes not bad in the easy easy Little thing to do with the kids uh if If you have stuff like that laying about Thanks for watching see you Frosty