The Decision You Must Make…

By | January 3, 2023

Hey YouTube this is City prepping I want To welcome you back I hope you had a Great holiday break and a Happy New Year I have it uploaded a video in uh quite a While and really as a team we took the Last couple of weeks off to just take a Break kind of pull back catch our breath And really sit down and evaluate what we Want to do for this coming year and it Was really nice to just get away from Everything all the news and just Honestly manually take a break but as I Say it's uh time to come back to reality And coming back to the studio sitting Down I I knew the problems would be here Waiting the different events going on The world and as I sat down and began to Look at this year the challenges on the Horizon Um I think I realized more and more that There's a decision that we really have To make at this time so let's talk about It Foreign A few months ago I was talking with a Friend and to call him a hardcore Prepper would be quite the Understatement and he pointed out that For years he's been preparing for Different issues that have been coming Out but in the last several months Especially in this last year as these Threats have played out it's become more And just increasingly more obvious as to

Why we prepare why he prepares and There's been a sense of unease that We've all felt while I've tried to stay Optimistic as I pointed out many times On the channel I value being a realist Viewing the world not how I wanted how I Want it to be but really how it is and How it is clearly playing out in front Of us And as of late there's been a note of um For lack of better words Apocalypse in The air a sense that we're on the edge Of our very existence at times and for Some this spawns feelings of fear Anxiety and uncertainty but as I always Try to point out on this channel you can Allow those feelings to be debilitating Or you can wrestle them down and you can Own them and let them serve as fuel to Propel you forward and with this channel I try to be so careful of how I present Information I realize that fear is a Powerful tool and we've all heard the Old advertising cliche that sex sells But I've watched increasingly as fear Has been used as a tool to manipulate People and I say this as I don't want This channel to be reduced to promoting Fear and I mean that sincerely I'm very Conscious of that fact and how I go About shaping the videos the thumbnails And the titles I do however want to Convey some very serious issues that we Must be aware of while now at the same

Time providing relevant information to Help individuals learn to prepare but How do I convey the serious issues that We all face and will increasingly face In this era of change the era where the Proverbial chicken has come home to ruse The issues that we've put off for years Are now coming to the doorstep our Doorstep and they've got to be resolved My background it was in science and Based on the information I study and Follow we're in for some very difficult Times and we know things are not going To get easier especially when it comes To Preparing now released a poll this Morning asking the community if they Think things will get worse the same or Better than 2022 it's a no one's Surprise the answer was 72 percent worse With only five percent stating that Things will get better again no surprise And this is what leads me to the point Of this video there's a decision that You must make if you've been actively Engaged in preparing learning and Developing skills congratulations you're Doing a great job but don't get too Comfortable but if you've been on the Fence or just not prioritizing Preparedness I'm not really sure what to Say at this point that would encourage You to do so if you're unsure where to Start I just released a video covering Five practical things that you can do to

Prepare in 2023 and I would encourage You to go back and watch that if you Haven't done so already I'll put a link To it in the description and up in the Cards above All this is same there's a decision that You must make Time is not really on our side so will You step up and prepare will you take The necessary steps to get ready I I am And I'm doing all I can to actively take My own preparedness to a new level I've tried to make some or rather I've Had to make some difficult decisions Over the Christmas break and pulling Back and taking time to again kind of Unplug just Letting my mind go for a second and just You not having to focus on the Day-to-day it's been very helpful in Prioritizing and focusing on things that I think will be a priority for me my Household my family over the next few Years and there's been a few things that Have been on the fence about some Decisions that I've been trying to make Uh or get some clarity on things that Will Make some big differences in my life and My family's life what I believe in Relation to what I believe will be Coming over the next several years and I Think things will increasingly get more Difficult and there's a lot on the line

My family and again For me that is one of the most how Should I put it the The focus for me in my Endeavors of Preparedness what motivates me what is The the thing that helps Propel me Forward in addition to trying to help Educate this community but clearly if if I was single or on my own I'd probably Do the best I could on my own but now There's other people that are dependent On me and it's something that I want to Leave a legacy behind and the skills and The infrastructure so that they'll be Prepared for whatever may be coming All that to say I'm very excited about The channel this year and I'm working With the team on multiple videos to try To help this community build as Practical as possible Uh you know ways that you can Implement To practically prepare is what I'm Trying to say For example about a month ago we started The gardening series to give you time to Prepare and learn before the growing Season we've purposely been trickling Those videos out over the last several Weeks I think we've done three we've got The fourth and Q to release here shortly And I hope you follow along with this so Far we've gotten four and we'll probably Go to about eight or nine leading up to Actual planning season in March for May

Whatever wherever you're at whatever Zone you're in And getting back to the main point here I chose this title and message as my First video of the year for a reason There's something unique about the Beginning of the year it's kind of a Time to reflect on the past and an Opportunity to start anew and I'll Finish this video by sharing a book that I'm reading this one I've read and I'm Rereading it right now it's called Atomic habits it's uh just a really Practical book on building habits that Will make changes will make a huge Difference in your life but it's all About starting with the principle of Just moving one percent incrementally Each day to get better and better now I Bring that up in the context of this Discussion because at the beginning of The year especially when it comes to Preparedness it can feel overwhelming When you look across all the different Things that you feel that you have to Get done whether that's get your gear in Order your food in order your water in Order building Gardens I mean all the Things that go into moving yourself Along in this journey and it's easy to Get overwhelmed but I would encourage You to start with the habit of just Saying how can I improve one percent Daily

I tend to move in batches I tend to like To do big projects at a time it's hard For me to do one percent but I'm finding Ways and again to do things Incrementally I'll share a practical thing some of our Bug out bags need to be overhauled to Reevaluate our kids have grown since I Made them last I've cannibalized some of The bags over the last several months With my son being in Scouts and we've Had to pull gear and I had to step back And reevaluate the bags and I realized They were incredibly deficient but it's Something that I put off for a long time But I spent the day yesterday going Through them and overhauling them so I Know for me it feels good to accomplish Those goals so whatever it is for you Whether that's to say I need to build The food inventory that would go back And overhaul it or review it go for it I'll post a link to a video I did on Billing a food supply it's all about Taking those little steps and that's Really my Pursuit at this point just to Etch forward a little more each day to Try to find something that I can sit Down and learn something I can Incorporate into my life to get ready Something I can improve upon and that's One of the things I love about Preparedness it encourages me to do Better to seek to go after better

Pursuits to not allow myself to get lazy To fall into the Trap of comfort but It's rather what I love again about Prepping is that it pushes me to new Goals and new Ambitions to better myself To prepare my family and in saying that I it's easy for me to find these big Projects that I need to focus on these Grand resolutions and it's easy for us At the beginning of the year to sit down And say oh do all these big things that Inevitably you know if you get a few Months in inevitably a few months in you You begin to push those by the wayside You know that diet or whatever it is but I would encourage you commit yourself to Just trying to find a way to improve one Percent daily and I promise you can you Can make great strides over a year's Time I'm excited to take you on this journey As I grow my own skills increasingly Move towards self-sufficiency over this Year that for me is the big thing that I'm really going to be focusing on I Don't want to give too much away too Much away but in the next several weeks We're going to be rolling out various Practical videos to helpfully hopefully Give you ideas as you prepare to move on This journey preparedness We're going to get through this year but We've definitely got challenges again I'm not going to sugarcoat it I'm not

Worried about this year but I realize We're on a track of We're on a path if I if I could say it That way on a journey that we have to Prepare for and I encourage you and I Hope you are making the decision to Prepare this is an again a year where I Want to step my game up and go to a new Level and I'm excited to take you on This journey and we've got this I Believe we do as always stay safe out There