BREAKING: Massive Escalation in Next 72 Hours

By | January 3, 2023

Folks Canadian prepper here well 2023 is Off to one hell of a bad start I'm about To break it all down this is probably Going to be a 45 minute video so you gen Z you early Millennials Alpha class Whatever you are you guys are probably Going to need a double dose of your meds To have the attention span to sit Through this I would encourage you put Me on in the background we're doing long Form content today okay organize your Gear do a bug out bag check oil some Steel do what you got to do to multitask Well I walk you through how bad things Are about to get now Where to start here I'm going to give You a brief synopsis of everything we're Going to cover we're going to cover and Increase Russian mobilization we're Going to cover Russia going on Total War Footing they're moving their nuclear Bombers you have the United States and South Korea doing joint nuclear Exercises North Korea committing to Exponentially grow its nuclear program We have the FDIC the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation having a meeting Where they are discussing how they are Going to manage public panic when the hits the fan so to prevent Bank Runs yes how bad could it get and if you Didn't know Global oil production has Peaked this is from the Most Pro oil website on the internet

Okay and they are saying that oil Production has long since peaked and That means that guess what that gas is Going to start ticking up in price once Again the last thing we need to hear it Sounds as though we are entering the Dirty 70s once again and that's just the Tip of the iceberg with respect to the Stuff that we need to cover because guys We need to talk about generational Warfare because it appears as though Hybrid Warfare and then nuclear warfare Once all of our conventional Munitions Either on the NATO side or the Russian Side have been depleted in spite of the Russians working around the clock 24 7 Churning out tanks and artillery shells Eventually if this high intensity Conflict continues they are going to get Depleted and that means hybrid and Nuclear warfare is on the horizon and we Need to understand the scope of modern War we cannot Be ignorant to Trends in social media I Brought up Andrew Tate the other day Because you need to know what's going on In pop culture because how it works is Pop culture basically dictates public Opinion public opinion dictates ideology Ideology dictates politics politics Dictates economics the economic bone is Connected to the geopolitical Bone and The geopolitical bone is connected to The military bone okay so did you see

Everything's connected all right so you Can't just ignore these things even Though we all think it's dumb Johnny Depp Amber Heard what a Mindless Distraction nonetheless everything Factors into the calculus of modern war And we need to have that sort of brevity When we're trying to understand these Things so let's just dive in first story Who has been saying this for the longest Time apparently the Ukrainian defense Chief watches this channel He's warning of a new Russian Mobilization apparently they've decided To start this next wave of Multiplication on January 5th and They're getting ready to close the Borders so people can't escape the Country okay it is that serious now Apparently the Russian military Registration and conscription offices Have already adapted so that this Process is going to be easier Putin made His address on January 1st everybody in Behind him was in military Garb in bdus Okay so you can see that the the Advent Of the Russian War economy has now started this is Going to be a a year of War this is Where everything just gets really sour On the militaristic front all over the World we're going to see likely new Conflicts emerge whether that's in Greece in Syria like we're seeing today

With the Israelis in Iran and North Korea and Japan between Japan and Russia And the Euro Islands between the Taiwan And the China everything is just Collapsing it does appear so this Russian mobilization is of great concern Because this means of course that the War is about to expand now for those of You guys who underestimate the Russian Military and of course I'm going to get All these comments about oh you Overestimate the Russian military and Europe Putin shill and blah blah blah no It's just that you need to understand The reason why NATO is not involved in The first place is because they they Fear escalation this is why Germany is So hesitant to send tanks they're saying We're only going to send tanks if Everybody decides to send tanks so if NATO collectively comes together and Decides to send tanks the only reason Why NATO hasn't done this is because They fear Russia's nuclear weapons There's a lot of people who just think Oh you know their incompetence probably Extends into their strategic program I'm guessing that the people in charge Who haven't who haven't given ukrainians Anything more than Patriots and a few High Mars understand what the Russians Are capable of bringing to bear so we Should hope that the Russians who are Apparently working around the clock in

Order to Produce these weapons we should hope That they don't run out of Conventional Weapons because if they do that means That it's hybrid Warfare and ITS Tactical nuke time okay now the Russians Have apparently also moved their bomber Fleet or most of it from angles to Air Force Base which was just recently Attacked again okay by the ukrainians Did even barely make the news this time At all and the ukrainians continue to Attack deep inside Russia so that has Now become normalized we've already been Desensitized to attacks happening within Russia that is a major escalation unto Itself every time we hit this new Plateau of normalization between the Increasing intensity of uh Ukrainian Attacks on Russia which are totally Justified I mean Ukraine has every right To attack within Russia however when you Have them utilizing American Intelligence American know how possibly Even weapons in order to do so that Creates a lot of problems and that is Likely going to provoke the wrong kind Of response from the Russians either in The form of some kind of Cyber attack Some sort of domestic style I shouldn't Say domestic but some sort of attack On the United States power grid say or Other critical infrastructural things Asymmetrically we might see a direct use

Of a nuclear weapon we may even just see A nuclear test and of course the Russians will say oh don't worry we're Just testing our nukes you know this is Nothing to worry about we need to They'll make they'll euphemistically Frame it in some sort of way where you Know at least for the people who are Really sucking the tailpipe of their Propaganda are going to you know be Appeased by uh the rest of the world Will will realize what's happening and Of course the rest of the world will get Spooked as soon as you see that headline Russia detonates nuke it's not going to Be Russia tests nuke to gauge the the Efficiency of their current nuclear Arsenal anything like that or efficacy Of their nuclear it's not going to be Nothing like that it's going to be Russia detonates bomb right and it's Just going to be panic and the market Are going to get spooked and sure enough We'll get normalized to that and it's Just going to be this Mission creep into The conflict that we are going to be so Deeply entangled in we're not going to Be able to get out without some major Incident that just causes both sides to Say okay you know we're on the brink of Nuclear Armageddon either we stop this Or it's all the rich people going to the Bunkers and all the poor people Suffering very very slow agonizing

Deaths okay So yeah they've moved their bomber Fleet To The other side of the country okay so Here's the map Uh this is where Engels Air Force Base Was before this is where Ukraine was and Ukraine had targeted successfully that Base now they're moving it all the way Over here 7 200 kilometers away which The United States probably is not too Happy about that because of course that Opens up more vulnerabilities on the Eastern Front because we have all this Stuff going on with the Koreans and the Japanese and the Taiwanese right now That the Russians are moving bombers Over here is this actually a strategic Move or are they just trying to remove Their nuclear bombers from the line of Fire because Ukraine targeted Successfully one I believe was a tu-95 Nuclear-capable bomber okay this is Their nuclear Triad I could have never Imagined that we would have not seen Some sort of major nuclear escalation After you Iranians and NATO had done Such a thing if you asked me early in The year that by the end of the year Ukrainians were going to be targeting The Russian nuclear Triad and we would All still be here in one piece I would Have been you're crazy for suggesting Such a thing but now that's been

Normalized all that means is that we're That much closer to the Russians Reaching a Breaking Point with the Restraint that they've had right now in Using their nuclear weapons so they are Working around the clock to get on full Military war footing they've committed Over a third of their economy which is In the hundreds of billions of dollars To arming their troops and expanding Their military they're going to mobilize Probably I'm guessing millions of troops When it all comes down to it they're Going to be mobilizing millions and There was a major attack today on a new Facility that housed I believe between 62 to a hundred Russian troops that have Died I'm presuming that there's going to Be a lot more casualties so you know That this is going to prompt a response Which is going to be far worse than what The ukrainians did to the Russians and In fact the Russians have been making Some major strikes already on what They're calling NATO facilities within Ukraine or facilities that are being in Some way commandeered so I would not be Surprised if you do have NATO Mercenaries that have been taken out I Think that's the term that they're using Mercenaries so there have been some Major casualties on both sides so we're Off to a really bad start this year this Means that the Russians are about to do

Something big they're going to want Revenge and in many ways a lot of people Will say that this is a defeat for the Russian air defense that highmars was Able to squeak through once again and That's the other thing the United States Has implicated in this this is making The Russian people probably more pro-war Okay you have to understand that when You have Russians dying in droves like This this is going to create more Disdain amongst the population there for Ukraine and NATO it's only going to make People want more and more Revenge so as Bad as these things are from a tactical Point of view from a strategic point of View from the Russians perspective for Support from the war this is actually I Hate to say it but somewhat of a godsend Probably not the best word to use but This is actually beneficial uh to that End so this bombardment on the temporary Housing facility or whatever it was is Uh is bad for Russia in the short term But probably going to increase people's Willingness to want to mobilize in the Long term because it's going to bring Out that patriotism in people and like I Said if you can't understand How the Russians can be patriotic about This war just imagine you were the United States and Russia and the Mexicans were trying to invade your Country okay just imagine that that

Scenario was where you thought that you Know the Russians were trying to Infiltrate Mexico or trying to move Their troops into Mexico and there was This risk that maybe Mexico and Russia Were planning an attack from the south Imagine how patriotic you would be if You just heard that 60 to 100 of your Countrymen whether or not you were in a Special military operation or not just That fact alone imagine how patriotic You would be in that situation most People would probably want to go and Fight in the war so I fear that that is Exactly what is happening So the war is only going to get worse From this point and we're only in the Second day of the year absolutely Unbelievable Ukrainian Intel says that They know where all of Russia's nuclear Storage sites are and they are Monitoring movements well as far as I Know and I could be wrong about this I Don't think Ukraine has any satellites Up in the sky I don't think they have Any stealthy reconnaissance planes uh Perhaps they obviously have human Intelligence on the ground because They've been doing these sabotage acts For some time now but clearly we know That um this guy here who is this that's Saying this uh uh skibitsky skibitsky I Believe he is the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense anyways they are saying that we

Constantly monitor the movements of all Of their tactical level nuclear weapons Carriers I don't know how they're able To do that without the help of the U.S Military in NATO so we know that that is Actually occurring I don't I'm not very Confident that that's true I think There's many other ways I mean the Russians they had all sorts of ways of Deploying their nuclear weapons over the Years through trains they can do it at Night and it's very hard to track you Can do uh Subterranean Maneuvers so There's plenty of ways we don't know you Know I I would not be confident in Ukraine of all countries assessment of Where Russian nuclear weapons were of Course they're going to tell their Population that because Their population is preparing for Nuclear war okay we had Ron on recently And he was talking about how they're More concerned about being bombed with Conventional Munitions but since that Time people are prepping for actual Nuclear war in Ukraine so I hear anyway So Uh this guy has said that the Ukrainian Military is trying to find out all the Signs of preparation for the possible Use of any kind of nuclear weapons or Their deployment closer to Ukraine okay So in September recall that Ukrainian Officials said that they consider the

Risk of Russia using tactical nuclear Weapons against Ukraine at some point as Being very high very high not a little Bit of risk which is bad enough in Itself not medium risk not high risk Very high risk however they say it Remains unlikely in the near term that's How they absolve themselves so the Population can't get mad and they can Say well we warned you Now uh what else do we need to talk About here I wanted to talk about these Different generations of warfare we got To talk about chat GPT and how this Might figure into the the whole uh Military Matrix we got going on here This sixth generation Warfare stuff uh We got to talk about the FDIC that's Going to be a big one Um let's let's talk about the South Korean stuff before we get into the more Obscure stories of the day so South Korea and the United States are Discussing nuclear exercises you know What's funny I was watching we on the Indian News Network that has like 7.1 Million subscribers and uh it's funny They must add a new news anchor on and He's like North Korea tested more Missiles than they ever had before in 2022 and South Korea and the United States are going to be doing joint Nuclear exercises soon but then he said This I think he said this exact thing it

Was funnier the way he said it I won't Be able to replicate it but he said Something to the effect of well We're hoping but there's a good chance That nuclear the tensions are going to Die down soon hopefully and then you Just went into the story anyways sorry I Just got interrupted with a phone call There So much stuff to talk about guys anyways All right so Seoul in Washington are Discussing possible joint exercises Using U.S nuclear assets Interesting why would you need to do That they're calling this extended Deterrence it's the same principle that NATO utilizes to have their nuclear Weapon sharing in various countries it's Not only France and Britain that have Nuclear weapons it's a variety of Different countries and from Russia's Perspective if you have the ability to Deliver a nuclear weapon if you have the Delivery system then you are a nuclear Superpower so if you're a country that Has f-35s that have the capability to Shoot nuclear weapons then you are in The Russian's mind and likely vice versa For the United States and NATO then you Are a nuclear Nation so this extended Deterrence is going to be in response to North Korea's commitment To exponentially increase their nuclear Arsenal exponentially increase their

Nuclear Arsenal This is very concerning to me You know why would a little country like North Korea that could probably be be Flattened with a few Megaton nuclear Warheads what could they possibly be Planning for and you know the North Koreans are not doing anything without The green light from Russia and China Who have both Basically voted against the U.N imposing More sanctions on North Korea so you Know that Russia North Korea China they Are what do they call it unlimited Security agreements or something to that Effect so you know that their their Allegiance to one another is very very Strong so this is just more craziness That's increasing okay and the North Koreans are wanting to To engineer more tactical nuclear Weapons so not even just icbms to Threaten the United States with but They're actually getting into the realm Of tactical nukes I often wonder you know because the South Koreans and the North Koreans Share that Affinity where you have you Still have relations between South and North Koreans like a phenol ties between These two countries I often wonder you Know how strong of an enmity it must be That it can override the fact that They're the same genetic pupils okay

That this internecine conflict can Overshadow Um their their similarities that they Have it's incredible I mean Kim Jong-un Looks like the guy from Gangnam Style What's his name Psy or something like They look like the same person that's How close they are genetically yet North Korea is literally preparing to Nuke itself that is astonishing to me it Just goes to show you know it even and That would translate in an shtf Situation because you probably can't Trust your family either You know what I mean like you'd think That those would be the people you would Trust the most but really when things Really come down to the wire you know Unless it's your immediate family can You really trust them That's just an example of how people can Turn against each other anyways this Extended deterrence is likely going to Be practiced in more and more countries As a nuclear tension continues to rise Now In addition to that we're going to be Talking about hybrid Warfare in a second Here but I figured I'd share this story With you this is from Eurasia times a Great news source for off the radar Military news and it's also fairly Unbiased unlike the Western Media or the Pro-russian media to be honest so

Fearing Chinese electromagnetic pulse Japan plans countermeasures to protect Its critical military bases now they're Saying they're not going to have this Done until 2028 they're going to try to Harden their military bases against EMP The fact that they're preparing for EMP In predict in particular is quite Concerning we know that Japan is going On this military spending kick spending Around 360 billion dollars over the next Five years in order to prepare now they Say five years And 360 billion you could probably add a Couple hundred more billion to that I Think when all is said and done and it's Incredible how close we're getting to 2030 I mean it's really just a hop skip And a jump away so you know these things Are coming to ahead very very quickly And we need to continue in our vigilance In our preparedness because things could Just Get really wild at any point in time Here Um okay Now why do I want to talk about fifth Generation Warfare I'm probably trying To stuff too much into a video here But let's just get to it okay so I think It's important that people are familiar With these terms first generation Warfare this is like ancient combat Column tactics where a bunch of guys

Stand in a line they one one uh military Stands on one side of the field the Other military stands on the other and They go at it with swords melee style Maybe some arrows and stuff like that But nothing you know very primitive Combat second generation Warfare Involves gunpowder basically still same Kind of scenario so this would look like The Civil War or the Revolutionary War That was second generation Warfare third Generation Warfare uses late modern Technology so airplanes Paratroopers it's not necessarily just Guys fighting in the trenches it's using Bombers it's Naval battles things like That basically using heavier Machinery So you can see there's an evolution Happening Here asymmetric gorilla Tactics I got a guy here to symbolize a Viet Cong I don't know if he's Viet Cong Or not and I just Googled Viet Cong and This is the guy that came up and Guerrilla warfare so it's asymmetrical Gorilla style tactics uh critical Infrastructural attacks Behind Enemy Lines things like that okay now fifth Generation Warfare is where we're at Today And this is all under the Specter of Nuclear war threat so the reason why we Have to engage in fifth generation Warfare at all is because countries are Worried about

Mutually assured destruction so this is The this is where we're at right now With Russia and China in the United States so it's conducted primarily Through non-kinetic military action such As social engineering very important Misinformation cyber attacks they don't Mention mention here things like deep Fakes Propaganda things of that nature and Along with emerging Technologies such as Artificial intelligence fully autonomous Systems so drones fifth generation Warfare has been described by Daniel Abbott as a war of information and Perception so we have this Venn diagram Here hybrid Warfare economic diplomatic Irregular unconventional conventional Disinformation so all of these things And I think it a lot of it would be like The nordstream attack That's a classic Example somewhere between a fourth gen And fifth generation Warfare Cyber Attack are going to be a clear cut Example of fifth generation Warfare now The reason why I brought up Andrew Tate If you don't think that's important a Person with that level of influence you May never have heard of them because Like me you're becoming more and more Out of touch with what young people are Watching online but you gotta you gotta Make sure that you at least have your Finger on the pulse of Pop Culture this

Is why as much as I hate doing it I go And I check out the YouTube trending Page periodically just so I'm up on my Memes just so I'm up on pop culture Because this is where the power lies Nowadays is in social media influence Your ability to shape public opinion is Really it's a component of the fifth Generation war and a guy like Andrew Tate has so much sway over the minds of Young men nowadays even if even if half The people don't like him okay he's a Contentious figure and he creates Controversy and people's attention is on Him and anytime you have attention on Anything even if you dislike it it Becomes normalized this is why there are So you know afraid of what Kanye was Doing because even though a lot of People disagree with everything he says Or most of what he says or a good part Of what he says because you know again He does say some things that aren't that Crazy and then he says some things that Are very very taboo is because it Normalizes it now Fifth generation Warfare includes the Realm of social media influencers this Is why the whole Russian bought troll Farm propaganda thing you know the like It's known that Russians Chinese and I'm Sure we do it to them as well we try to Foment civil unrest to cause political Instability that's a form of fifth

Generation Warfare so when I said that Tate being in Romania a NATO country That currently has U.S troops close to The Ukrainian border was significant in That maybe Romanian authorities were given the Nudge nudge to take this guy down Because he was preparing according to my Sources anyways of eventually possibly Leaving the country to go to a place That was perhaps more neutral and less Pro-western Because we're in a war we're in World War when you have a guy like that who Has repeatedly sympathized with the Russian cause who has said that he Applauds Vladimir Putin and all of these Things and he's telling that to millions And millions of young men who are going To be the ones who are fighting the wars That's a problem okay so fifth Generation Warfare extends Beyond I'm Not saying that that means that the guy Is innocent of everything that he's Being accused of but there's a lot of Fishy stuff with respect to all that Then I'm not even going to begin to get Into because of course so many people Are fixated on this issue as if you know It's meaningful to their lives it's only Meaningful in this way in the sense that Social media engineering has ultimately The effect on militarism of Any Nation And that's a very lengthy long-winded

But significant relationship however you Know defending one side of it or getting In a Fluff over it you got better things To do in your life you got bigger fish To fry so don't put a whole lot of stock In arguing about whether or not he's Innocent in this kind of thing ask Yourself does it really matter to you Personally it only matters in the sense Perhaps that we're talking about here Fifth generation Warfare so the reason Why this is so important is because as NATO continues to deplete its Conventional Munitions as Russia Continues they're currently trying to Build Around the Clock These weapons but eventually they may Run out now when that happens if and When when that happens we're going to See more attacks on the power grid we're Going to see more cyber attacks like the Colonial pipeline thing more Unexplained Fires at Natural Gas Facilities and other critical Infrastructural nodes this is what we Are going to continue to see and the Cyber attacks have already been Increasing at a rapid rate we know that There are attempts to subvert Many Many Nations right now on the internet and Foment on rest they attempted that in China they attempted it in Iran both of Those have basically been quelled by the Authorities there for the most part

They're probably really trying hard to Do it in Russia however the Russian People are still at least according to The sources that are available to us Apparently quite supportive of The special military operation is still Calling it but it's a full-blown War if You hadn't realized yet so that's why it Is so important okay they are consuming Weapons and an astounding rate and Neither side knew or was prepared To Deal with these great expenses that they Are incurring Um in this war like trench warfare back In the day you know you're using a lot Of bullets you know some artillery Shells but you're using million dollar Missiles in this and missile defense and Uh these very expensive pieces of Equipment that are just getting Annihilated on the battlefield day after Day so it's very very costly so yeah I Would still I'm still very bullish on Military stocks not that I'm necessarily Invested in those stocks and nor am I Giving you Financial advice but military Commodities gold oil you know funny Thing about gold it's literally at the Same price as it was January 1st 2022 as It was January 1st 2023 more or less Maybe by a few dollars it was off stock Market down 15 to 35 percent on some Indices

The currency I think is the only thing That's that's gotten a little stronger And perhaps in that metric you could say That the price of gold relative to the Dollar has actually gone down a little Bit but we're going to start to see the Migration into gold and precious metals Now but like I've always said and not Many people say this enough if you're Measuring gold in U.S dollars it doesn't Matter the price of gold doesn't matter Because the whole point of precious Metals are that they stay the same value Throughout history with these minor Fluctuations in price so if you're Buying an ounce of gold two years from Now for three thousand dollars that Means a couple things that means that The US dollar has lost even more of its Value because that's what you're Measuring it in maybe it means that gold Production is down because of the war or Something some scarcity aspect but by And large gold is the same always that's The whole point of it we're entering a Phase now where I mean we've been in it For the last year and a half where it's Not about how you're going to make money It's about how you're going to keep it Are you going to keep your money because It's losing its purchasing power by the Day and I I have a grin on when I say This because it's Gallows humor guys It's the only way to really talk about

This stuff 24 7 is to have a sense of Humor about our demise now FDIC Brokers Are talking about balance okay so They're discussing what would happen in This video and I'll post a link to this If there was a emergency if there was a Financial emergency And uh they've basically said that they Say many things and I'll just pull one Of the quotes one of the guys says the Public does not have the professional Know-how in order to deal with these Things I would be careful about the Unintended consequences of starting to Blast this out to the general public and They're talking about how they're going To manage a financial emergency where They can mitigate the effects of public Panic that might trigger some kind of Bank run or something like that okay and What happens with a bail in is that Let's say the banks go under for some Reason once again then you would get a Share in that bank I believe that's how It works because you won't be able to Get your money back or your money would Be I don't know I guess just gone into The Ether that you would get a share but Don't quote me on that I don't I'm not An economist but basically they're Talking about how they're going to Manage people not manage their money not Provide them with assistance but how They're going to manage the Panic now I

Can understand this to some extent Because A bank run probably only makes things Even worse in the long run but as Preppers this is why it's so important To be ahead of the curve because you're Going to see this in every Every different institution that's Related to critical infrastructure Whether it's banking the power grid the Government Emergency Services they're All going to try to be minimizing and Managing panic and that means you're not Getting the whole story as Preppers half The battle is being ahead of the curve Knowing what is going to happen next Knowing things before the masses and Quite frankly nowadays it really ain't That hard because there's a whole bunch Of oblivious people out there who are Completely ignorant willfully ignorant Of what's going on and it's astounding Because well I guess it's not astounding Because there's so many ways to be Distracted nowadays I mean just with the Real shorts Tick Tock just with social Media not counting video games that Countless amounts of TV shows we were up At the cabin the other day and we didn't Have Netflix and YouTube And uh You know just seeing my kids have to Demonstrate the patience to not be able To watch whatever they want when they

Want not being able to pause the show it Kind of brought me a sense of relief Almost to know that you know it's like You appreciate it more like my phone Died on the way back from a recent trip And I didn't have any access to the Internet so I had to listen to AM radio And I had to listen to this program that I would never ever listen to in a Million years and it just brought back That nostalgic thing where you had to Work for it and you didn't always get What you want whenever you wanted it and It made you appreciate it a little bit More anyways I'm just going on a wild Rant here totally unwarranted Um did I talk about the gas masks yet in This video I have these gas masks here I Can't even remember if I did or not geez I'm getting old man Okay so We'll get back to this I'm going all Over the place I got so much to talk About uh all you need to know is that The government's planning on how to Manage public panic when the hits a Fan what else is new okay so Mira safety Came out with a new gas mask this is the CM 8m this combines The Best of Both Worlds you have the cm7m this is a Tactical gas mask meaning that you can Use a gun with it you can cheek up to it And it's going to it's not going to be Hard you know you're not going to have

To be looking around like this and Trying to see through your scope uh You're going to have to do that with the Cm6m now if you're the owner of a cm6n I'm going to say that 95 0.999 99 of the population let's just Say it is probably only ever going to Use their gas mask in a situation that Doesn't require them to cheek up a rifle Next to it I don't think you're going to Be hunting anything that's all we can Say here in Canada I don't think you're Going to be hunting deer post-apocalypse With your gas mask on in such case then You're going to need something you can Cheek up to that's the cm7m the problem With the cm7m is that there's individual Um what would you call it uh visor Individual eyelet visors okay the great Thing with the cm6m is that you have That full 180 degree view so you can see Everything in front of you and you can Actually it's good because you can if You're in a group you can see who you're Talking to okay now the CM 8m combines The Best of Both Worlds you get that Tactical capability so you're able to Comfortably and effectively cheek up to A rifle and see through your scope while Also having that extended field of view So It's a it's a great system and it's Really Plug and Play like it's got the Built-in speech diaphragm that the 6m

Has it's got the drinking system the Panoramic visor it's got the bromobutyl Rubber which is also good for I believe It's mustard gas even though I think None of us are ever going to see mustard Gas something to consider uh it's got The six point head harness and it's got Two filter ports there's some that come With three filter ports you don't want To be walking around with three filters On your face it's going to increase Airflow a little bit they do have Peppers mirror safety is really the Go-to for they're they're a little bit Pricey but you get the complete package Okay Um did I talk about this Global oil Production has peaked if you didn't know I think it peaked in 20 what is it 2015 This is from okay so these Guys are not you know this is not some BS website I mean maybe they're trying To boost the price of oil a little bit I Don't know but uh I'm seeing the price Of gas go up I'm sure you're seeing it Go up again where you live that's Concerning this time of year Historically as far as I know the price Of gas goes down because less people are Commuting this time of year and it goes Up during summer time so if it's at a Buck 47 a liter here in my city I can Only imagine what it is in places like Vancouver I can imagine that come summer

Prices are going to be hella high So this is just one more thing we need To contend with So where is the energy for the AI and The crypto and all these fabulous new Metaverse style Technologies where is it Going to come from it's going to be more And more expensive who controls and Corners the nuclear fuel Market well It's Russia we got a lot of uranium here In Saskatchewan but for I don't know the Technical reasons why but it's not the Nuclear fuel that is readily ready to Use in nuclear facilities around the World they buy that from the Russians The Russian Supply just copious amounts Of energy to the world and that's all Going offline this year the UK is even Discussing uh starting to uh diminish Their dependence on Russian nuclear fuel In addition to gas in addition to oil And all those things this has prompted The IMF to issue a dire warning and I Believe they're being incredibly Conservative here when they say that the Ukrainian conflict is going to lead to Soaring prices hiked interest rates and Unrelenting covet in China will continue To exert an impact on the global economy And that one-third will be in a Recession now what do they mean by Recession these terms are so vague for All we know their recession could be a Depression and they've just expanded the

Word you know or expanded the broaden The definition or minimize the Definition of recession so that what the Rest of the two-thirds of other Countries are no longer going to be Classified as being in a recession we've Been in a recession at least by Macroeconomic metrics for I believe Several quarters now but they're not Calling it that so anyways Um One thing I will say and they're saying That China is going to have a hard time With this and one thing I'll say about Authoritarian societies is that in times Of adversity Collective societies do better in times Of prosperity that's when societies like Ours do better that's when Innovation Is richest when we're in prosperous Times the collective people of the East Are willing to make sacrifices I'm Talking about Russia I'm talking about China and many other Eastern countries Where they have that collectivist Mindset okay where they have that Hive Mentality where they're willing to do What's good for their country and They're willing to put that ahead of Their own self-interest when times are Really bad those societies tend to Thrive okay you don't want a selfish Society when there isn't much to go Around unfortunately this is going to

Hit us hard Our Ingenuity thrives in times of Abundance guess what the time of Abundance is coming to a close that that Means that the shit's going to hit the Fan according to Jeremy Grantham he Predicted in early January 2022 that the Market would tank that there was going To be this super bubble and everything Was going to explode and of course he Was right when you really look at you Know what happened last year in the Markets I mean it was absolutely Devastating lots of people lost a whole Lot of money Elon Musk lost hundreds of Billions of dollars okay I mean you Could say that that's just stock Valuation its money never had was liquid But regardless if that's any indicator He's also saying that the s p could see Another 34 drop you know what that would Put it in line with the Schiller p e Ratio You know a lot of economists and and I Get it when you're when that's your Thing you know you see all the finer Moving parts and I think the tendency is To over complicate things all you need To know is that the market is twice as Overvalued as the average to know that Eventually there is far more downside Risk right now than there is upside risk So That's when I go by try to keep it

Simple we know that the economic Shitstorm is only going to get more and More intense uh there's wild weather Across Canada risks of flooding in many Places because of course the climate is Still very very screwed and it's getting More screwed by the day Belarus is ready Because apparently they shot down a Ukrainian missile the other day I forgot To talk about that so just one more Escalation and the Department of Homeland Security is warning that Al Qaeda is planning more 911 style attacks In the United States interesting so The good news keeps on coming now chat GPT I've been playing around with this Thing I've I asked it I've been asking a Lot of things but this is this is Terrifying because imagine what they Have Imagine what open AI I think Elon Musk Was the initial one of the initial Funders of this imagine what Google and The government has they gave us this Highly curated program That you know they've probably said a Bunch of parameters in place and you can Tell this program is like censoring Itself when it talks to you it always Says things like well it's very Difficult for me to make this sort of Assessment based on yada yada yada so I Would ask it things like well if a Nuclear war broke out what were what you

Know how many people would die let's ask It that question okay Step down from my Podium here if a Nuclear war happened today How many people would die Globally All right now it's typing its response An error occurred regenerate response Error occur let me just see if we can Log in here again it might ask me to log In and if it does I'm going to have to We're gonna have to save this for Another day because Don't want to disclose my personal Information okay here it goes If nuclear war broke out today how many People would survive It's difficult to estimate how many People would survive a nuclear war as it Would depend on a number of factors such As the number and size of nuclear Weapons used the targets that were hit You know that it knows I mean you know that they have something Immensely more powerful than they're Giving the public to play with this is Terrifying this is going to create so Much disruption In in just every line of work that you Can imagine I can only imagine how this Is being employed on the military Intelligence end of things and even when You merge this with things like deep Fakes and uh the incredibly realistic

Deep fakes that they can do nowadays You know I think we're we're entering a Very very brave and scary new world with This technology and this is just the tip Of the iceberg this is what's for public Consumption you can bet that uh This type of Technology would be a National security risk if it was not Thoroughly vetted before being released To the public so I'm guessing that they Have something that is orders of Magnitude far more powerful than they Are giving us that would be my Speculation let me know what you guys Think in the comment section below I Asked it to write me a story I'll ask it To write me a story again uh write me Oops write me a story about a man named Canadian prepper and his dog in the Apocalypse Okay so it's going to write me a short Story Canadian prepper was a man who had Always been fascinated by the idea of Being prepared for any situation Incredibly accurate for something that They claim is not on the internet Anyways he had spent many years Researching and preparing for various Scenarios from natural disasters to Economic collapses As he sat in his Cabin in the Woods Surrounded by his supplies and his Beloved dog he couldn't help but feel a Sense of satisfaction knowing that he

Was ready that He was as ready as he could be for Whatever might come his way one day he Was out gathering firewood he heard a Strange noise in the distance it sounded Like an explosion and as he turned he Looked turned to look he saw a mushroom Cloud rising up in the sky this machine Wrote this in three seconds and this is The dumbed down version Panicked Canadian I wouldn't Panic you Guys seen me what happened with me in Normalcy normal when the bomb went off I Was just like just another day kind of Canadian prepper gathered his dog and Raced back to his cabin locking the Doors and windows and turning on his Radio to try and get some information as It turned out a nuclear war had broken Out and the world was in chaos Canadian Prepper knew that he and his dog would Have to rely on their supplies and Skills to survive in this new dangerous World over the next few weeks they Scavenged for food water fortifying Their cabin setting up traps blah blah Blah despite the challenges Canadian Prepper remained determined to survive He knew that as long as he had his dog By his side now okay the the interesting Thing about this is what time are we at Here holy schmokes 50 minutes that's a New record What we're going to do is we're going to

Say Tell us the same story but Add a cannibal encounter And Make a unhappy ending and you don't even Have to be grammatically accurate when You enter these instructions it just Knows Okay so it's going to write this out Again I'm not going to read it all again But usually it just makes these subtle Changes and you can keep tweaking it you Can add as many like scenarios you could Say make it so that Canadian prepper Lost his gear and he had to get it back And it will write that into a story I Mean that is absolutely incredible this Is going to put so many people out of Work Scary scary times that we're almost Obsolete once they get the robotics Thing Down packed and they mix it with this Holy schmokes okay so the cannibal is Captured uh Canadian prepper he was out Foraging supplies and his dog and Despite his struggles and pleas for Mercy they dragged him off to their Camp To be their next meal this thing has a Sense of humor as he was being cooked Over the fire Canadian hell what Couldn't help but regret not taking more Precautions wait a minute if I'm being Cooked over the fire am I still alive

While they're cooking me that's Disgusting in the end Canadian Preppers Determination and preparation were not Enough to save him from the horrors of The Apocalypse okay how about this uh Tell the same The same story but Canadian Prepper Is rescued by full spectrum Survival Oops City prepping and the urban Prepper before being eaten Prepper okay so it's going to go on and On Um while it's writing this Don't forget You can get 10 off gas mask CM 8m I have A feeling that when the bomb drops these Things are going to be flying off the Shelves and there's going to be more Shortages Okay over the next days he's scavenged For food he was out foraging the Cannibals came Just as they were about to be dragged Off by the Cannibals they were rescued By a group of survivors calling Themselves Full Spectrum Survival City Prepping the urban prepper The Rescuers Fought off the cannibals free Canadian Prepperness dog took them back to the Campsite to recover he was overwhelmed With gratitude for his Rescuers together

They face the challenges but wait I Still wanted an unhappy ending So we're going to have to maybe I'll write it in there that they saved Me but they made a mistake in Saving me Because then I I robbed them and took All their stuff sorry guys it's survival Of the fittest what can I say Go check out Chachi BT and let me know What interesting stuff you can come up With and let me know if you want to just Do a whole video of just me interacting With this thing that might be fun thanks For watching guys stay safe out there And please update me in the comment Section below if you hear any other Information and you can reach me at Canadianprepper if you have Any intel okay Stay safe