CHINA ENTERING WW3: In 30 Days Everything Changes

By | January 1, 2023

Hi folks Canadian prepper here happy New Year now for the bad news that was a Short-lived reprieve from shdf wasn't it Okay it appears as though there is a Very large body of evidence to support The speculation that the Chinese may do A military style embargo on Taiwan Between 30 to 45 days from now okay There's a large amount of evidence to Suggest this we're going to be breaking Down Max Morton's in-depth analyzes of The situation over at forward Observer YouTube channel and I'm going to provide My meta-analysis to things as I usually Do typically this Channel and forward Observer we come to the same conclusions I do the math in my head their military Analysts open source intelligence Experts so they're able to give you the Long division form and go over all the Individual data points which is Absolutely essential that you shouldn't Just take you know premonitions from a Raging preparedness madman like myself You should you know command that we Provide you with all of the evidence but Nonetheless you know our track record For predictions is fairly accurate Anyways enough of all that let's talk About why I have this graph of the NASDAQ here okay I think this may have Something to do with it Um if you look at the NASDAQ over the Last couple years it was hyperinflated

After the bubble of 2020 okay As you can see here 2020 it goes up it Goes up everybody's Riding High Everybody's pumping all their stimulus Checks into the stock market and around Here this I I actually you know happened Sometime around here this is when Wall Street bets happened okay and then That's where things got a little shaky But it kept on advancing and then uh Sometime Late November 2021 the whole Thing just crashed okay right around the Election time how convenient and now It's just been on a downward Trend now a Lot of people have attributed this Downward Trend to the fact that this had To fall because it was hyper inflated Due to all of the quantitative easing That was occurring another explanation However for this crash might be that in Order for big Tech to function because The NASDAQ is all Fang stocks Facebook Amazon Netflix you know Google etc etc so in Order for them to function they need two Things critical components for the NASDAQ are energy and chips if you don't Have energy and you don't have chips Guess what this is going to crash hard Everybody Expected that there would be no energy Shortage because remember Early pandemic energy was really cheap You know you couldn't you couldn't sell

Oil because of the shutdowns and Everybody was you know working remotely And all this stuff so there were high High hopes that the metaverse was going To take off and everybody was just going To be in their incubators in their homes While getting things delivered from skip The dishes every day unfortunately that Didn't materialize like they thought and Things started to crash and you also had The Russia War which increased the Global price of energy and it made Energy scarcity a reality that big Tech Had to confront in addition to this now We are going to likely have chip Shortages because tsmc likely is going To burn the boats and the bridges if China makes a military incursion onto Their Island and in fact I think they Have said something to that effect that They will not allow the Chinese to Commandeer their nanometer level chip Manufacturing facilities That are the best in the world that Provide 90 percent of all the high-end Chips that all of these technology Stocks and not only that crypto as well Because Bitcoin mining requires lots of Energy and requires lots of chips so I'm Not sure if that's going to make a Bitcoin even more valuable because that Means that it's going to cost more to Mine it or if it's going to cause people To lose faith in it I guess that's a

Story for another day anyways I just Thought I would present this because big Money knows what's coming you see a lot Of people they don't understand how Geopolitics or at least a lot of Financial people they don't talk enough About how the leading indicator of the Markets is geopolitics and it's usually By a couple years they just look at you Know the fed and this and that but the FED is also responding to these shifts Especially the big shift that's Happening right now which is a shift to A multi-polar world okay the FED isn't In front of that the G politics is the Leading indicator for all of these Things and not enough people pay enough Attention to it and in fact a leading Indicator to geopolitics is fifth Generation Warfare AKA social influence Which is why I'm talking about the Situation with people like Andrew Tate In my video I did yesterday most people Can't see the connection but all of These things are connected if you can Control the minds of people you can Control politics you control economics You control whether or not they're going To support going to war okay it's all Interconnected guys anyways let's go Over Max Morton over at the forward Observer YouTube channel which I would Encourage you to check out I really like This channel because they're really

Objective they very very seldom let Politics enter the conversation and Definitely not in a way that's fanatical And not in a way that's going to Alienate any of their viewers so I Really like their they're open source Intelligence expertise that they bring To bear there typically we come to the Same conclusions with our disseminations But I just do all the math in my head And they give you that long-form Division Point by Point breakdown which Is very very useful for people so where Should we start here obviously there's a Military build up right now in China now Max's main argument is that the Chinese Have a window of opportunity okay in Order to make an actual landed incursion Onto the beaches of Taiwan and that is Going to come about uh sometime between I believe it's Between May and June quite possibly or Late March early May because the Taiwan Strait you know it's uh here's a Taiwan Straight here you can see all of this Traffic okay this is another thing if a War breaks out here all of this traffic Needs to be re-routed in some way shape Or form nobody's going to ensure trips Ensure ships moving through a war zone And there are trillions of dollars of Goods that flow through this straight Every year Goods that you go and Purchase at Walmart okay

So it's imperative that war doesn't Break out in and around this region and Even if there's a military-style embargo Here you're likely to see ships having To be possibly rerouted all the way Around which will drastically increase The cost of shipping among other things It's just going to create a whole lot of Chaos now there might be some corridors Secure corridors Insured by China in the case of such a Thing I would assume that there might be Something like that because this is a Huge space this is hundreds of miles Okay it looks small on the map but it's Actually very big and it looks like this Is but you're probably if you're one of These ships you can't even see another Ship on the horizon okay because it's Just such a big space regardless we know That shipping is going to be drastically Compromised anyways there are two times Of the year according to Max that you Can do a landed incursion onto the Beaches of Taiwan okay do an actual Ground invasion of Taiwan and he says That that is late March to early May or October and December otherwise the Visibility is bad it's stormy it's rainy These Seas can get very treacherous So He suggests that you can't really do a Military style Invasion unless it's During those time periods now this this All coincides with what the Russians are

Saying which is what the speculation is In Ukraine I should say that the Russians are going to be doing a winter Offensive between now and April this of Course would coincide and this would Cause the United States and NATO to have To split their attention on two fronts And the Chinese would probably want to Seize on this opportunity this one Opportunity because it may be the only Time they have this opportunity to be Able and they might uh decide well you Know our chances of doing this now are Better than should we wait till 2025 or 2027 like many people have anticipated But the reason why 30 days max Speculates that they could still impose And embargo during this period and that Would bring us to around January 30th Okay let's just say theoretically and Embargo military embargo is placed on Taiwan starting January 30th by the end Of February Taiwan who is totally Dependent on outside sources for its Energy as well as a lot of other Commodities is going to run out of fuel And their population is going to start To get hungry because they just simply Don't have the stockpiles of energy and Food and other resources to last and to Have a functioning economy for more than Really 30 days and 30 days is probably Being a bit generous So that means that would put us at

Around March around that time China now Has the weather conditions permitting Them to do that ground aversion you have A weekend uh Taiwan government The people are probably there's probably Civil unrest there's probably a lot of Upheaval and protest there might even be A lot of turncoats in there who are and Apparently there's still a lot of Support for mainland China in Taiwan but Don't quote me on that those people Might become more vocal now what does Taiwan do at this point do they burn it All down okay does the U.S get involved At this point well Max doesn't think so But we're going to bring them on the Channel because I think it's important That he can break this all down in Greater detail than I can do justice With my synopsis here today but there Are a lot of data points that support That this could potentially play out and Why China would want to do this because With an embargo they could potentially Avoid a war now China is not Historically a very warlike Civilization okay they're they tend to Not be that imperialist it's not nearly As imperialist as many other nations Have been throughout history So if they can avoid a war just impose An embargo and then relatively Peacefully secure all the chip Manufacturing facilities and of course

Have Taiwan which is a strategic uh Point from there like basically provides Them uh like right now it's it's a huge Gap in their National Security to have This island of which U.S weapons are Right on it's kind of like their Ukraine Only there's water dividing it so it's a Little bit hard harder to access but so There's They want they want it for military Purposes but they also want it for Obviously economic purposes because they Have the chips like artificial Intelligence is about to take over the World okay uh somebody sent me a link The other day about chat GPU or whatever It's called and this thing can just do Incredible things but in order for that You need energy and you need chips and As Vladimir Putin said whoever rules the Chip War whoever wins the Chip War is Basically going to rule the world Because artificial intelligence is going To empower Us in so many ways in terms Of our ability to predict what is going To happen next it's just in terms of Military intelligence it's going to Change the game on the battlefield so It's very important to secure Taiwan This is why we even care about Taiwan This is the new gold chips are the new Gold So China according to Max is worried that

The U.S is going to interfere Within These operations if they were to do a Major military operation they need to Make sure that the U.S does not Intervene in the first four days Because then they might have another Ukraine Quagmire on their hands like the Russians are dealing with right now Where seemingly anyways there's this Stalemate even though both sides will Say that they're winning I'll leave it Up to you to be the judge as to who is Actually winning other data points who Support this are that there are a joint Military operations taking place with Russia and China that we've been talking About we have these close encounters With Chinese Navy flying jets within 10 Feet of U.S Air Force plane over the Taiwan China South China Sea and this Has happened numerous times we also have One of the largest incursions into Taiwanese airspace and these incursions Um they're saying that they're becoming More and more intense and They describe it in the interview with Max as a squeeze and release strategy Okay so that you're adding pressure to Taiwan's military you're sending out These these planes into Taiwanese Airspace they have to scramble their Jets next time you do it more and more And to the point where eventually one Day it's not going to be an exercise and

It's actually going to be an all-out Attack on Taiwan so getting Taiwan to Presume that okay it's just another Exercise just another routine incursion Into our airspace even though they're Getting more and more intense then one Day it's not an exercise anymore it's an Actual attack okay so that is the Concern now the question is is Taiwan Going to To what what are they going to do are They going to torch these facilities Because this really is what it's all About it really is all about the chip Manufacturing facilities in Taiwan I'm Obviously there's military utility to This region of South China Sea but The primary driver of this I'm guessing Especially from the U.S support of Taiwan point of view is the chips we Need chips in our military we need chips In our phones we need chips to ensure That people can keep getting cheap TV Sets you know because that really has Been something that I think has softened The blow of the increased cost of living The increased cost of rent food gasoline All of these things gases going up again And that's scary because typically this Is the time of year when gas goes down Because not a lot of people are Commuting as much anyways that's Concerning for next year all right but Typically cheap electronics were

Supposed to be something that softened The blow of this other inflation in our Cost of living so technological Deflation somewhat offsets the burden of You know Commodities inflation so if you Can go and get a TV set 4K big screen TV For the price of one week's worth of Groceries then you know you're still Relatively happy right but for a lot of Our Generation nowadays without their Electronics they're going to be Absolutely miserable and the promise of All of this technology and that the Thing that was driving the NASDAQ up Before everything got really sketchy and You can even make the argument that in November maybe they anticipated that This thing was going to start with Russia and China and the world war was Going to start and that is why you know This just never materialized and maybe It's now been kicked down the road 10 20 Years which is what it absolutely will Be if This these TSM tsmc facilities are Torched or whatever the case might be Even if China does commandeer these Facilities are they going to be able to Match the output of Taiwan so I think There's a lot of unknowns here but What Max is trying to say and I'm not Trying to put words in his mouth or Anything is that there's a lot of Evidence to suggest that this could

Happen within the next 30 days and our Life would change substantially it would Be we would take our economic woes that We have right now and it would take it To the depressionary level in a lot of Cases we're talking about five to ten Percent of the U.S GDP being slashed as A result of this not counting you know Just the the discontent that would be in The streets and this is why they're Trying to crack down on anybody who Could act as a martyr or a galvanizing Galvanizing Force for a bunch of people Who are upset who can't feed themselves Paycheck to paycheck and we're riding in The streets so you need that Technological deflation to kind of keep People happy otherwise you're going to Have technological state egg fellation In a sense and that's going to lead to An economic depression So and you also need technological Deflation to counterbalance the monetary Inflation that occurs just be from Pumping too much money into the system Okay so even though you know things are Lots of things are cheaper now like TVs Are much cheaper than they were relative To the 1950s or something like that Everything else is still wildly more Expensive relative to that point in time So this is also going to impact the Crypto space as I've said because crypto Relies on these chips crypto needs

Energy Russia takes its energy off the Market which it has it's not selling to Nations who impose and uh enforce the Price cap for either oil or gas that is Going to raise the price of energy if we Go into another War like full war with NATO and Russia that energy is going to Skyrocket we also have this situation Here Iran is holding military drills Near strategic Strait of hermuse nothing Necessarily out of the ordinary there But in light of all these other things That are happening including this which Is should be concerning to anybody who Thinks that Russia is running out of Supplies so Russia has provided or is Going to supply Iran with dozens of Sukhoi 35 fighter jets and these are Fairly advanced fighter jets And you know you would think that if Russia was fighting this war with NATO You know what do they stand to gain from Doing this obviously there is that Military partnership and uh this just Adds to The evidence that suggests that the Lines between NATO and the East are Becoming more cemented and hardened and These alliances are becoming more uh Emboldened We also have the issue of this okay this Is insane Um this is climate reanalyzer this all This red that is unseasonably warm

Temperatures so if you can see on the Spectrum on the camera there so anything It goes from white to Blue anything That's Blue to White is going to be Where the weather is colder than normal Anywhere where it's warmer colors red Orange yellow Etc that's where it's Going to be where it's warmer than Normal did I say warmer I say yeah Colder than normal for down here warmer For up here now if you look at this Let's go to two meter uh two temperature Anomaly here Okay so you can see that Toronto right Now New York the East Coast after Incurring that massive snowstorm is now Going to be seeing record temperatures All of these wild weather fluctuations Due to the breakdown of the jet stream Are going to increase energy demands Right now California is getting some Atmospheric rivers and a lot of people Are saying well this is going to bring Relief to these drought-ridden regions But the exact same thing happened on Vancouver Island in Abbotsford BC in Fact where you had this the worst Drought that people had seen there in Many generations followed by this Atmospheric river that completely Decimated the crops like it completely Wiped out all the crops so we're seeing These two extremes so this is not uh a Homostat homeostatic environment this is

Not equilibrium this is everything being Split into its extremes so now these Warm weather I mean look at this in Europe over here South America it's slightly below Average but in the northern hemisphere Look how red Europe is right now and This is you can bet that these record Warm temperatures that they're seeing in Ukraine and even in Moscow are likely What is causing a lot of problems Ukrainians are complaining about mud the Russians are complaining about mud and It's the ground is just not freezing Like perhaps they expected it to freeze So that could be one thing This is how climate factors into the Calculus of these wars and can't be Understated So if we look at Sea Surfer sea surface Temperature anomaly the C is not much Better so if you look where the sea is Warmest or warmer than normal it's all Around the coastal regions where all the Most populated places are okay so it's Pretty pretty crazy there's actually a Thin line of you know like where it's Colder but just on the outskirts is Where it's it's warmer temperatures Warmer than normal temperatures being Recorded So This suggests that Energy demand is going to be increasing

And if China imposes this embargo Because they feel as though the timing Is right and it's going to be easiest to Do it now then we could see Shortages in all of those things that Just recently they were trying to Liquidate because they couldn't get rid Of them recall that 2022 was the year of The staple Monopoly shortages SO gas Food all of those things that we need in Order to survive those things were in Short supply and inflated in price while The price of a lot of other things the Crap that we don't need came down well What this is going to do is raise the Prices again on the crap that we don't Need so 2023 we could see not a reversal Because the price of food and all those Things is going to continue to remain Sky High another interesting data point Of course that we've talked about for Some time is that China has been Stockpiling food to the tune of having Their grain silos Fuller than they've Ever been before in anticipation of what We are left to ask so this all looks Like 2023 could start off off with a Bang I'm curious to know what do you Guys think about all this information do You think nothing is going to happen at All Um I think that Dairy is definitely Potential for something to happen here I Think the way

Maybe not in the next 30 to 60 days but There's definitely a lot of evidence to Suggest that something is going to Happen in this region this year let me Know your thoughts in the comments Section below thanks for watching don't Forget to like comment subscribe if you Enjoyed the video Canadian preparo