The Yellowstone Supervolcano #Shorts

By | December 30, 2022

Super nerdy scientific analysis has Determined that the Yellowstone volcano Has erupted three times the most recent 664 000 years ago at Yellowstone lava Creek ejected so much material from Below that left a 34 mile by 50 mile Depression in the ground what we see Today as the Yellowstone Caldera the Yearly probability of another Caldera Forming eruption can be approximated as One in seven hundred and thirty thousand If it erupted today it would kill around 100 000 people instantly and make most Of North America uninhabitable as huge Amounts of Ash and dust would be thrown Into the atmosphere it would spark Climate change that might trigger a mini Ice Age not a lot you could do to Prepare but have a bug out plan store Food water and meds masks and gas masks Are useful and have a plan to remove ash From your roof sign up for emergency Alerts and have gear to seal off doors Windows and ventilation in your home Check out episode 172 for more and stay Survived