Dont Starve in SHTF with This App!

By | December 25, 2022

The first apps that really blew my mind In terms of what is capable of doing is An app called picture this this is one Of many apps nowadays that are employing Artificial intelligence in order to Decipher what is in an image they're Employing this technology to identify Different types of plants does require The internet to function I found that The app was surprisingly accurate almost 90 percent of the time it provides you a Variety of different information on the Plant including the conditions required To grow it in its various Characteristics including lifespan plant Height flower size Bloom time the app Itself doesn't actually tell you the Toxicity of the plan whether or not it's Edible it does let you know what it is Then you can go and do more research on That particular plan I think that this Is an excellent educational tool if You're out in the forest and you're Still within cell phone range I'm sure There's a lot of things that you can Identify