BREAKING: Moscow Missile Defense ACTIVATED, APOCALYPTIC Winter Storm and Power Grid

By | December 23, 2022

Folks Canadian prepper here quick update Video for you today so my friends if you Are currently living in North America You are experiencing probably one of the Coldest days of your life we're talking About temperatures of down to minus 70 With this Siberian polar vortices Breakdown of the jet stream whatever you Want to call it not many people are Prepared for it we've been trying to get People prepared for this extreme weather For some time perhaps more importantly In the grand scheme of things we need to Talk about Moscow installing air defense Systems around the city to complement The fact that they are stalking bomb Shelters right now is speaking with some Russian friends today who claim that the Translation of Putin's speech is far More ominous than the Western media is Making out we also need to talk about What they're calling one of the biggest Military buildups since World War II in The South China Sea that's according to A U.S Admiral so we got a lot lot of Things going on do me this favor guys if You happen to be in North America in one Of these places which is experiencing Record cold temperatures if you have to Venture out With a vehicle please make sure that you Have the following three things you have A jump starter one of those portable Lithium jump starters or you have jumper

Cables so that somebody else can give You a boost to get you out of a jam you Have a traction device like a Max tracks Or something to put on your tire to give You that extra traction because even if You're the best driver you can hit a Patch of black ice you can go off into The ditch and you're going to be stuck And you're going to be stranded and if It's that bad that you did that that Means that probably 15 more people are Waiting for emergency services so make Sure that you have your gas fully topped Off at all times in weather like this Because heat is going to be one of your One of the things you seek the most in a Situation like that and if you can get Some sort of propane or kerosene heater Like a Mr Heater Mr Big Buddy whatever You want to call it and put that in your Car and just have it in there with a few One liter tins of propane okay because Guys this is the kind of weather that Will kill you anything below -30 can Kill you in not very long I mean I was Going to say a few minutes but Realistically it takes a little bit Longer that minus 40 yeah it only takes A few minutes the life force will be Sucked right out of you okay so make Sure that you are you're prepared for This weather if you don't have fur from Fernando fur guy or a big jacket like This then you need to have a backup plan

By the way you can get all this stuff where we try to Outfit people For these extremes because this is the Age of consequences this is the age of Extremes go on climate reanalyzer you'll See that the Arctic is actually quite Warm it's almost warmer in many spots Than it is in North America because all Of that air The jet stream just done broke okay it's I'm not going to explain it again but What you need to understand is that next Year I believe I'm gonna predict that Next year is going to be one of the Hottest years on record as a result of What is happening right now because all That Arctic air that's supposed to be Keeping that ice cold up there ain't Okay it's all spilling over and it's a Zero-sum game there's a certain amount Of cold on the planet it's got to go Somewhere if it's not in the Arctic it's Coming down here and it's kicking our Butts right now A lot of people are Going to take that as evidence of Hey Where's this global warming stuff well Just wait just watch you will see this Is the age of extremes everything is out Of balance anyways for the first time Since the start of the war in Ukraine Russia has deployed anti-aircraft Systems around the country's capital Russian media reports that a conflict

With NATO is just a matter of weeks away Weeks away okay according to images that Are coming out of Moscow passengers of a Suburban train I don't have the images Here to show you but there's video of it Online they were left speechless when They realized a sudden deployment of Anti-aircraft systems near Moscow the Entire anti-aircraft umbrella of the Russian capital is on alert and remember That Moscow has been doing an inventory Of its Emergency Shelters in the last Few weeks actually probably for the last Few months now we've been talking about This because it is a long process and of Course after the attack near Moscow on The Engels Air Force Base uh that Obviously Probably motivated the Russians to take Air defense more seriously within their Country but on the heels of zelinski's Recent visit to Moscow it's clear that Things are escalating you have the head Of moldova's intelligence service Claiming that Russia is planning a Ground invasion of that country in early 2023. as early as January they say but Likely in April now you have to cross a Few places in order to do that they only Have about 1500 troops in transnisteria I don't know if they're able to Effectively move a lot of troops into That region they may have that Capability without you know things being

Shot down I'm guessing that they don't Because they don't have a land bridge to Get there just yet but I know that one Of the largest ammo Depots the largest Ammo Depot in Europe is in transnistria Okay so the Russians according to the Head of Moldova intelligence Which borders Romania is going to be Invaded In early 2023 guys if you can Get everything that you need On boxing day this year okay if you have The opportunity get everything you need On boxing day right now if you're Looking for a uh you know last minute Christmas gift you can get a gift card From that's the Best gift for a prepper because it's Basically giving them anything a prepper Would want we have it at only the Highest end gear but I'm not very Confident that we're going to be able to Get a lot of this stuff at the same time Next year I just can't see a world where That's even possible especially with Respect to food So the head of the moldovan intelligence And security service added that the Largest Ammunition Depot in Europe Is in the transnisteria region we've had The attempted assassination of the Former head of Russia's Space program that is huge because he

Just left the program in July and he was Very pro-nuclear he was somewhat Critical of the Russian approach to this Whole conflict but the ukrainians tried To take him out that's big okay this is An escalation Kremlin says that there's No chance of peace now that Uh the Patriot missiles are coming in And now that zielinski has went to To Washington I'm hurrying here because I got to pick someone up in like two Minutes uh then I talk about this Anomaly where the temperature plunged by 42 degrees in less than an hour okay in Cheyenne Wyoming it plummeted by 42 Degrees in just an hour that is Absolutely insane Man that is just crazy crazy crazy crazy I'm gonna take this conversation up Later I'm Gonna Save the talk about the Massive military buildup in the South China Sea for another day but guys get Prepared if you can do whatever it takes Right now to get squared away and don't Let this boxing day go to waste if you Can get deals on preparedness supplies You need to capitalize on them and Please if you are venturing out and You're in North America make sure you Have an emergency blanket go and watch Our videos our extensive library of Winter survival videos we talk about all These things and I did just release a Video not too long ago I think about

Winter survival kit you know that one With normalcy Norman where he attempts To survive Armageddon didn't have That grade of luck so don't be a Normalcy Norman especially this time of Year the time to prep is now stay ready And let me know what you're seeing in Your neck of the woods and how you're Keeping warm and oh yeah power grid Could be compromised at any moment so Just stay vigilant watch your six thanks For watching Canadian preparo