Welcome Vintr Sólhvarf – Winter Solstice

By | December 21, 2022

Foreign Foreign Today I'm in Kimber came together with Tristan and we're going to make a Video out here a very special video we Will celebrate the winter solstice Winter solvale as we call here in Denmark And I got some I got some food with us that we can Prepare on the over the fire and it's a Mix between Some Viking stuff and some traditional Danish Christmas food that we Eat here up to these holidays so yeah And I'll cover other things I would like To show you I made some new lamps I'll Tell you about that a little bit later And a very special thing for my for our Uh celebration of the sun is turning and Coming back again so yeah hope you join Us on this one now begin to prepare my Food and I'll show you what I have Brought on this little trip yeah and This is the food we're going to prepare Tonight Some potatoes and of course the Vikings Didn't have potatoes so this is a Traditional Danish way to make potatoes These potatoes are boiled and then I put Some sugar On the pan Together with some

Some butter Yeah And then we'll be caramelized I think It's called so we call them only Qatar For brown potatoes but you can call them Sugar potatoes if you want And together with that we have some Red cabbage that is also very Traditional we eat a lot of this during The holidays and it's just boils and Added some sugar and then of course some Bacon And normally we will have pig roast for This and some gravy but out here I'll Make some bacon slice that it will cook Over the fire Fry all the fire and together with the Potatoes and the red cabbage I think It's going to be delicious So now I'm going to prepare this the Bacon first and put it on the grill Yeah Then make some slides here Bacon slice How many can you eat Choice then Three four I think I'll make Six One two three four five one more And see we can always Make some more So this six Pieces I will go over the fire Let me put it on here

Foreign And The grease from the bacon is also Igniting there the fire You can cook over over open fire if you Are Very careful I like them crispy Tristan says it's good now So we'll take this one This one yeah Oops and this one Yeah And then I'm going to make my potatoes And yeah First of all I'll take the sugar Put it on the pan Yeah Then it has two Milk melt yes that's right I think I'll put the The red cabbage over here Let it heat a little bit Now I can see if it's getting too To melt The sugar And When it's all melted I put some Butter on But you have to wait until All the sugars Melted

Otherwise it doesn't work Yeah but you shouldn't let it burn no I Know but it's very difficult over open Fire Let's see I must say it's the first time out Making only Qatar So sweet potatoes yeah I think that's good And then some Butter on Yep Three small pieces Yeah and then twist and the potatoes If you can put them on All at once no not try a little bit at a Time Probably more perhaps Yeah That's nice Yeah So my question is is this something you Make also or is it specially Danish or Scandinavian Have you ever seen this before Tried These potatoes otherwise I'll say you Should try it it's very delicious Christians say ah He's not sure it's this kind of food but I like it And you know I'm the chief that's why It's going to be like this Yeah

But I must say it looks Really nice Good to have a useful file It's beginning to Heat up So in a couple of minutes I think it's finished And we can eat our Christmas or you Would matter You would a dinner yes now we are ready For our Christmas dinner Walking expired and uh for this meal I Bought this beer Uh As Yule Vita it's mean Christmas or Yule White beer and the white beer I don't Know why it's called that but it's a Very light beer it's only one point nine Percent alcohol so I'll give this a Little bit to Tristan and me together With this food and also when we're going To make our little celebration our Little ceremony yeah So Do you want to have first Tristan or Shall I The brown potatoes Then you can take And then some Red cabbage Together with some bacon Ah nice And look at this Danish

Yule Food With a Twist of Vikings Now we are going to bring a beer in our Horns of course The drinking horn S of July Perhaps you should take this off first I Can put it here You are For me Sculptures then and Marry you to you and your family and to All of you guys out there Hmm Nice And then I have Foreign I think it's delicious yeah Not quite the same As pig roast and gravy but bacon is Always good Um I think this is mine the last piece of Bacon Um Um Oh yeah And for tonight and our celebration of Winter solstice I made these lamps their Replica lamb that is found in beer care As you can see in this picture and yeah I made it And I made a little video about how I

Made these two beer lamps so um if you Like to see that you can see it now First of all I bought some clay Normally we use this for some Christmas Decoration where we put candles in and Some brew sticks but for this purpose I Bought it for making these Beaker lamps I cut a piece out and molded you have to Be very thrall and mold it a lot so that All the air in the clay is pressed out And then I make the bottom first And I use a piece of paper that I use in Ovens So that the clay doesn't stick to the to The board And yeah you can see here First I made the bottom Then I cut a new piece Mold it again So all the air comes out of the clay And then I roll it To this shape About one centimeters in diameter And put it on top of the bottom And this is actually the way that the Viking make their pottery This is the technique they used Just make sure that the clay is well Attached to the bottom See here All the way around both inside and Outside And then you just continue Putting these sausages on top of each

Other And bold its Tightly together And you can make it as high as you want I think I made it about Six centimeters high Foreign Also on the inside Foreign Sponge So I can make a fine surface Again inside and outside And then I'm finished with the Foreign And then I make another one of these Small sausages and it's for a Inside the little container where I can Have the wick And then I just have to secure it Down in the middle It's not so easy because there's not Much room there Finish it up Looking good Yeah and then I made the other one and I Started backwards I Made the center first Trying if this was easier To secure it better on the bottom But yes It was It was much easier but yeah Putting these on

And molding From the inside was a little bit Difficult The same work You can see the two And yeah then I put them in a cold place Where they could dry up And after a couple of days they were Finished And there were no cracks in them And that's why it helps to dry very Slowly You can see how they look And then I had to make the wicks And I use some cloth from linen Measured out The right size In small pieces Begin checking Yeah Yeah that's the perfect size for this One And then I just have to sew it together Like this I actually made this lamp before out in Camper Camp using a piece of birch wood And that worked great too But the this way with Clay it's the like The original vehicle lamp so That's why I made them For this special location And then I finished with the sewing I just want to Make it look fine so I turned the inside

Out I guess you didn't have to do that you Don't have to do that but the I think it Looks better Then the wick is finished And I can see if it fits over this yeah And just fluff it up in the end Great And the other one too And then I have some lard that is fed From pigs That I bought from a butcher I uh milled it in a pot And then I just pull it over Like this And put it in the cold place And after that It looked like this And this is the lamps I'm going to use Tonight As you can see In the video yeah hope you enjoyed A little thing you can Make at home And If you can get the large and then make a Little Wick then you're good to go so Now I'm going to light them up outside And see how that works Yeah they're working fine The sun wheel is also called Sun Cross Wheel cross Odin's cross and consists of A crushed frame in a circle it is one of The oldest shimples used by humans and

Is known from the transition between the Last part of the Stone Age and into the Bronchate in Scandinavia the sun wheel Was used in the bronze East as a symbol Of the sun and it appears on many Petroglyphs rocks carving it's an old Nordic sign of the sun and the gods Holding the supreme god of Norse Mythology Foreign Foreign That indicates that the spring is near The These are turning here in Denmark we Have a box approximately Six to six to seven hours of daylight So uh we're looking forward to The coming spring and summer Yeah so this was a little ceremony that Celebrated that And I'll say uh Mary You to all of you and happy New Year Um it's been a wonderful year and I'm so Grateful for all the support and Kindness you are giving me And Kristen is with me and I my Intention is to make more videos why can We use with together with Tristan and Russ Martin so we can make a little Group of Vikings here up in northern Part of Jutland So yeah It's been a wonderful evening here And today when this video is launched

It's actually the day that it is It is winter solstice Winter sold out yeah But this was all for now folks this Would be my last video this year I'll Start again in January and make some new Videos Viking and Bushcraft swings so I hope You enjoyed that And I hope to see you there bye bye take Care