The 4 Tenets of SHTF Preparedness

By | December 21, 2022

What's up Bear Nation I'm bear and these Are the Meat Heads and I figured we Would talk today On what I guess I will call the four Tenets Of preparedness of shtf if you will What do I mean by this Kind of the four guiding principles if You will overarching Columns of Preparedness as I've grown to see it in The last 15 years or so What are they What can you see What do you think What do you know And what do you do Now to reiterate preparedness for me Anyway Is perpetuating normalcy for the people That I love And we do that through misc risk Mitigation By stockpiling material goods and Coupling that with the appropriate skill Set and mindset and heart set to be able To be a benefit to the people that we Love And our communities maybe and perhaps One day our country If this thing grows large enough So let's start with C what can you see Ing is more than Hey I'm talking got 11 babies on the

Ground over here you can see them Seeing is more than Simply observing Yo your your surface level observations Which you should be doing you should be Observing and it's up to you what your Kpis your key performance indicators for Shtf are are you observing tyranny civil Unrest Um economic crisis war in the threat of War Climate change and critical weather Events Thank you The availability or unavailability of Labor Etc that's up to you your kpis key Performance indicators whatever floats Your boat right It's more than what you can see at the Surface level Let's maybe think a little bit deeper What can you see in people Good or bad How do you see the people around you Are they assets or are they liabilities Most of us Have people in both columns assets and Liabilities and most people Have things facets of their existence That make them an asset or a liability So how well do you see those people Around you how often Do you see those people around you where

How do you see those people around you Right this is the sub softball game a Community bake sale a faith group Training Fellowship homesteading How do you see the people around you and What do you see in those people What do you want to see and see when you See things that you don't want to see People will tell you who they are Through their actions much more than Their words And again none of us is perfect Especially me But having context with people doing Stuff that means things with a group of People allows you to build that context To where you can reprove and instruct One another in love hey man I noticed That XYZ and it made me feel ABC and I Was wondering if we could have a Conversation about that So if you like the context with somebody To have those deep conversations they Don't ever get better And a core foundational tenet of what we Do with preparedness again I've been Doing this since hurricane Katrina so Over 15 years Live your life in such a way that the People that you do life with Have an everyday benefit To your life Not just when the balloon goes up due

Tuesday together not doomsday because if You can't do Tuesday together you're Definitely not gonna do Doomsday Together and if you don't like each Other on Tuesday you're definitely not Going to like each other when the Freaking world ends right so what do you See what are your kpis key performance Indicators what do you see in people What do you see out there in the world Okay Now what does that make you think Ponder war game Develop koa's courses of action if this Then this I think I would do this I Think we should do that if this happens Then this If inflation continues to rise then I Think likely that we will potentially Head into a recession Right I think And it's worth thinking Although and some of these will these Concepts will mirror the ooda loop Observe Orient decide Act It's good it's unintentional but maybe Deeply in my subconscious is rooted the Ooda loop and that's why I came up with A c think no do Okay observe Orient decide Act What do you think is going to happen War game that out And what do you think the Ramifications the effects for you are

Going to be if these things happen And then what's the probability that They happen Because certain critical events can have A very low probability but if they Happen it's one hundred percent gonna be The end of the world as we know it man Warheads on foreheads for example Other things might have a higher Likelihood of happening but a lower Impact if they do happen so you've got To think those things through what Matters and what doesn't that goes back To your kpis key performance indicators What matters to me what doesn't matter To me what do I want to see what do I Not want to see because we're there's so Much information out there today you can Find information about anything anywhere All the time always from Myriad Different sources and Vantage points We suffer not from a lack of information We sucker suffer from a lack of Execution Right I'm talking over here shut up Babies What do you think and what do you think About what do you think about what you Think about Let's go to no What do you know Is true what do you know is Non-negotiable

Like I know these things are Unacceptable I know I will not bring these types of People into my life I know I will not do These things I will not cheat I will not Steal I will not murder I know this Right because of my foundational Relationship with the Creator by the Blood of his son I'm not going to do These things I know that and I also know that the People that I do life with aren't going To do it either hold on water hose time Laughs Ah So what do you know And maybe better question How do you know it how do you know that It's true have you tangibly experienced This for yourself Find your mom She's right there she's right there bro Hey Did we relocate do we need to relocate Suppose we should relocate standby Venue change we're about 100 yards away From the Sheep now at the range How do you know what you know to be true And what do you know you're going to do Courses of action if this then this Going back to thinking Based upon what you've seen What do you know you're gonna do If

I get fired from my job I'm going to eat My food storage because that's one less Expense that I have to come up with If Somebody breaks into my home at 3am I'm Gonna Deal with that threat this way because I Thought it through And I can see them breaking in because Of You know counter surveillance Etc right What do I know I'm gonna do And you knowing and your organization Knowing are two different things which Is why your courses of action should be Codified written down if you were the Only person that understands what the Plan is if when the balloon goes up you Have what's called a key Man issue And uh If you get hit by a bus Nobody else knows what to do now bro so What do you know What do you know you're going to do what Does everybody else know how to do And then do Is where most people get jammed up The doing because it's now no longer an Academic activity it's a physical Activity you have to go do Stuff Right now The doing

Probably looks a lot like should look a Lot like stockpiling material Goods Training Networking Gathering intelligence Establishing kpis key performance Indicators or pir's priority information Requirements right Um But once the balloon goes up I think a Lot of people have it in their mind that Wow it's really bad the balloon has gone Up I'm gonna Hunker in my Suburban four Bathroom two and a four bedroom two and A half bath house in this cul-de-sac and I'm gonna let the zombies Pass Me By Because I'm really well prepped bro I've Got all the saltines a man could want And I've got 9 000 rounds of five five Six and on this hill I shall stand Anybody comes past the mailbox they're Getting smoked bro First of all that's a really bad plan Second of all Depending on how you define shtf That could work if you lived in Texas When the power went out in 2019 Hunker in place stay warm eat soup make Coffee over a fire right that'll work If the National Grid is taking off one Which we've seen infrastructure attacks All across the country and across the World in fact we know beyond a shadow of A doubt that Russia will attack critical Civilian infrastructure because they're

Doing it in Ukraine right now right Which what's to say they wouldn't do That here nothing Do I think that's likely Not currently based upon what I see and What I think and what I know but could Change what would I do about it well That's beyond the scope of today's video But if the National Grid goes down where You're talking half a year to several Years for restoration of power and Services and everything that's Downstream from the flowing of electrons Water sewer Como heat for many people The pumping of fuel which means the Logistics and First Responders like fire Law enforcement and EMS hospitals Medical Care Etc all of that's Downstream from the Flow of electrons if all that goes away And you have to Survive For an extended period of time you're Going to have to do stuff more than Hunker in your mcmansion and wait for Trouble to pass you by Because Once you start consuming your food Storage you need a way to replenish it Right And again if your plan is to get into as Many gun fights and win as many Gunfights as possible in shtf that's a Really bad plan You're Gonna Lose

Because even if you are a tier one Operator your wife doesn't your kids Aren't your neighbors aren't Your pastor your priest your Rabbi isn't That's it's not going to work It's unsustainable it's not long-term Sustainable when the entire Logistics System and support structure of the United States armed forces the Department of Defense is behind you Let alone on your own in shtf man which Means you're going to have to do stuff Which means for us the reason we live Where we live and we live the way that We live is because we're already doing It now based upon what I've seen Based upon what I think is going to Happen based upon what I know how to do Not directs what I'm doing We train We have livestock we operate our own Businesses so that we can to some degree Have some control of how we earn and how We spend We fellowship and we worship the way we See fit not in a box somewhere The way we feel called to worship we Spend meaningful time intentionally with People that we love Rather than hoping that we're all going To be on the same team on the same page If when the balloon goes up And so these four tenets here see think No do

I would encourage you to audit yourself In these four categories these four Columns And ask yourself what do I actually see Do I really see people the way they are Or do I see them the way I want them to Be do I really see things the way they Are or am I bringing normalcy bias to This situation am I seeing what I want To see not what actually is What do I think Do I think what everybody else wants me To think or do I think the opposite of What everybody else wants me to think Which therefore Ergo puts me in my own Special category of groupthink anyway Right what do I think and what do I Think about What do I think about what I think about How do I feel about that What do I know how to do And what do I know I'm going to do if When What useful skills do you bring to the Table If the power went out nationally right Now How screwed would you be What do you know how to do and honestly Drill down on that set your ego and your Hubris aside and drill down on that What do I know how to do And what am I going to do now Tuesday Not doomsday Tuesday what am I going to

Do what am I doing And what am I going to do If slash when things get really really Difficult out there The whole purpose of this channel is to Trying to get you to think deeper About these things rather than the Surface level buy more guns buy more Food buy more this buy more that Get you to think critically About all the information that's Presented to us and then arrange that in Your own threat Matrix About how it might affect you in your Context with your people in your Situation with your life experiences and Your skills and your capabilities and Your shortcomings and your faith And they get you to decide what you're Going to do about it There's no fear porn here There's no doom-mongering There's very few sales pitches and That's typically when I'm asking you to Support one of our American-made small Businesses We're not about that here We're about practicality So I would encourage you practically see Think know do audit yourself audit your People audit your systems and come up With an actual plan I appreciate y'all have a blessed day Shalom