Days Are Numbered…

By | December 19, 2022

This is the last new segment that we're Going to do for 2022 and if I could Summarize the news for the rest of this Year and the beginning of next I would Simply acknowledge everything is that a Critical phase Putin's potential Collapse could signify the end of the Russian Ukraine conflict but it could Easily open a new far deadlier chapter In world history China's policy changes Could unleash a new wave of covet on the World the triangle of tension between Asian countries could be dramatically Increasing by the day there's a lot to Cover plus all also announced the winner Of last week's drawing and I'll be Giving away a geiger counter in next Week's drawing so you'll want to know How to enter to win that let's dive into The news that you need to know from a Prepper's perspective Putin's in game the concerning part for The world is a desperate Putin who knows That he is losing support not only on The world stage but within his own Country and amongst his most Ardent Supporters in the Kremlin as any former Roman Emperor could tell you having Thousands of angering disillusioned Soldiers returning home to your country Armed is never the start of anything Good Ukraine has fought incredibly well And has been well supported by Western Allies and Russia has suffered several

Humiliating losses on the battlefield They are at risk of even losing Crimea Which they seize in 2014 before this Conflict resolves itself but it does Appear that we are in the early stages Of an end game Russia released footage Last week of its strategic missile Forces installing a yars nuclear missile With 10 times the force of the atomic Weapon dropped on Hiroshima at a missile Base outside of Moscow it indicates that Putin may not intend to go into that Good night gently he may not allow Himself to be ousted from power or Abandon his evasion of Ukraine there are Always rumors of possible coups but they Seem to be swirling with greater fervor Right now the world is really left Wondering whether Russian generals would Take commands from the felling Russian Leader or he to order any type of Nuclear offensive tensions are higher Than they've ever been since the Cuban Missile Crisis at this point as the use Of nuclear weapon would be aligned too Far for the west and likely for too many Of Russia's few remaining allies at this Point The leaders of Hungary Romania Georgia And Azerbaijan finalize an agreement Saturday on an undersea electricity Connector that could become a new power Source for the European Union amid a Crunch on energy supplies caused by the

War in Ukraine even Putin has admitted That Russia will not fully recover Economically for at least 10 years which May be too long for the satisfaction of The Russian people this new deal could Erase even that far in the distant Recovery hope the level of Russian People many of who supported Putin's Special operation in the early days Speaking out against Putin probably Hasn't been as high as it is right now There are also rumors of something Called operation Noah's Ark where the Plan would be to potentially Exile Putin Somewhere like South America even if we Don't get to that point this is a Further severe blow to Russia's War Efforts in Ukraine Russian forces Already suffered from extremely low Morale and it's possible Putin's Perceived weakness and they're feeling a Little better than cannon fodder for his War will see them laying down their arms And surrendering or fleeing in droves There's also been some severe pushback On Russian generals on the front lines It is widely accepted that Russia has Rapidly depleted its supply of armaments And they're having difficulty building Anything new because of the sanctions Impose on them since a war in Ukraine Began a series of mysterious explosions Have rocked military bases inside of Russia and those have accelerated in

Recent months and we need to acknowledge That this could be just Ukrainian Propaganda still it is worth considering Could this situation with Russia and Ukraine come to an end if Putin was Removed two things we should pull from This first rumors are not news much of This could be Ukrainian and anti-russian Propaganda designed to erode Putin's Control and so division among his allies As I mentioned earlier coup Rumors in Russia are like Mondays and saber Rattling by Russia and threatening Nuclear war has also become very common Take it as a whole though there's Probably a bit of Truth to each of these These rumors the second thing to pull From this is a possibility that we're in Putin's end game I don't want to stop Fear here but having a healthy amount of Trepidation about Putin's decisions Knowing he is on his way out I think is Wise he has shown quite clearly that he Has little apprehension about inflicting Civilian casualties he's a prideful Leader who puts his perception of Strength in front of world peace even if He doesn't go nuclear some form of Blitzkrieg All or Nothing unleashing of Missile strikes shelling cyber attacks And Market manipulations they're all Possible acts of sabotage on other Countries are possible individually they Can be absorbed but all at once they can

Lead to some much more significant Disruptions if there was a reason to Prep for at least a few weeks on your Own I think this would be it we're going To follow this as closely as we can to Provide any updates as soon as possible But please make this holiday season About securing your core preps even as We gather together this conflict is Still ongoing it is boiling and Approaching the brain room either the Russian people will force a turning down Of the Heat or we may be at a History-making turning point to a much More Insidious conflict what do you Think is this all propaganda or should We be bracing for even a deadlier Chapter of this conflict China these days we're often covering Russian China in the news segments Because both superpowers are planning to Expand to be the dominant forces by 2050 Or earlier I expect that we're going to Be covering them much more each week the Main thing that we're still assessing With China is the impact that the end of Dynamic zero covet policies will have on Their population China was already Kicking the can of economic collapse Down the road by simply ignoring it Denying it not allowing the UN to float Freely on the world markets now they're Suffering from a real estate market Collapse and other problems the

Lockdowns have put a severe break on Their economic growth but new Partnership with Russian bricks bolsters Our economy even further if Russia Suddenly drops from the world stage and Sanctions are even lifted China may lose Part of that market share if covid Breaks out in some significant way Amongst their under-vaccinated Population we could see a repeat of the Earlier lockdowns where factories were Still from the outside world and workers Were required to continue working though The country dramatically under reports Actual numbers for the rest of the world There are significant signs that cases Are skyrocketing with testing no longer Required for most areas China's national Health commission on Wednesday admitted Its numbers no longer reflect reality And that's saying a lot for China to Admit that even Vice Premier son chulan Confessed that the capital's new Infections were rapidly growing and as I Said a second ago whenever China admits Anything is bad history has shown that It is usually exponentially worse it Isn't likely that China can reverse Course yet again and re-implement its Zero coveted policies of earlier so we Have to assume the infection rates will Grow but will it be enough to hamper the Country's output and further erode its Economy will they simply force people to

Work through it what do you think will Happen in China should we be bracing for A new strain let us know your thoughts In the comments section below whatever You believe based on the epidemiology of This particular illness the world will Have some idea of how this is going to Play out by the the middle of January The tense triangle China is just simply One corner of a tense triangle of powers Even as we have a glimmer of hope that The Russian Ukrainian conflict may De-escalate this next year a tense Triangle between Japan South Korea and China really continues to form these are The three most significant powers in This region with significant economic Interests from the United States China Continues to assert its territorial Claims to the entire South China Sea and Logically it would there are an Estimated 11 billion barrels of untapped Oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of Natural gas under that sea Japan on Friday unveiled its most significant Military buildup since World War II with The 320 billion dollar plan to buy Missiles capable of striking China this Sweeping Five-Year Plan once Unthinkable In pacifist Japan will make the country The world's third biggest military Spender after the United States and China based on current budgets much of This is posturing and we don't know how

Much they will follow through with it at This point but even a little is a lot in A regional rate tethering on the edge of A more significant conflict Japan's Prime minister has been very clear that As easily as Russia has invaded Ukraine And the growing alliances between Russia And China are both clear warnings of the Potential that China may carry through With an invasion of Taiwan not with Threaten islands and the region Controlled by Japan as I've said in Previous videos long before any direct Assault like this might occur in Taiwan I think there's going to be an assault On the much more closer kinman or cumula Islands though simultaneous assaults Could occur Japan may be justified in Its concerns and as if tensions were Already high enough in this region North Korea test-fired a parabolistic missiles With a potential range of striking Japan On Sunday in a possible protest of Tokyo's adoption of a new security Strategy to push for more offensive Footing against North Korea and China Nor North Korea has long been Approximation influence heavily by China Still it is increasingly more evident That even they cannot rein in the Radical acts of peon gang South Korea And Japan are both pressing for a Trilateral security agreement involving The United States to allow them to

Preemptively strike North Korea if they Feel threatened that would not be viewed Favorably in Beijing even as one war Potentially winds down another one Appears to be ramping up but will this Escalate rapidly is this a new front of A larger global war let us know your Thoughts in the comments below now for This week's giveaway we're going to be Giving away a geiger counter to enroll For a chance to be entered into the Giveaway just simply post a comment Below and next week I'll use a tool to Draw a random winner from the comments Of this video and I won't reach out to You unless your name appears on the Screen next week if you see comments in The comments section saying that you are The winner these are spammers I don't Use telegram or Whatsapp I will announce On next week's video who the winner is And then I'll reach out to that named Person for last week's winner of the Bushcraft auger we used a tool to Randomly draw the name and the Individual that won was Joseph zom I'll Reach out to you shortly to get that Sent to you Economy the Russia China and other Asian Countries may not seem to impact us too Significantly here at home unless they Escalate further there is a growing Problem here in worldwide which is the Economy I try to examine the evidence

That doesn't necessarily get tremendous Play in the mainstream media and you may See some of those things in your area Homelessness in Los Angeles and New York Is steadily increasing both cities and States are wrestling with a problem and These are the obvious problems of large Cities but we also see a nationwide Increase in car repossessions that would Indicate that people had fallen behind On payments perhaps stemming from the Coveted years it could also be because The cost of everything has gone up with Inflation it could be partially because A new car has risen in price by 26 since 2019. it's likely a combination of all These factors but it's enough to worry Industry analysts they warn that the Trend will only continue until 2023 with Economists expecting unemployment to Rise inflation to remain relatively high In households savings to dwindle and It's not just the United States by any Means Canada is reporting a significant Rise in cases of grocery shoplifting the Predictions now are that the total cost Of groceries for a family of four in Canada is expected to be one thousand Sixty five dollars more next year than It was this year so the situation is Only going to get worse all of these Things taken as an individual facet of a Greater whole really point to a Deepening Global recession ahead but I

Think of all the things that you can do To prepare for this is one of the Greatest Urgency it's also because you can start Prepping with or become a better prepper Through this situation we've been Warning about a recession for some time Now so I would encourage you to watch Our video five things that happen after An economic collapse or our video on Surviving the global recession and both Of these core videos in our free Recession guide are your best means to Prepare for what is shaping up to be a Very unstable economic future worldwide The link to that download guide is on The video about preparing for a Recession and I don't think it's time to Panic about this but it is proven to Acknowledge that a recession is nearly a Given at this point and I would Encourage you to take steps to counter Its impact on our daily lives stay calm And take practical steps to data prep a Better future for yourself then no Matter what comes your way your life Will be better positioned in my opinion To handle it all let me know your Thoughts in the comments below about What you're doing today to brace for This impact tomorrow I know I'm asking a Lot to ask you to post comments and be Eligible with the giveaway and also to Post about what you're doing for the

Recession but I do learn a lot from the Community and I appreciate your feedback We have subscribers from around the World and it's great to get perspectives From not only the individuals in the United States but individuals such as in The UK Finland Germany Japan Canada and Countless other places worldwide it Really lets us know that we're not all In this alone and it helps our community Grows so please take the time to leave a Comment with your perspective even if It's just to say hello we're going to Take a step back over the next few weeks To focus on our family and friends and I Hope that you can do the same we won't Have a new segment next week though we Do have several important videos Scheduled over the next several weeks That we've already got in queue and They'll be released on a schedule I'm Excited about next year Um yeah definitely have some challenges But again this is what we do we prepare For what we see on the horizon as always Stay safe out there