Outdoor Gear Advice for kids and Teenagers

By | December 18, 2022

Wow Wally here guys this I just want to Talk a little bit about Outdoor Equipment For kids right Outdoor Clothing for kids Guys now this this is I actually set out To write this as an article for my Facebook page from a red Branch Bushcraft Facebook page guys but I just Thought that it's easier for me to talk Than it is to type okay so uh so it's Basically this winter is here okay I get A lot of questions about outdoor Equipment for kids right now I worked With kids outside all the time right so I have seen over the last 20 years I Have seen kids come in in various Different types of clothing you know and I have seen what works what doesn't work What is too expensive what is value for Money and stuff like that okay so I just Thought I would come on and give my Thoughts guys I'm going to link a lot of This stuff down below if I can find the Actual links for it guys uh these links Are going to be Um if they're on Amazon they're going to Be affiliate links guys if they're not On Amazon they're just going to be a Regular link Right so I'm gonna I'm gonna start from The bottom up right and I'm going to Talk about You know what I I have seen what works And what I what I think is is good value

Okay so if if if you're taking your kids Out and about guys and I'm talking about Red Branch in common to go to do a Bushcraft or an outdoor session that is More than an hour in duration and our You know even for your Shops going out For a walk or something like that guys They need to have some sort of boot Right on their feet it needs to be like A hiking type boot or one of these snow Type boots okay not Wellies not runners Okay and those boots need to be you need To have good socks with those boots as Well okay so a common thing I see right And this this is this is what I would Base a lot of this this stuff on is guys Any Exposed Skin is where the kids are Going to get cold from right and if kids Get cold when they're on on the sessions Do you think about nothing else except Being cold right there's no teaching Them right they're cold that's it if They if they have short Runner socks Okay that is an exposed ankle and around The ankles and around the wrists and Around the neck guys there's a lot of Blood vessels and veins very close to The skin and that is a good way to lose Heat fast okay so if you're giving them Boots give them a good pair of socks Even matter two good pairs of socks guys When it comes to boots I would be Looking at trespass and Regatta shops or TK Maxx or something like that guys do

Not buy really expensive boots because They will grow out of them in six months Okay A lot of times what I will do is When I know for definite what size the Kid's shoes are I go on to eBay and I'll Buy them off eBay I got Lily a great Pair of Cortex boots it cost me four Pounds four pound okay guys Wellies are cold right Runners get wet okay and Runners get wet You have wet feet your your session is Ruined that's it okay they need to have Decent ish waterproof boots if you're Unlucky enough to have a teenager who Has adult sized feet I would recommend a Pair of Army Surplus boots okay and I Will put a link down to an excellent Pair now you're going to pay more but You can get a really good pair of Waterproof Army Surplus boots from 40 Pounds to 80 pounds okay that will Probably last them if their feet have Stopped growing will probably last them 20 years if they look after them okay Trousers Gates trousers uh tracksuit Bottoms generally are not woven the Material is not woven thick enough to Give a decent level of wind protection Okay now they're not going to get that Wet when we're down at Red Branch but You know when they're out and about that Might be a different you know with the Parents and stuff that might be a Different story so I would be looking at

Combining a decent pair of hiking Trousers okay possibly with some sort of A thermal under layer like ski thermals Or something like that that you can pick Up relatively cheap this time of year in A lot of different shops uh some sort of Lightweight hiking or some sort of Hiking trouser and having The added protection of a pair of Waterproof trousers shoved in a bag okay You could go and get a pair of ski and Trousers which are so sort of water Proof and they're going to be warm Gates And they really help especially if they Come up here under salad pet style Trousers okay now when we come to the Upper body guys I would recommend a Thermal A zippy thermal that has a high neck Okay don't send them in if it doesn't Have a high neck for for the reasons I've explained before so guys and what We are looking at here for the upper Body is we are looking at a layering System okay so you want lots of layers Of clothes okay instead of one big Jacket right so instead of just a T-shirt and one big jacket okay so what Happens if I have a T-shirt and one big Jacket is that I will overheat and then I take off my jacket and all I have is That t-shirt but if I have a thermal T-shirt I have a a mid layer or a fleece Layer and then I have a padded warm

Jacket and a waterproof jacket for over The top guys then I have the options to Remove different layers depending on Circumstances so if it's not raining I Can take off my waterproof jacket okay You know or I can if it is raining I can Take off my my fleece layer underneath And that will work as well guys okay now That is something that I do see a lot of Is that kids will turn up and they will Have oh I've got a waterproof jacket and It will be a puffy style jacket like This guys they are not really waterproof Okay if it is a down jacket and it gets Wet it is useless it is worth nothing You might as well take it off okay okay So what I would recommend is that your Kids have a dedicated waterproof it Doesn't need to be thick and a nice thin Waterproof jacket that they can put on Over everything okay uh Hats are a necessity okay absolutely as Are gloves scarves are not that big of a Deal but I would recommend a neck Gator Or a buff which is like a tube that you Pull over your head and it just sits up Here and keeps average keeps you all Nice and warm okay when it comes to Gloves guys uh a lot of people would Come in the Red Branch and they will Have these these little like Synthetic wall gloves you know those two Stretchy gloves the kids always wear They are useless at Red Branch okay they

Get wet kids get freezing and you know And they're no good they don't want to Wear them so Builders gloves are the same Builders Gloves are perfect in the summer guys But what I have found from what the Different kids have been wearing and What has worked is that Uh cheap ski gloves are warm and sort of Waterproof okay now it's the sort of Waterproof that keeps the hands dry Enough because they're not going to be Out you know wonder what made are not Going to be out in the Lash and rain but We are going to be doing stuff that Involves moving wet things okay and this Is where the ski gloves work very well Okay now Think that I have I got interrupted There so I I'm I'm pretty sure that I Have covered everything guys as I said I Will try to dig out links to the sort of Thing that I'm talking about and I'll Place them all down below uh I Definitely Having the right clothes makes the Session okay it makes it It makes it so much the session flows so Much better because nobody is sitting There sinking back into their own brain And just thinking about how cold they Are okay and when kids get cold they get Cold fast they can be warm for a long Time but as soon as they get cold bang

That's it they're cold and that means Then that you spend a lot of time Reassuring and keeping that child warm Okay If that makes sense so more time spent On one child means less time spent on All children okay that's just the basic Principle of it if everybody's all nice And toasty and we're all everybody's Working away everybody's happy and it All works out 100 guys so the first step For Maximum enjoyment in the outdoors guys Is decent clothes uh I hope you guys Found that helpful if you have any Questions just let me know Below guys uh Layers is key Start with a decent pair of boots a Substantial Footwear guys and build on From there okay EBay is your friend Don't buy expensive stuff because They'll grow out of it in a couple of Months Thanks for watching stay frosty