If WW3 Starts TODAY, This Will Keep You Alive

By | December 18, 2022

This is all you need essentially in Order to use your portable wood stove in Your home or in your garage The worst has happened in the dead of Winter the power has went out and the Heat has stopped coming through the Vents having a fireplace or a permanent Wood stove installation is ideal but not A practical solution for everybody and While propane and kerosene space heaters Are convenient fuel will eventually run Out unfortunately some people don't have The space or the resources to Incorporate an alternative heating System into their home there is a Solution however that's cheap and Effective and while it may not be as Good as a professionally installed wood Stove in an emergency it will keep you Alive today on the channel we are going To show you a simple way to use a wood Stove in your home in case of emergency Yeah All right guys if you don't have a nice Big German Shepherd to keep you warm You're gonna need a way to keep warm now We've talked about all kinds of options On the channel which rely on these Condensed types of fuel like propane Kerosene diesel here we have a diesel Slash kerosene heater those are usually The most efficient and the most Convenient methods of doing so however Firewood is simply unbeatable because

It's non-volatile and where I live Anyways and maybe where you live as well It's in great abundance that's why you Absolutely need to get yourself a silky Saw because if you're going to be Relying on firewood after the shizzy Hits the fizzy you're gonna need a way To cut down trees everyone in Canada Should have a cord of wood in their Backyard it's going to last for years You're always going to be able to burn It it's very easy to store the way we're Going to show you today you can actually Get a lot of BTUs out of one log if you Use it properly okay so let's go check Out the wood stove all right so there Are plenty of different wood stoves on The market you can do this with any type Of wood stove that is available right Now I have a winter well wood stove this Is the wood stove that I have I've had Nikos I've had various seek out side Stoves titanium stoves most of my stoves Have been portable built for portability And because this is not meant to be a Permanent installation I would almost Prefer to use a stove which was portable Because I could pack it up and this one The legs fold in I can put it up in the Garage on the Shelf not have to worry About it in the off season but if in a Pinch I needed to heat a space like this Because this is a very well insulated Garage and because this is not a tent

This will do just fine for heating this Entire space because I got inside Isolation I got layers of plywood then Drywall this is a very well insulated Space your space may require a slightly Bigger stove in order to keep warm when You're buying a wood stove just be sure To factory in how much BTUs are you Going to need to heat your space and how Well insulated is that space something Like this is not going to be able to Heat your entire home so you're going to Want a designated cordoned off part of Your home to be a heat room in case of Emergency ideally it would be a room Which was an offshoot of a house like a Back room or Veranda just for Ventilation purposes you're going to Want to put a base layer on the ground Here it really could be anything just a Thin sheet of wood something just to Keep this off the ground because these Legs might get a little bit hot not Nearly hot enough to melt the floor so All we're going to do today this is Extremely simple all we're going to do Is we're just going to be making this Right here so this is all you need Essentially in order to use your wood Stove your portable wood stove in your Home or in your garage again Safety First make sure you check the laws of Your local municipality regulations all That stuff I don't want to hear about

People burning down their homes because Canadian pepper said so please my Friends this is for emergency use only You just need a board maybe some sheet Metal there's plenty of ways to do this This is probably one of the easiest ways [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Feel the heat coming off this thing so You want that to eat so the more pipe You have inside the better I can't wait To text this to your mom [Music] Stop it here we got some HVAC conduit Now a lot of people are going to say hey You can't be burning that stuff or Heating it to a high temperature and you Are correct all this is going to do is Hold the stove pipe in place so this is Actually going to be making very limited Contact with the actual stovepipe itself

Maybe certain parts of it will make Direct contact but it's largely going to Be going out of the house anyways this Is one way you can do it or you can just Do it like this have a hole and your Stove pipe is going to go through there We don't want this stove pipe connecting With the wood because this will get very Hot it will get so hot that it likely Will burn the wood just a little bit This just needs to be strong enough That it can kind of rest on there which Is it's more than good enough it's Ideally what this would look like then See how we have that one there we would Have another one of these but pointing Up so this would look kind of like that Right but this this of course would be Outside Does that make sense camera guy Yep okay the hot dog heater this is a Natural gas heater has its own chimney Now what we could do is we could just Take the end cap off this chimney base Down here and we could just put our Chimney right up to there We could find a transition piece to Merge the two things together or we Could probably just push this all the Way up and it would be fine because we Do have ample length of Chimney pipe and Then we can just put this end cap on This side that would work just fine to Vent our smoke if you haven't seen our

Video on fire safety make sure that if You're doing anything like this that you Always have a way to extinguish a fire The best way to do that is with the Tried and true fire extinguisher Honestly I would get one bigger than This this is just the smaller one that We have currently that's handy that's Not mounted on a wall but fire Extinguishers are something every single Prepper absolutely needs to have Especially if you're talking about Heating your home with combustibles all Right guys one of the best fire starters On Earth The ultimate fire Tinder okay I know the Guy in Quebec who makes this stuff and He sent me a whole box but you can get Some at canadianpreparedness.com this is The best Fire Starter you only need Just the Eeny weeny little pinch just Like that just to get started but Because this is an All-American fire We're just going balls to the wall S we're gonna throw some birch bark on Top of that Look at that look how fast that fire Went up Just like that Rattata tat now I guess The question is gonna be where can you Do something like this You cannot do this unless it's in Accordance with your loss okay I just Want to make that clear but

Big but if the end of the world happens And there is no government and you find Yourself in an apartment building say And all you have is your portable wood Stove that you use for camping maybe Maybe just maybe something like this Might theoretically work but don't do it Because it's illegal and you might burn Down the entire complex and other people Will die needlessly so all I'm saying is If you have some sort of pact with your Neighbors are you the only one left in The apartment because you're the dumb One who didn't bug out when you had a Chance Then in that case maybe you could do Something like this okay just the one Rare instance now the more pipe the Better because you see this chimney here This is going to be giving off a lot of Heat this is going to be giving off the Gist of the heat ideally you would want A cast iron stove but if you're gonna go To that extent you might as well get a Permanent installation with this it's Stainless steel it's slightly thicker I'm not sure the exact gauge it's going To throw off some good heat okay and now You absolutely want to make sure that You have the carbon monoxide detector in Here the chances are you know you're not Gonna have to worry about that because Taking in oxygen if the fire is going Out that means there's not enough oxygen

Here there's carbon monoxide and you're Probably gonna die soon that is very Unlikely all you have to do is make sure You have some ventilation in the space That means that you're going to lose Some of your heat but the idea is you're Going to gain more heat gain more BTUs Than you're going to lose through Ventilation something like this window Here I'm going to lose a lot of heat Through that window so you might want to Insulate the window or just around the Window just so you're not losing any of Your heat that way I have really good Garage doors that are very well Insulated we have So many layers the R value in here is Really high that might not be the case In your garage you may just have you Know a shell you may not have no drywall Or other things to hold the heat in Maybe you don't even have insulation in There yet something like this will help Okay but if you get some thermal liner Some spray foam insulation whatever you Can do to insulate your space before bad Things happen Okay that's the idea here Another thing you're going to want to Consider is some kind of fan to blow the Heat around and that of course you would Power with a lithium generator or you Could just power it with human power the Kids are bored give them a few Chinese Hand fans and put them to work one of

The great things with these winter wall Stoves you can get pipe Ovens that sit On this pipe very easy peasy it's not Going to mess with your setup here you Need BTUs for heating cooking and Providing illumination This provides radiant illumination out The sides because you have those clear Windows it provides heat and it provides A means to cook your food this is still Rather low profile it's a lot quieter Than a generator mind you you're not Going to be running a generator to run a Space heater it's just it's absolutely The most inefficient thing do not use Solar power to heat your home using a Space heater it's the biggest waste of Time it's not going to last that long You're going to get maybe two or three Hours at Best out of even the biggest Generator that the market has to offer Do not do it if you want to talk about Solar heating go watch the video we did With Dean over at arcopia he'll show you How you can practically heat your home In the winter using just your windows if They're pointed in the right direction On sunny days you pair your passive Solar Greenhouse with your wood stove And you probably won't end up like a Popsicle after the shizzy pops off so Let me know if you guys have any ideas In the comments section below thanks for Watching don't forget to like comment

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