Brent0331 Contest Entry

By | December 17, 2022

Hey what's up tubers this is the shtf Hunter I've been tasked by Brent0331 to go out and set up an LP Opie and I have to do a gear layout and Show you all my the gear I'm taking with Me on this mission And the way I got it laid out is kind of Compartmentalized you could say it goes Into You know like I'm laying by what goes in Which pockets And there's the pack and it's got a like A rifle Uh holder in the kind of like a drag bag I want to show you so in the drag bag Part the rifle compartment I got I got tent poles to turn my uh to turn This Poncho into a like a Bibby And so I made it I made this with uh Wire nuts why nuts go into the eyelets And you cross the two poles in terms of Your Poncho into a Bibby Here I got four tent Stakes Just in case you need to hold it down For some reason and uh Then I got the The Gore-Tex Woodland camouflage parka No explanation there keep you warm and Dry And over here in that same pocket we Have the five power night vision scope For doing surveillance

There's the carrying case Up here we have a extra uh we got a a Big camouflage net to help set up Set up to hide And over here is a suppressed 300 Blackout With a uh Got a tourniquet attached there Rubber banded a little bit of camouflage And Okay so this this Two items go on the pouch on top of the Pack it's toilet paper and 10 power Binoculars We'll go down here Uh we got two quick clock bandages and An Israeli pressure bandage and all Those go into the band of the uh She's got pot it goes into the band of The body armor and I fixed they are pull Tab so I can just pull them out of the Out of the band drill quick and this is The body armor complete with ceramic Plates I'll come over here And on the band on this side we got a Stanley flask Tactical flask and we got three mags mag Pull or P mags that go in the vest Up here got the radio We also got the Uh so the compass I I lanyard the compass to my belt and Then this the compass goes in my hip

Pocket the mat the protractor and the Mechanical pencil In this bag go into my uh cargo pocket In my pants I'll go up here These uh these items go into a one Canteen pouch Uh so this is a stainless steel Cup and it's been dark it's been Blackened over an open fire so it won't Uh reflect sunlight and give away my Position And we have a grill water filter here With all your big name survivalists are Using the grill to filter water And on the outside of the pack for Calories on the go we got some beef Jerky So you know you don't have to stop uh You don't have to stop moving you just Keep it walking in it and eat you some Calories while you add it Over here we have a glock 35 with a nine Millimeter Barrel in it And above that we have three magazines For it yeah we got a pistol belt Red River tactical holster Complete with a dump pouch and a SOG SEAL Pup Ton knife and And there's the pistol mag holders Okay There we go up here we got uh Two sets of

Two sets of t-shirts athletic underwear And moisture wicking socks And like I say we got two of those and Uh And both of those you know nothing worse Than being cold and wet and it makes for Miserable conditions so All right we're gonna move on up to A little bit All right now this is a 64 ounce You can see right there clean canteen And just like the canteen cup this has Been dark and over and open open fire so It don't reflect light And then you got the you got the moist Baby wipes or Um okay And we got Probably a four field stripped MREs Right here and No explanation there you gotta have Plenty you gotta have something to eat For the next three days and uh Go over here we got uh This this part of the three three piece Sleep System of the army saying this is The this is the heavier uh sleeping bag And uh So when you're laying in place and you Hide you know it's gonna get cold when You're not moving so you're gonna need Something really warm so Got that and we'll go over here

You got the this is my boonie My Gilly eyes boony hat Um so on the front there's no Gilly so When you're patrolling you know you Don't have to worry about stuff in your Face but you can't turn it around the Back And I left the net kind of open So you can turn it around on your face And look out the net There we go over here So when the temperature starts dropping You're going to You I'm going to want my uh Uh fleece watch cap And this is my neck gaiter I like this Neck Gator a lot but this one's actually Breathable and uh So instead of wearing a baklava anymore I use the neck gaiter and this hood and Uh Watch cap and they work really well Together kind of like a baklava but not A baklava Oh all right Over here we got the super cool ESS Crossbow safety glasses And we got some mechanics Impact Gloves Okay I'll be wearing the highly Unauthorized Rocky Rangers The reason I do that is because they They're Gore-Tex lined and they got 600

Grains of thinsulate insulation All right now we get over to what I'm Actually wearing on the mission Of course the Army ocps uh there's the Pants and this is the body armor shirt The body armor itself believe it or not Provide some insulation to help keep Warm but Uh you know how that is you're probably Not always going to wear your body armor But uh it's a good have it on you just In case the crap hits the fan Over here we got Polar Tech The Polar Tech waffles bottom and top The the waffles are heavier than the Silk weight so now he gets down 35 and You're laying in place not moving you're Going to want the waffles Yeah when you're laying in the hide All right so The pack itself you know This is a uh this I put this on the Outside I call this my personal survival Pack and I'll show you the contents of Getting here in a minute And We'll move over here Here we've got the probably the most Badass bayonet ever issue to any service The Marine bayonet Here's the sheath Four more p-mags And now we're good to the personal Survival kit itself

That little pouch I just showed you on The outside of the pack Got some low-tech lighting options here Some cam lights And this is [ __ ] Bank line Um you could probably get two to three Times more hard Bank line In the space that 550 cord takes up so And tired Bank Line's pretty stout so I Started using Uh packing kits with tar Bank lines Still 550 core And we got the eating utensil gold on Uh headlamp Toothpaste toothbrush and Matches Lactate Neosporin batteries for the headlamp and The night vision Scope all right So here's an empty chamber Let's move out Probably sixes Bravo 1-3 Come in brother six Robert sixes Bravo One three standby for Salute report Prepare to copy My location is eight six Nine zero Four eight Seven five Witnessed a fire team of four They were patrolling heading south east Their location was eight six

Eight zero Four eight nine five Most likely dirkist standing Liberation Front Fighters Wearing a mixture of uniforms three were Tan uniforms worn black uniform Wearing a mixture of boonie hats black And tan booty heads Uh wearing calm block web gear The time was zero three Thirty One Hundred hours Carrying calm block weapons Warren Mosin Nagant one SKS one AK And one machine gun of Unknown Origin How copy Bravo six That's a good copy Bravo six this is Bravo One three out