We Have a Limited Opportunity Right Now…

By | December 16, 2022

Despite all the past Year's major events And near misses this may be a good Indicator a warm-up of what is ahead While there's a balance that I try to Strike on this channel by staying calm Because that's just my personality I Also don't want to give my community a False sense of security that lulls them Into a slumber and apathy toward Preparedness it's easy to slip back into The routines and fall prey to what's Called normality bias but I would highly Advise you to not make this mistake the Events that have transpired over the Last few years especially the previous 10 months are in my opinion a good Indicator of what we can reasonably Expect in the future so let's talk about It Foreign if you're new to this channel my Name is Chris and on this channel we Discuss emergency preparedness AKA Prepping now before we jump in I hope You're ready for the Christmas holiday Week that's coming up if you haven't Gotten that gift for that someone Special don't forget do you still have One week and I'm saying that probably as A reminder to myself I'm pretty excited About the week ahead getting to spend Time with my family and loved ones and I Don't know why but I decided to start Dieting about a week and a half ago Which is probably the worst time to

Start right before the best time to eat The good stuff I'm still trying to get Rid of the weight that I picked up During Thanksgiving Um look as each year winds down I begin Thinking about the progress that I've Made over the last year and begin to Plan for the future the coming year but The Dilemma in doing this is not losing Sight of the present the funny thing About the present is that many are left Scratching their heads over two thoughts When a shocking event occurs the first Is how could this have happened and if You've been following my channel for any Length of time you would know that we Don't make bold predictions we look at The real threats that may or may not Come to fruition and the overall skill And impact that they could have avian Flu wiping out a million chickens it Makes for some pretty click bait Headlines in the mainstream media but Still if you watched our video on that You would see we pointed out that 8 Billion chickens are eaten in the United States annually and that's a 21.9 Million per day number so while many Were screaming about the poultry Apocalypse we were telling our Subscribers about the inevitable higher Prices well we were watching for before We started worry and other rational Things that you needed to know we were

Explaining the how could this happen we Also make efforts to explain the second Question people wonder after disaster Why was this so bad despite our best Efforts to inform the world we can only Get the preparedness message out to just So many people we need you to help us And we encourage you to share our videos To help the preparedness message grow But you can probably think of many People that you could share videos with Who might watch them but would still Fail to take any practical steps to Prepare they're the ones playing to show Up at your door get food from your Pantry borrow your backup generator and More and Preppers don't ask themselves Why was this so bad because they have Already explored the reasons the Scenarios and the what ifs in their Prepping process for the prepared the Question is posed in calm reflection far From the event to better prepare for the Next event and those asking why was this So bad while still reeling in the Aftermath a disaster they haven't been Paying attention and working towards Self-reflection of their dependence on Infrastructure and just-in-time delivery Of resources with a click of amounts the Reality is we witness something like the Texas power crisis of 2021 and maybe we Also remember the 2011 Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011. they don't delve into

The history far enough to realize Significant Statewide shortages occurred Also in 2003 in 1989 as well now they May rationalize that these events only Happen a decade or more apart so they Have 10 years to prepare for the next One then they're shocked when the next One occurs just next year having trust Of the government and the power Companies to fix faulty insulators and Develop better power management Strategies having thought that Record-breaking Mega coal blast was just A once in a lifetime event and not in Every once or every two year thing the Answer to why was this so bad is always Because we failed to prepare it's really Akin to to walking daily by a dripping Pipe we may see on your house and then Being shocked when winter cold bursts Your pipes and destroys your plumbing a Little fix was required but failing to Do so led to a much more significant Problem later as you'll see in the Comments on our videos from people who Came to prepping through our Channel After some personal tragedy they face They were better prepared the next time Around many people thanked us after the Texas power crisis of 2021 and they Recanted stories about how the little Prepping that they had done in the time That they had uh prepared and really Gotten them through that situation but

It could have been far far worse and so Many of them saw Neighbors of theirs Negatively impacted in really difficult Ways and the absolute worst situation Doesn't always happen and we try to let You know that when prominent mainstream Media pundits were screaming about the Inevitable diesel shortage we were one Of the first sources to tell you was Hyperbole we informed you in that video While that could happen if Refinery or During output suddenly collapsed we Weren't going to run out we were going To see the price skyrocketed because of Some real factors and the effect of the Hyperbole of others but we weren't in Danger and when the railway strike was Looming we gave you a sober picture of What it would look like if it were to Happen still we also spelled out the Probable path the government would take To intercede and why neither side of the Negotiations wanted to give in and make Concessions to find an agreement Look we'll always tell you what the Threats are real possible likely to what Extent and most importantly how you can Protect and insulate yourself from the Impact we introduced a phrase recently On the channel we didn't come up with This but we thought it was very Appropriate the age of public crisis and Let's be honest here what's changed from Russia at the beginning of the year when

They invaded Ukraine to today the news They've moved on it doesn't get them as Much revenue because people aren't Really reading those articles as much And maybe that's not a bad thing that People have moved on from fixating on That but the threat has only grown to The world since that time we've gotten Really good at compartmentalizing Threats that are no longer interesting And then we just go back to pursuing That dopamine that clicking away the Arguing the complaining the entertaining Ourselves you know Etc you've probably Heard the old proverb the prudency Danger and they take refuge but the Simple keep going and pay the penalty You can bet that despite the disasters Looming and are forewarning for them Many of your closest neighbors your Family and friends will still fail to Prepare many will be scratching their Heads paralyzed and confused after a Disaster asking only how could this have Happened and why was this so bad As we reference in this week's Newsletter the one that we released Right before this video psychologists Have a term for this Behavior this Shutting down in the face of disaster And again it was a phrase we use at the Beginning of the video normalcy bias Some will simply freeze up some Will Comfort strangers despite the fires

Closing in around them they find Themselves seeking the normal in a very Abnormal situation we're all sensitive To the perception of others viewing us As abnormal we learn at a very young age That it's not cool to overact we don't Want to draw attention to ourselves and For too many of our own family friends And neighbors prepping it may seem like An overreaction are constantly pointing Out that events are happening on a Larger scale and with greater frequency Elicits and argumentative or denying Response from them still it is vital That we let them know that there's still Challenges on the horizon history does Have a tendency to repeat itself so some Of that stuff will miss us all together But some might be more extreme than we Expect the logical and rational reality Is that one of these things will impact Us whether that's simply a short and Localized blackout because someone hit a Transformer with their car or it's a Statewide outage from someone firing a High-powered rifle into multiple Substations or a plunging arctic frost The power will go out and when it does Will you be in the lighter loss in the Dark the point of the video is this While the last year or the previous Several years for that matter have been Exhausting don't allow yourself to Normalize it deny it dismiss it and slip

Into apathy don't minimize rationalize And dismiss what we have seen these last Few years it's easy to block it out and Just move on and let me be the first to Say that I don't fix any of the problems Happening around the world I don't Fixate on the past I do take time to Step away from it all but it's my job on This channel to understand and Report Events and potential threats so you can Utilize this information to prepare for Them don't allow yourself to think Things will just return to normal the Challenges on the horizon they continue To grow by the day and I could list them All out here but that's not the point of This video plus they're very nuanced Numerous and interlaced and I try to Filter out the small things to give you The biggest of pictures if you've been Watching my channel for any length of Time you know the issues that we try to Keep you aware of are the ones that are The most likely or already filling the Impact of in your life we encourage you Not to allow fear to take over let it Instead spur you forward and motivate You because I firmly believe this based On everything I'm seeing we have a Unique moment an opportunity at this Time to prepare the Calm before the Storm if you will we're rolling out Gardening videos right now to give you More information before the planning

Season starts to hopefully help you Learn so you can start developing that Skill set as a spring approaches when Most people will begin to plant their Gardens we do this because because we Don't want to normalize a present or Fear the Future prepping provides us With greater control over our own Fates So here's my encouragement to you as you Gather for the holidays with your family Your friends your neighbors look for Opportunities to move Beyond just any Arguments or political differences Instead I would encourage you whenever a Problem arises ask each other what You're doing about it for yourself if Inflation is a topic use it as an Opportunity to talk about the garden That you're planting or what you're Doing to save money buying bulk or join A co-op change the nature of the Dialogue from divisiveness to Solutions Let me leave you with this final thought One of the most repeated questions on Prepping channels is how do I find Like-minded people how do I join a Community of Preppers how do I motivate Those around me to take this as Seriously as I do the answer is very Simple it starts with every Gathering And conversation go ahead and reminisce With folks about the stories of your Past together but also share what you're Doing to build a better future for

Yourself you have have just a little While to prepare for the disasters that Are going to happen in the future that Moment is a present moment you're in Right now when that present moment is a Holiday gathering make it an opportunity To strengthen your network and resources Don't squander your moments in the Debate but find out how people are Solving their challenges today and their Perceived challenges in the future and Things might not truly get bad Especially if we have thoughtfully Prepared things might also get far worse Than we could have ever imagined we just Don't know with complete certainty what The future holds and when we prepare we Take back some control of our destiny When we don't normalize what we see but Choose to prepare for far worse we take Back even more power when we do this Alone that's as far as we can get when We do it as a community we control our Futures I'm releasing this video a week Before Christmas and our team including Myself are going to be taking off the Next several weeks we're going to be Doing some videos and cleanups some work Behind the scenes over the next two Weeks but We're going to take some time to step Back and really prepare for this next Year now we do have a lot of practical Videos lined up in the queue that we

Filmed in advance that will be rolling Out that we're excited about some end of The year content some more videos that We're going to be doing on our gardening Series and we as a team are excited About next year there's a lot of Opportunities and I just you know I just Hope that Let me put it this way that we don't see Any more what I would consider Black Swan events that we still can take Advantage of this time that we have to Prepare them There is a lot of opportunity right now That we have to make ready for the Challenges ahead I've got plans over the Holidays to do a lot of work internally In my home change out some food in my Long-term food pantry there's some Things that I'm getting ready for and Again I can't say this enough take Advantage of what time we have well I'm Not afraid of the future I'm acutely Aware of the fact that there are several Major challenges barreling down toward Us that will have profound impacts on us All and I like you am looking for Solutions to lessen the impact of it That it will have on our family and I'm Excited to share these practical Solutions as I learn in the coming Months we've got this time is not Necessarily on our side but like Monaco Always told me make hey why the sun

Shines the sun is shining and let's take Advantage of it as always stay safe out There