REI $800 Bug Out Bag Adventure!

By | December 16, 2022

One of the things that we really love to Do is to go to a store and look for Survival items see if we can put Together a get home bag a bug out bag With the items in that store Recently we went to REI REI is an Outdoor store that has top premium gear In those stores and I've been wanting to Do this for a while to check out what They offer I knew that we could find Everything we needed one of the things Though about REI is again with that Premium quality products the prices are Pretty high so we wanted to go in and at First I thought I'm going to make the Ultimate bug out bag I'm going to get The tops Notch whatever is the best of The best once we got in there and Started walking around we decided that That was just going to be way beyond our Budget and so we ended up going through Different items that we found there at REI that were more toward the more Reasonable prices so we're going to put This together It still cost us almost eight hundred Dollars to build this bag but we've got A really high quality bag and we could Have spent 2500 to 3000 dollars to be Honest with you because they just have a Lot of high quality gear so we're going To go through and I'm going to show you The different items now one of the Reasons why we like to do this is let's

Say that you're out of town maybe you're With a friend and you don't have your Get home bag maybe you've flown to a Different location and you need to get Home you need survival supplies for Whatever reason and if you find yourself Near an REI you're going to be able to Really get decked out it's just that if Your wallet will stand it but again These are just different stores we like To go to and find those items that you Need this was a lot of fun because they Had a lot of good quality stuff Foreign Thank you All right guys here are all the contents Laid out and we got quite a bit of stuff Really high quality gear here I mean This is a solid get home bag bug out bag Whatever you need honestly I recommend Getting a get home bag and keeping that Because really you want to get home now One of the things about this again is Because it is premium gear the prices Are fairly high in fact I just looked at The receipt it was over 805 dollars so Let's see what you get for that kind of Money a few of these things honestly Were more the lower price for REI but Still good high quality gear and we're Gonna break this down into sections Whether it's food shelter tools I mean Water filtration fire kits we've got a Number of different items here and

Honestly I was very pleased now we're Getting started out with our backpack That's the basis for everything you're Going to transport you put your gear in Here you need organize this is a North Face and this is the base camp Voyager It's a 32 liter duffel bag but it does Transform into a backpack this is a Little compartment or a little pouch That it comes in Of course we even have a little bit of Netting here we're going to pull that Zipper out and we have our backpack Stuffed in here The bag itself is actually part of the Backpack so this is one of those that You can just stuff into the bag this ran 129 dollars which was one of the cheaper Models there at REI this is the outer Pouch that we were looking at and it Stuffs into this compartment I love These reversible bags like this it Really allows you to have a lot of Versatility now this big compartment you Can see it kind of opens all the way on The side this is not a conventional Backpack but definitely something that Would be highly usable it does have kind Of a rubberized coating on it and it's Rip stop so that's going to protect it I Like that and that's what really Drew my Eye in the first place now right here in The back you can see we do have some Shoulder straps and they are attached to

The pack and they stuff down into the Back and so this we just need to attach Them Let's see what we got we got some fast Text buckles so that's going to make it Easy The front definitely or the main Compartment definitely a large bag and There's a lot of features in here mesh Netting and things like that we're we'll Definitely do a review on this but this Is the backpack I want to get that kind Of stuffed out it's not too packed I put My jacket in there so you do have a full Pack this to me makes a great get home Bag bug out bag size and I like the Material it's going to get that moisture Off of it all the rubberized coating Here so we'll check this out when we get It filled with all the other gear now Next comes your core you want to make Sure that you're warm typically you Should already have a jacket but you Could be in a certain position to where You're just not really outfitted this is One of the REI Co-op it's one of their Jackets it's their branded jackets and This is a really lightweight jacket I Love this jacket but it's made of Material that really insulates 14 more Than quilted fabric and so this was Really an excellent pickup this is great For rain and it's also great to keep you Warm so I thought this was a cool jacket

We were kind of back and forth about Coats because they're very expensive This one actually ended up being on sale And so we were glad to get it also we Have a watch cap which obviously very Important to keep your head warm we also Picked up some gloves all these are REI Brands so the price is a little bit Better and then we got some Northland Murano wool socks and good socks are Important I went ahead and got two pair But you really should have good socks if You're on your feet even if it's not Cold and I guess this is more toward Your cold weather setup but still I mean Even in the summertime it late at night It can get really cool so something like This that's super lightweight would be Smart all right guys we have shelter Shelter is important and the rule of Threes you can live three hours in Editions and then you start going Downhill most people that are called Outdoors die of exposure so again your Clothes are definitely something that Are going to keep your core warm but you Need something else having a good tarp Is one thing it keeps you out of the Rain out of the elements out of the Dew In the mornings different things like That and you can use it for ground cover This is a large 12 by 14 size and so I Can actually make an improvised tent or Just a shelter you definitely want to

Have some tent Stakes I'm a big Proponent of having tent stakes in your Pack because you can really change Things and plus these have eyelets so It's easy to do now with that you need Cordage we're going to look at cordage In a minute but cordage should go with This as well here we have one of the Sol Space bivvies this is something that I Have used in the past in fact I actually Have a review on this you can climb into This and the outside is orange so you Can be seen and then inside has that Space blanket material I'm not going to Pull this out but you can actually get In it and so these to me are some of the Most easy way to be able to carry Something really small I really like These but having maybe a little Snuggie Or something a little small a pack would Be nice but guys again ounces turn into Pounds and so you know the smaller and The lighter we can go the better and Then I have one of the ultra seal dry Sacks big fan of dry sacks this will Keep a lot of your really important Things that you have to keep dry if you Know you could throw your phone in there But also you could put in Fire Starting Material things like that and then this Just rolls up and then you bring this Around and it seals up And so it just keeps everything in here Dry a lot of different sizes different

Styles I just picked this one one thing You definitely need is some cordage to Go with your tarp and your tent Stakes I Was really looking for 550 cord this is Pretty this is the closest thing Honestly they had they do a lot of Mountain climbing and things so there Was a lot of different type of cordage But uh this is about a 50 foot strand I Would say that is bare minimum maybe a Hundred foot would even be better but Cordage is important especially for Shelter water is a major priority guys You can only live three days without Water most of your water systems that You see it's not safe to drink Cryptosporidium Giardia chemicals Minerals all kind of different things Are in there so having a way to filter Your water is important of course the Cheapest way is water purification tabs One of the things about that though is It doesn't take away the taste it Actually it adds a taste and then you Have the debris and the sediment I Really like the Sawyer Minis and this is A water filtration system this will Filter up to a hundred thousand gallons Of water really for the money the Sawyer Mini is one of the best deals you can Get it's that small compact size and yet It's very effective you know you can use This you fill up your water out of the Stream and then you hook it to your

Filter and then you drink it with your Straw you squeeze it and it filters Through so it's a really easy system one Thing I will say is some of these that Are sold like at big box like Walmart in Places they are inferior they're a Little bit different than these premium Sawyer minis so just watch for that and Then also you have this for cleaning and So this will just clean out your tube And just keeps your kit maintained so Sawyer mini is an excellent kit they had Some bigger sets some MSR they had Katadyne they had a lot of different Ones and again we were looking for that Very reasonable setup plus the weight is Really important these are super Lightweight and then for a water Container it's really important that you Can keep water stored in there you don't Have to stand right next to a water Source you can also use this for cooking Now this is the only one they had that Was just a stainless finish to it but You know it does have a stainless top And that's important sometimes I'll have Plastic here so that just keeps you from Being able to heat this or do anything But it does insulate and that's kind of Nice it has a little handle but it is Double walled so you got to be careful With that it can cause problems if you Heat this up but having a way to store Water I personally like metal better

Than your Plastics or your polymers Because they can break for Kit you need Fire and so we have some light bulb Matches and these are UCO they do a Great job go and open this up And I like this container because it is Waterproof it has a striker on here as Well And then you have your matches and it Has a spare Striker inside These are waterproof matches you can Actually light these dip them in water Pull them back up and they'll continue To burn these are my Preferred Choice For matches and I like the container I Mean this is just a good setup also we Have a spare serum Rod but it also has Magnesium and it's got a nice large Handle and it has a striker and this is Going to give you tons of light now the Striker has a little bit of a ruler on It it has just a little small striking Place here you even have a small nut Driver and a bottle opener I believe That right here are some teeth and you Can take this and you can take your Magnesium and you can actually make this Into shavings and make a small little Pile and then you can take your striker And what you want to do is get rid of That black on top but not bad I mean It's really a fairly small Striker with A large piece of magnesium I love that I Love the Magnesium this is really going

To burn well the cord itself is a fire Cord you can use this as a tender and so This is not a bad little setup right Here and Sol puts together some very Reasonably priced good quality stuff Typically and then we have some sweet Fire fire starters this is just some Fibrous material it's impregnated with You know some kind of flammable fuel Actually renewal biofuel and I'm not Going to open this up at this point just Because it'll take away the shelf life But you can see it's just a fibrous Material a lot of different choices with Fire Tenders in fact there was a ton of Choices with fire tools and you know Guys I'm a big fire bug I love to make Fire I love to figure out ways and so They had a number of different things But just making your choices but I do Like to have a couple of different ways Medic cool very important this is just a Standard first aid kit it's actually for Two people for two days is what it says And there's a list of different things That are on here it's not really a super Trauma kit or anything but there are Some trauma pads in here of course There's obviously a lot of Band-Aids and Things like that they had some more kits But you know there was pretty much the Same thing some a little bit larger I Wanted to keep it small and at least Have some of the essentials that I need

In here and then we have a compass which Guys you need a compass especially if You're out somewhere you're going to Lose direction I like the sun tow Compasses already and they had a number Of different types but they had a lot of Suunto compasses and there's a good Reason why these are good quality and Then just to kind of go along with this I just have a right in the rain pad if You need to write down anything you know Especially with medical what you've done Things you're doing but having a way to Write some things down could be Important because when you're out there Things get a little bit hazy now when it Comes to light they had some Coast Flashlights that was pretty much what They had and those are decent quality Flashlights again probably if I'd gotten Some batteries for it I think that would Have been one thing I really missed out On but 465 lumens for 21 hours so you Know it's it's not a bad flashlight and We'll kind of look at it but also the Most important is a headlamp and here we Just have one of the Black Diamond Headlamps 300 lumens it is a AAA use AAA Batteries but it does also have a Recharging feature on here that you can Plug that in if you have a battery Backup here with the headlamp you want Simple this does have the three AAA Batteries that come with it I put them

In there makes it really easy this does Rotate I like that and I like this Really comfortable headband So definitely headlamp to me is one of The most important lights to get if you Can have a choice then just a standard Flashlight now this can also be used as An impact tool I can use this for Self-defense so gotta say uh I think These are double a batteries it has a Wide flood here and then it goes down to Narrow narrow beam so not a bad Flashlight actually and has a nice clip To it nice finish on it and again I need To I can use this even in some kind of Really small baton so light your number One security tool make sure you have a Couple of sources because one could go Down as they say two is one one is none Now the rule of Threes three weeks Without food if you don't have food you Start to lose energy it makes it tough You're working really hard and so we Just happen to have a great source we Got some Backpackers Pantry fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and some wild west Chili and beans also we grabbed a couple Of just Trail Mix Bar cars and this just Makes it nice when you're out on the Trail according to how far your journey Is as well it may be really important to Have some ways to prepare it here we Have just a cook set and this was kind Of cool we decided to go ahead and get

This and this has your regular pot where We can cook and it has a lid and so this Way we can cook any kind of things even If we have to make traps and you know Have to cook small game and so this Gives us a lot of options also a small Little cup and they had a number of Different ones in fact the cook sets They had all kind of stuff so then we Got a little heater and this is one of The camp stoves it's a glacier camp Stove and they did have the fuel to go With it and so we've got this we can Cook without having to make an actual Fire but if we do we can also cook Obviously this on a fire so we got food Covered I think it's according to where You are if it's just a get home bag it's One thing just have something like this If you can be traveling for a couple of Days I think it would be really smart to Pick up some good food and let's be Serious who wants to miss a couple of Meals one thing I just found was our Titanium spoon or Spork good to have Something to eat with much better than Eating stew with your hands especially That backpacker's pantry that would not Be fun but uh definitely you need some Kind of utensil tools very important a Good fixed blade knife I would pick this Over everything else but you definitely Need to have a good fixed blade Full Tang would be great a multi-tool is

Optional but it definitely will come in Handy small pocket knife you should Already have one in your pocket in fact I would have bought this just a Multi-tool except that this was only About two dollars difference and so then We have one of the silky saws this is Phenomenal I highly recommend these and Also we got a pocket knife sharpener They had a couple of different styles One thing I do want to say about the Knives is they had bench made or Leatherman and they were twice the price Or more so it's one of the reasons why We chose these now this is called Gerber's ultimate ultimate fixed blade Knife we have a nice fixed blade you do Have some serrations typically I don't Like serrations that much but very nice Comfortable handle has some kind of Neoprene finish I love the pommel I mean It's steel and you can actually use this As a hammer Impact Tool has a lanyard With it which is actually pretty nice And then we have a fire steel that goes With it and the fire steel goes right Here and so we can put it let's see it Goes the other way and this actually Pops into place there we go and so we Have a fire steel or fire capability we Have a sheath which is actually pretty Nice and it does have a top little strap But not a bad knife I really like this And it was very reasonable some of the

Lmfs and and others they had there were More expensive so I just felt like this Was a good find and there's something on The back here oh we have a sharpener Here on the back and so while I did get A pocket sharpener I could have gone Without it just because I had this and So I like this I really do like this a Good medium price knife and yet it has a Lot of capability to it Of course the multi-tool is one of the Suspensions this is the NXT Definitely something that you could Really use especially more in an urban Environment but even with different Things that you have of course it's got A knife and everything already on it in A clip this actually you can put this in Your pocket also with the knife and this Is one of the pair frames very thin Pops out little nub here to open it up Not a bad little knife Gerber's decent Quality so we've got a couple of really Excellent tools again I've got a pocket Knife in my pocket but the multi-tool is Definitely something that would be great To have in your pack then we have this Silky saw and this is the F-100 Professional guys I'm telling you if You've never had a silky saw this is Excellent great for processing firewood Or cutting to make shelter this is great And then it just has a handle a little Lever right here and you can bring that

Down now this is probably more of their Economy models because the ones I have Have a metal piece right here but I'll Tell you what having a silky saw in your Pack is really a great item to have you Have all this rubberized coating right Here but again I think this is more of a Little bit of their lightweight version The ones that I have they're not that Much heavy but there's something about The cutting ability of these teeth it's Some kind of Japanese technology That will really surprise you and so Silky saw and they make a number of Different sizes I was really glad to get This all right guys we've got everything Packed in here uh and it wasn't really That difficult we actually have a little More room put the jacket in the bottom We had the dry sack with our fire Starting stuff of course the tarp gloves We have our water bottle here this is Takes up a little bit of room with the Pot but not too bad Uh we've got the fuel in here in the top Here there's one compartment in that Mesh and I put most of the tools and Some of the odds and ends like the Compass and the right in the rain pad Here and then I can take my food and Just set it on top I love how this opens Up I mean it's just like a duffel bag And yet you can use it as a backpack but One thing I did though with the water

Filtration because it's so many parts I Put the Sawyer mini in this little Compartment and that is really one of The only outside compartments this has It has another one but that has the Actual covering that goes over this so Let's go ahead and we'll get this closed Up I had to actually release one of the Straps which made it easier just to open As you can see that really comes from The back so really cool I like this pack In fact the more I'm messing with it the More I like it all right guys here is The bag and it's all decked out closed Up Got my handle here if I need to carry it That way but Um like it it's full but honestly I Could put some more stuff in there if I Had it not a whole lot but definitely Enough and so you know you don't want to Go too crazy with them because you've Got to carry them so the REI uh get home Bag or bug out bag and the total price Was 805.60 tax included so just to give you An idea but really with REI I mean we Were going somewhere that has outdoor Gear it was a little bit easier to find The right stuff than say Harbor Freight Lowe's Home Depot places like that that We've gone even Walmart's not too bad But the quality is low this is just a

More premium bag May go in and do a ultimate bug out bag From REI but I'm gonna have to save my Pennies because it'll probably run about Twenty five hundred dollars but great Bag so guys again you find yourself Without supplies maybe you're out of Town maybe you're somewhere across town And you can't get home going to Different locations looking and seeing What different people offer will give You a lot of ideas whether it's in the Dollar Tree Walmart or Target and you Might find some supplies there that Might surprise you and so we just Thought that going to REI we knew we Could find whatever we wanted it's just We didn't know if we'd have enough money But ended up putting together a really Good quality bag and the staff over at REI they were top-notch very polite we Really enjoyed the visit be strong be of Good courage God Bless America long live The republic Guys one things that one of the things We really like to do is to go to a Different store and find all the Survival because one thing we love to do Is go to a store All right guys we have shelter whoops The supplies you need and so we like to Go to different stores and try to put Together A loud Saul

You may find yourself in a different Town in a different area you may okay I Guess when it comes to a bug out bag or Get home bag it's really okay