Jina Pharmaceuticals & Russian Fires | Bear Brief 16DEC22

By | December 16, 2022

It says we're live Fabulous tremendous believe it Morning everybody I'm bear with bear Independent.com founder and CEO of Refugemedical.com Refuge training President of the grindstone Ministries And Caleb house and I have a dozen other Things we do some of which we don't talk About We're going to do the brief today it is The 16th of December 2022 if you're new Here go ahead subscribe ring the little Bell icon if you're not new here you Know what to do share the show with People that you love okay okay Bear all Right good sounds good everybody Drug and Medicine shortages continue to Worsen in the U.S the pandemic continues To be cited as the cause possibly Because China is still struggling with The virus and subsequent policies that Continue to interfere with both Manufacturing and the supply chain in General The offshoring of essential medicines And drugs manufacturing has become a Well-known issue in the last few years In 2020 there were shortages of 29 of 40 Critical drugs for the novel virus Now the FDA has over 120 drugs on their Shortages list triple the amount of Shortages that existed before 2020. Stats news reported that fludora buying A chemotherapy drug has risen in price

From 110 dollars to two thousand seven Hundred and thirty six dollars and that Antibiotics are 42 percent more likely To be in shortage in the U.S compared to Other drugs Adderall is becoming scarce enough that Some people with ADHD cannot obtain the Medicine at all The American-made Pharmaceuticals Act Was introduced to Congress this last April the summary reads quote this bill Requires the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services to conduct a Demonstration program that gives Preference to domestically manufacture Drugs under Medicare Medicaid and the Children's health insurance program AKA Chip The program must be conducted in at Least eight states and for at least Seven years so I wouldn't expect any Relief anytime soon Applicable drugs include critical drugs That are needed to respond to a public Health emergency and that have a Vulnerable Global Supply Chain Preference may take the form of a Reduced cost sharing preferential Treatment on formularies bonus payments And other specified methods end quote Besides this introduction no other Actions are listed in the bill so I want To get your hope up good morning Donnie O'Keefe appreciate you thanks for the

Five bucks Uh the American-made Pharmaceuticals act Kind of has the vibe of the uh I'm from The government and I'm here to help kind Of thing so Wouldn't get your hopes up Although it's certainly Exemplifies the issues that we're having With Overseas manufacturer of everything Including uh critical medicines so You know an ounce of prevention is worth A pound of cure I know everybody's got their thing they Got a bad back bad hips you know Diabetes lost an arm lost the leg with Whatever right but 99.9 of us myself included can probably Be doing more to move our bodies eat Better and take care of ourselves better Than we are Um and there's mountains of statistical Research to show that the more healthy You are the more healthy you will be so Uh you know go do the things Good morning Dr Trevor Andy Barnes Romans 12 18 everybody else in the chat Meanwhile people in their health care Providers are often unable to get the Medications they need one bear National Wrote in saying quote cold medicine Shortage cold medicine and in particular Children's cold and flu are becoming Unavailable from Distributors I live in

New England and have also checked with Stores in California that are having the Same issue I could tell you that uh end Quote domestically Um or at least here Oklahoma Domestically the great nation of Oklahoma yeah there's something going Around as well there's a uh a localized Saltines shortage I took that to be an indicator that People be sick and eating so you know Crackers and soup Of course there are bigger issues than Just the medications Staffing is still a Major issue in health care another bare National noted quote Franciscan Health In Hammond Indiana will stop taking Ambulances and close their ER completely December 31st 2022 Administrators cite cost and Staffing Hammond fire chief advises some ham and Citizens will likely lose their lives Due to Extended ambulance rides to Surrounding area hospitals you are on Your own end quote thank you Jason Hart Appreciate you Are on your own End quote As a reminder this is similar to Multiple Intel reports received from Across the U.S this is yet another Indicator of the consequences of Nationwide struggles in the health care And Emergency Care Systems which is why

We encourage you to be the hero right Refuge medical we talk about that all The time be the hero have the kids have The training know how to save somebody's Life More than that preparedness right Preparedness is mitigating risk it is a Form of physical insurance that you can Deploy against potential disasters Whether that's a localized your life Disaster or its original thing or it's National or International having the Material good stock piled and the Know-how to be able to use them sets you Aside sets you apart from the vast Majority of Americans and international Citizens as well so you can have some Control over the craziness that may Present itself in Whatever May Come The point of all this is the fragility Of the system continues to rear its ugly Head even as we would very much so like It not to Um This is also an economic indicator Healthcare is a cost intensive industry Cost intensive sector and In many cases dependent upon the free or Low-cost flow of capital That's going away that's an economic Indicator So these Healthcare outfits don't have The money to pay the people or pay as Many people so they're simply not

One could Potentially infer that while the Government's broke as well because the Government pays for a lot of this stuff It does Um The issue with that being that the Government gets to print its own money And then demand at the end of a gun Barrel that we accept it Uh But it is still the best looking horse In the glue factory From msn.com huge blast hits Russian oil Refinery in the latest suspicious Explosion And garsk Is located almost 3 000 miles away from The front lines in Ukraine explosions in The last two weeks rocked Russian energy Storage facilities in the Kursk and Biansk regions which sit closer to the Border with Ukraine as happened at Angersk the blast took place in the Early morning hours and focused on Energy infrastructure two more Explosions hit Russian air bases at Saratov and riazan damaging Nuclear-capable bombers being used for Attacks in Ukrainian power stations So infrastructure attacks in Russia we Know they're ongoing in Ukraine we know They're ongoing in the United States of America collusion anybody

Those are thought to have been caused The blasts Are thought to have been caused by Ukrainian drones equipped with Explosives the cause of the other blasts Are unknown Lubiav volat a Siberian local Commentating on today's explosion said Quote my husband got up went downstairs Poured himself a coffee and looked out The window to see the Christmas tree in Our yard which we decorated yesterday Suddenly there was an explosion a glow I Thought that a plane had fell on us my Daughter 14 cried frightened and ran From her room my mother phoned in panic Thank you for humanizing the reporting MSN that was tremendous of you This comes against the backdrop of Multiple blasts and Fires at locations With links to Russia's military or Oligarchs that may that many suspect are Being orchestrated by Ukraine the Angarsk refinery produces jet fuel and Diesel that can be used by Russia's Military and is owned by oil giant rust Neft which is owned by Putin Ally Igor Section it is the second fire in less Than a month at the refinery with an Earlier incident reported on 27 November Now in Ukraine according to RT blasts Heard throughout Ukraine An air raid alert was announced for all Parts of Ukraine on Friday morning as

Media and officials reported explosions In various cities and regions including The capital the mayor of Kiev Vitale Klitschko reported explosions in at Least three of the city's neighborhoods And has urged residents to remain in Bomb shelters Alexi coolava who heads Kiev's region the Kiev Regents Administration claimed air defense Systems around the capitol were engaging Incoming missiles Reports of explosions and calls on the Public to heed warnings about missile Threats have come from Kharkov the net Kirovagrad poltava and vinitstat regions Among others meanwhile the national System warning about possible airstrikes Sounded for all parts of Ukraine at About 8 30 a.m according to the local Media There were few immediate damage reports Though the mayor of Kharkov Igor Tarakhov reported a blackout Alexandra Vehicle who heads the administration That the cree of Wrong by blah blah blah Blah blah claimed missiles had hit a Residential building without offering Further details And uh in other interesting news from The Verge A plasma physicist explains what next What's next after this week's nuclear Fusion breakthrough uh Peter zihan had a Cool little video about this uh

Yesterday I think Uh talking about this nuclear fusion Breakthrough the the Crux of the issue Being apparently These scientists have figured out how to Get more energy out of the reaction than They put in now currently the more Energy they get out is like 0.25 more But it is something and so there's talk About over the next 10 to 70 years Investing in this technology to be able To essentially create free energy for Everybody The interesting thing is that This is the Biden Administration talking About it You know if it was some guy who figured Out how to power his uh off-road dune Buggy with water and he attempted to Drive it from say California to DC You'd probably never hear from him again Because that would be illegal no free Energy good morning Crawford thank you Um you know if it was some guy named Nicola Tesla who figured out how to use The Earth's magnetic uh the magnetism And electricity in the atmosphere Magnetic fields in order to be able to Produce unlimited free energy he'd Probably die destitute and alone with All of his patents having been locked up But you know the Biden Administration Has figured out how to make free energy Or at least they are claiming uh

Claiming the win that these scientists Have come up with after only 70 years of Of research and development so but the Good news is our grandchildren's Grandchildren might have unlimited free Energy Maybe All right Remains to be seen that's the brief for Today it's a brief brief it's Friday It's the day of prep if you're one of Those people that jumps off when it's Time to talk about how to support the Show beats Canal get out of here have a Blessed day Shalom okay okay bear for Everybody else uh patreon this morning We talked about hydroelectricity on Patreon if you have hydroelectric Questions uh they've probably got Answered on patreon this morning there's A link in the description that every Video and live stream check it out join The patreon fam it's uh five dollars per Month which equates to 15 cents per Video so don't be a schlub join the Patreon family Refuge medical which is where I am Today.com let's see the adventure kit is Being featured today there's free Shipping the entire month of December uh So whatever you whatever you buy if you Buy it from the store you can buy it Because it's in stock in stock means we Physically have it which means it'll Probably ship today and when it ships

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And uh our brother saw not feeling shirt From Sanctified Supply Co there's a link To that in the description as well Proceeds from that are going to support The building fund for Caleb house and That's the brief for today uh thank you All for hanging out with us you all have A blessed day Liberty's going to have to Hit the button on the tick tock machine I appreciate y'all very much go do the Things Bear Nation shalom