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By | December 16, 2022

Hi folks Canadian prepper here you know One of the most underestimated threats In a grid down situation is fire Prevention and fire suppression as Preppers and survivalists we all learn How to start fires in the most Challenging of conditions however if You're like me when you first started Prepping he found yourself with a Thousand dollar bug out bag and no fire Extinguisher in the house when the grid Goes down fire departments and emergency Services are likely to be very Overwhelmed if they're even functioning At all it's very likely that massive Conflagrations are going to sweep Through densely populated urban areas And you need to be prepared to deal with That kind of situation Foreign Years ago I made a video called the Fires of shtf but I wanted to revisit The topic considering the events that Are unfolding right now in Ukraine their Grid is being decimated by Russian Bombardments and as such they don't have Access to running water heat and Electricity this means that people are Relying on their own means and devices To keep themselves warm this has Elevated the fire risk according to an Article recently put out by the CBC Ukraine's State emergency service said That nine people had been killed in

Fires in the past 24 hours alone just a Couple days before filming this video People are breaking safety rules trying To heat their homes following Russian Attacks on power facilities the number Of fires has risen with ukrainians Increasingly resorting to using Emergency generators candles and gas Cylinders in their home due to the power Outages for example in the last day There are 131 fires in Ukraine 106 of Them were in the residential sector nine People died eight were injured Generators on balconies gas cylinders in Apartments lit candles barbecues due to The violations of fire safety rules Which is understandable when you're in a Life or death situation and the use of Uncertified products for heating and Cooking the incidence of fires and Explosions in high-rise and private Buildings have become far more frequent This is likely only going to continue to Get worse as we descend into the winter Months this is of particular importance Where I live where people are going to Be using whatever means they can muster To keep themselves warm let's talk about Some of the risk factors in a grid down Post-disaster environment when it comes To fire the first and foremost is going To be that the grid is likely going to Be down that means that any smoke alarms Sprinkler systems may not be working

Unless they have their own independent Power supply also as we previously Indicated emergency services are likely Going to be overwhelmed and not able to Come to the rescue or extinguish the Fire even in the best of times there are Certain fires which simply are Unmanageable for firefighters people are Going to be trying to cook their food in Their homes by using alternate means Whether that's a propane stove kerosene Stove perhaps they're running a Generator in the house or they're just Actually using natural materials Possibly even a wood stove these are all Viable methods to cook food but it means That the risk factor is going to be Elevated people are also going to be Using the same types of fuel sources in Order to keep themselves warm and when People are cold and freezing they will Do just about anything to keep warm Which is totally understandable Unfortunately when people become Hypothermic they tend to not be thinking As clearly and thus the potential for Error is high Another thing you're going to have to Worry about post collapse would be arson You would think that in a dire situation Like that that would take a very Deranged individual in order to commit Acts of arson but it's very likely that There is going to be those types of

People around who Just for kicks are Going to be lighting fires knowing that Emergency services are not going to be There to suppress them you're also going To have the prospect of rioting and We've seen that throughout the United States in 2020 where rioters whether Intentional or not with light fires and These fires would spread because Emergency Services were not able to Enter these areas so the risk of fire And densely populated urban areas Whether intentional or not is extremely High post collapse and you need to have A plan in order to deal with it one of The problems in Ukraine right now is That there is artillery shelling and With this shelling comes explosions and Comes fire so if you do find yourself in An embattled war zone then that is Something that you're likely going to Have to deal with also if this situation Does heaven forbid go nuclear then fire Is going to be commonplace With respect to people not having the Discipline to utilize fire as they did In days gone by I would encourage you to Go and watch one of those old-fashioned Videos where there were no traffic Lights you know just at the turn of the 20th century and you had trolleys you Had horses you had people walking people On bikes and even had a few cars and They were all sharing the same road with

No traffic laws and surprisingly it Organically flowed very well and there Were very few accidents the modern day Person's brain is not wired to navigate That type of chaotic environment where We've become so accustomed to rules and The same thing is going to apply with Fire discipline people just simply don't Have it which is why you need to be very Defensive and on the lookout when it Comes to fire safety post collapse Another thing to consider is that Electromagnetic pulses that are caused By high altitude nuclear weapons which Would be the case if we actually Descended into a World War III type Situation that in itself is going to Cause a lot of fire because you're going To have major power surges and that in Itself is likely going to cause a lot of Fires that are far away from any sort of Nuclear blossom So how then do we manage the risk of Fire well there's many ways to mitigate The threat first and foremost is Strategic relocation if at all possible Try to avoid living in densely populated Regions of course this is not going to Be a reality that a lot of people are Going to be able to do immediately Therefore you're going to be left with What you got the first thing is to have A fire escape plan know the Fire Escape Routes now this seems pretty simple but

I'm guessing that there's a lot of People who've never actually looked at The a fire escape diagrams in their Apartment complexes or in their office Buildings if you live in a simple Building where there's you know one or Two ways in and one or two ways out That's fine but if you work in a more Densely populated building then you Definitely should have an Escape Plan of Course one of the most useful tools in Fighting fire is just the standard fire Extinguisher I'm not a firefighter we do Know some firefighters and one of the Main things that they recommend is that You always make sure that you point the Fire extinguisher at the base of the Fire so you don't want to be targeting The fire itself or the smoke coming off Of it you want to make sure that you're Actually suppressing the fuel that's Combusting and that means you have to Point it at the source of the fire we're Likely in the future going to get one of My firefighting friends on here to give Us a few more tips on this issue other Thing you consider are things like fire Blankets fire blankets are designed to Extinguish incipient fires you can use Them to smother the Flames starve the Oxygen and extinguish them before it Gets out of control they can work as a Protective heat barrier when escaping a Fire just cover yourself with a fire

Blanket and run to a safe place fire Blankets also work on any type of fire There's also this contraption called a Fireball we've done tests on these Before basically it has the same Ingredients that a fire extinguisher Does and when you throw it into a fire It explodes and ideally it's supposed to Suppress the fire of course this is Going to have varying results one of the Great things with this though is to set It and forget its solution there's a 15-year shelf life on them so people Will get these in various designs and They'll put them in high risk areas of Their home that way if a fire emerges it Will trigger this device which will Explode and it will spread the fire Suppressant chemical everywhere and Hopefully it's going to put out the fire Certainly shouldn't be relied on but It's one of those things that it's Better than nothing now it should go Without saying that you should have Smoke detectors in your home that run on Their own power source these are going To be exceptionally important in a Lights out situation you might also want To consider a carbon monoxide meter this Is one that I purchased for my winter Hot tent but it's definitely something That we have in our home also you can Get these in a variety of different Sizes this is just a portable one in

Terms of fire escape tools you can get Things like this Escape ladder from the Kitty company and they can extend I Believe about 25 feet so if you live on A higher floor and that's something you Can consider if you really want it to Splurge you can get these things called Fire escape backpacks where you put the Backpack on and it acts like a harness And I believe it has a very long length Of rope from which of course you would Anchor to some place in your building Now of course that's only for a very Serious situations and ideally you Wouldn't want to resort to that because Of course there is room for Human air There unfortunately but you can actually Get those fire escape backpacks and you Know if you live in a high-rise building And that's your only option at this Point that's something you may want to Consider in terms of avoiding Asphyxiation you could look at things Like gas masks like this 3M or these Mirror safety gas masks a simple Particulate filter is going to work just Fine to make sure that you don't inhale The smoke the other thing that you might Want to consider is carbon monoxide you Could get carbon monoxide filters before Unfortunately we can't get them anymore Because they came from Russia and of Course everybody knew what happened with That situation but for the most part

You're likely going to be dealing with Smoke inhalation the inhalation of Chemicals as such a standard activated Carbon filter with a particulate filter Would work for that purpose you can also Buy something called a smoke Hood which Is specifically designed to filter out Smoke and carbon monoxide typically These things are throwaway so they're Single use so these are just some ideas For you to consider and in terms of you Know making fire indoors and keeping Yourself warm indoors we've talked about A variety of different ways that you can Heat your home you can go check out some Of our videos that talk about winter Survival gear we go over a variety of Those different things in terms of Candles just making sure that you're Using candles that have a flat surface That aren't at risk of toppling over Survival candles like this or great or You could even get yourself Yuko Lantern which contains the fire and That's going to allow you to use this For Illumination in terms of cooking There's plenty of a very safe isobutane Cooking options on the market that we've Talked about on the channel before and Of course if you're out in the Wilderness there's other methods as well Now one thing I forgot to mention with Respect to fire risk is a lot of people Think that if I'm out in the country the

Risk of fire is going to be relatively Low and that might be true unless you Live in a forested region in 2017 there Was a prepper in Utah who made this Series of bunkers under the ground and He had all of his stash spread across Six to eight bunkers and unfortunately His cabin and a lot of his bunkers were Impacted by this forest fire that spread Through there so this is one more thing To keep in mind is that Wildfire Suppression is not going to be there in The case of a post-disaster environment And because our current way of doing Things has been to suppress fires in Fire prone regions as soon as they arise The risk of wildfire in a post-disaster World is going to be much higher than it Is now so if you live in a wooded region It's very important that you try to Clear as much of that flammable brush or Trees away from your home as possible And make sure that you have alternate Evacuation routes if need be let me know How prepared you are to deal with this Situation should it arise and let me Know if you have any fire suppressant Ideas thanks for watching don't forget To like comment subscribe Canadian Preparel The best way to support this channel is To support Yourself by gearing up at where you'll Find high quality survival gear at the

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