**EMERGENCY** Russia Activates MORE Nuclear Silos, Kyiv is Preparing Fallout Shelters

By | December 16, 2022

Folks Canadian prepper here quick video For you today because I gotta head to a Christmas concert but nuclear war is not Going to wait for my Christmas concert So let's just dive into it now first off I want to say congratulations to the Albertans and their government for Standing up to the federal government They're going to be claiming Jurisdiction over all firearms related Charges as a result of the egregious Violation of our Firearms privileges That has been exhibited by the liberal Government in the last two years so Congratulations it looks like we're all Going to be albertans in Saskatchewanians soon so let's just jump Right into the news of the day yesterday If you missed my update it was like 38 Minutes long or some crazy schlog but Today it's going to be quicker because It's going to be a little bit of a Reiteration but there's a lot of stuff That has happened the last 24 hours They're still continuing to load more Nukes into the silos and aside from MSNBC I don't hear a lot of talk about this Being a cause for concern to Western Officials but the Russians are literally Loading their yar's intercontinental Ballistic missiles that have a Capability to deliver 500 kilotons of Nuclear death and destruction to their

Targets that are all the way across the World 7 500 miles I do believe not that That's even really that relevant because The submarines are always on the watch The bombers are ready to go and this is The disadvantage to Nato because our Bombers are currently not ready to go if Our bombers started to look like they Were ready to go boy would that ever Ratchet up the tensions as soon as the Russians catch wind of that through Their satellites and other means of Intel then that is when things spiral Out of control we're already pretty much In a death spiral here with this whole Patriot missile delivery but things are Just going to get worse so Russian and State media has filmed a yars missile Being loaded into a silo again today a Second missile okay there have been more Sabotage attacks inside Russia Today at An oil refinery I think they might have Missed where they were targeting however Because the fire was extinguished and I'm assuming that if it was a successful Sabotage operation that the fire would Still be raging because those fires are Damn near impossible to put out As well an ex-general told State media That Russia should consider a nuclear Strike on London instead of Washington D.C if you've been up with the news Lately you know that it has come out Recently through the UK's admission no

Less that they've been inside Ukraine Meddling doing covert operations okay Actual UK troops special forces inside Ukraine running operations now this Doesn't sit well with The Russians as you would expect their Envoy is still in London so that's a Good sign so this likely is saber Rattling nonetheless yesterday a Front-line Russian commander in denesque Came out and made an admission some People are calling it an admission some People are calling it uh that he just Doesn't know what the master plan is That he is out of the purview of the Russian generals who are in control of This whole thing but he claims that Russia does not have the means to Conventionally fight NATO that is with Non-nuclear weapons and he believes and I watched the video he explicitly States This so this isn't spin he explicitly States that we need to use nuclear Weapons in order to win against NATO so The clock is ticking the Russians are Literally loading nukes into the silos As we speak okay and uh Washington is Going to go through with this Patriot Missile system in fact they are Considering doubling down and sending Even more troops in to inspect The whereabouts of these weapons So not only are they sending Patriot Missile systems in and likely they're

Going to have to send in either troops American troops or they're going to have To send in Eastern European troops to Work the Patriot missile systems unless They've already been training the Ukrainians on this these systems for the Last few months which I presume that They are that doesn't mean that you can Just give them over to the ukrainians Though you still have to have some sort Of supervision there so there definitely Is going to be Americans on the ground Fighting against the Russians that's What it's come to Meanwhile another big Move you remember how the European Parliament considered Russia a state Sponsor of terrorism just a while ago And we talked all about why that's Essentially a declaration of war well Now Poland has decided to follow suit And deem Russia a state sponsor of Terrorism lawmakers in the lower House Of Poland's Parliament on Wednesday Passed a resolution declaring Russia a State sponsor of terrorism which Effectively puts Poland at war with Russia just unofficially okay according To the resolution Russia's aggression Against Ukraine constitutes a flagrant Violation of the U.N Charter's Prohibition on the use of force and is Also a violation of Ukraine's Sovereignty political Independence and Territorial integrity

This mechanism they also are wanting to Develop a mechanism for the pavement of Reparations to you crane which is never Going to happen I mean let's get real They want reparations they want war Tribunals all this stuff is never going To happen nuclear war will ensue long Before that ever happens as I spoke About retired lieutenant general Andre Gurulev told viewers on Russian State Media that in Europe London is the Hotbed of all nastiness he says that we Should destroy critical facilities Control centers military bases and Airfields And You know hit London with a nuke or two Not good According to MSNBC The West is alarmed As Vladimir Putin heightens Russia's Nuclear weapon Readiness really alarmed I don't see any alarm whatsoever I tell you guys when that emergency Alert system finally goes off oh boy Half the people are going to be Paralyzed with fear the other half are Going to be rushing to the grocery store And the other half are just going to be Gridlocked trying to get out of the Major cities it is going to be hell on Earth I Linked up a video several times in the Last few weeks and it's already gone

Like all probably close to like a Million views now I think it's all about How western Canada how we would fare in The event of a nuclear war and this is From the 80s so if you think that you Are just going to go to the flyover States and you're going to be okay you Got another thing coming you need to go And watch this documentary and Understand the reasons why we are right In the crosshairs to receive some of That good good nuclear fallout or direct Hits Kiev is preparing for nuclear war yeah Kiev is literally preparing for nuclear War okay they got nuclear backpacks that The people there are are calling them They're crammed with enough Provisions In survival paraphernalia to sustain People for a week They're even giving these out to Children So as The Story Goes Kiev has a network of nuclear-ready Shelters in the form of subway system Which was constructed by the Soviets During the Cold War to double as nuclear Bunkers so one thing we should always Keep in mind is that the Russians are Essentially fighting themselves this is Something that bears repeating people Always say oh see how incompetent the Russians are well if they're incompetent It's because they're fighting against

Their own weapons the majority of the Weapons that ukrainians are using are Russian made weapons Soviet era weapons S 300 missile defense systems are what Has been causing a big problem for the Russians Russian Artillery okay all of This stuff and now even the the nuclear Bunkers apparently these are some of the Best nuclear bunkers in the world Including the world's deepest substation Arsenalia 34 346 feet below The surface that is absolutely insane But the shelters won't have room for Everyone And uh They will close their blast doors five Minutes before an anticipated blast to Protect those inside from radiation Fallout If caught on the street this is from the Kiev government they've issued warnings On what you can do to survive pay Attention because this may well be Information that saves your life under No circumstances should you look at the Explosion duh if you haven't if you Haven't watched any nuclear war movies Yet then come on get with the times Educate yourself this obviously could Cause blindness lie on the ground face Down with your feet in the direction of The disclosure the explosion cover all Of the exposed parts of your body wait For the blast wave to pass take note of

The way the wind is blowing then move in The direction perpendicular to the Direction of the wind so winds blowing This way you're going that way or that Way so that the Fallout is not going to Hit you if you go that way the follow Follow it's going to catch you So uh yeah don't do that and do those Other things that's actually really good Advice you know lay down a face first on The ground with your feet in the Direction of the blast that way the Blast wave you know won't hit you from The side it will less be less likely to Hit your vital organs and all the rest So that's actually really good Information Russia has prepared or According to Valerie zalesny Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces Of Ukraine Russia's are are preparing 200 000 soldiers and he has no doubt That they are going to try to attack the City of Kiev once again he estimates That there's reserves of 1.2 to 1.5 Million he thinks that in January most Probably in Spring the Russian Federation may start an offensive from Don bass in the east from the south and Even from Belarus in the north Russian Troops will try to push Ukrainian forces And even make a second attempt at Capturing Kiev It should be noted that Sergey sarovkin The Russian general you know General

Armageddon commander of the Russian Troops in Ukraine has always considered The conflict with Ukraine as one that Will last many years and if you didn't See the markets today the markets aren't Doing so well Back in the red once again I hope you Guys got out when we warned you months Ago that this was going to continue the Market is still wildly overvalued and We're entering really really scary Territory there's going to be those People who are like yeah just huddle Don't worry you know uh Wealth true wealth is created during Recessions sure if you have cash and you Know when the bottom is but if you just Go by the Numbers we're a Long Way From The Bottom okay if there's just too much Debt in the system right now inflation Is still out of control the FED is Raising interest rates we're heading Into a major crisis a major recession And there's going to be a precipitous Drop in employment in the not so distant Future and we all know that the Employment numbers are fudged anyways in Fact I think there's a court case now in One of the states who overestimated Their employment figures by like 1.1 Million people so no matter what state That is that was in I just briefly Caught wind of that that's fairly Substantial so we we know that they lie

About the if the true inflation rate we Know they lie about the amount of Employment in the system and even if There is more employment what does that Mean you have to work two jobs to to Survive okay and then of course we all Know that oil oil is going to continue To go up in price I talked yesterday I Believe I was the first one who brought This up Peter Zion came out with a video Today that kind of talked about this a Little bit but uh yesterday I talked About how the cold fusion hype was all Hype that's all it is there was an Article that was released by big think That talked about how the actual overall Energy input that was required to create This so-called net positive gain in Energy reaction was actually like a Hundred times more okay so they put the Two lasers in the amount of energy that Came out was like 30 percent greater or Something to that effect the reality is It took a hundred times the amount of Energy so we're nowhere near Cold Fusion I apologize Humanity but it may well be That we're going to hit the wall of the Great filter and not be able to Persevere through it at least not Without a third World War I think that happens first Third World War Dystopia then maybe we Find uh we find a way to just make all

The robots do all the work and we Travel space Travel the cosmos together the remaining Survivors With our artificial womb factories As I recently talked about the US's Mulling sending small numbers of troops Into Ukraine to track weapons the Pentagon is discussing the possibility Of sending a small number of additional Troops to Ukraine to set Step Up Tracking of weapons being sent there the NBC report said that the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is considering Increasing this small troop presence to Enhance the overnight Mission but also To ensure there are experts in the Country to help Ukraine use critical Weapons Systems so they're sending Troops to Ukraine it's called Mission Creep folks U.S lawmakers are planning on Banning Tick tock And something I never thought about you Know if you have control over people's Phones because a lot of these apps you Basically forfeit control over a lot of The features of your phone but be it Like the camera or whatever the case Might be but imagine if there was an Emergency the sort of disinformation The Tick Tock if this app if this really was Just a sophisticated program created by The Chinese in order to commandeer your

Phones in the time of emergency like When the [ __ ] really hits the fan they Could potentially misinform and Misdirect Billions of people who use this app at The push of a button okay and this is Why Republican senator Marco Rubio on Florida announced bipartisan legislation To ban China's popular social media app Tick Tock ratcheting up pressure on bite Dance and made U.S fears the app could Be used to spy and censor Americans yeah I don't censor Americans we're supposed To do that that's our job That's Facebook and Twitter and YouTube's job not YouTube I'm just YouTube you know I'm joking you know I Love you The FBI director however is concerned About the potential influence operations Now I was talking with the Kami camera Man today and he surprised me he told me That apparently in China their Tick Tock Is different than what we get it's all Like educational stuff it's very Restricted it's not just this you know Frivolous self-promotion distracting Dumbing down nonsense that we're being Fed it's different it's actually meant To uplift okay and there's actually Limits in terms of how long you can use The app So you know are they intentionally Trying to dump people down Federal

Communications commissioner Brendan Carr Republican said in a tweet on Monday That at least nine states have taken Action against Tick Tock based on the Serious security threats that it Presents FBI director Chris Ray Flagged the risk that the Chinese Government could harness the video Sharing app to influence users and Control their devices this ain't Conspiracy stuff that's just out of my Own hand everything I say on this Channel can be substantiated in some way Shape or form California is uh declaring another Emergency another drought emergency it's Looking like there's going to be a Drought for four years running the Colorado River is drying up and it looks Like we're going to see more ancient Artifacts Pull up in Lake Mead this year so this Is going to be a problem all of these Climactic effects are going to put more Stress on the food supply okay not Counting the fertilizer issue and the Massive spike in oil and gas that is Going to ensue next year right now we're Riding on the coattails of the Strategic ER strategic oil Reserve release and The abundance of liquid natural gas that Is being hoarded in Europe but right now They're starting to already use that

Stuff up okay the the tanks are starting To come down and uh it's only a matter Of time before those prices start to Spike because guess what they're not Going to be able to fill to those levels At least not at a reasonable price point By next year I talked about how there Was an explosion in Serbia's largest oil Refinery more sabotage attacks this was Clearly that because there's just been Way too many of these things that have Happened this year for this to just be a Fluke either this is a Cyber attack Cyber operation being run by NATO and Ukraine or it's actual on the ground Saboteurs who are doing this stuff I'm guessing that it may well be cyber I'm pretty sure that these have these Are gapped systems though air gap Systems so I don't know how that would Be possible but hacking is more than Just The Internet it's guys on the ground you Know putting a USB stick that has some Sort of malicious code in it and it you Know takes out it causes the thing to Spin too fast or whatever and then the Whole place blows up Um Russia is sending a lot of fuel tankers And infantry fighting Vehicles as well As tanks in the last 48 hours to Belarus There's been a lot of troop movements I Would say when you start to see them

Setting up the the blood banks and the Medical uh tents that's when you know That the shit's about to hit the fan That's almost The Telltale sign that Yeah they're getting ready because if You recall back before the war started In February that was one of the things We talked about when the you remember It's going way way back when um the Red Cross consulted with me about getting MREs and we were like I wonder what they Need those for and then a week later the War started well that's when but around The same time they were starting to Get all of these uh blood banks or Whatever you call them like places for a Blood transfusion or whatever on the Front lines and that's when you know It's about to pop off okay There's a video circulating of American Forces lost in Ukraine and they have to Get directions from a Russian talk about Busted yeah not looking too good in China there is a drug shortage if you Didn't know you know what I actually was Able to find some children's Tylenol Yesterday there was a massive Children's Tylenol shortage all across Canada I had To go take a little piece of paper up to The pharmacist who only had a few Bottles of this stuff and it's all in French because it's the only ones they Can get now anyways the drug shortage Has spread from China to Hong Kong we're

Talking about over-the-counter type Medications as well as prescription Drugs and there are lineups in China Right now for cremation that's that People are dying in droves There as a result of this pandemic Fortunately for the Chinese they're Getting the circulation of a less severe Form of the illness I mean if they if The initial strain of covid was allowed To just rip through China you would have Seen the deaths of probably tens of Millions of people but because they've Kept everybody on lockdown so long and They've waited till the dominant strain Has become less virulent which omnicron Is it's going to lead to a lot of deaths It's likely going to over overcome the Overwhelm the Health Care System but Not nearly what the situation would have Been So yeah expect more supply chain delays And the interesting thing is all these Protests that were going on now Apparently people are so scared because They're seeing these lineups through the Crematoriums they're seeing people drop Dead all over the place and they're They're self-isolating So they're putting themselves into Lockdown Can you say ironic Uh there's a strong pent-up demand for Burial plots in 2023 hundreds of

Thousands have created remains are being Temporarily stored in government Facilities awaiting burial So not looking good they're also saying That it's likely going to mutate once Again hopefully it mutates in the less Virulent Direction that's the trend so Far with this virus There is a panic buying going on in China right now with respect to Medicines painkillers and all these Things and this is part of the reason Why we're likely going to see the same Here because most of the medications Come from India and China and that's why I would strongly encourage you to get Your Jace case antibiotic emergency kit And get that through the link in the Description I talked about funeral homes And uh those things are running around The clock right now there was an Incident on the space station last night The Russian Suez I believe it was the Space Capsule I think that's what it's Called the Suez And uh I could be wrong about that The soyuz or something like that anyways They're saying it was hit by a micro Meteor strike This is very very suspicious very very Suspicious now I don't know if the NATO Has the technology to go up there and

You know Shoot the space station with the 22 or Something to make this happen but a lot Of people are joking about how the Russians are going to have to hitch a Ride home with the Americans well just Remember it was the Russians only a few Months ago who gave the Americans a ride Home okay and this was in the thick of The current crisis so it works both ways They would just be repaying the Russians The favor okay a Russian Analyst has evaluated the whole cold Fusion hype as an attempt to try to Undermine Implicitly undermine the the collapse of Russia's energy dominance in the world Okay Basically that this development of coal Fusion would lead to the collapse of Russia's hydrocarbon industry and of Course as we've indicated already that's Not happening for a long time especially In today's De-globalizing world even if you did Even if you were able to show that you Could create more energy from cold Fusion just the building the plants Would be Impossible right now for for decades and Uh even if you could build the plants Even if you have the technology and There wasn't any supply chain Disruptions you still have to contend

With all of the current Petro industry Lobbyists and all the rest anyways guys I have a Christmas recital to go to Because you know you got to enjoy the Little things enjoy the little things While you can don't stress too much over This stuff when the bombs drop if you've Been watching this channel then you have A plan we're going to continue to stay On top of things keep you apprised of What's going on and continue to try to Get you the information that you need to Prepare for what is coming I was going To release a more higher production Video today I might just save that for Tomorrow and it's going to be uh it's Going to be a secret I'll I'll release It tomorrow we got a lot of great stuff Coming up for you guys okay so just try To stay positive stay on the up and up And as that saying goes may you live an Interesting times and we certainly do Thanks for watching Canadian preparo