Olight Christmas Sale up to 40% Off Dec 15-19th

By | December 15, 2022

Elites having their big Christmas sale And it starts December 15th at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time to December 19th At midnight it's a great time to be able To pick up a lot of cool lights there Are some new additions and we're going To take a look at those but lights make A great Christmas gift everybody can use A light and this is really the best time To pick one up at 40 percent off now I Have a link Down Below in the Description it is an affiliate link and We do appreciate Olight for sending These lights and providing me with a few Christmas presents now Guys these are Pretty much what we're going to be Talking about they are the featured Items that are on sale but there are a Lot of other items that are on sale as Well that have really deep discounts all Right guys we're going to start things Out with a swivel Pro this is an Excellent work light it's foldable which Makes it really cool you can 180 degrees You can have this in a number of Different directions it sits flat but it Also has magnets under here so this is Going to attach to any metal surface That is magnetic and then we have a Carabiner and so you can actually hook This to different things you can hang it And then leave it out now that's one Thing that the original swivel had going For it and this is the small one the

Original and again it does pop out Same thing magnets Carabiner whole nine Yards one thing about the swivel is that It has this really large work light that Can put out over a thousand lumens in Fact it's 1100 lumens in light but then We have a flashlight mode as well right Here at the end and so this really makes This a great work light and yet you can See other things with this small Flashlight but one of the things that This does differently with the pro is it Actually rotates so you could rotate This around to 150 degrees It's very positive it connects And so that's one of the things that the Original model didn't do but this is Still a great light I keep these in a Number of places I use these often but With the new pro model not only does it Have all those features but it also has More light features now to go through The modes you have a little button here On the side and so I'm going to press it And we get our light from the front and Again this swivels around it gives you a Lot of light Uh if I click again it turns it off but Once I click it and I click it again it Starts to brighten up the lumens and Then it dims it down click again now we Have red click again now we have SOS if I click it on and then click it and hold It it'll go to the flashlight gives you

A lot of different options with these Lights and I love the magnetic feature On here I mean that really makes it very Useful especially when you're Outdoors You're doing something to where you know You have a metal surface you can just Set it on there But even if you don't again you can hang That to wherever you want to and it just Clips in one way I like to use it is on My belt I can put it on my belt I have Light source and then when I need it I Just open it up and I can pull it off Now one of the other cool features about This light attachment here at the bottom Where I can put this on a tripod and so I can screw in my Mount I can put it on The tripod and now I have light that's Elevated I can move that around and of Course the tripod moves around and so it Gives you a lot of options to be able to Use this and it's a big upgrade from the Original swivel which I'm a big fan of During the Christmas sale these are 24 Off and you get this for forty nine Dollars now the arc field is my number One EDC light that's what I carry I love These lights they've just been out for a Few months and they're super thin and These are a thousand lumens I mean these Things are just awesome I mean look at This thousand lumens it is super bright And yet it fits in your pocket really Well now it has that low lumens of one

Lumen and then it just goes up if you Press and hold And then you go back down double click For your thousand lumens Now one thing too it does have that Green laser now I've done a full review And I'll have it annotated but it has a Green pointer this is incredible I love This thing especially with our pug he Loves this little laser but it's great To be able to point using meetings this Is in the lime green it is a limited Edition and this anodized finish is Beautiful but they do offer a number of Their other colors as well and they're Given 20 off here is my art failed you Can see we've done the torture test on This and it held up beautifully on Concrete these are submersible ipx8 for One meter at 30 minutes is right here at The charging you just tap on your Charging pad and plug this into a USB And it'll charge you don't have any Little boots or anything that can get Water in them nice deep pocket clip I Mean Guys these things I'm telling you You put one of these in your pocket it's Really hard to go back to the round type Flashlight now we do have a battery Indicator you can see see it faintly Because the light's so bright and then It'll tone down and that gives you an Indicator of how much power you have Left in your battery these come in cool

White and they come in neutral white and Actually both of these were sent are Cool white I think they meant descent a Neutral white but if you'll watch the Full review of the art failed guys I'm Telling you this is my number one light And we have tested a lot of these flat Flashlights and to be honest with you These are the best now during the sale You get 20 off and that includes all the Other colors this is a limited edition Lime green and these are 20 off and you Get them for 71.99 Great companion for EDC Now guys I think I only have one light It would be a headlamp and it would be a Headlamp that you could remove from the Headband to be able to use by itself This is the Perron 2 mini it's an angle Head flashlight and it does come with This headband and you can just take it Clip it in and now you have a flashlight That just functions as a headlamp and so I can turn this I can rotate it and this Is a super comfortable headband to wear And guys this is one thing about it if You're under the house if you're working At night if you're working on your car You know this way you've got hands-free And it just makes a lot of sense in a Survival situation I keep headlamps in Every bag now you have your switch on Top you have a nice deep pocket clip Beautiful anodized green of course this

Is the anodized black which I really Like to get to the lumens just press and Hold release press and release press and Release Press and release and then double click For the turbo and that is 1100 lumens And it's a nice diffused Beam with it in The off position double click and you Get red Press and hold and you get strobe and so This gives you a lot of different Capability and this is new from Olight Now the new Perron 2 mini has an 18 Higher battery life and this on the low Setting will go for 18 days which is Crazy here we see the battery indicator It is green and that's 100 to 60 percent It'll go down to Orange for 60 to 10 Percent and then red from 10 percent to Zero and it has a magnetic charger so You can just plug in this and then put This in your USB and you can charge it On the go it uses the cr123s but this is The rechargeable so if you don't have Time to charge it you can throw in one Of the cr123s and this will run really Well and these lights are magnetic and So work again hands-free free even Without the headband and these are ipx8 Which means they're fully submersible up To one meter for 30 minutes and they're Impact resistant up to one meter now These are 30 off during the sale which Make it 44.99 now Olight is adding to

Their o9 series with the metal this is a 154 CM stainless steel nice drop point Blade nice jimping G10 scales with a lot Of texturing and it is a flipper now it Has the release point right here so we Can close it but man it just Glides on Ball bearings it is really smooth and Then again to close it just press your Release and that's your safety has an Area for your lanyard the little nub is Just right there it doesn't stick out Too much but this thing Glides out so Quickly I mean it's just smooth now There's also the Black Version Which again is 154 CM stainless steel Nice green G10 scales same features but Again guys this thing is slick drop Point blade nice jimping these I have Found are excellent knives I have a Number of the oh knife series knives and The driver is one of my favorites but They have been putting out some really High quality knives and it also comes With a challenge coin it actually is Made of solid copper and so this comes With their knives and there's a little Pouch inside this pouch and then you Have a nice protective pouch to keep it In nice high ride pocket clip as well The blade is 3.24 inches in length and It weighs 3.69 ounces seven and a half Inches in overall length whether you go With the bright stainless or the black a Little bit more tactical you can easily

Find this one these are twenty percent Off during the sale which get them to 67.99 on now Olight is offering their Boulder s and this is an 800 Lumen light Has 130 meters of throw it also has a Green laser Olight has really been Putting out some high quality weapons Lights and one of the big things about These lights is their system where you Mount it and so here I can take put my Rail in adjust it because there is a Ratcheting system where you can adjust This to almost any pistol even really Small subcompacts what I really like is The toggle switch and you just press and Release and it's constant if you press And hold it's momentary and so it gives You 800 lumens of light right at your Fingertips here on the bottom we can Press the lever to Light and Laser or Just laser and you get a really intense Green laser these lasers are really Excellent they get a lot of visibility Out to distance and again we can go to Light and Laser and then we have both Now the charging system is one of the Best on the market you can just take Your pad put it right on there it is Magnetic even on the handgun and then Just plug this into any USB and you're Charging now we've done a full review on The balder S and you can check that out I have it annotated above now during the Sale you get 31 percent off there are

Bundles that get it up to 40 percent off But it's 88.99 from the regular price of 129.99 great quality great price Now one of the very popular EDC lights Is the i3t EOS and this comes in the Carbon fiber this is a beautiful little Light it has that really nice carbon Fiber feel to it and the more you use it And where it it actually gives it a Little bit of a Sheen it has a rear tail Switch this rubberized you just press it And you get five lumens press it again And you get 180 lumens it does use a AAA Battery those things are super common And it is ipx8 which means it's Waterproof up to one meter for 30 Minutes has a nice deep pocket clip this Two-way you can actually put this on the Bill of your cap guys this in your Pocket you hardly know it's there but You have a very capable light and you're Getting 20 off during the sale which Brings this to 35.99 again guys there's A lot of items that we didn't show that Are on sale a lot of weapons lights a Lot of some of the traditional o lights So go to the link below and check it out So guys again December 15th at 8 pm to December 19th at midnight the up to 40 Off oh like Christmas sale Guys these Sales are the best time to pick up a Good solid Olight and I've been carrying Olight for the past 10 years as my Regular EDC so guys check out Olight it

Is the perfect gift for everyone and There'll be a link Down Below in the Description take you straight to the Sale be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic [Music] Now one thing about it if I press it on And then I hold it It goes through where's that work and That's one of the best prices for any Light out there especially these and That's one of the best prices for the Flat also it is magnetic and so you can Put this on any ferrous surface that Will take a magnet cake One of And we can just click press I'm all over the dang place