URGENT NEWS: No Fly Zone and WW3!! Pope Issues Warning! Putin in Bunker?!

By | December 14, 2022

Holy shtf oh man if they go through with This we don't have much time left holy Shtf guys this is massive You remember a few months ago when there Was all this talk about how well if we Implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine NATO that is likely from Poland likely Using Patriot missile defense systems The same ones that they're going to be Sending apparently That it would lead to World War III why Because NATO would be forced to shoot Down Russian planes and Russian planes Would have nothing to do but respond or Russian missiles I should say and that Would lead to an escalatory ladder of Events that of course ended ultimately At nuclear confrontation well guess what We got a no-fly zone in Ukraine even Better we got a no-fly zone In Ukraine not just From Poland but actually in Ukraine Being commandeered by what likely will Be some American troops in a mercenary Form in an inspector in a training form In some way shape or form I cannot Believe how close we are encroaching Towards World War III do people realize How huge of a move this is the Russians Are not stupid they see the the hand Being played here they see that NATO is Getting their no-fly zone Without having to call it an old-fly Zone

And without having to immediately invoke Article 5 but the Russians will have to Respond in some way shape or form above And beyond just increasing the intensity Of the conflict in Ukraine they will Have to because this is Major this means They're going to start shooting down Bombers if they're as capable as they Say they are I guess we'll see they're Going to start shooting down bombers They're going to start shooting down More fighter jets and it's going to make The current operations conducted by the Russians very very difficult because now They're going to be facing effectively The best defensive systems that NATO has To offer this is the best NATO has some People say it's not as good as the S 400 S 500 indeed when you look at the specs It isn't but it's still the best that NATO has and this could be a potential Game changer for the conflict in some Ways So this is Major this is huge this Should not be understated because months Ago Biden said this would lead to World War III now the only people left to sign Off on this and it's looking very likely All of a sudden you know they were Talking about sending them to Poland Poland didn't want them because the Thing with Germany and you know they now They're sending it directly to Ukraine I Was absolutely blown away that they made

This decision the only people yet to Sign off are Lloyd Austin and The man himself Joe Biden the same one Who said that this would likely lead us To nuclear war It's really a genius way of getting out Of the obligations of a no-fly zone and The whole article 5 entanglement that Would ensue from shooting down a Russian Plane The question is are the Russians going To tolerate this because this is on the Heels of Ukrainian drones targeting the Russian nuclear Triad likely with Guidance systems and and information and Intel that's been informed with NATO Communication systems okay with NATO Intelligence gathering systems Satellites The Whole Nine Yards And they're sending them Patriot missile Defense systems meanwhile Putin has gone AWOL where's Vladimir Putin well he was supposed to attend a Annual conference that he has attended Religiously for the past 10 years Suddenly he's absent on the same day the Pope is screaming about the end of the World okay and on the same day you have The belarusians doing some very very Suspicious troop Maneuvers right now Something big is fitting to go down So on the topic of this no fly zone This Patriot missile defense system is Widely considered to be one of the most

Capable long-range weapon system to Defend airspace against incoming Ballistic and cruise missiles as well as Some aircraft because of the long range Capability and high altitude capability It can potentially shoot down Russian Missiles and aircraft far from their Intended targets inside Ukraine what This also tells me is that they're less Worried about the Russians capturing These systems because that's always a Concern is that the Russians are going To capture the systems maybe they're not Worried about that because they know That the Russian technology is superior So You know it would be it would be silly For you know the Russians to try to Reverse engineer something which isn't As good as what they have although I'm Sure there's some components of the System that are superior Anyways uh that is not looking good it's Not receiving the media attention it Deserves it's huge it's being kind of Spun a little bit it's being understated And it's a lot bigger deal than most People realize to send these systems Directly in there because at that point I mean let's be honest you're literally Fighting NATO at that point because it Takes you're fighting NATO's best Missile defense you're not fighting Their best offensive systems just yet

Because of course the ukrainians haven't Been given the long-range missile Systems but that's right around the Corner Okay so something something big is Brewing Pope Francis has issued a dire warning For Humanity he sees greater Omens of Destruction in the world Ah He has said that it's a difficult time For Humanity a bitter period full of Roar of War growing injustices famines Poverty and suffering but he said in Spite of the fact that things are bad That he is vision for the future appears With even greater Omens of Greater Destruction and desolation How the war is going in Ukraine has Become so grave devastating and Threatening that it Sparks great worry Francis said at the time in fact this Terrible inconceivable wound of humanity Instead of shrinking continues to bleed Even more threatening to spread now you Guys know I'm not religious on this Channel I know a lot of people who Follow me are and I'm totally hip to That when I say I'm not religious I say I'm agnostic I'm not going to get into All the nuances of what that really Means for me anyways but I could care Less what you do I could care less what You believe in to a certain extent of

Course I mean obviously if you believe That uh killing me is a good thing then I probably am going to take issue with That so there are some you know if There's definitely an optimal range There but The pope is a fairly significant person And for him to be coming out and giving Such a dire warning like that Knowing what the implications are going To be for People who follow his line of faith and Especially the ones who are into the Christian eschatology end times type Stuff that is going to hoof that is Going to push a lot of people over the Edge I'm not saying it's the end times As you guys know I think that nuclear War is contrary to popular belief quite Survivable based on the guests that I've Brought on the channel but this is Absolutely insane and you need to Remember that The people in charge they have an escape Pod they have a way out you don't I Don't Now Not surprisingly there was this Documentary released by the national Film Board of Canada just the other day Just a few weeks ago and it's already Racked up like 600 000 views half of Those views probably came from me Talking about it on this channel and

Referring people there but all of these Things coinciding at the same time it's Just very very suspicious where is Vladimir Putin of course the mainstream Media is saying oh he's sick he's got Cancer Parkinson blah blah They're going to seize on any Opportunity To Fan a story that is suggesting that Putin is weak or incompetent or Putin is On his way out okay And that is all just to bolster and Garner more support for the war I don't think that's the case I think That it's a national security risk which Is why he wasn't present and I think That that doesn't bode well for the Future course of this conflict we also Have Right now U.S Navy Ohio class ballistic missile Submarines as well as the Royal Navy Vanguard class nuclear submarine both Armed with Trident nuclear missiles in a Rare photo shoot in the Atlantic doing Exercises with one another tell me that Isn't a flex on the Russians okay right Now the Russians are actually I just Read a story just five minutes ago that The Russians are moving some of their Arctic missile defense systems Into the fight near the border either Near the border of Ukraine and Russia or

In Ukraine now why would be they be Moving the missile defense systems from The Arctic used obviously primarily for Intercepting icbms to that neck of the Woods Something ain't right my friends and why This Flex By the UK Navy and the United States Navy This is sending a clear message Just today there was a stealth bomber That had a fire and had to be brought Down it didn't crash but it had to have An emergency landing this is incredibly Suspicious because just a few months ago We had a fire a very rare fire I mean Having a fire on any leg of this the Nuclear Triad is incredibly suspicious Now we have fires on UK nuclear Submarines one of which I think is now Out of commission and on the brand new Stealth bomber That is very very concerning in light of The fact that we got fires all over the Place food processing plants we got Attacks on the grid we got attacks in Russia malls on fire military bases Being sabotaged clearly clearly the war Is now being run on a Commando Behind Enemy Lines type level So this is crazy crazy developments and Nobody's talking about this nobody's Connecting the dots on this Patriot Missile thing people are just like oh

Patriot missiles in Ukraine okay Forgetting that just months ago Biden himself said that that would lead To nuclear Armageddon now we're just one Little step away one little signing By Joe Biden away from that becoming a Reality absolutely insane this all on The same day okay I hope you guys are Still with me holy schmokes on the same Day Royal Marines have admitted to Taking part in high-risk covert Operations Within Ukraine you remember all that stuff that Has happened in Ukraine the Assassination of Russian commanders the Crimean Bridge the attacks on sevastopol Uh you know just the the assassinations Of high-ranking people that Russian that Russians has put into place in positions Of power now the UK has admitted that They have Commandos on the ground Running these operations I mean It's crazy you know NATO is at war with Russia never mind oh are we at war with I mean this is stupid you're gonna put Patriot missile defense systems that Need to be manned by people who have to Be trained by the U.S army and who are Likely going to be some of the Inspectors there inspecting weapons to Make sure that they go to their Rightful places And you have these Commander Commandos Operating within there I mean come on

They're still there Even SAS operators Have been sent to deliver weapons And train Ukrainian servicemen since the War has begun speaking of uh SAS First books I bought SAS Urban Survival Handbook it's a great book I mean if you Want a comprehensive guide to urban Survival written by a guy John lofty Wiseman I believe he was a special Forces in UK okay Yeah anyways I believe Millions of copies of that have been Sold worldwide so you might as well get One while the getting is good What else have we talked about or do we Need to talk about Russia has proposed The United States to set a ceiling on The number of staff at embassies this is Something that you would see the Curtailing of diplomats and ambassadors From rival Nations that's something We're definitely going to see Um Belarus is doing something they're up to Something military officials warn Traffic in Belarus will be temporarily Halted due to movement of hardware and Troops So it's so serious that they have to Block traffic okay so something tells me That this is not a drill and that There's a reason why Putin has gone AWOL And that there's a reason why they're in

The final stages of approving Patriot Missiles and that there's a reason why The pope is screaming about the end of The world It's not looking good folks I don't know All the Nuance of what Belarus is up to Potentially I know that there's a lot of Activity on their eastern border but or Sorry their western border which would Be NATO's Eastern flank one of them and Also movements towards the north because The ukrainians the belarusians claim are Up to something because they keep Destroying roads they keep mining if it Sounds to me like those are defensive Maneuvers if you're blowing up roads and You're mining the place the high heaven That sounds to me like you're preparing To defend not offend so is this a fixing Maneuver by the Bella Russians is are They trying to draw the ukrainians in so That their forces are diminished in the Meat grinder which is back moot right Now in the East so that the Russians can Finish them off there and potentially Actually start taking some ground It's hard to say meanwhile Poland aims To become the largest army in Europe the Largest land Army in Europe Poland okay Poland They're going to have the most tanks They're going to have the most air Defense they're going to have the most Artillery and they're probably going to

Have the most troops although they're Saying like 20 35 they're gonna double Their participation in the military They're going to do it a lot quicker Than that in fact I believe that all of These estimates You know I mean think about what they Were able to do in World War II in such Short periods of time Germany went to Nothing to being one of the world's Biggest militaries that the world had Ever seen in just a few years and we're Talking about oh we can't do this until 2027 and we can only manufacture 45 000 artillery rounds a month just wait Until the war economy really kicks off Just wait till the industrial machine Really kicks off You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet As I indicated Putin has canceled a Year-end Marathon press conference this Is very very unusual for Putin who loves To do very very long-winded press Conferences one of which was three hours And 40 minutes a record that he set in October I believe that was right around The time of the annexation No reason has been provided by his press Secretary Dimitri peskoff and of course The MSM is all over it His health is bad this and that maybe Maybe he just didn't get a good sleep Last night it's hard to say if you ask Me doesn't look too ill in a lot of the

Appearances that he has made doesn't Look that ill at all I know people talk About how he's grabbing the table and Yeah I don't know I mean Parkinson's Takes a long time anyways so even if it Was Parkinson I just seen Michael J fox Had a acceptance award and he he still Seemed to be functioning you know at Least mentally just fine so I don't know Why they they're they're scoring this Parkinson's as a big win if that is it Maybe it's cancer but I mean maybe maybe Maybe right when you're the leader of a Country of 150 million people I'm pretty Sure you have the best health care Possible so I would not Bank on Vladimir Putin dying of cancer in spite of the Fact that zielinski has said that well If Putin dies then The war is going to end I doubt it I Doubt it very much because there are far More hawkish people you're talking about Ramzan katarov the leader of the chechin Forces you're talking about the leader Of the Wagner group Um the general sarovkin you know these Guys are far far more hawkish if they Had their way they would be lightened That place up there would be no Patriot Missile defense systems moving in to That country because you wouldn't be Able to get them into there there would Likely the only option would be at that Point would be a NATO enforce no-fly

Zone So yeah and then zelinski also said on Letterman yesterday that he thought Putin was scared of nuclear war scared Of nuclear war These guys got bunkers dug so damn deep That you can hit these places with a 10 Megaton nuke and ain't nothing gonna Happen okay they are dug in for years That's probably why he's nowhere to be Seen right now because he's pretty close To where he needs to be should things Pop off at any minute So no the powers that be the guys who Push all the buttons that up top they Have a place to retreat to you and I Don't That is a problem obviously I mean if You were lucky enough to hook up with Ron from Atlas survival shelters and you Are in a place which is uh strategic and You don't have to worry about Fallout or Enduring a Direct Hit or enduring the Long line of cannibalistic refugees who Will be coming your way then yeah I Guess you're sitting pretty but the fact Is is that people in the United States And Canada for the most part back in the Day we had some Fallout shelters I did a Video on that now those are all defunct None of them are operational at least Most of them are United States is is the Same thing in Switzerland they have Bunkers for everybody in fact in many

Countries around the world they have Bunkers for a very large proportion of Their population even Moscow right now Is getting their bunkers ready Okay And Moscow is not only getting their Bunkers ready for nuclear attack they're Preparing for a actual high intensity Conventional war with Ukraine because at The same time and this is the insanity Of all of this while the ukrainians are Sending drones and the the Russians have Already on record stated that they think NATO was involved in that now you have This information being leaked today that The UK Special Forces have been Operating so I mean come on Come on man we're talking about All of these things that have transpired So far Deep Behind Enemy Lines that that uh Have the Fingerprints of NATO on it Whether it was the Crimean Bridge Whether it was uh like I say all these Uh high profile assassinations guys I mean we're we're just the spinning Distance from full-blown shdf and I Would absolutely recommend that you do Everything in your power right now to Make sure that you're ready because it Could be go time literally any day and That's the scary part is that we we Analyze this from the news cycle day to Day but a lot of the boxes have already

Been checked for that you would need to Check in order for the Russian nuclear Forces to be on the highest state of Alert all of those boxes have already Been checked So it's really just I mean any day Just be prepared I was going to talk About Elon Musk getting booed in San Francisco I try not to talk about these Issues I was very tempted to come on Because people are just eating this Stuff up You see when economic time is get very Hard which they are going to get Incredibly challenging in 2023 people Are going to be looking for distractions And one of these things is the culture War nonsense Um and of course Elon Musk goes on stage With Dave Chappelle of all people one of The people who is most Progressive in Their attitudes towards racial Injustice Okay in San Francisco this guy built These people electric cars he put his Ass on the line going up against the Entire Petro industrial complex he put His ass on the line and he was booed Well not entirely I mean the squeaky Wheel gets the grease I'd say maybe 20 Of the crowd boot them but of course the Mainstream media and Don Lemon and all These idiots Are like see he's getting booed Why are they booing him because of the

Twitter leaks because he's trying to Bring some sanity back into the world The same guy who's trying to do all this Stuff for them it doesn't matter if you Think that lithium and electric cars Aren't as green as they pretend to be it Doesn't matter the fact of the matter is It's a thought that counts and the People on the left who are supposed to Be cheering this guy who doesn't have a 100 million dollar yacht who isn't Taking flights to space like one Jeff Bezos who mark my word Bezos is going to Come out he's going to condemn Elon Musk If he hasn't already and everybody's Going to be like Yay Jeff the guy who Mistreats his workers the guy who's Totally self-serving and really only has His own personal interests in mind in Contrast to the one guy putting his ass On the line sleeping on a couch working 24 hours a day these virtue signaling Nitwits Boo this this guy Absolutely insane this is why the pope Is saying we're in the end of days Oh what else do we got here so the Inflation numbers came in slightly lower I'm going to run out of time on this Video but it's of no consequence because It's really just because they released Uh the Strategic oil Reserve once that's Done guess what prices are going Sky High baby so enjoy it well At Last Thanks for watching Canadian pepper