Fast Winter Survival Shelter (Quinzee)

By | December 14, 2022

If it's -20 out this will keep you alive One of the best uses for snow is a Shelter so what you're going to have to Do then is collect all the snow from a Surrounding area and pile it into what's Called a Quincy essentially all a Quincy Is is you're piling up a mound of snow And you're digging yourself out a hole That you're going to take shelter in Dancer snow stickier snow is going to Allow you to build this a lot easier you Don't want it too big if it's too big It's going to be more air that you have To heat so you want to keep it as small As possible you're going to have to Harvest some Spruce bells or some Pine Boughs that's going to create a bed at The base of the Quincy so you're not Having the warm air sucked out of You by A conduction if I had to I could survive the night like this