UNBELIEVABLE: NATO Chief issues WARNING, MILLIONS Fleeing, USA OK’s Attacks on Russian NUCLEAR Bases

By | December 12, 2022

Hi folks Canadian prepper here back Again with your daily dose of Doom and Gloom my friends we got some very Important information to share with you Today it appears as though the United States is now green lit the Ukrainian Military to conduct strikes deep within Russia even if it means on their nuclear Triad what John Kirby has said in the Last 24 hours is profound and is going To have drastic implications and that is Why the NATO Chief is saying that World War III is right around the corner this Is massive now before we talk about the Antibiotic shortages before we talk About the Wagner group taking a serious Hit right now in luhansk they just had Their Barracks targeted a major win for Ukraine and of course this is going to Prompt a major response by the Russians We have millions of people now in the Dark Odessa is totally in the dark Likely for months this is massive the Ukrainian winter Refuge G crisis has Officially begun today we also have the Iranians aligning themselves more Closely with the Russians are the Russians actually going to provide them With nuclear weapons the Israelis are Being told they need to give up their Nukes by the United Nations we got War Breaking out in Serbia and Kosovo we Have the Danish Bank saxo predicting That we're going full-blown War economy

Mode in 2023 I'm going to detail all of Their predictions for you today we have Gun rights activists concerned around The world with respect to what is going On with credit card companies limiting Purchases we have Germany Banning Firearms after the supposed far-right Coup attempt we have the Ukrainian Military gearing up the U.S is going to Be sending everything from tanks to Predator drones this is world war three My friends and you need to start getting Prepared right now we have national Natural gas prices spiking on the West Coast among other things but before we Dive into this I want you to do two Things if you haven't got a Jace Medical Kit yet go through the link in the Description and get yourself an Emergency supply of antibiotics okay Because right now there are antibiotic Shortages everywhere and this is due to All of the bottlenecks the bullwhip Effect from the pandemic people's immune Systems just new illnesses that are Circulating There's a shortage in one of the biggest Killers before modern medicine was Infection bacterial infection and right Now with Jace medical they've simplified The process so that if you do get a cut Or you know the the grid goes down and You get an infection you don't have to Die or lose a limb as a result of it you

Get your complete kit with a variety of Different uh prescription medications They walk you through the process this Is totally legal approved by the Government you can get it in Canada and The United States you actually consult With a doctor but it's a streamlined Process very simple I just wanted to Remind people about that with all of These antibiotic shortages going on and I also say that guys in the next week We're going to show you how you don't Have to bug out you know earlier today We released a video about very heavy Duty military grade style tent for Winter bug out but you don't have to bug Up okay there's many ways that you can Keep your home warm without propane you Are going to need a fuel source but for Most people wood is an abundantly Available fuel source that's Non-volatile it's easy to store you can Order it off Craigslist or Kijiji so we Would encourage you to tune in because We're going to show you how to do this In such a way where you're not going to Have to make any modifications to your Home it's going to be quick it's going To be painless and in an emergency you Can bust out your wood stove and you can Basically put it in your home and it's Going to function safely and efficiently Okay so stick around for that now where Should we start today let's start with

The main thing that I know is on People's minds and that is the whole Ukraine Russia conflict the new Cold War And of course World War III and the Implications with respect to the use of Nuclear weapons Medvedev Dmitry Medvedev former President of Moscow or Moscow Russia has Said we are increasing our most powerful Means of Destruction okay they are Openly now they've been talking about Expanding the production of their sarmat Missiles and their other nuclear Strategic capabilities for some time now It's very explicit A lot of people have Been talking about how well Putin has Been making these nuclear threats Throughout the entire year This is wrong in fact he hasn't made as Explicit of threats as he's made in the Past week As ever in my uh recollection anyways He's talked sort of tangentially about Maybe you know making allusions to Possibly Uh to nuclear weapons uh he's talked About his nuclear weapons but he's never Actually said that we would use them in The way that he said we would use them This week they're talking about doing Preemptive nuclear strikes as being on The table and this of course is on the Heels that there was this Revelation That Merkel and NATO were planning a war

Against Russia for many many years and They were just using the minced Agreement to hide behind to buy more Time for Ukraine to build up its Military Putin has explicitly stated now And it's important to understand that Putin has never talked like this before Okay Dimitri Medvedev has talked like This before but not Putin here's what Putin said he said nothing will remain Of the enemy if Russia is attacked Hundreds of missiles with nuclear uh Warheads on them will be launched and it Will be impossible to stop them Dimitri Peskov okay the Press Secretary of Moscow has said that we have reached a Point of Confrontation Nation with the West this is a direct quote it doesn't Get more direct than this the U.S has Also greenlit attacks in Russia According to an anonymous Pentagon Source as reported by the times I Believe that's the Eurasia times John Kirby however denies this however he Says that it's up to Ukraine What they do with the weapon systems That they have at their disposal okay The implication here is that this is a Tacit approval for the use of whatever Means possible to attack deep within Russia so they're not publicly Encouraging or endorsing or they claim Enabling Ukraine to do these things even Though there has been intelligence leaks

On the Russian side according to the Russians that indicate and implicate British and United States Forces are involved in the recent Attacks on the the bomber base at uh What was Engels Air Force Base in Russia Okay now the only thing that has changed Is that the United States thinks that It's less likely that it will escalate Into a conflict which is why they are Pushing the envelope okay they are Pushing and pushing and pushing Eventually they are going to cross the Red line they say that they're not Worried about this escalating to the Nuclear level well how can they not be Concerned about that when they're Literally assisting and by many people's Accounts enabling the ukrainians to Target the Russian nuclear Triad Meanwhile you have Jen stoltenberg Saying that the conflict could escalate And he fears that the Ukraine war will Spiral out of control and become a major War between NATO and Russia so two Things to make note of Dimitri peskov Has said explicit and unequivocally that We've reached a point of confrontation With the West okay and you have John Stoltenberg saying conflict could Escalate and I fear that the war in Ukraine will spiral out of control and Become a major war between NATO and Russia that is as explicit as it gets

Meanwhile on the front lines you have The Wagner group who had its Barracks Hit extremely hard I believe that was in Melita poll And there was another attack in luhansk I believe uh they struck according to Ukrainians they struck the headquarters Of Russia's Wagner mercenary group in Western Ukraine apparently there was a Lot of people who died in this attack so This was scored as a major win for Ukraine of course the Kremlin is Downplaying it the Wagner has been most Instrumental on the Eastern Front Particularly in the dawn Mass okay They've done a significant amount of the Fighting these are very established Mercenary group who are arguably they've Seen more action than the Russian Military throughout this entire thing Okay so that's very very substantial now In Odessa they're saying that the power Is going to take two to three months for Complete restoration this is a complete City-wide blackout we're talking about 1.5 million people in the dark now the Only thing Ukraine is going for right Now is that it's unseasonably the warm This crazy jet stream breakdown business Is affecting everywhere differently Ukraine has fluctuated between uh being Anomalous in the uh on the cold end of The spectrum and on the hot end of the Spectrum right now it is warmer than

Usual meaning that people can still Survive once it gets below zero that's When it gets incredibly difficult to to Basically support such a large Population of people people can find Ways to keep warm but once you go below Zero degrees Celsius it's incredibly Difficult okay so authorities walked Back some remarks that suggested they Were encouraging a mass evacuation they Walked it back because of course they Didn't want to create a panic and they Said we haven't officially called for an Evacuation but they kind of did so They're they're hoping that people are Going to read between the lines people With the means to evacuate the place are Going to get out they're saying that you Should Retreat to the greater Odessa old Blast region I I don't really know what That entails going out into the Countryside and living in cabins that May or may not exist that are heated With coal or wood stoves I don't know They simply do not have enough warm Shelters to support the entirety of the Population So that situation is developing and it's Not a coincidence that all of these Major critical infrastructural attacks Are happening right as we approach the Official turn of winter winter is December 21st officially that's when of Course things are going to start to get

Really really cold in a lot of these Regions and that is when the pressure is Going to be on on both sides and we're Going to see the ratcheting up of Tensions unfortunately this war is going To continue on for a long time and as We're going to talk about the entire Global economy is going to be impacted And shaped by this war in the future the Best thing you can do for you and your Family is just keep on focusing on Preparedness Be Frugal with your Purchases purchase only the things that You need any sort of frivolous spending You might want to reconsider unless There is a functional reason to do so Okay unless it's going to really benefit You or have some sort of return on your Investment in some way shape or form Right now people have been a little bit Exhausted with respect to the whole Preparedness thing but prepping is Really a long form investment Um you're long when you're prepper okay You're you're thinking about Uh things Going bad while everything is good and That's the whole idea of is that you're Trying to utilize whatever means are Available to you currently to hopefully Insulate yourself against hard times That may well be ahead and are Undeniably going to be ahead at this Point you have Russia and Iran heading

For a full defensive partnership okay Russia is going to be offering Unprecedented Military Support in return For hundreds of ballistic missiles and More of these drones apparently Russia Is planning on sending s 400 NSU 35 Maybe possibly Su-57 which I think they only have four Of right now that are currently Operational so I highly doubt they're Going to be sending su-57 to Iran in the Thick of a major conflict but what this Shows is that they will be parting ways With some of their s 400 and quite Possibly wanting to share nuclear Secrets and help Iranians develop their Nuclear program some suspect that it was North Korea and China or sorry China and Russia who helped North Korea Basically gain A functional ICBM nuclear program and Russia and China and Iran both need each Other right now and it looks as though That that relationship is going to be Deepening in the near future we have a War breaking out in Serbia and Kosovo We're going to get back to Ukraine in a Second I don't really know a whole lot About this situation but for the first Time since 1999 Serbia has officially Submitted a request for the full Implementation of resolution 1244 which Among other things provides the return Of Kosovo

For the return to Kosovo of 1 000 Members of the Serbian Security Forces Alexander vusek said he had no Illusions And knew that the request would be Rejected while he said the appeal he Said the appeal to legitimacy would Guide Serbia's future moves on the Kosovo issue this of course signals that There may well be a conflict there on The horizon now with respect to Ukraine They're saying that they're running out Of soviet-era equipment but there are Suspicions that they may be getting Abram's tanks now Poland is already Building the infrastructure to support These Abraham tanks and by Infrastructure of course we mean Facilities that can repair these tanks And troops who are trained how to use Them they're already awaiting around 350 Up to 700 as well as thousands of other Pieces of equipment for the United States and South Korea the implication Is is that this is the first step Towards you Ukraine getting Abram's Tanks there's also been a lot of calls By U.S legislatures to give ukrainians Drones that's MQ-9 Reaper drones and Mq-1c great Eagle drones they want to Send these there Because the Turkish berata drones are Proving to be ineffective now that the Russians are deploying and not holding Back with their missile defense they

Were very effective at the start of the War especially when the Russians were Trying to take Kiev at the beginning or What they were They what they would call fixing the Ukrainians in place although some people Think that they just lost that conflict Regardless We also have long range weapon systems That are potentially on the table John Kirby has said that nothing is off the Table and this of course is a major Point of escalation Russia claims and According to some Anonymous sources Russian soldiers claim that they're not In a position to counter these types of Drone strikes they're saying that only One in four in Russia support the war Effort according to leaked Kremlin polls And if these attacks on Russian critical Infrastructure or the nuclear Triad Become more commonplace they're not Going to be able to necessarily defend Against it I'm not sure why that is in Particular if they kind of defend Against these drone strikes then nobody In the world can because supposedly Russia has the most uh the the most Advanced air defense system in the world What that means is that these types of Attacks are going to become more and More commonplace and eventually a line Is going to get crossed and there's Going to be a major major response now

There's this other conspiracy going Around that maybe Putin has a Escape Plan it's called code name Noah's Ark okay and this is Putin's plan for going and hiding in Venezuela and Argentina like this this Could be totally made up stuff by the Western MSM it's hard to say regardless That is the current military situation With respect to Ukraine they are getting A lot more support from NATO the war is Only intensifying this is why we need to Continue to prepare And for that reason The Danish Investment Bank saxo who Predicted the current Cold War State of Affairs High state of tension between East and West in late 22 is now making Some very bold predictions okay they're Saying that 2023 will Shock the World With its wartime economic policies we Talked earlier in the year I made a Dedicated video about the war economy And how this is the one way that they May be able to bring us out of this very Very dire economic time that's ahead According to the bank they say any hope For disinflationary environment is Impossible due to a war economy now Right now inflation projections at least On the wholesale front uh fell short of Expectations meaning they were a little Bit worse than expected for this month Well we are still seeing what's called

Disinflation not to be confused with Deflation so disinflation is when There's still inflation but it's less Than it was the month before deflation Is where prices are actually going down Across the board relative to the Baseline which of course they are far Far from doing that what they're saying Though is any hope for disinflationary Environment is impossible because you're Going to have all countries in the world Trying to shore up their own National Security that means buying energy Supplies and raw materials all of the Stuff that people needs countries are Going to continue to hoard okay 8 Whether it's China African countries Western countries everybody's going to Be trying to hoard food and the stuff That they need to fuel their war machine Which tend to be all of the essential Materials you know uh fuel Metals Fertilizers things of that nature so That means that the prices of these Things are going to continue to Surge And not be offset by any sort of Recessionary pressure so even if people Don't have money to spend they're always Going to need energy in order to survive They're always going to need food while Energy might come down marginally as a Result of people buying less crap they Don't need it's unlikely that it's going To come down in a way which is going to

Offset all of these increased costs due To every country in the world arming up At least that's one perspective this Bank also predicts that the price of Gold is going to Surge by three thousand Or sorry two three thousand dollars an Ounce which is about forty percent more Than it is right now they predict the Dollarization by China and India which Of course will weaken the dollar which May contribute to some of that three Thousand dollar projected price point And uh they also predict they make an Interesting prediction here that one Country they don't say which one is Going to ban meat but that's not until 2030 okay for all you WF Bros out there Gun rights activists are complaining They're saying and we've been saying This for a long time that credit card Companies are restricting purchases of Firearms there was a new change recently To firearm and ammo specific Merchant Category code okay so this was all about Helping the authorities track and Trace Firearms that were sold online this was A joint effort by credit card companies And a lot of people of course have a lot To say about this as is but I mean That's something that maybe you could Massage people into accepting however Customers are now claiming that their Cards are being declined as banks are Refusing to allow customers to use their

Cards for this type of merchant I.E Somebody who sells Firearms now we've Had our run-ins with PayPal in the past We don't sell anything that is legally Considered a firearm at least not in our Country country we sold things like Crossbows bear deterrents various flares And things of that nature but we have Also at one point had our account Suspended PayPal Froze all of our funds For nearly six months we had to go Through the Better Business Bureau to Finally have this thing lifted meanwhile The currency at that time because this Was during the pandemic the currency had Declined significantly so when we Finally did get our money back it was Worth like 20 percent less anyways we're Going to continue to see these attempts To stifle people who are law-abiding Citizens from owning and possessing and Acquiring Firearms Germany has also Pledged to enforce stricter gun laws After a far-right plot I always do this Because I don't know all the details it May well be exactly what they're saying It is go and do your own research Apparently there was a far right attempt To or I shouldn't say attempt but plan To overthrow the state according to Interior Minister Nancy fazer the Government will tighten gun laws and ban Numerous Firearms they're saying that The member of that organization that was

Going to attempt To overthrow the government was numbered In around 23 000 and I believe it was You know 50 to 100 people who were doing A lot of the administrative stuff so Again don't know much about it but all I Know is they're going to use it as an Excuse as they always do to crack down Against law-abiding citizens why well I Mean use your imagination In England 16 million people are going To be unable to heat their homes largely Due to cost of living and uh just not Having you know not being paid enough I Suppose stagflationary type environment Where your wages aren't keeping Pace With commodities inflation so the Government is going to be permitting 3 300 warm-up spaces it's always a weird Number like that they don't you know if They if they had real PR people working On this you know they would know that Anytime you use the number 33 the Numerologist on the Illuminati crowd are Going to get all crazy because they Think that that's a very significant Number anyways uh England is going to be Setting up 3 300 warm-up spaces and uh Yeah 16 million people are going to be Able to hopefully get warm If you know if they're if they're not Able to afford home I just it's it's been a long weekend I Had a few a couple nights ago we had a

Bit of a staff party here because you Got to still you know you got to still Try to have fun guys but uh yeah if People cannot afford to heat their homes They can go to one of these 3 300 Warm-up spaces Canadians are choosing Cheaper less healthy foods and skipping Medications to cut costs according to a New poll You know you can get all your staple Carbs grains and stuff like that from The wholesale Places where the restaurant shop we've Done several videos on that and if You're doing gardening during the spring And summer I mean that's all mostly free After you make the initial investment And once you have the fertilizer and if You can get a good compost system going You can really grow food with almost no Inputs besides water and hopefully Weather permitting of course but Yeah I mean there's ways to shop and There's ways to to survive that are far More frugal and obviously People's priorities are going to have to Be restructured that means maybe not Spending as much money on things that You really probably don't need finding More cheaper methods of entertainment And you know as the saying goes the best Things in life are most definitely free So something to consider Antibiotic shortages countries across

Europe are reporting shortages of Antibiotics as demand for medicine Rises And manufacturers grapple with supply Chain snags so we have amoxicillin Cephalosphorins and other widely used Antibiotics are in short supply data From various countries show and this is Due largely to manufacturers who are Facing delays in the supply of Ingredients from China as well as Packaging and other components this is Largely due to China's lockdowns and of Course Rising energy costs are making Some energy intensive production Difficult to maintain so it's all Connected folks to the big big conflict That is going on right now and is only Going to get worse Feel free if you enjoy a little break From this type of doomy gloomy content Go check out the video released earlier Today and just so you know we are Releasing more short type content now uh Just because that's what YouTube is That's the way it's going and you know You can't really fight The Future it's a Losing battle so we're gonna keep doing The videos like we're doing the long Form stuff we're never going to stop Doing that so don't be afraid if you Start seeing us doing more short type Content or clips of our videos it's not Going to take away we have somebody Working on that just you know that's

Their whole job is just doing the short End of things so it's in no way going to Take attention away from this because Personally I I don't like the shorts I Think that it's it's like a slot machine You know it's just like dopamine and Unfortunately there's a lot of great Ideas on there but People never act on those ideas because It's just you watch one and then you Watch another and before you know it You've wasted hours and hours and hours But that said you know like I say you're Not going to be able to fight The Future Okay so you also have to adapt that's One of the biggest things with uh being A content creator I've always hated Those terms because they're so dry and Lifeless but it's one of the biggest Things being a content creator is you Need to you cannot be afraid to to Change and it's just part of survival in General so feel free to continue to Check out our more perennial Evergreen Style content most of that is indicated By a blue strip on the side instead of a Red and uh yeah I know I've asked a lot From you in this video but we also have A new tick tock account as well that We're starting to get set up so feel Free to check that out but quite frankly It's going to be the same stuff we post Here on YouTube shorts so I'd encourage You to stick around here instead but hey

If you want to give all your information To the Chinese go get a tick tock Account all right guys thanks for Watching Canadian prepro