Jeremiah 10 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | December 10, 2022

Jeremiah 11. Hear the word which yahuwah speaks to You o House of Israel Thus said yahuwah do not learn the way Of the Nations And do not be awed by the signs of the Heavens for the Nations are awed by them For the laws of these people are Worthless for one cuts a tree from the Forest worked for the hands of a Craftsman with a cutting tool They beautify it with silver and gold They strengthen it with nails and Hammers so that it does not topple They're like a rounded post And they do not speak they have to be Carried because they do not walk Do not be afraid of them For they do no evil nor does in them to Do any good Making literally false Idols worshiping False Idols do not be afraid of them These false gods for they do no evil nor Does nor is it in them to do any good They're worthless There's none like you oh yahuwah you are Great and great is your name and might Who would not fear You O King of the Nations for this is your due for among All the wise men of the Nations and all Their kingdoms there is none like you They are both brutish and foolish and Instruction of worthlessness is the tree Silver is beaten into plights it is

Brought from tarshish and gold from ufaz The work of the Craftsmen and of the Hands of the Smith draped in blue and Purple all of them are the work of Skilled ones but yahuwah is truly Elohim He is the living Elohim and the Everlasting King At his wrath the Earth shakes and Nations are unable to stand his Displeasure Say this to them the Allah Which is Aramaic from mighty one The false god that did not make the Heavens and the Earth Shall Perish from The earth and from under these Heavens He yahuwah has made the Earth by his Power he has established the World by His wisdom and has outstretched his and Has stretched out the heavens by his Understanding When he makes his voice heard there's a Roaring of waters in the heavens and he Makes Vapors rise from the ends of the Earth The Lightnings for rain he has made and He brings wind from his treasuries Everyone is brutish in knowledge every Smith is put to shame by his Idol for His molded image is falsehood and there Is no spirit in them They are worthless a work of mockery And the time of punishment they perish The portion of Jacob Of Jacob

Who was renamed Israel The portion of yaakov is not like these For he yahuwah is the maker of all And Israel is the tribe of his Inheritance yahua of hosts is his name Our God is God He's not make believe he's not made of Wooden Stone he's not some fairy in the Sky he's not a Flying Spaghetti Monster [Music] He's not Babylonian he's not Egyptian he Is God Our God is God Give up your bundle for the ground You who live under siege for thus said Yahuwah see it this time I'm hurling out The inhabitants of the land and shall Distress them so that they feel it Woe to me for my breaking my wound is Grievous but I say this is my sickness And I bear it this is yahuwah speaking My tent has been ravaged and all my Cords have been broken my children have Gone from me and they are no more there Is no one to pitch my tent anymore or to Set up my curtains for the Shepherds Have become brutish And they've not sought yahuwah another Word for Shepherds Jeremiah 3 15 is Pastors Have become brutish and they've not Sought yahuwah therefore they did not Understand and all their flock scattered See it has come the voice of a report

And a great shaking out of the land of The north to make the cities of Judah a Waste a habitation of jackals Oh yahuwah I know the way of man is not In himself it is not for man who walks To direct his own steps oh Yahoo Chastised me but with right ruling not In your displeasure lest you bring me to Naught Pour out your wrath on the Nations who Do not know you and on the tribes who do Not call on your name for they have Eaten up Jacob Jacob Israel devoured him and consumed Him and laid waste his home I get the question a lot well but bear What do you think about graven images And idols and work of the hands It doesn't matter what I think what does Y'all think He's going to destroy people for doing That He's not a fan so it doesn't matter what I think about it yahuwah your Elohim the Lord your God is not a fan of that Leviticus 19 verse 2 be set apart as I Yahweh your Elohim set apart do not be Conformed to the Nations don't be like Them Well I know Christmas isn't biblical but It's a tradition that we have you know It's it's a tradition of the church and Yeah but where does that come from The winter solstice tammuz and the

Evergreen tree right don't worship like The Nations worship And no and I I guess some people need to Hear this Christmas is not Jesus's Birthday By the way there's no J in Hebrew His name was Yeshua or yahushua That's a deep rabbit hole But the etymology of that word Jesus son Of Zeus is Greek which is where you get Jesus from he's not the son of Zeus he's The son of yahuwah you Elohim he is Yahuwah your Elohim and Malachi 3 Verse 6 I'm the Lord yahuwah Sabbath I change Not So if you're sure if Jesus Is God and God doesn't change how did Jesus change All the rules about what God Said in the Old Testament The short answer is he didn't that's bad Teaching that's a false Doctrine Doctrines and dogmas Be not conformed to the world don't do As the Nations do don't worship the way They worship Don't eat what they eat don't dress the Way they dress don't like they Hoard don't intermarry with them be set Apart be holy be Sanctified as I Yahweh Your Elohim and set apart So when it comes to the worship of Graven images Doesn't matter what I think about it Yahuwah hates it

And this of course Begs the question of what about Iconography if you look at like Catholicism The use of the icons Focus on To then point your attention Back up to God It's not biblical It's definitely part of the doctrine Of Catholicism But it's not biblical And every sect Has their issues for sure Also we don't worship nor should we Worship the Virgin Mary By the way Alma Means young woman Not virgin Go read Matthew chapter one with that in Mind But I digress And really tammuz T-a-m-m-u-z do some research on that For real like don't don't take my word For it do some research on that see if You see some parallels with the Christmas story Versus what the Bible actually says Because what the Bible says is there was A Jewish man Yeshua of Nazareth who was The anointed The Messiah

Who comes in the line of King David as a Prophet To the lost sheep of the House of Israel To return them to their father yahuwah Their Elohim That's what the Bible says But I digress We're not to make graven images we're Certainly not to bow down to them They have to be carried because they do Not walk do not be afraid of them for They do no evil nor is it in them to do Any good They're useless They are worthless a mockery in the time Of their punishment they perish the Portion of Jacob the promise of Jacob of Israel is not like these for he yahuwah Is the maker of all And Israel is the tribe of his Inheritance Yahuwah of host is his name And I guess just just briefly Because people will argue with it all The time and I think it's just from a Lack of understanding whether it be the Old Testament or the new And how they correlate and reinforce one Another Yeah but I'm a gentile believer in Yeshua and Jesus I don't have to do any Of that Romans 11. Verse 16.

Now if the first fruit is set apart the Lump is also and if the root is real the Tree of life is set apart so are the Branches you Gentile believer in Messiah Set apart Sanctified holy and if some of The branches were broken off tribe of Dan for example And you being a wild Olive Tree have Been grafted in among them Gentile Believers and Messiah and came To share the root and the fatness of the Olive Tree The root No roots no fruit homie the root Israel The OT The Torah the word And you being a wild Olive Tree have Been grafted in among them and came to Share the root and the fatness of the Olive Tree do not boast against the Branches Do not well that was all done away with I'm covered by the blood of Jesus do not Boast against the branches this was Written by shalu of Tarsus aka the Apostle Paul to the Romans Some Heathen Heathen folk who were just Beginning to learn about the goodness of Yeshua and the greatness of yahuwah Do not boast against the branches What are the other branches God is a car Naftali Zebulon Asher Manasseh Ephraim Judah binyamin Levi

The tribes the other branches Of which you are one of the branches all Of which are connected to the root And if you boast remember you do not Bear the root but the root Bears you The root Bears you homie the root Bears Me not the other way around Ye shall say then the branches were Broken off then I might be grafted in This is replacement theology right here And it is unbiblical God divorced the Hebrews the Israelites and the churches Now his chosen people Nope Can't find that in the Bible anywhere Bad Doctrine good by unbelief they were Broken off and you stand by belief do Not be arrogant but fear For if Elohim did not spare the natural Branches he might not spare you either See then the kindness and sharpness of Elohim on those who fell sharpness but Towards you kindness if You continue in his kindness Otherwise You shall be cut off And they also if they do not continue in Unbelief shall be grafted in for Elohim Is able to graph them in Again For if you were cut off Out of the Olive Tree which is Wild by Nature and were grafted contrary to Nature into a good Olive Tree how much

More shall these who are natural Branches be grafted into their own olive Tree For I do not wish you to be ignorant of The secret brothers unless you should be Wise in your own estimation that Hardening in part has come over Israel Until the completeness of the Nations Has come in so all Israel shall be saved So all Israel shall be saved All the branches the wild branches the Gentile Believers in Messiah and Everybody else as well All who revelation 14 12. Have a testimony of Yeshua hamashiach And keep the commands so all Israel Shall be saved as it has been written The deliverer shall come out of Zion That's a Jewish area by the way The deliverer shall come out of Zion and He shall turn away the wickedness from Jacob and this is my Covenant with them When I take away their sins Isaiah in the old Truly as regards the good news they are Enemies for your sake but concerning the Choice they are beloved for the sake of The fathers So they don't some of these don't yet Believe in Yeshua but they will For the sake of the fathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob the covenants that were Made to them by yahuwah of which you are

Part of the promise of Because your identity is not in your 43 000 different sects of Christianity It says the son of the most high covered By the blood of the Sun Who's part of the family of Israel Because the inheritance is made to Abraham passed to Isaac and then to Jacob and Jacob is renamed Israel or Israel For the gifts and the callings of Elohim Are not to be repented of for as you Also at one time disobeyed Elohim but Have now obtained compassion through Their Disobedience so also these now Have disobeyed that might that through Compassion shown to you that might also Obtain compassion For Elohim has shut them all up to Disobedience in order to have compassion On all The depths of riches and wisdom and Knowledge of Elohim on how unsearchable His judgments and untraceable his ways For who has known the mind of yahuwah or Who has become his counselor or who First gave to him and it shall be given Back to him because of him and through Him and to him are all To whom be esteemed forever On Main So don't be so quick to boast against The branches you're grafted into the Branches which means you're not supposed

To be conformed to the Nations which Means you're not supposed to be doing All the doctrines and dogmas and Pagan Bullcrap that's out there that has Infected true biblical worship of Messiah And of the creator And back to Jeremiah The father hates false worship Hear the word which yahuwah speaks to You o House of Israel Thus said yahuwah do not learn The way of the Nations and do not be Awed by signs of the heavens for the Nations are awed by them for the laws of These people are worthless For the laws of these people Are worthless Jeremiah 10. Bless you all Shalom